All-Star Squadron #25

    All-Star Squadron » All-Star Squadron #25 - The Infinity Syndrome! released by DC Comics on September 1983.

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    The Justice Society of America joins in the fight against Amazing-Man.

    The Justice Battalion Of America await their orders, from the War Department. The Justice Battalion Of America assume their mission is to address the threat from the Ultra-Humanite. The Justice Battalion Of America are stunned to learn that their mission is to take down the Black Dragon Society. Outside the Perisphere, the Amazing Man squares off against the All-Star Squadron. After repelling attacks from Commander Steel, and Robin, the Boy Wonder, the Amazing Man finds himself caught by the Green Lantern. The Amazing Man tries to take on the physical properties of the emerald energy construct holding him, only to find himself turning back to flesh & bone.

    The Atom foolishly attacks the Amazing Man with a tree limb. The Amazing Man transforms into wood, the one element that neutralizes the Green Lantern's power ring. The Batman, and Liberty Belle, tackle the Amazing Man. Robin, the Boy Wonder, and the Tarantula, try to restrain the Amazing Man. Commander Steel grapples with the Amazing Man. Though the Amazing Man is able to transform into steel, by establishing contact with the steel mesh in Commander Steel's uniform, Commander Steel still has the advantage of leverage. When the Amazing Man is informed that the Ultra-Humanite has targeted Detroit, he surrenders.

    To protect his parents, who reside in Detroit, the Amazing Man switches his loyalties away from the Ultra-Humanite. As the Ultra-Humanite has promised to strike at three locations, to cripple the United States of America's war effort, the All-Star Squadron splits up into three team to address the threat. The Amazing Man, the Atom, and the Green Lantern head for Detroit. The Batman, Robin, the Boy Wonder, and the Tarantula head for Los Angeles. Commander Steel, and Liberty Belle, head for Brooklyn. Cyclotron pleads with the Ultra-Humanite to call off his attack. The Firebrand scorns Cyclotron. The Cyclotron reveals why he is loyal to the Ultra-Humanite.

    The Guardian stands vigil at the Brooklyn Naval Shipyards. The Newsboy Legion confront the Guardian, distracting him when the Ultra-Humanite's attack begins. The Guardian is knocked over the ledge of a rooftop, but the Newsboy Legion keep him from falling to his death. Nuklon, and the Silver Scarab, begin destroying the Navy Shipyards, despite the best efforts of the military to stop them. Commander Steel attacks Nuklon. Liberty Belle attacks the Silver Scarab. In full contact with their foes, Commander Steel, and Liberty Belle, suddenly disappear. The Guardian is horrified at what takes their place.

    The Batman, Robin, the Boy Wonder, and the Tarantula meet with Senator Henry Knight, and his daughter Sandra, at an aircraft manufacturer, in Los Angeles. The Fury, and Northwind, announce their presence. Northwind summons a flock of birds, and sets them against the laborers. The Batman, and Robin, the Boy Wonder, attack the Fury. Sandra Knight joins the action, as the Phantom Lady. The Phantom Lady uses her Black Light Beam to blind Northwind, who collides with an aircraft. The Tarantula moves in to fully subdue Northwind. In full contact with their foes, the Batman, and the Tarantula, disappear.

    Robin, the Boy Wonder seems to recognize the mysterious figures that take their place. The Amazing Man, the Atom, and the Green Lantern arrive at a manufacturing plant in Detroit, just as Jade, and Obsidian, attack. The Green Lantern battles against Jade. The Atom takes on Obsidian. The Amazing Man remains neutral during the conflict. In full contact with his opponent, the Atom disappears. The Green Lantern's greater experience allows him to overwhelm Jade. In full contact with his opponent, the Green Lantern disappears. The Amazing Man is amazed at what takes their place.

    Brain Wave, Junior regains consciousness. Brain Wave, Junior learns that the attacks he came back in time to prevent have already occurred. A note, left for him by the Tarantula, informs Brain Wave, Junior's next course of action.


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