Character » Damocles appears in 12 issues.

    A god-like being is from another dimension who arrived to the Wildstorm Universe in search of his nemesis Sigma, who had been reborn as Ethan McCain.

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    Damocles was a scientist from a parallel Earth where their inhabitants had abused their natural resources, exhausted them, and polluted the atmosphere and the sea, leaving Earth a half-dead world with little time to live on.

    Worried for the future of his world and his family - his daughter and his wife - Damocles developed a machine to renew the life of his planet, by stealing from other parallel Earths. Opposed to this plan was Sigma, who considered such a plan unethical and immoral. Despite the refusal of the ruling class, Damocles tried to activate his machine but Sigma came with armed guards to stop him. Sigma tried to reason with Damocles about the morality of his actions but Damocles refused to listen reasons and attacked Sigma. In the middle of the chaos, the machine started to operate, stealing the life of countless parallel worlds, killing them. But instead of giving it to Damocles' world, all the energy went to Damocles himself, transforming him into a superpower being. Meanwhile Sigma also was affected by the machine but he disappeared among the myriad of worlds of the multiverse, leaving Damocles alone. Damocles then discovered that the little life of his world was also taken, and everything but him on it was dead. Enraged by the death of his loved ones, and full of powers derived of the energy of infinite worlds, Damocles lose the little reason he still had. Damocles refuesed to believe than he was the responsable of the death of his family and instead he blamed Sigma for the destruction of his world.

    Eventually Damocles left his universe of origin and went on a multiversal rampage, destroying Earth after Earth, excusing his actions on a meaningless quest for revenge against Sigma. During his travels, Damocles recruited the Sword and the Bounty Hunters, and several other followers too, either by contract or by a misguided religious zeal. This army helped him to travel from universe to universe, always absorbing the life energy of the differentes earths and finishing his destruction by pushing the Moon against the Earth, thereby generating the energy needed to create a portal from the destroyed earth Earth to another new one.

    There is no knowledge about the circumstances of how these alliances with the Sword were formed and how Damocles became a religious figure.

    Major Story Arcs

    Fire from Heaven

    In the Fire from Heaven storyline, the arrival of Damocles to the main Wildstorm Earth, coincided with a crisis in the criminal state of Gamorra and a crisis than happened to Team 7. Damocles then alliend to Kaizen Gamorra meanwhile he tried to repeat his scheme but the Earth heroes opposed him. Damocles then discovered than Sigma had been reborned on this world. This lead to reveal than he was a parallel version of Dr. Tsung, Sigma's adoptive father and Gen-Factor discoverer. In a last chance to defeat Damocles, Deathblow pushed him against the energy wall of the machine that was pushing the Moon against the Earth. The wall was a door to other dimensions and Damocles was either dead or lost in it, his being dispersed among the multiverse.

    New Dynamix

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    In the New Dynamix mini it was hinted that a post Worldstorm version of Damocles existed. This version was more related to the origin of Union, and the Protectorate but this plot was left unresolved.


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