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    Pre-DC's New 52, Artemis Crock was a villain who most notably had run-ins with Stargirl, Hawkgirl, and the JSA. In the Young Justice cartoon, she was a hero, a member of Young Justice along with Robin, Miss Martian, Aqualad, Superboy, and others. Post New 52, she was one of the captives of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. kept in the Colony, who was subsequently murdered by fellow captive, Fist Point.

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    Artemis Crock is the daughter of Paula Brooks - The First Tigress - and Lawrence Crock a.k.a Sportsmaster. She was taught her skills by both of her parents so she could continue their legacy. When she first appeared she simply went by Artemis, but she would go on to take on the Tigress name. She joined the Injustice Unlimited in Infinity, Inc, and has been part of several incarnations of the Injustice Society fighting against the JSA.


    Infinity, Inc

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    The third Tigress, Artemis Crock, was first known simply as Artemis. Artemis was looking to free her parents, Paula Brooks and “Crusher” Crock.

    She joined the Wizard’s new Injustice Society, calling it Injustice Unlimited. Forcing members of Infinity Inc. and the Global Guardians to help in some mayhem, Artemis took Nuklon and Rising Sun to help in the liberation of her parents.

    However, when the villains regrouped, Solomon Grundy turned on Artemis and her parents, but they managed to escape in the confusion.

    A little while after, Artemis rejoined the group, this time with Icicle, Hazard, Harlequin, The Dummy and Solomon Grundy. The Dummy planned to make the world take notice of this Injustice Unlimited by murdering the members of Infinity Inc.

    Their first target, Skyman, was successfully killed by Harlequin. Artemis then went after killing Jade and was led to believe she succeeded. A plan was hatched to bring the remaining Infinity team members together and kill them all.

    Their plans quickly backfired as Jade turned up alive and Hazard’s unwillingness to cooperate. In the ensuing fight between the two teams Artemis went one-on-one with Wildcat (Yolanda Montez) and lost. In the end Artemis was handed over to the authorities.


    When Artemis next showed up she had changed her codename to Tigress (obviously in honor of her mother) and appeared once again among the ranks of the Injustice Society, this time led by Johnny Sorrow.

    Sorrow had planed to release the King of Tears from his unearthly dimension, but failed in the end.

    During this time Artemis began her on-again, off-again relationship with the second Icicle (Cameron Mahkent).

    Tigress then went on to have several encounters with Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

    JSA and Infinite Crisis

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    Icicle invited Tigress back into a new reformed Injustice Society with The Wizard, Solomon Grundy, Gentleman Ghost, Ragdoll, and the Thinker.

    She helped the group break into the Justice Society of America’s headquarters to steal Prometheus' Key, a key that is used to open doors between realty and magic.

    The Wizard had promised Johnny Sorrow that he would bring him back into this realty. They succeeded, having sacrificed Ragdoll in the process, and regrouped in the Crooked House using the Cosmic Key.

    Artemis recently gave birth to a daughter. During the Infinite Crisis, Artemis became a member of Alexander Luthor Jr.’s Society of Super Villains. Artemis and Cameron later appear to be working with as well as fighting against Hourman along with Liberty Belle during their search of a magical artifact.

    JSA All Stars

    Icicle reluctantly assists Hourman & Liberty Belle in finding the Tachophixyl, the caduceus staff of Hermes. According to their benefactor Boris Hayes, the staff's powers can give its user the ability to travel as fast lightning and become as intangible as the wind. Tigress accompanies Icicle as well as JSA duo on their journey. Dr. Hayes gave the team a diary that belonged to an archeologist named Sedgewick who documented the life of Santa Isabel, a saint that left clues on how to find the staff.

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    According to the diary, the team must go to the Notre Dame cathedral to locate the whereabouts of the staff. The team discovers markings on one corner of the church that portrays the life of Turga the Vile, an 11th century warlord who used the staff to conquer Europe. After Turga's senseless assaults on the European churches, a collective of priests banded together in the belief that Turga's staff was carved from the forbidden tree that Adam & Eve had eaten from in the Garden of Eden. They viewed Turga as the devil himself so they stole the staff right from under him and rallied a massive mob to slay Turga.

