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    After joining the Protectorate forces on the planet Agena, Union was tricked into crossing an astral gate to planet Earth. On Earth he has become a hero and a reserve member of Stormwatch.

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    As a member of the Protectorate, Union sought to restore peace and freedom on his homeworld of Aegena, which had been mired in an ages long civil war. As the war escalated, Union found himself battling two Directorate soldiers, who tricked him into crossing an astral gate, believing he would be killed in the transport. Union survived impact, landing on Earth, where he eventually forged a life for himself as a superhero of sorts. Union has had run-ins with many of Images powerhouses including fights with Mr. Majestic and Supreme. During a heated battle with Regent, a Directorate prince, a near-death experience caused Union's justice stone to fully merge with his nervous system, allowing him to access its unique abilities with greater ease than ever before.

    Union lived multiple adventures with other characters from the WildStorm universe, working along with the WildC.A.T.s and becoming a reserve member of StormWatch. Shortly thereafter, Union met and defeated his dimensional twin the Sword of Damocles, during the so-called "Fire from Heaven" event. Some time later, he was fired from Stormwatch by an insane Henry Bendix.

    The Monarchy

    Union suffered a severe transformation during the series The Monarchy: forced to commit suicide after a serial killer with psychic powers possessed him, Union was resurrected by Jackson King, with severe changes of appearance and demeanor. Union was in charge of the interrogation and torture of the enemies of the Monarchy. searching for the clues of an alien dream engine.

    All the events of the Monarchy however were retconned and it is plausible that Union never lived these experiences.

    New Dynamix

    Union's backstory was rewritten during the New Dynamix miniseries, as was his relation with the Sword. There, both were imperfect clones of Damocles and had a for mission to find new worlds for their master. But the Sword escaped to Damocles' control and escaped to the main WildStorm earth and Union was commissioned with the task to find and return him to Damocles. However, once on Earth, Union was captured by TAO and put in stasis until being freed to fight against Black Halo. After an initial confrontation, Union later joined Black Halo's team.

    World's End: Kid Union

    After the World's End incident provocated by Tao and the Reapers, a new younger version of the character, called Kid Union, appeared in Tennesse. Resembling the original but without memory of his origins and possessing his own justice stone, he travel towards the north, impulsed by the stone itself. He joined to a reformed Pike who had recruited teenage versions of Void, Backlash and a yoounger Crimson and founded a refuge for survivors of the catastrophe. They were helped by a errant Gen13 team and later he joined forces with the remnants of Earth's heroes to fight back the new Kheran invasion of the Red Blade crew. They successfully defeated the invaders.

    Superman vs Lobo

    An alternate version of Union appered as the survival of along with other members of the WildCATs. He was part of the called Numen Revenge Squad against the Numen creature who had destroyed their reality, making him the las aegenan protector. This alternate version of Union was erased when Lobo integrated Union and the Wildcats to his own reality. If this story is or not canon is unclear.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Union is a a Bio-Electric Bonding process that was discovered to be an organic material that symbiotically bonds to the organism to which it is attached. This allows the wielder of the "Justice Stone" to emit plasma energy in many ways, including the creation of the plasma staff.

    This Union allows the wielder to utilize the justice stone through the staff, with a variety of powers. Ohmen's "Justice Stone" is unique in its ability to do many of the abilities at degrees much greater than others of the Protectorate:

    • Union's Justice Stone can "Downshift" enabling him to enter worlds and dimensions that he may enter without interfering with his symbiotic link with the Justice Stone.
    • Self Propelled flight at supersonic speeds by controlling gravity and the electromagnetic field around him.
    • Energy absorption and reflection: Allowing Union to redirect even Supreme's Lighting from the Hammer of his universe's Thor as well as Psi-blast from Battalion.
    • Energy Blasts made from plasma or any other energy directed at Union
    • Energy & Life detection: Union may detect energy signatures through his justice stone or plasma staff.
    • The creation of force fields the can shield and protect the wielder against physical and energy attacks.
    • Split the plasma staff into two smaller sticks to fight multiple opponents.
    • Control the staff from a distance, having it return to him at near light speeds.
    • Increases the wielder's strength, speed, endurance and durability to superhuman levels. (this depends upon the wielder's symbiotic relationship with the Justice Stone) Since Ohmen's stone re-calibrated itself to Earth's electromagnetic field as well as linked with the energy of a "Monarch" staff, Union is far more powerful than most (if not any) other members of the Protectorate.

    Union's Protectorate armor also gives him a degree of protection against damage.


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