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    The Teen Titans are the premier team of young heroes in the DCU. Currently led by Damian Wayne, the team fights for the greater good and to recruit other young heroes like them.

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    The Beginning of a Legacy
    The Beginning of a Legacy

    The first time the sidekicks joined forces was when Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad joined together to stop the menace of Mr. Twister in Hatton Corners.

    Their second meeting was more eventful: Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, now joined by Wonder Girl and Speedy, fought against their mentors, who had been possessed by the evil Antithesis. At this second meeting, the five youngsters decided to become a team, and the Teen Titans were born. Robin naturally became the leader of the original Teen Titans.

    The sidekicks would continue to operate with their mentors, as well as spending time with their peers in the Teen Titans. Speedy elected for part-time membership, and the remaining four became the core team.

    During this time, the four established a headquarters called the Titans Lair, and responded to teenagers needing help.

    Soon, responsibilities in Atlantis forced Aqualad to take leave from the team, and Speedy stepped in as a full time member.


    The Teen Titans first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #54 (7/1964) and were created by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani in 1964. Wonder Girl joined the team in their second appearance in The Brave and the Bold #60 (7/1965). The Teen Titans would make a third appearance in Showcase #59 (12/1965) before getting their own on-going title. The Teen Titans later added to their ranks when Speedy appeared in Teen Titans #4 (8/1966).

    Team Evolution

    Mr. Jupiter Enters the Picture

    After they accidentally brought about the death of Dr. Arthur Swenson, the group gave up their costumed identities for a time. It was at the urging of financier Loren Jupiter that Kid Flash, Speedy, Wonder Girl, Hawk and Dove joined his program of training teens to utilize their potentials; Also joining the program was the mysterious Lilith and Mal Duncan.

    Now rejoined by Robin, the Teen Titans continued their adventures. However the group later disbanded after helping an old man rid his estate of a demonic race of creatures.

    Titans Reunited

    The 70's Teen Titans
    The 70's Teen Titans

    The second version of the Teen Titans was formed after the young heroes defeated Dr. Light, who had summoned them all in an attempt to get revenge on the JLA by attacking their young sidekicks. All of the original Titan members eventually returned (with Mal taking on new identities such as the Guardian and Hornblower), plus new recruits such as the Bumblebee and Joker's Daughter. After a while, the Titans realized that they had their own lives to lead, and the group disbanded.

    The New and Improved Titans

    The New Teen Titans
    The New Teen Titans

    Some time after the original team was disbanded, a woman named Raven appeared, attempting to gather together a new group of Titans. She convinced Robin to start recruiting, and they recruited Wonder Girl, Changeling, and the cyborg Vic Stone. Kid Flash declined, trying to be Wally West instead. Raven, an empath, needed him on the team, and so she interfered with his emotions, made him feel that he loved her, to convince him to join. On their first case they met the final member of the team, the alien princess Starfire.

    They elected to keep the team going, making their headquarters in New York.

    Arsenal's Titans

    Arsenal stepped in to fill the leadership place Nightwing had left. Thanks to a deal made with Sarge Steel of Checkmate the Titans ended up with essentially working for the government. Unhappy with the deal, nearly everyone from the previous team left.

    This team was a disaster. While they succeeded against Raven and other threats, the internal dynamics tore the team apart.

    Atom's Titans

    Atom's Team
    Atom's Team

    Isaiah Crockett, Toni Monetti and Cody Driscoll manifested strange super-powers when they turned 16. The meta-human teens, along with the teenaged Atom, were all abducted by an alien race called the H'San Natall. On the alien ship, they rescue another meta-human teenaged girl who was raised in a virtual-reality simulator program. The group of teenagers escaped the aliens and returned to earth.