    The priests agreed that Turga's followers would want the staff for themselves so they hid the staff and designed elaborate clues for anyone who wanted to learn of the staff's location in order to protect it from evil. Liberty Belle also finds inscriptions that talks about the priest who hid the staff after Turga's defeat. St. Urfeldt hid the staff by choosing a life of seclusion as a hermit in the Alps. Liberty Belle delves even further into the inscriptions and figures out the exact location of St. Urfledt's cave where he resided as a hermit. The cave is on the southern face of the Alps located in Davos.

    Unfortunately, Peter Hayes, Dr. Hayes son has been following the team for quite sometime and now he knows the possible location of the staff. Tigress, Icicle and Hourman chase after Peter while Liberty Belle continues to decipher any other clues. The trio follows Peter to an underground metro station. Tigress takes the initiative by lunging at Peter but her rash action almost gets her run over by a passing train. Peter on the other hand, transforms into a blue form of Mist and escapes. When the trio returns to meet up with Liberty Belle, both Liberty Belle and Icicle fall into a trap. The trap was designed by the priests in order to protect the secrets of the staff should the wrong person ever discover its location.

    The trap involves falling into a pit while a stone slap descends from above. Icicle slows down the slab's descent by creating pillars of ice but the ice is slowly cracking from the pressure. Tigress pleads with Hourman to use his Miraclo-induced strength but Hourman will only agree to help if Tigress hands over the diary that she stole from Liberty Belle when the trap was sprung. Hourman knew that both Tigress and Icicle would eventually stoop to treachery if it was in their best interest. Tigress didn't want to believe Hourman's bluff that he would sacrifice Liberty Belle but her love for Icicle forces her to agree to Hourman's terms and Hourman destroys the stone slab.

    Tigress and Icicle
    Tigress and Icicle

    Liberty Belle tells Tigress and Icicle to head toward the location in the Alps as stated in the inscriptions while her and Hourman meet up with Boris Hayes for a debriefing. Tigress is puzzled by Liberty Belle's unquestionable faith that both her and Icicle will honor their arrangement but at the same time, she agrees to Liberty Belle's request without giving it a second thought. Hourman can't understand why Liberty Belle would trust either Tigress or Icicle in retrieving the staff but Liberty Belle of course, knew better. When the trio went after Peter Hayes, Liberty Belle discovered that the staff is located in a place called the Bone Church in Prague but in order to get to it, a key is needed to open the secret passage way and the key is in St. Urfeldt's cave deep within the Alps.

    Icicle and Tigress are led through the Alps by a guide but unbeknownst to either of them, their guide is Peter Hayes in disguise. Once Tigress found the key rather than the staff, she began kicking herself because instead of following her instincts, she fell for Liberty Belle's ruse that the hero was displaying a sense of trust in her. After Tigress grabbed the key, Peter made his move by shooting Tigress and taking the key for himself. Icicle could do nothing to make Peter suffer because he had to stop an oncoming avalanche which was caused by the echo of the gunshot. The force of the avalanche was too much for Icicle to handle. Fortunately, Liberty Belle and Hourman arrive to save Tigress as well as Icicle.

    The heroes accompany Icicle and Tigress to a nearby hospital near the bottom of the mountainside. The doctors save Tigress' life but they also turn up some startling yet joyous news. The heroes learn that Tigress is pregnant with Icicle's baby. Icicle tells the heroes that he and Tigress have known for a while about the baby but Icicle isn't all that overjoyed. Icicle remembers that his mother died while giving birth to him because his sub-zero cellular structure caused his mother to freeze from the inside.

    Icicle didn't want the same thing to happen to Tigress and given their reputation as villains, no legitimate metahuman hospital or research facility would agree to help them. Icicle figured if he stole the staff and sold it to the highest bidder then he could pay off somebody like the Crime Doctor to save Tigress as well as the baby or he would have to convince Tigress into having an abortion.

    In no time at all, Tigress wakes up after the surgery and is committed to bringing down Peter for what he tried to do. The team rallies together one last time and heads toward Prague. The team also brings Dr. Hayes in order to convince his son into turning himself over to proper authorities. When they reached Prague, the team headed toward the catacombs beneath the Bone Church. As they entered the catacombs, the team finds Peter already unlocking the secret passageway to the staff. Dr. Hayes calls out to his son and begs him to stop. Peter retaliates by knocking his father off his wheelchair and begins to suffocate Icicle by entering his lungs then choking them.

