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    A New God. Chroma was able to produce a rainbow of energy which cause massive electrical disturbances in the atmosphere.

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    Chroma was created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, and Todd McFarlane, first appearing in Infinity Inc. #14. Chroma is non binary, because of their androgyny some saw them as a man, others as a woman not even the doctors who attended them could determine Chroma's sex.

    Chroma appeared in the skies of LA above an outdoor rock concert, mesmerizing everyone with a "song" about the end of life on earth. The members of Infinity Inc. battled Chroma and rendered him unconscious. Chroma was taken to hospital and when they revived, they revealed that he had been feigning his condition so that he could study human reactions. He claimed he had arrived from deep space simply to sing his song of doom and to see how humans would react to his message.

    The Infinitors battled among themselves while they decided how to tackle Chroma. In the end it didn't matter, because Chroma, happy with what he had seen, left the Earth.

    Chroma was seen being slain during the time Gog and Superman from the Kingdom Come came through a portal. Gog desired to kill all self-proclaimed false gods.

    Post Flashpoint/Infinite Frontier

    Jade and Obsidian encountered Chroma after they had promised not to return to Earth for a million years. They really planned not to return, but the universe was remade; new vibrational frequencies, new aural structures. They wanted to know how everything dies on this planet with so many textures, and so they would sing it into oblivion. Obsidian teleported them into the Shadowlands where they can explore and sing all they want.


    • New God Physiology:
      • Immortality
      • Super Strength
      • Invulnerability
      • Cloning
      • Energy Projection: Chroma was able to produce a rainbow of energy which caused massive electrical disturbances in the atmosphere.
    • Vibrational Manipulation:
      • Apocalypse Song: The apocalypse song on the tip of their tongue could tear mountains asunder and end all life on Earth.
      • Hypnosis: Chroma is able to mesmerize people with their singing


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