    During the adventure, the teens learned that they were half-alien, and their mothers were impregnated by the H'San Natall years ago. All born on June 21st, the kids were part of a sleeper agent program by the H'San Natall to defeat the super-powered beings already on Earth. The group stayed together, becoming the new generation of Teen Titans. Isaiah Crockett became Joto; Toni Monetti, Argent; Cody Driscoll took the nickname, Risk; And the alien girl adopted the name, Prysm. Atom decided to remain on the team to learn how to readjust to his life as a teenager, since he was de-aged by Extant during the Zero Hour Crisis.

    Jupiter was later forced to gather together the original Titans – Nightwing, Tempest, Flash and Arsenal – to combat the threat of his bitter, super-powered son Jarrod Jupiter, known as the illusion-casting Haze. New and old Titans joined forces to defeat Haze – but at a price; Joto seemingly lost his life and Arsenal felt responsible for his death. Arsenal remained with this new group of Titans for a time. During this battle, the mysterious Omen was revealed to be former Titans, Lilith.

    The Teen Titans almost disbanded following these events, but Argent rallied the team to re-form. After a recruitment drive, Captain Marvel, Jr. and Fringe joined the team.

    After a confrontation with Deathstroke, the teens were taken to Titan, the moon of Saturn, where they confronted their H'San Natall creators and Prysm's mother. Joto was resurrected, and Prysm and Fringe decided to remain on Titan. Upon returning to earth, the Titans learned that Atom has been restored to his true age. The rest of the team decided to go their separate ways and disbanded.

    The Titans

    Cyberion (Cyborg) journeyed to Earth to turn its moon into a new Technis world and populate it with his Titans allies. The JLA and the Titans first clashed, then united, to prevent Cyberion from destroying the planet while saving Vic's soul and downloading it into Minion's morphing battlesuit, the Omegadrome.

    The five original Titans decided to re-form the team. Along the five originals were Starfire, Cyborg, Damage, Argent and Jesse Quick.

    Various missions and circumstances led team members to leave the Titans.

    The Titans Tower soon became overcrowded with members and non-members alike; In addition to the Titans roster, the Tower was populated with Lian Harper, Dolphin, Cerdian, Rose Wilson, five kids who escaped from a D.E.O. orphanage, and a mysterious youth known as Epsilon. Epsilon was eventually revealed to be under possession by a D.E.O. orphan named Kevin. When the real psychotic Epsilon emerged, he cut a swath of destruction that resulted in the utter destruction of the Titans Tower. Eventually, Epsilon was defeated and the D.E.O. orphans were provided better care at the improved D.E.O. facility.

    From Young Justice to The Teen Titans

    The New Team
    The New Team

    The Teen Titans are re-started by Cyborg following the death of Donna Troy and Omen. Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy decide formalize a mentor/training aspect for their new Teen Titans. They begin by inviting Robin (Tim Drake), Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), Superboy (Connor Kent), and Impulse (Bart Allen) to spend weekends at the new Teen Titans headquarters on an island in the San Francisco Bay.

    The team is attacked by a returned and crazed Jericho, the vicious Deathstroke, and the new Ravager (Rose Wilson) almost upon their inception as a new team. The Wilson family aren't the only villain to plague the new Teen Titans during this era as the new Brother Blood surfaces and resurrects Raven in a new Earthly body who would go on to rejoin the team as well. Furthermore, it is during this time that Superboy and Robin learn that Superboy is a clone of Superman and Lex Luthor. Also, the Titans of Tomorrow shake the team and Dr. Light makes an appearance as well. Speedy (Mia Dearden) later joins the team.

    The New Titans
    The New Titans

    Infinite Crisis takes a huge toll on the team as Superboy dies, Kid Flash is depowered, Cyborg is deactivated, Robin quits and Starfire is lost in space. After over 25 new members pass through its ranks, the Teen Titans are finally brought back to together upon Robin's return. New additions to the team include Kid Devil, a reformed Ravager, Miss Martian and Tower caretakers Wendy and Marvin.The new team does battle with Deathstroke and his villainous Titans East and the evil Titans of Tomorrow who have arrived in the present to combat changes that had been occurring to their timeline. New heroes to join the team during this time are Blue Beetle and Supergirl.