    Tigress gives birth to her daughter, Isabelle
    Tigress gives birth to her daughter, Isabelle

    Fortunately, Icicle reacted quickly by exhaling Peter out of his lungs and transforming Peter's foggy form into snow. Liberty Belle grabs the staff and the team makes their way out of the church. Just when things seemed a bit brighter, Peter's frozen self melts and he returns to his fog-like form. Peter makes one last attempt to steal the staff but his father transforms into a red mist to combat his son. In the end, Dr. Hayes uses the last of his strength to weaken his son.

    Unfortunately, Peter escapes and Dr. Hayes dies from exhaustion. The team buries Dr. Hayes at a cemetery near the Bone Church and they all go their separate ways. The JSA locks up the staff at their headquarters and Hourman vouches for Icicle in front of a metahuman medical board to give Tigress all the care she needs to deliver her child. After nine months, the hospital had developed a method that made the delivery a successful one and Tigress gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Isabelle Rose Mahkent.

    Powers and Abilities

    Tigress' strength, agility, speed, and stamina are within peak human levels. She has exceptional hunting skills and has an enhanced sense of smell that allows her to track individuals. Tigress is highly proficient in several hand-to-hand combat techniques.

    Her arsenal includes a compact crossbow and a quiver of arrows, knives, nets, and bolas.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 5'10"
    • Weight: 155 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Blond
    • Citizenship: American
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Adventurer
    • Known Relatives: Paula Brooks Crock (mother), Lawrence Crook (father, deceased)

    The New 52

    Artemis in the New 52 Teen Titans
    Artemis in the New 52 Teen Titans

    The Culling

    For more information see: The Culling Story Arch

    Artemis is among the teenagers captured by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to compete in the Culling orchestrated by the villain known as Harvest.

    Artemis, along with brother-and-sister duo Thunder and Lightning, encounters Red Robin in the Colony where she attacks him only to end up being bested by him.

    It was eventually revealed to be a misunderstanding and they became allies. When the Culling starts, Artemis is killed by another combatant named Fist Point.

    Artemis was shown to have a rivalry with Fist Point before her death which may be the reason that she was the first one that he found and killed.

    Batman and Robin: Terminus

    After Artemis's death by Fist Point, Damian Wayne tries to use the footage of her death to push Tim Drake over the edge, and admit that he wanted to kill Fist Point. Tim admits it and Damian uses that fact to prove he is better then Tim.

    Note: Artemis's appearance in the issue was a video tape depicting her death.

    Young Justice

    For further details: Young Justice

    Artemis in Young Justice
    Artemis in Young Justice

    Though Artemis was not fully introduced in the Cartoon Network animated series until the sixth episode Infiltrator, she was featured in the early promotional material along with the other characters. However, her identity was kept a mystery with the likely suspects of Arrowette and Mia Dearden dismissed by the series producers. The truth that she is a heavily re-imagined version of Tigress was not revealed until the eighth episode Downtime.

    In the series' continuity, Artemis was not a founding member of Young Justice but she became one of its early members. Artemis first appeared behind the scenes when she aided the team by distracting the android AMAZO when the Young Justice team was trying to find weak spots in the android. Batman and Green Arrow later invited Artemis to join the team. Due to Artemis being ashamed of her villainous heritage, she wanted her family life kept a secret from her teammates.

    Artemis with the rest of Young Justice, planning a mission
    Artemis with the rest of Young Justice, planning a mission

    When Artemis joined the Young Justice team, both Green Arrow and Batman went along with her cover that Artemis is Green Arrow's niece. Artemis became Green Arrow's sidekick since Red Arrow left the team to go solo. Due to Kid Flash seeing Artemis as Red Arrow's replacement, he is initially unwelcoming to her, and she responds in kind.

    In the "Infiltrator" episode Artemis has her first mission with the team. Her mission was to protect Dr. Serling Roquette from members of the League of Shadows. The Sensei sent Cheshire, Hook, and Black Spider to kill Dr. Roquette before she could develop a counter measure to her nanite weapon. The Young Justice team succeeds in their mission, but when Artemis runs into Cheshire, the assassin blackmails Artemis into letting her escape because Cheshire knows Artemis from her past life when she was a student in the League of Shadows. At the end of the episode, Artemis is confronted by Roy Harper aka Red Arrow. Roy tells Artemis that he knows that she isn't really Green Arrow's niece, and he figures Batman and Green Arrow must have a good reason for wanting Artemis on the team, so he agreed to keep her secret.

