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Birth of the Outsiders
Birth of the Outsiders

The first team of Outsiders started when Batman and Black Lightning went to the country Markovia. They were there to rescue Lucius Fox after he was taken by the evil Baron Bedlam. Geo-Force is the prince of the country and his father was recently killed by Bedlam. Metamorpho has travelled there to get help with his from Dr. Helga Jace who was responsible for giving Geo-Force his own powers. Katana is also there so she can kill Bedlam’s military commander General Karnz who was in part responsible for the death of her children and husband. Batman also finds a young girl in the woods with amnesia with light based abilities. Batman decides to name the girl Halo and the group decides to stay together after teaming up to stop Bedlam. Some of the team’s foes are Agent Orange, the Cryonic Man, Force of July and the Masters of Disaster (New Wave, Shakedown, Windfall, Heatwave and Coldsnap). Geo-Force's sister Terra would soon die due to her betrayal of the Teen Titans and Batman would inform the team of his being Bruce Wayne, but they already knew. Emily Briggs is revealed in the comics and would soon become Looker. Halo’s origin has also been revealed to the group and Geo-Force’s lover Denise Howard also showed up during this period.


The Outsiders were created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo, and first appeared in The Brave and The Bold #200 (July 1983).

Team Evolution

Outsiders Vol.1

The original Outsiders were founded in Brave and the Bold #200 (July 1983) and had 6 founding members. They are Batman (currently active), Black Lightning (currently active), Geo Force (currently inactive), Halo (currently active), Katana (currently active) and Metamorpho (currently active). 3 years later (June 1986) during "Adventures of the Outsiders" #34 the super heroine the Looker (currently active) joined the Outsiders. Another year later (May 1987) a clone of Windfall (deceased) joined the team during The Outsiders #19. The clone died in The Outsiders #20 (June 1987) and the real Windfall joined the team. A year later (The Outsiders #28 February 1988) the Atomic Knight joins the team.

Outsiders Vol.2

During Outsiders #1 Alpha (November 1993) 3 new people joined the Outsiders. They were Faust (currently active), Technocrat (deceased) and Wylde (currently active). Then 2 issues later in Outsiders #3 Alpha (January 1994) Dervish joined. Then in September 2001 the super heroine Dr. Light joined the Outsiders.

Outsiders Vol.3

Another Outsiders was formed in Outsiders #1 (August 2003) with Arsenal, Grace, Indigo, Shift, Thunder, Nightwing and Jade as it's founding members. 7 issues later in Outsiders #8 (March 2004) Huntress joined the team. Then in a year following that another former Teen Titan Starfire joined the team during the issue Outsiders #16. Another year from then down to the month (November 2005) Captain Marvel Jr joined the team. The final member to join this team was Boomerang in The Outsiders #37 (April 2011).

Major Story Arcs

Without Batman

Batman withholds the knowledge that Bedlam has been brought to life and retook Markovia with help from the Masters of Disaster and other Soviet forces. This angers the team and leads Batman to disband the group. However, the team minus Batman travels to Markovia where they discover dead soldiers because of Bedlam. After beating Bedlam, they discover he has cloned Adolf Hitler, but the clone soon kills himself because of the horrors caused by his older self. The team is soon branded as Markovian agents who gain funding from the country and they soon move to L.A. in a new headquarters, but Geo-Force leaves. Geo-Force has divorced his wife Denise Howard and Looker and her husband are now separated. Batman only leaves for 1 year.

Los Angeles

The group also battles their foes the Forces of July again and the team battles the Duke of Oil and the People’s Heroes, a group of Soviet super villains. The team was also stranded on an island for three weeks, Geo-Force and Looker had an affair and he gives up his position as team leader on the island but the team is soon rescued. The Looker is soon followed by a detective who learns of her real identity and tries to blackmail her. However, she hypnotizes him and forces him to leave her alone, but he was soon killed. Looker is arrested for the crime and the team is unable to clear her name of the charges.

Return of Batman

The team rejoins with Batman to battle Eclipso and are given access to the L.A. Batcave. Geo-Force and Looker break off their affair after feelings of guilt, the cave is infiltrated by a clone of Windfall, but was killed during a battle with the Masters of Disaster and the real Windfall leaves her team and joins the Outsiders.


The team would soon face hardship as Dr. Jace was revealed to be working with the Manhunters. The team is taken prisoner but escape with help from Atomic Knight who joins the team. Dr. Jace dies when she was blown up along with Metamorpho. Looker also looses her powers after returning to the Abyssia when her powers came from and battled the Manhunters. Halo is also wounded saving Katana and falls in a coma and is watched by Katana. After these events Geo-Force has the team break up once again.