    The Titans are thrown into chaos following the elder member's depature. Wonderdog proved to be a hellhound working for Lycus, a Greek mythological figure with ties to Wonder Girl. The situation is worsened when Bombshell, a former traitor of the team and member of Deathstroke's Titans East, become involved in the situation and attempts to reform. During this story arc it is also revealed that Wendy and Marvin's father is the villainous Calculator, who swears that he will get revenge on the Titans for hurting them. Brother Blood returns during this time and many new members join the team such as Static, Kid Eternity, and Aquagirl.

    As the New York-based Titans dissolve, Beast Boy returns to the team in order to help them find their way once more. Beast Boy's assertion that he is the new team leader rubs some of the members the wrong way and it is established that Wonder Girl is still indeed the team leader. The reunion is cut short when Raven is discovered outside the tower unconscious. Following the run-in with the mystical Wyld, the Teen Titans have lost a few members. Dubbed the Feral Boys, the team begins to delve into their existence but are interrupted by an intruder at Titan's Tower. The intruder is in fact the new Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Damian Wayne). Robin insists that he has come to lead the Teen Titans in the absence of the previous Robin (Tim Drake). The new status quo begins to be explored as the creator of the Feral Boys, Dr. Caligan, continues his experiments on local teenagers. Caligan has shown to have a few metahuman creations of his own such as Headcase and Doll Face. The Titans band together to defeat Caligan and his experiments but he narrowly escapes.

    The final issue
    The final issue

    The Titans are called in by former member Tim Drake, who is now operating under the Red Robin moniker. The reunion centers around Red Robin's recent case involved the unternet and the Calculator. While doing battle with the Calculator's androids, he reveals to Wonder Girl that he kidnapped and killed Kid Eternity. Angry, Cassie attempts to kill him but is stopped by her teammates and she comes to her senses. The androids are defeated and the team realizes that Calculator was never even truly there, only robots. Following the battle, Robin decides to leave the team, claiming they were holding him back. This leads the Titans to assume that Tim is coming back to the team, to which he does following this mission.

    Red Robin once again takes the reigns of the team as Wonder Girl passes them off to him, claiming to need time to focus on herself. The team responds to a missing persons report to help Cassie's mother and the heroine Solstice. Wonder Girl and her archeologist mother are soon after captured by Indian demons and whisked away.

    The book's final arc featured a massive army of former Titans helping the current team fight Superboy-Prime and the Legion of Doom. The series ended at issue #100, just before the New 52 reboot.

    The New 52

    The New 52 Teen Titans
    The New 52 Teen Titans

    After the major DC Reboot, all of the history between Tim Drake, Superboy, Bart Allen and Cassandra Sandsmark has been erased. They have never met and thus Young Justice and the latest version of the Teen Titans has never been formed. In the DC Revamp, Red Robin (still the alias for Tim Drake) has gained knowledge on an interesting organization called N.O.W.H.E.R.E that tries to capture or kill teenaged metahumans for the purpose of containing them so they don't prove harmful to humanity. In order to defeat N.O.W.H.E.R.E., Red Robin puts together a team of young metahumans, made up of Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Solstice, and two new characters named Bunker and Skitter. He later recruits Superboy, who had been cloned by N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s scientists. The New 52 Teen Titans Reboot was in 2011. The series was canceled, and in 2014, another New 52 Teen Titans comic book started up. This new team is without Kid Flash and Solstice, but has added the New Power Girl. In June 2015 Superboy returned to the team.

