Wonder Woman #221

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #221 - Pride of the Amazons released by DC Comics on November 1, 2005.

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    In this issue, Wonder Woman's reputation is ruined. She is now seen a cold-blooded murderer. Everything she has done to gain the good side has now disappeared in oblivion. Her instant killing of Maxwell Lord will now have consequences and will affect her for the rest of her life. This issue ties in with the Infinite Crisis and some of DC heroes will not make it. Will one of the casulties be Wonder Woman?

    Io recovers from Ares' attack is told that the Amazon Oracle, Callisto, has seen the death of the Amazons. Artemis and Phillipus to build a weapon to defend themselves but Io refuses. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman tells Athena that she will turn herself in for the murder of Maxwell Lord. She also tells them that Jonah McCarthy was working for Lord all along. Suddenly Wonder Woman is attacked by three OMACs. Wonder Woman manages to get rid of two, and finish off the third one in a safer location. She defeats the final OMAC, but is severly injured and takes him to the hospital. There, she is given a strange reaction when she sees the TV where the murder of Lord has been broadcasted across the world. Big Brother has not been able to kill her body... and yet kills her name.


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    This issue continues the descent into Infinite Crisis.  Diana must deal with her decision to kill Maxwell Lord both to herself, her Amazon sisters and her colleagues.  She decides to turn herself into the Hague to be tried in International court, but the O.M.A.C.'s have a different idea.  After stalking her they engage her and then cycle through their programming and decided she is an alpha threat.  Diana is capable of stopping them, and the action showing this was well done, but the interesting...

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