Volume Two

Markovia is taken over by a vampire-lord who has Geo-Force branded a traitor. Geo-Force is forced to reform the Outsiders with new and old members to battle the threat. Looker is killed during the battle. The team is blamed for the destruction of a Markovian village, sending them into hiding. Atomic Knight soon rejoins the team after tracking down the team to bring them in, but is proved of their innocence. Faust, Technocrat and Wylde join the team. Halo and Technocrat’s wife Marissa are killed while the group hides in Gotham City while fighting Jean-Paul Valley when he was acting as Batman. Luckily, Halo has taken over Marissa’s body, but this is causing Technocrat to have a hard time dealing with her death. The team soon finds that Looker is still alive, but as a vampire and is soon freed from the control of the vampire-lord by her friends.

Two Teams

The team is soon split after the battle with the vampires. One composed of Geo-Force, Katana, Technocrat and Wylde, the other includes Eradicator, Looker, Halo and Faust and because of some of the things done by some of the new members are still fugitives. The teams also learn that Halo’s original body has been reborn and is being used by Violet Harper, the evil woman Halo originally controlled. The teams defeat Kobra, the group that recreated Halo’s body and Harper (now calling herself Spectra with her own powers like Halo’s) as well as Dervish and Windfall. The teams fights Faust’s father Felix Faust who tells Wylde to betray the team in return for being human again, but is turned into a real bear and imprisoned in a zoo after they beat Felix.

Nightwing's Outsiders

Nightwing's team
Nightwing's team

A mysterious conglomerate known as Optitron offered to sponsor the Titans and Young Justice after summoning them to San Francisco. Before any decisions could be made, a mysterious cybernetic girl (Indigo) from the future invaded the complex - and immediately engaged the team in combat. With half the team out of commission, the remaining members tried to track down Indigo, but instead encountered a rogue Superman android, which had been activated. The destructive robot caused the deaths of Titans Troia and Omen. Indigo arrived and shut down the Superman android, leaving Arsenal and Nightwing to mourn the fallen Troia.

Three months later, Arsenal assembled a new team of heroes and persuaded the reluctant Nightwing to join the team as well. Joined by the reformatted Indigo, Metamorpho (actually Shift), Jade and new heroes Thunder and Grace, the team vowed to proactively hunt down villains before they could strike. Nightwing dubbed this new team of heroes The Outsiders, in honor of his mentor's former team and said the team should track down criminals before they do anything wrong. Soon into the team's formation, Roy is injured, and to take his place as leader of the Outsiders was the Huntress. Helena didn't last long on the team, and quit as soon as Roy recovered

Nightwing's leadership began to falter, leading to a heated confrontation with Arsenal. Sensing a team in turmoil, Jade assumed leadership of the Outsiders and invited Starfire to join. After the team was utterly betrayed by Indigo who was revealed as Brainiac 8, Nightwing left the team. Seeking to bolster their ranks, Jade recruited Captain Marvel Jr.

Leadership changes again

During One Year Later Arsenal quits the team, giving the role of leadership to Nightwing. Later Nightwing decides he isn't the right person for the job, and quits as well.


After Batman becomes the new leader of the Outsiders, he holds try-outs with the present team roster and possible newcomers. The first try-out is with Nightwing and Captain Boomerang; Nightwing quits the team because he doesn't approve of Batman's methods and Boomerang leaves to be a part of the new Suicide Squad.

The second try-out is with Katana and Captain Marvel; Katana is chosen to be the first official member of the team, while Captain Marvel isn't chosen because he is too busy with the Rock of Eternity.

The third try-out is with Thunder and Martian Manhunter; Martian Manhunter joins the team, while Thunder is kicked out.

The fourth tryout is with Metamorpho and the new Aquaman; Metamorpho stays on the team, while Aquaman isn't accepted because Batman thinks that he can't match his predecessor.

The last try-out is with Grace and Wonder Woman; Grace is accepted on to the team and Batman later reveals that Wonder Woman was never a candidate for membership.

Batman and the Outsiders... Again

In November of 2007, DC relaunched "Batman and the Outsiders" with the roster Batman decided in the tryouts. Apparently, even tough Thunder was kicked out and Aquaman wasn't accepted they both provided aid to the team. Catwoman also joined the team after she heard some recruits saying it's "down by law," and said, "Batman can't possibly start up his own crew of super-crooks without me in it!" During their first battle Martian Manhunter was recovering information from their computers about Brother Eye. While, Batman and Thunder were in Gotham Catwoman, Metamorpho and Katanna battled the OMAC. Grace showed up to help them, but Catwoman ran from the battle claiming it to not be in her league. Metamorpho transformed into a powerplug and after connecting himself to an outlet then the OMAC he stunned it with an electrical shock. He suggested that they keep it as a "pet" and Batman agreed believing a living OMAC is more useful than a dead one. Martian Manhunter left the group since he was there for mostly counsel. The issue ended with the team back at their apartment and having a talk about them needing more members and trying to keep Thunder when she was thrown through a window from outside by Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) saying she was invited.Eventually Batgirl and Green Arrow were recruited while Geo-Force rejoined as well.