    DC Rebirth


    In response to complaints about the New 52 series getting rid of the Titans' sense of legacy, the Titans Hunt mini-series was launched, which revealed that the original Teen Titans (or at least a version of them) predated Red Robin's team. This led directly to the 2016 DC Rebirth relaunch, which produced two new series: Teen Titans and Titans. Teen Titans featured a complete roster reshuffling, with a new team led by Robin (Damian Wayne) and featuring Starfire, Raven, Kid Flash (Wally West, the cousin of the original Wally West) and Beast Boy. Titans meanwhile featured the adult members of the original team, including the original Wally West.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Judas Contract

    For more information: The Judas Contract

    The good days of the Teen Titans ended when they brought in a new member, Terra. The pressures of “real” life continued to wear on some of the members; Dick Grayson decided to abandon being Robin and find a new identity, and Wally West decided to give up heroics forever.

    Without two of his members , the Titans were then captured by Deathstroke the Terminator and turned over the the H.I.V.E, where they learned that Terra had actually been a double agent. In the ensuing battle Terra died, the Titans recruited Deathstroke’s son Jericho as a new member, and Dick Grayson took on the identity of Nightwing.

    Terror of Trigon

    Eventually, Raven lost control of the evil within herself due to her long exposure to emotions and violence, and Trigon was able to reach Earth and proceeded to burn it to the ground. The Titans, spared the fate of Earth as they were in the remains of Azerath, returned to face their own inner demons (literally) at the hands of Raven, but they were able to force Trigon back as a long awaited moment arrived, when the spirit of Azar revealed her true intentions for Raven. At the last moment, Trigon was caught by the purified souls of Azerath working through Raven's powers, and annihilated him and restoring the world before they and Raven vanished.

    Then Starfire was called back to her homeworld Tamaran for an arranged marriage, and the team fell apart. It took a major battle with Brother Blood and his entire church, the recovering of Raven, and a coalition of former Titans (including Wally, now the Flash) before the team returned to anything resembling normal.

    Adrian Chase's nephew Danny, a telekinetic, was admitted to the team after helping them defeat the mercenary Godiva. Because of Jason Todd's death Nightwing later asked Danny to leave the Titans.

    After Wonder Girl and the rest of the Titans went to New Chronus to learn Donna Troy's true past, they dropped the "Teen" part of their name and began calling themselves the New Titans.

    Titans Hunt

    For more information: Titans Hunt

    The Titans during this period
    The Titans during this period

    The corrupted souls of Azarath regained their strength and merged with Jericho. The souls now needed powerful vessels for each of them to survive. Now possessed by this force, Jericho sought to acquire superhuman beings as vessels for the souls of Azarath. Jericho found a unique opportunity: He invaded and took over the Wildebeest Society. Using them as a front, he abducted current and former Titans to act as vessels for the souls of Azarath.

    The remaining Titans Nightwing and Troia - along with Arella, Phantasm, Pantha, Red Star and Deathstroke - found the Wildebeest lair and ultimately destroyed the Wildebeest Society. During the Titans Hunt, Golden Eagle was slain, Cyborg was nearly destroyed, Titans Tower was demolished, and Phantasm was revealed to be Danny Chase, who was himself slain along with Raven's mother, Arella, as the Titans defeated the Wildebeests. Raven was transformed utterly and disappeared. Deathstroke was forced to slay his own son, Jericho.

    The Titans were joined by new members after the defeat of the Wildebeests: the violent Pantha, former ally Red Star, the mysteriously re-formed Phantasm (now an amalgam of Danny Chase, Arella and the souls of Azarath), and Baby Wildebeest.

    Total Chaos

    For more information: Total Chaos

    Soon, a group called the Team Titans emerged, claiming to be from the future. The Team Titans' mission was to kill Donna Troy before she can give birth to the boy who, in their future, would become the evil Lord Chaos.

    Troia eventually gave birth, and with the help of the New Titans and the Team Titans, she saved her son Robert while defeating Lord Chaos. Donna Troy decided to give up her Troia identity, and become a normal human. The Titans of New Chronus granted this wish, and left Donna Troy powerless. Donna Troy and the Team Titans relocated to a farmhouse in New Jersey.

