Bounty Hunters

    Team » Bounty Hunters appears in 21 issues.

    Team of bounty hunters that worked with Damocles.

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    The Bounty Hunters are a team of extra dimensional guns for hire who work on the Wildstorm Universe. They were seen on earth the first time when The Sword send them to obtain the alien creature Queelocke, but they crossed path with the genoative kids of Gen13 who defeated them and made them run away.

    Fire from Heaven

    The Bounty Hunters, composed by One-Eye Jack, Jade, Rake and Hardball were very scared to confront the Sword with their failure, but that day the Sword was feeling caritative and didn't kill them. Still along with the Bounty Hunters the Sword was sent by Damocels to find Sigma. They reach Gamorra where the signals of Gen-Omega confused the traces of the Sword and meanwhile the Sword was send by Kaizen Gamorra to deal with Winter, the Bounty Hunters were sent after Sigma and the Dr. Tsung, but they found themselves at war with the Hunter-killers of Gamorra, who confused them with enemies. After recover the Qeelocke and deal with the invaders on Gamorra, the Bounty Hunter were sent to the moon to keep the defenses on the engine created by Damocles to move the moon against earth. The Bounty hunters were left alone against the forces lead by Team 7 when they attacked the base of Damocles.

    Wildstorm: A celebration of 25 Years

    In Wildstorm: A celebration of 25 years special, a newest version of the Bounty Hunters showed an altered version of the characters. Meanwhile essentially the same, One-Eye Jack and Rake were visually tweaked, Hardball was now a robotic entity and Jade was rebranded by Glamour (it is not clear if is the same character with a new name or a whole new character). They still operated as guns-for-hire but moving through time to reach revenge on their objetives at the moment when the damage would be the most.


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