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    Character » Sword of Damocles appears in 25 issues.

    An alternate reality version of Union who became the agent of Damocles. He had two Justice Stones similar to Union's.

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    The Sword of Damocles, also know as The Sword, is a character than debuted in the Wildstorm cross-over event Fire From Heaven. His origins would be rewrited in New Dynamix.


    Fire From Heaven

    His name is lost to blood and history. He is called only The Sword. He will stab a world through the heart before his story is done.

    His home stands on a broken world, on a plane sideways from Earth.

    The Sword is the main prophet of the destruction incarnated by Damocles and main military chief of his forces. He establishes the beachhead on each new world he reaches, preparing for the arrival of his master, watching as Damocles devours each new universe his herald has intruded upon.

    "We must have faith in horror, it elevates us. When we destroy for our master Damocles, we are cleansed. Damocles loves us best when we kill everything we see. Killing is our prayer".

    His devotion is such than the Sword castrated himself to avoid any impure thought. His devotion to the Damocles cause is total. The only pleasure that the Sword concedes to himself is to kill, maim and torture in the name of Damocles. He thinks murder and horror are holy things.

    The Sword arrived in the Wildstorm universe when he commissioned the Bounty Hunters to hunt and capture the Queelocke, the only living being capable to travel the multiverse by himself. After the defeat of the Bounty hunters by the Gen13 kids, the Sword decided to take the problem in his own hands but when he arrived on Earth, he discovered something more interesting: there was a reading of Sigma, an enemy of his master.

    In his hunt for Sigma, the Sword would cross paths with Kaizen Gamorra, who tricked him to go against the superhuman Winter. After neutralizing the member of Stormwatch, the Sword traveled to the island state of Gamorra, awaiting for the coming of his master. However, unknown to him, the Sword himself attracted the attention of another superhuman: Union, who was a doppelganger of the Sword himself, with the same abilities and powers.

    When the Wildstorm heroes launched a massive attack on the lunar base of Damocles, Union went directly against the Sword, but the Sword proved himself to be the more cunning and better fighter of the two. Only the intervention of a wounded Winter, who wanted his revenge on the Sword, saved Union from death. Union knocked the Sword unconscious and left him at the lunar base, then stole his energy sword as well. His destiny thereafter was left unknown.

    New Dynamix

    In New Dynamix, the Sword reappeared, posing as a new hero operating in San Francisco and helping Love Rocket to search for the lost SPB (Super Powered Beings), but unknown to Love Rocket, it was the Sword, working for TAO, the one responsible for the SPB disappearances. When his mascaraed was exposed, the Sword tried to kill his enemies but he was overpowered by Black Halo.

    In this mini-series the origin of the Sword and Union was re-written, by making him the best of the soldiers of Damocles and a clone trooper member the same as Union. As a reward, a second Justice stone was given to him, but because of that he became conscious of himself and deserted Damocles service. Union was sent to recover him but the Sword was capable of overcoming him and trapped him. What became of him after the "World's End" is unknown.


    The range of powers of the Sword are the same as Union. The main difference is than instead a staff, the Devotion Stone of the Sword manifests an energy sword. Also, in his blood there are nanites capable of transforming any materials into the instruments he may need.

    Besides he can travel the parallel dimensions unassisted, but extensive and painful surgery determined that his talent cannot be duplicated.

    He has Mechaspores that Lord Damocles has keep in his bloodstream. He kills people because Mechaspores require raw materials to construct the organic machinery The Sword needs.


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