Justice Stone

    Object » Justice Stone appears in 15 issues.

    Implanted in the body of its holder, the Justice stone is the source of powers for the aegenan know as Union.

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    The justice stones are really symbiotic organisms embedded in the chests of their users, the inhabitants of the parallel earth called Aegena and divided in the Protectorate and the Directorate. The justice stones conect with their owners by a process called Union which is a Bio-Electric Bonding process that was discovered to be an organic material that he symbiotically bonds to the organism to which it is attached. This allows the wielder of the "Justice Stone" to emit plasma energy in many ways, including the creation of the plasma staff.

    This Union allows the wielder to utilize the justice stone through the staff, with a variety of powers.

    The Justice Stone of Ohmen, the superhero who calls himself Unio is unique in its ability to do many of the abilities at degrees much greater than others of the Protectorate because the stone fused permanentely with his nervous system. Among those abilities, it can be include:

    • Union's Justice Stone can "Downshift" enabling him to enter worlds and dimensions that he may enter without interfering with his symbiotic link with the Justice Stone.
    • Self Propelled flight at supersonic speeds by controlling gravity and the electromagnetic field around him.
    • Energy absorption and reflection: Allowing Union to redirect even Supreme's Lighting from the Hammer of his universe's Thor as well as Psi-blast from Battalion.
    • Energy Blasts made from plasma or any other energy directed at Union
    • Energy & Life detection: Union may detect energy signatures through his justice stone or plasma staff.
    • The creation of force fields the can shield and protect the wielder against physical and energy attacks.
    • Split the plasma staff into two smaller sticks to fight multiple opponents.
    • Control the staff from a distance, having it return to him at near light speeds.
    • Increases the wielder's strength, speed, endurance and durability to superhuman levels. (this depends upon the wielder's symbiotic relationship with the Justice Stone) Since Ohmen's stone re-calibrated itself to Earth's electromagnetic field as well as linked with the energy of a "Monarch" staff, Union is far more powerful than most (if not any) other members of the Protectorate.

    Devotion Stone

    Outside the members of the Protectorate and the Directorate, the only other person using a Justice Stone has been the Sword of Damocles, who is an alternate version of Union himself. He originally kept his Justice Stone inside his body, hiding it from public view. The Sword likes to manifest the power of his stone in the form of a flaming sword. The stone of the Sword have the same abilities than the standard Protectorate's soldiers.

    In New Dynamix he appeared using two stones granted by his retconned master, Damocles. Despite this change, the stone still works as previously believed essentially functioning the same way as a Justice Stone. Only difference being the nanotech enhancement Sword has too better channel it's powers.


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