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Kaizen Gamorra was born on a small asian island called Parousia. He had two brothers named Sum and Wai. He and his brother had conquered their own village at a very young age and when they reached 16 they controlled and renamed Parousia, Gamorra. At 18 Kaizen began a career in terrorism and killed his brothers at 20 gaining sole control over their land of Gamorra. However he still loved and honored his brothers even forming a symbol to honor them.

For many years Kaizen ruled, until he and his pregnant wife were kidnapped by a C.I.A agent named Miles Craven. Miles had replaced Kaizen with John Colt

John Colt
John Colt

who had underwent surgery to look more like Gamorra and had the people informed due to an injury he needed the surgery to help with any doubts hi people may have.

Gamorra would grow to become a land full of leading cybernetics and genetic research even creating Hunter-Killers. However due to the combined efforts of Mr. Majestic and Spartan (an android with Colts thoughts and memories) Colt was dethroned and killed.

During this time he also tricked Cyberjack, an old employee of his to come back into Gamorra City and tried to convince him to continue his research on neural passages which would, quite unfortunately only work on him (as he was trying to try and regain control of his lower body).

The real Kaizen would reappear proving to be much worse than his impostor. He caused the deaths of 233 British citizens in a plane crash due to a terrorist assault. The death toll increased due to the release of a terrible chemical agent that was a byproduct of the accident. Henry Bendix (who would later be proved to be insane) sent Stormwatch Red to get back at Kaizen he sent the assassin Rose Tattoo with orders to kill exactly 233 people. The other agent Fahrenheit and Flint were told to cause no life threatening property damage however they were still unsettled by what they had done.

However two years later due to Stormwatch having broken up due to an alien attack he felt it was time to retaliate with his army of clones called the Children of Kaizen Gamorra.

His children
His children

Each was made from DNA of his mother and brothers and wore the family symbol and were endowed with superpowers, he planned to have three major cities wiped out to mark his symbol on the very planet itself. He was able to do a great deal of damage to Moscow, but due to the interventions of the Authority made up from many Stormwatch members his assault on London only led to minor destruction. Using special devices in their suits he transported his remaining forces back to his island activating a powerful energy shield. He even intended to continue his attack on his next target L.A, but the Authority killed all of his super soldiers and the Authority member Midnighter use their giant shift ship the Carrier to destroy Gamorra’s city, cloning labs and his very home. Before his death his last words were “ I only wanted to have some fun”.

Recently he was seen to still be alive and working with the villain Helspont

New 52

Kaizen has recently made his DCU debut in Team 7. He appears much the same as he did in Wildstorm, and is in search of the Eclipso's Black Diamond, presumably to help him build a super-powered army.

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