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    Volume 2

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    Preceded by Wonder Woman Volume 1, followed by Wonder Woman Volume 3.

    Click here for the corresponding annuals to this series: Wonder Woman Annual.

    Starring: Princess Diana as Wonder Woman and Cassie Sandsmark as Wonder Girl.

    On a trip to DC's editorial offices, artist George Pérez was looking for a few smaller assignments after his recent exertions on Crisis on Infinite Earths. Learning of Frank Miller's revitalization of Batman and John Byrne's new take on Superman, Perez naturally wondered who was handling the inevitable relaunch of Wonder Woman. Discovering the reboot of the amazing amazon had a writer - Greg Potter - but not an artist, Perez volunteered for the job and jumped right back into the frenzied schedule of a monthly book.

    Wonder Woman received a complete and utter makeover, even more so than the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight. Her adventures started from scratch, and unlike Superman and Batman's revamped origins, occurred in the present, rather than in flashback fashion. With the help of Perez's meticulous pencils, as well as his guidance as co-plotter, Wonder Woman was thrust further into the realm of Greek mythology than she had ever been before. The fledgling heroine was surrounded by ancient legends and new characters, and her newest villain was introduced, Ares, the god of war. Even the origin of Paradise Island and the Amazons featured centrally. By the 1st issue's end, Wonder Woman had been born anew, formed out of the very clay of her island home, and she began her journey into the heart of man's violent world.

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