Love Rocket

    Character » Love Rocket appears in 9 issues.

    Member of the New Dynamix, she is a DJ in San Francisco.

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    DJ Lady Love is a radio disc jockey by day. But she dons the superhero identity of Love Rocket to help protect the city as well. However, she begins to notice that S.P.B. (Super-Powered Being) activity has been slowly diminishing over time and she intends to find out why. She teams up with the reluctant superhero Black Halo in order to find out.

    In their investigation she crosses path with the Sword, (ex-Sword of Damocles) and with an amnesic Union. Searching clues about the dissappeared SPBs along with Black Halo and Union uncovers a conspiracy lead by Tao where he was using the MERCs and the Sword to collect S.P.B.'s for his own use meanwhile he setting up the events which would lead to the Armageddon.

    Depiste never discover the role of Tao in the conspiracy and the liberation of the abducted SPBs, Love Rocket considered the mission a success, because she could take Black Halo out of retirement and had reunited a new team.

    Following after Armageddon, Love Rocket and the New Dynamix later participated in Earth's war against the Knights of Khera in UnLondon.


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