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Dealing with the coming of Damocles, a psychotic villain from a different universe. On the planet, Earth, Damocles' opponent from his universe was reborn into the superhero Sigma, During his quest, Damocles was assisted by a group known as the Sword (an alternate version of the group known as Union), alien bounty hunters, and impostors of both Kaizen Gamorra and Miles Craven. The story arc mostly takes place on Gamorra and the finale taking place on the Moon.

Events That Occurred During This Story Arc

Deathblow sacrificed himself to defeat the main villain of the event.

Miles Craven died.

The impostor Kaizen Gamorra was unmasked and killed. The real Kaizen Gamorra became ruler and proven to be even more of a villain than his impostor.

DV8's first mission.

Caitlin Fairchild was reunited with her father.

Burnout discovered that his father is John Lynch.

Grifter joins the WildC.A.T.s once again.

Spartan regains his memories of his past life as a member of Team One and his time as the Kherubim Lord.

Union decided to come out retirement.

Flashpoint, a member of the Stormwatch Team, was revealed to a traitor and was killed.

Gen Factor Origin was revealed.

Backlash discovers that he has a son.


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