    Nightwing proposed marriage to Starfire. The two almost wed, but the ceremony was interrupted by the dark incarnation of Raven. Raven planted a "Trigon seed" in Starfire, which caused her to leave Earth and go on a spiritual journey. Nightwing was heartbroken as Starfire eventually returned to her home planet of Tamaran. This left a drastically reduced team of Titans. Troia had given up her powers, Raven was evil, Starfire and Cyborg were both in space, and Nightwing was going solo.

    Graduation Day

    For more information: Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day

    The Titans and Young Justice were attacked by a mysterious cybernetic girl from the future - who unwittingly unleashed an army of Superman androids. The attack resulted in the apparent death of Donna Troy and Lilith. At Troia's funeral, Nightwing disbanded the Titans.

    Arsenal founded a new Outsiders team and asked Nightwing to take the leader job in an attempt to take Dick out of his depression.

    Meanwhile Starfire, Cyborg and Changeling (again as Beast Boy) recruited the "Young justice core members" for a new Titans team.

    Infinite Crisis

    For more information: Infinite Crisis

    The Teen Titans fight in Infinite Crisis, Superboy being a main target of Superboy Prime. When trying to stop Superboy Prime several titans are killed; Pantha, Red Star, Wildebeest, and Bushido. Later, Superboy, with Nightwing, goes to stop Alexander Luthor from combining and destroying different alternate earths. Superboy fights Superboy Prime again. He destroys the device Alexander Luthor was using to combine and destroy earths, but in the process Superboy dies.

    Titans of Tomorrow

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    Years in the past, the Titans of Tomorrow disbanded when they saw their own dark future. But rather than preventing the events, this insured they would come to pass. When a great crisis came, it claimed the lives of many of the adult heroes and the disbanded Titans weren't there to save them. Shattered by these events, the Titans of Tomorrow lost their optimism to a more cynical world view. In their time apart, they were also influenced by outside forces – such as Ares and Lex Luthor. As the former teen sidekicks grew into adulthood, they assumed their mentor's personas - or adopted new identities of their own.

    In an effort to prevent future tragedies, the Titans of Tomorrow - Batman [Tim Drake], Superman [Conner Kent], Wonder Woman [Cassie Sandsmark], Animal Man [Gar Logan], Aquawoman [Lorena Marquez], the Flash [Bart Allen] and Dark Raven - gathered together 6 years after they disbanded to create a police state – one free of crime, poverty and disease. For the most part, they actually succeeded. But the people gave up their freedom for it. There were rebellions along the West Coast that Raven stopped – by siphoning the free will of the rebels. Cyborg 2.0 and Bumblebee gathered together their own Titans and managed to free twelve of the fifty states.

    When the present Teen Titans returned from the trip with the Legion, they arrived ten years too late! In the future, they met a different Titans lineup: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Animal Man, Aquawoman, the Flash and Dark Raven... The Titans of Tomorrow! Face to face with themselves ten years from now, the Teen Titans began to realize that all was not as it seemed. Before the Titans of Tomorrow could find a way to send the Teen Titans back to their proper time, Superboy made a shocking discovery: He found the future Titans torturing Deathstroke for information. A confrontation led to a a battle between present and future Titans teams!

    Seeking to preserve his future, Batman captured Robin in hopes of erasing his memories of the future he had witnessed. Meanwhile, the other Titans located the future Cyborg; Now known as Cyborg 2.0, he rallied together Titans East as a resistance force to oppose the tyrannical Titans. Titans East included Bumblebee, Batwoman (Bette Kane), Captain Marvel( Freddy Freeman),Terra, Ravager and secret-member Flash.

    Teen Titans and Titans East sought the cosmic treadmill, which would be able to return them to their proper time. Finally locating the treadmill at the Batcave, three Titans teams engaged in a major skirmish... But amid the chaos, Flash and Kid Flash were able to jump start the cosmic treadmill and return home to their proper time.