    Artemis with her mother, Paula Crock
    Artemis with her mother, Paula Crock

    The "Denial" episode had Artemis become frustrated with Wally's stubborn refusal to acknowledge the idea of magic, and their somewhat antagonistic relationship persisted. Although at the end of the episode, Doctor Fate tried to convince Wally that Artemis was the kind of girl that would complete him. During the course of the series, she also begins to develop a strong friendship with Miss Martian.

    The "Downtime" episode revealed that Artemis lives in Gotham City with her Vietnamese mother Paula Crock, who is confined to a wheelchair due to her former life as the villainess Huntress. Artemis received a letter of acceptance from a prestigious private school in Gotham thanks to the Wayne Foundation. However, Artemis doesn't recall applying for a grant that will allow her to attend the school. This is perhaps Batman's way of changing Artemis' life for the better. At first, Artemis decides she doesn't want to attend the private school which causes her mother to angrily break into tears. Artemis puts an end to her mother's sorrow by agreeing to attend the school in order to please her mother.

    Artemis fighting with her sister, Cheshire
    Artemis fighting with her sister, Cheshire

    In the "Bereft" episode Artemis and the rest of the Young Justice team woke up, separated, with no memory of the last six months. Kid Flash had been watching over Artemis for some time and questioned Artemis about her costume. Artemis was startled to find herself in that particular costume. Wally also asked if Artemis knew how to use her bow and she responded by saying her father had taught her. All of a sudden, Artemis began to divulge information like her memory loss must be one of her fathers tests and Wally must be a target that Sportsmaster had assigned her to kill. However she chose to work together with Kid Flash, and they eventually reunited with the rest of the team and regained their memories. In the final episode, Wally and Artemis kiss during the New Years Eve celebration.

    Artemis undercover as Tigress
    Artemis undercover as Tigress

    In the show's second season, Invasion, she and Wally are still dating and have retired from the world of super heroics. She returns to rejoin the team for one last mission in "Depths," where she helps Nightwing defend Carol Ferris' new satellite from Aqualad (who had betrayed the team following the death of his ex-girlfriend, Aquagirl). Aqualad quickly overpowers Artemis and impales her through the stomach with his sword, apparently killing her. This is later revealed to be an elaborate plan designed to fake Artemis' death so that she could join Aqualad, in reality an undercover agent, in infiltrating Black Manta's organization. She is given a magical pendant that completely changes her appearance, allowing her to take on a new identity. Meanwhile, the other members of the team vow to avenge Artemis by taking down Aqualad, unaware of his true loyalties.

    Artemis in the Young Justice (2013) comic book
    Artemis in the Young Justice (2013) comic book

    While posing as an assassin named Tigress, she participates in a raid on Mount Justice, which results in the destruction of the Team's headquarters. Aqualad is later rendered comatose by a vengeful Miss Martian, who mistakenly blames him for Artemis' death. Miss Martian learns of her error too late, and Tigress escapes with Kaldur.

    Black Manta later vows vengeance on Miss Martian, and tasks Psimon with healing his son's damaged mind. Fearing that Psimon will discover her true loyalties, Tigress poisons him with a special drug that fools Black Manta into believing that he too had been attacked by Miss Martian. Black Manta later sends Tigress and Deathstroke to kidnap Miss Martian, believing that he can force her to heal his son. With Tigress' aid, Miss Martian is able to slightly heal Kaldur's mind.

    Artemis is voiced in the series by Stephanie Lemelin.

    Artemis also appears in the comic based on the television show. The Young Justice comic was designed for kids and was normally set in between episodes of the Young Justice television series. Artemis role in the comic is the same as it is in the TV series.

    Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery

    Artemis in Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery
    Artemis in Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery

    Artemis makes a cameo in the movie.

    Other Media

    Young Justice: Legacy

    Artemis is a playable character.


    Artemis appears as a classmate of the titular character in the streaming/tv series, Stargirl. She excels in sports and is the daughter of two supervillains who settled in a small Nebraska town after the defeat of the JSA. She is portrayed by Stella Smith.

    The first season aired on DC Universe, a proprietary subscription service that offered digital comics and original programming. The original programming was abandoned early on, with Stargirl moving to The CW where it lasted for 2 more seasons. Unfortunately, it was cancelled in 2022 at the end of its 3rd season when Warner Brothers was bought by Discovery and The CW was sold off and rebranded away from tween/teen programming.


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