The Outsiders... Again

After the 'death' of Batman during Final Crisis, Batman's butler, Alfred, finds a hidden chamber with a computer in it with Batman's last words for Alfred and other members of the Bat-Family. Alfred is asked to lead a new group of Outsiders that have certain characteristics of the Dark Knight since Batman is 'dead.' Alfred finds and recruits: Black Lightning, Halo, Katana, Geo-Force, the Creeper, Metamorpho, and Owlman (Roy Raymond, Jr.). Alfred tells these heroes that they need to cut ties with their old lives as now they will be on the constant front line of battle and gives them the choice of not joining, which they all decline. This new team ran afoul of Deathstroke and a mysterious group of immortals called the Insiders who possessed a strange connection to Metamorpho.

Things quickly began to fall apart,Creeper quit the team when Metamorpho tried to reach out to him and BGeo-Force revealed that he had entered a non-aggression pact with New Krypton. Whilst foiling a robbery attempt by the newly reformed Masters Of Disaster, Black Lightning was forced to confront Geo-Force due to his increasingly erratic behavior, and the the two fought. After the battle, Geo-Force kicked Black Lightning as well as Metamorpho as well as Owlman to leave Markovia effectively splitting the team into 2 groups. Black Lightning's group was forced to turn to Simon Stagg in order to re-enter the U.S but were betrayed when Stagg used Metamorpho's body to power a new version of Chemo and turned his henchman Java into the newest Shaggy Man. Stagg was eventually defeated, Metamorpho was freed and the Outsiders gained a new member: Stagg's former bodyguard Freight Train.

Meanwhile, Geo-Force's team was just as busy, after quelling anti-Kryptonian riots in Markovia, Brion reformed Halo as a gift to Katana. Looker rejoined the team after an encounter with the vampire hunter Stake and the team dealt with the invading forces of the Olympian as well as Geo-Force's ex-wife Denise Howard who had now mutated into an insane creature called Geode after trying to gain powers like Brion's. The situation with the Owlman was soon resolved and he joined the team as well. Tragedy struck again when the creature known as Doomsday attacked the team and brutally murdered the Eradicator.

Bruce Wayne was revealed to be alive and staged an attack on Geo-Force in order to evaluate the Outsiders worth to be involved in his future plans, a test they failed.

While visiting Black Lightning's daughter Thunder and her girlfriend Grace, The U.S based team was attacked by the JSA All-Stars and Amanda Waller. Waller offered the team a deal :Defeat and apprehend the Markovia based team or go to jail. Black Lightning swiftly accepted and gathered his team (Thunder and Grace now among them) and traveled to Markovia.

In Other Media

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Black Lightning, Metamorpho and Katana are a group of teenage 'outsiders' that are influenced by Sleez to attack society for considering them freaks. Batman and Wildcat defeat Sleez and convince the Outsiders that they can do better things with their abilities. Wildcat trains them to box and hone their skills to do good. The teaser of "Duel of the Double Crossers", they train in a simulation against Despero. In "Inside the Outsiders", the team falls victim to Psycho-Pirate. Batman goes inside the minds of each member to stop Psycho-Pirate from feeding from their emotions. In the teaser for "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster", the Outsiders return, now with Black Lightning and Katana in comic book accurate outfits and with the addition of Halo and Geo-Force. They and Batman fight Kobra.

Beware the Batman

The Outsiders are formed by the end of Beware the Batman. In "Monsters", where Batman, Katana, and Metamorpho team up against a gang of armored criminals hired by Sapphire Stagg. Metamorpho calls them "outsiders". In "Alone", Katana recruits Metamorpho, Oracle and Man-Bat to assist Batman against Deathstroke. They, along with Alfred, deactivate Deathstroke's bombs in the Batcave and wipe his memories of Batman's true identity. Alfred also calls the group "outsiders".

Young Justice

The Outsiders are featured in the third season of Young Justice, titled Young Justice: Outsiders. It is the brain child of Beast Boy, who wanted to bring the covert team out in the open and use social media to help inspire other teens, especially those with the metagene. Teammates Static, Blue Beetle, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash (Bart Allen) joined his cause right away, with Geo-Force, Forager, El Dorado, and Halo joining soo after.


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