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    Justice League of America. Preceded by JLA Volume 1. Continued in Justice League Volume 2.

    After the success of Identity Crisis, best selling novelist Brad Meltzer was given the job of relaunching the Justice League of America in the title's second series. With Ed Benes providing the pencils, Meltzer stripped the Justice League back to basics, building on the humanity of DC's greatest heroes and combining it with a sense of epic adventure.

    This was reflected in the first story arc, "The Tornado's Path" which brought back one of the team's most popular members, The Red Tornado. Destroyed during "Infinite Crisis", Red Tornado gained a new mortal body with the help of Deadman, the robotic shell of his old body being used by an intelligent Solomon Grundy to create a new Amazo. The Tornado's time as a living, breathing human and the enduring loss of his mortal body gave the first story its emotional core. Even the revelation that Solomon Grundy was the mastermind behind Amazo's return had an element of humanity to it, as Grundy revealed he was trying to end his own cycle of death and rebirth by making himself immortal.

    Meltzer used his skill as a novelist to weave three separate storylines together; Red Tornado's Rebirth, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman meeting in the Batcave to vote on new members, and Green Lantern and Black Canary's own attempts to build a new League. By the end of the 7 part opening story, the new Justice League was assembled, and the members are listed below. It was the start of a new era of greatness for DC's premier superhero team.

    Team Members throughout series: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman (II), Green Lantern (II), Black Canary (II), Red Arrow, Vixen, Black Lightning, Hawkgirl (IV), and Red Tornado, Green Lantern (IIII), Starfire, Cyborg, Plastic Man , The Guardian, Doctor Light, Zatanna, Firestorm (II), Atom (II), Geo-Force, Green Arrow ,Batman (III), Mon-El ,Donna Troy, Congorilla, Jade, Supergirl, Jesse Quick, Starman



    Collected Editions

    For Post Flashpoint volume 3, refer to Justice League

    Translated into German.

    Non-U.S. Collected Editions


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