    Now armed with knowledge of the future, the Titans must stay together to steer clear of a possible dark destiny.

    One Year Later

    For more information: One Year Later

    The One Year Later Teen Titans
    The One Year Later Teen Titans

    After Infinite Crisis, the team is a complete disaster. Superboy is dead, leaving Wonder Girl with a broken heart which leads her to quit the team. Kid Flash had aged four years and de-powered. Robin has left to travel the world with Batman. Cyborg is in a coma. Speedy is on an island with Connor Hawke and Starfire is lost in space.

    Despite all of the team's loss, Beast Boy and Raven tried to keep the Titans going during the next year but the team couldn’t hold any traction, with dozens of heroes passing through its ranks. All of the old guard is gone as Raven disappears with no explanation and Beast Boy rejoins the Doom Patrol. Things finally turn around when Robin returns from his travels and Cyborg awakens from his coma - repaired by new Titan Tower caretakers Wendy and Marvin.

    Robin, Cyborg, and the two newest members, Kid Devil and Ravager (Rose Wilson), convince Wonder Girl to rejoin the team, then travel the world searching for Raven. Raven had fled for two reasons: one member of the team during the past year had been a traitor, and she wanted create a new body for Jericho using the same process that had created her own. With the traitor revealed as former member Bombshell, the team rallies and defeats the quantum-powered turncoat. Following this battle, Raven introduces Ravager to her brother Jericho for the first time, and Miss Martian joins the team.

    Soon after the resurrection of Jericho, it is revealed that Bombshell was a member of Deathstroke's " Titans East". He forms this team to battle the Teen Titans to get at his children. The Teen Titans are defeated and captured until Raven (the only one that was able to escape) brought reinforcements consisting of Nightwing, Donna Troy, Beast Boy, the Joker's Daughter, and Flash (Bart Allen) who has regained his abilities since Infinite Crisis. Deathstroke's Titans East are defeated and Jericho is trapped in the body of Match, which discomforts the grieving Wonder Girl.

    The events of Amazon's Attack occur and Supergirl joins the team while Cyborg and Raven leave it to reconstruct the original Titans Tower in New York City. Bart and Duela were killed in separate events causing tension amongst many of the Teen Titans, especially Robin. Additionally, Blue Beetle is invited to train at the Tower whenever he wishes. Also, Wonder Girl and Robin begin a romantic relationship with does not sit well with either of them due to their connection with the deceased Superboy. Static and Aquagirl later join the team as well.

    Blackest Night

    For more information: Blackest Night

    The dead Teen Titans come back in Blackest Night. Terra comes back to haunt Beast Boy, and Terry and Robert pay a visit to Donna. Garth is killed by Tula and Dolphin.

    The Culling

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    N.O.W.H.E.R.E. turns the tables as they trap the Titans with the Legion of Super-Heroes and other powerful teens. However, they ban together to escape. After some much needed down time, the origin story of Solstice, Kid Flash, and Wonder Girl are mentioned, however it is Wonder Girl's origin story that takes center stage. After her armor starts to act strange her ex-boyfriend Diesel is introduced, but a conflict occurs when he claims the armor as his own.

    Titans Hunt

    The original Teen Titans
    The original Teen Titans

    Due to the backlash against the reboot, a mini-series was launched explaining that Red Robin's Titans were not the first team. It is revealed that in the new continuity, the original Teen Titans consisted of Robin (Dick Grayson), Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), Aqualad, Speedy, Herald, Hawk and Dove, Gnarrk and Omen. After a fight with a demonic entity called Mister Twister (which resulted in Dove's death), Omen was forced to erase the Titans' memories of one another to prevent the villain from ever returning.

