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    OMACs (Observational Metahuman Activity Construct/Omni Mind And Community) are cyborg sleeper agents controlled by Brother Eye.

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    OMACs are sleeper agents created as a front line against metahumans. OMAC nanotechnology was derived from the remains of Brainiac 13 that was confiscated by the Department of Defense, and disturbed in general vaccination supplies by Lexcorp. Every vaccinated individual was infected with nanotech, and could be transformed into an cyborg super-soldier. All OMACs are connected to Brother Eye, and can be activated at will.

    OMAC stands for One-Man Army Corps. The OMACs are the personal army of the Brother Eye satellite. Their main purpose is to monitor super powered beings both villain and hero. OMAC's are created through the use of nanotechnology adapted from Brainiac-13. The nanotech was disguised as a flu vaccine and given to a large number of ordinary humans. The vaccine turned them into sleeper agents waiting for a signal from the Brother Eye satellite to activate their nanites when they were needed. Most of the OMAC's were either killed or disabled when a group of superheroes used an EMP blast to try and stop them. The few hundred thousand of them that survived were stopped when Batman lead a team of superheroes to the satellite and shut them down. Now only a very small handful of OMAC's exist with their nanotech lying dormant.

    The Outsiders have encountered OMAC 2.0, a modified version of the Post-Crisis cyborg. This version is slightly different in appearance with two eyes, wider hips, and a broader body. It retained the original eye on its chest and demonstrated the same abilities as the originals, although its abilities may have been enhanced.

    The New 52

    Kevin Kho is turned into OMAC by Brother Eye

    Powers and Abilities

    All OMACs are connected to Brother Eye, and can be activated remotely from any point on the planet. Their human-based bodies allow them to attack from anywhere in the world, and deter superheroes from using lethal force.

    Each OMAC unit has archives on almost every metahuman on the planet. Their eye contains scanners to distinguish metahumans from civilians and analyze their powers. They can simulate various powers depending on the weaknesses of their opponents. OMACs have demonstrated flight, fire manipulation, production of flame-retarding foam, and the ability to project various energy bursts from their eye and hands for different effects (concussive, caustic, and blinding among others). Individuals have produced artificial cellulose from their bodies to fight Alan Scott, and disabled the Eradicator with little effort; they have also demonstrated the ability to simulate Shazam's lightning, and used it to force Mary Marvel back into her human form. OMACs can shape-shift their limbs into blades and pincers.

    The second generation of OMACs also had a scanner fixed in with their eye to identify civilian from meta human, whether this was carried on to the third generation prototype was unknown, as far as the graphic novel led was that he was given a task by his superior and he carried it out, possibly downloading a file to he OMAC with his targets details.

    The MKI collective held the ability to copy the technological designs of opposing forces once upon proper study of its functionality. A cloister of OMAC's having once copied the protective capabilities of Paradise Island's masking barrier technology.


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