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    The first OMAC was Buddy Blank, the current ones are a series of cyborgs (Not Including Michael Costner) controlled by Brother Eye.

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    For New 52: O.M.A.C, see (Kevin Kho)


    Sometime in the not so distant a future an alien named Professor Z discovered a mathematical equation could predict futuristic events to a 98% rate of accuracy. Z predicted that Earth would face a "Great Disaster" and human civilization would end. This caused Z much distress that he became mentally unbalanced. His fellow aliens sought to avert this disaster.

    They created The Global Peace Agency and disguised themselves with no facial features. The citizens of Earth believed they were highly placed individuals within the world's governments who did not want to crate a national bias nor did they carry weapons that would instill fear and anger that would cause The Great Disaster. There were times violence was needed.

    The GPA named Dr. Myron Forest to head the O.M.A.C. project. He created Brother Eye, an extremely advanced computer housed in an orbiting satellite. Brother Eye used electronic surgery to perform a computer hormone operation on a civilian named Buddy Blank.

    Buddy was transformed into the One Man Army Corps to battle the international criminals The GPA could not deal with. Dr. Forest was murdered and his secret died with him.

    Buddy would have a child and later a grandchild that he would call Kamandi, after the Command D bunker in New York. The Great Disaster occurred on Earth-51 although the initial Crisis on Infinite Earths stopped in from occurring.

    The satellite Brother Eye changed Buddy Blank into an OMAC- One Man Army Corps by means of meta-human biotechnology. Blank is a human with technologically-driven biogenetical upgrades that became the leader of the GPA after a series of events that dispatched members of the GPA.

    Michael Costner

    After Infinity Crisis the remains of Brother Eye are collected and stored in a NORAD (Northern American Aerospace Defense Command) bunker. Brother Eye's programming is split between a hard drive (with the majority of its core programming) in the bunker and a backup satellite orbiting the Earth. Brother Eye awakens, but its programming has been corrupted. It believes that all humans, metahuman or not, need to be exterminated. Somehow, it has also manifested multiple personality disorder: at least two "voices" are heard in its internal conversations.

    The A.I. held back one OMAC sleeper agent, Michael Costner, as the last potentially active cyborg in case it was in a desperate situation. It activates him, saving him from a police round-up. However, Costner retains strong aspects of his personality and refuses to kill a female police officer. Brother Eye plans for Michael to infiltrate the NORAD bunker and steal the hard drive. Along with some of his nanovirus source code, a physical upload to the backup satellite would fully restore the OMAC project. Along the way Michael fights off heroes such as Firestorm and Cyborg, and pulling his punches on Firehawk. The cyborg travels into space in order to upload the information, but regains control long enough to jettison the hard drive. Enraged, Brother Eye casts back to Earth.

    Brother Eye rebuilds itself out of space debris. It reasons that Michael's resistance can be dampened by heroin in his blood system, and it becomes dormant until such a situation appears. The A.I. also plans to remake Vienna Barstow, Michael's lover, into a more obedient OMAC after he unintentionally infects her with OMAC nanotechnology through an exchange of bodily fluids. Batman detects its activities in space and sends Superman to investigate, but Brother Eye traps Superman in a kryptonite-laced chamber. Brother Eye reveals its plan to Michael: ending humanity by smashing the Moon and the Earth together. Michael manages to free Superman, but it is Barstow who destroys the satellite, sacrificing herself and her unborn child by destroying the nuclear furnace powering it.

    DC's New 52 Relaunch

    OMAC was announced as one of the 52 new #1 titles that would be released during the month of September 2011 as part of DC comic's relaunch of their entire line. Issue #1 was released on September 7th and was written by Keith Giffen and Dan Didio.


    Buddy Blank's belt is a receiver for the Brother Eye satellite to control and transform him into an OMAC. In his OMAC form he has superhuman strength, partial invulnerability, super speed, flight, energy projection, and self-repair- all of which are controlled by increasing and decreasing the density of the biotechnology inside Blanks.

    Other Media

    Buddy Blank appeared on Batman Brave and the Bold. Equinox made him and Shrapnel fight to the death.


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