    In the present, Mister Twister manages to make it back into the human world, and seeks to gather the former Titans together in order to summon his master. The Titans manage to defeat Twister once again, and ponder whether or not it might be time to get the group back together. It's also revealed that Kid Flash (Wally West) was the tenth the member of the team, but nobody can remember him.

    Previous Teen Titans Teams

    Titans West

    Formed by former Titan Lilith, Titans West gather heroes that were based on the west Coast and modeled after the original team. Along with Lilith, the team included Bat-girl (post crisis retconned into Flamebird), Hawk and Dove, Golden Eagle, and Beast Boy.

    Team Titans

    Teen Titans The Next Generation
    Teen Titans The Next Generation

    The Team Titans' story began 10 years in the future; Or, rather, the false future where Lord Chaos reigned and a force known as the Team Titans struggled to overthrow his tyranny.

    To combat the Titan-god, the mysterious Team Titans leader sought out or created groups of super-powered teens. Collecting these youths together as the Teen Titans, named in honour of the original super-hero group of the 20th century, he created a nearly invisible army of underground freedom fighters. But he knew Lord Chaos's power, and he knew if Chaos had captured any one of his warriors, they could be forced to reveal his location and the whereabouts of the entire Teen Titans army. To prevent this, he created smaller subgroups of Titans. Each small platoon force was given specific missions, but knew nothing of their leader or the whereabouts of the other Titan-platoons. This would assure each group's safety, as well as the safety and existence of the entire underground.

    A man named Lyons (whose family was slain by Lord Chaos) vowed revenge on Chaos and joined the rebellion. Lyons, now dubbed Battalion, became the ‘drill sergeant from hell' to the Team Titans. He worked with the future-Nightwing in training these young warriors.

    The Titans

    Founding and prominent members of the first and second group of Teen Titans united.

    Travel to the Past

    Shortly thereafter, the Team Titans leader gave the team a mission: travel 10 years into the past to stop Chaos from ever being born. To accomplish this, the Teamers were assigned to kill Donna Troy before she would give birth to the child who would become Lord Chaos! The Teamers successfully traveled to the past and came into conflict with the Titans. Donna gave birth to her son before the Teamers could intervene. However, the Titans and the Team Titans were able to stop Chaos and spare Donna's life at the same time. After this, the Teamers found themselves stranded in the past, unable to return to their future. With nowhere else to go, they resided at Donna Troy's New Jersey farmhouse. The Teamers tried to find a place in this new world. Also joining them was Battalion, who had traveled to the past as well. Shortly after that, the future version of Nightwing entered this timeline. Mirage was reunited with her lover only briefly. A dark version of Raven attacked the future Nightwing and corrupted him by planting a Trigon-seed within him. Nightwing now renamed himself Deathwing, and became violent and brutal. Deathwing visited Mirage, where he attacked and raped her. Mirage then learned she was pregnant with Deathwing's child. The Team Titans encountered new threats from present day as well as their own future timeline. Some Team Titans were allies (the female rock group Metallik) while others were adversaries (Judge and Jury). The Teamers also encountered the power-mad Titan, Lazarium, whose schemes led the Teamers to encounter dozens of time-tossed Team Titans.

    Soon, the Teamers lives were disrupted by the time crisis known as Zero Hour. It was then revealed that the Team Titans leader in the future was the villainous Monarch - who created a false future world so he could train meta-humans (The Team Titans) to act as sleeper agent assassins. He knew of the impending time crisis, and wanted a super-powered army at his command. The time-villain Extant commanded all the Team Titans to attack the heroes who were trying to unravel this time crisis. His plan was thwarted; the heroes contained the Teamers. Time continued to collapse, erasing the false time lines that had emerged. As a result, all the Team Titans were erased from existence.

    Strangely enough, three people remained unscathed from Monarch's false timeline: Tara Markov (Terra II, Mirage and Deathwing. Terra and Mirage remained members of a new Titans team, led by Arsenal. Shortly after the team was reformed, a strange orb appeared, with messages for Mirage and Terra.

    The orb was sent by the Time Trapper. The Time Trapper revealed that Mirage, Deathwing and Terra were from this timeline, not an alternate timeline, as they had thought. All three had been implanted with false memories by the Time Trapper and turned into "sleeper agents" who would fight the villainous Monarch in the coming Zero Hour event.

    Alternate Versions

    Titans of Tomorrow

    In the Titans of Tomorrow story arc, the Teen Titans get a glimpse at a dark future. Their future superhero monikers and roster is as follows:

    • Superman (Superboy)
    • Batman (Robin)
    • Wonder Woman (Wonder Girl)
    • Flash (Bart Allen)
    • Animal Man (Beast Boy)
    • Dark Raven (Raven)
    • Aquawoman (Aquagirl)

    New Roster During Titans Tomorrow . . . Today!

    • Superman (Superboy)
    • Batman (Robin)
    • Wonder Woman (Wonder Girl)
    • Flash (Bart Allen)
    • Miss Martian Manhunter (Miss Martian)
    • Red Devil (Kid Devil)

    However there aren't any future versions of Supergirl, Ravager and Blue Beetle in this team.

    Young Offenders

    An evil version of the Teen Titans called the "Young Offenders" existed on the Earth in the antimatter universe, though they were only mentioned by the Crime Syndicate of America and never seen.


    Superman/Aquaman Adventure Hour

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    In 1967, Speedy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Aqualad appeared as the Teen Titans in the Superman/Aquaman Adventure Hour. This was the first animated appearance of the team.

    Unmade Teen Titans cartoon

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    At the height of the popularity of the New Teen Titans comic book, the team starred in an animated anti-drug PSA. Hanna-Barbera pitched a Teen Titans cartoon to ABC, which would have been based on the New Teen Titans series. The show was rejected, but Cyborg made enough of an impression that he was added to the cast of the popular Super Friends cartoon.

    Teen Titans

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    The animated series lasted from 2003 to 2006, and was primarily based on the New Teen Titans incarnation of the team. The series even went so far as adapting some of the comic book storylines, such as The Judas Contract.

    The team roster included Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy. However, many other Teen Titans characters made appearances, including Aqualad, Speedy, Terra, Bumblebee, and many more.

    The team faced various antagonists such as Slade, Brother Blood, Trigon, and the Brotherhood of Evil.

    The series was canceled after five seasons, with the final episode airing January 16, 2006. In September of 2006, a made for TV animated movie titled "Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo" aired as a continuation of the show.

    Teen Titans Go!

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    After airing several animated shorts during the DC Nation block of programming on Cartoon Network, Teen Titans Go! was ordered as a series. The series features chibi versions of the characters from the previous show and follows the same team. The voice actors from the previous series have also returned to play their respective characters. The series is a comedic take on the day to day activities that take place in between crime fighting.

    Justice League vs. Teen Titans

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    The Titans appear as major characters in the film, with a line-up consisting of Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, and Robin (Damian Wayne). Cyborg and Nightwing appear as well, though not as Titans.

    Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

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    Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is a direct to video animated movie directed by Sam Lui based on The Judas Contract by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. It is the twenty-eighth film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movie series and is the sequel to Justice League vs Teen Titans. The film features the voices of Christina Ricci, Taisa Farmiga, Miguel Ferrer, Stuart Allen, Brandon Soo Hoo, Jake T Austin, Kari Wahlgren, Sean Mayer, Gregg Henry and Meg Foster. The film marks Ferrer's final role before his death.

    Additionally in the film, Crispus Freeman, Jason Spisak, and Masasa Moyo reprise their respective roles from Young Justice. The Titans line-up includes Nightwing, Starfire, Robin (Damian Wayne), Blue Beetle, Raven, Terra and Beast Boy with cameo appearances from Speedy, Kid Flash, Bumblebee, Donna Troy, Traci 13 and Jericho.


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