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    A member of the Inheritors, a race of beings that feed on totems, a fusion of humans and animals with powers of both. He is instrumental in Spider-Man's transformation, where he eventually "embraces the Other".

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    Current Events

    After sensing Spider-Man's breaking out Cindy Moon, another spider known as Silk, from the protection vault that Ezekiel placed Cindy Moon in, Morlun decides that he and the rest of his family should spread out across the numerous universes of Marvel to hunt down all the spiders, kicking off the events of Spider-Verse.


    When Spider-Man met Ezekiel, He was warned about a creature named Morlun. Morlun was created by magical entities to track down and hunt members of a special group that possessed "totemic powers" like Spider-Man. Apparently, Peter Parker gained his powers through fate and became the latest member of a long line of "Spider-Men." Morlun is a hunter of the totemic powers.

    Over the centuries, the feeding has taken on the air of ritual, of formality. Morlun probably is still preparing for the hunt, using whatever unholy rituals may be appropiate.

    Peter and Morlun fought for several hours, yet Morlun did not tire nor did he feel any damage. He was virtually unstoppable. Morlun's blood contains the DNA of every single living creature: Insects, Birds, Reptiles, Humans, and Spiders along with several others. Eventually Peter defeated Morlun by injecting himself with radioactive materials that poisoned Morlun. Morlun was believed dead after Dex, his loyal follower, turned on him and shot him, killing him in this weakened state.

    A while later, Morlun returned from the grave to kill Spider-Man. This was during "The Other". Peter was dying for inexplicable reasons. Peter had been hallucinating and nearly killed the bull thinking he was Morlun. Peter knew he was going to die and chose to end it at ESU; the same place where he became Spider-Man. Morlun fought Peter hand to hand and was unphased by anything Peter threw at him. After throwing Spider-Man through walls, and pummeling him, he eventually ripped the wallcrawler's eye out and ate it. Peter freaked out and was cut down by Morlun quickly and painfully. Morlun's attack destroyed Peter, eventually killing him. Spider-Man was rushed back to the hospital and put in critical condition as he was on life support systems. Morlun entered the hospital, breaking Mary Jane Watson's arm when she tried to defend her husband Peter. In one last dying effort, Spider-Man's feral, spider side emerged. Stingers popped out of Pete's arms and his teeth became razors. Morlun was attacked by the dying Spider-Man, and was killed as Peter bit his neck.

    He was later resurrected by a group of cultists in Africa who wanted Morlun to devour the Black Panther totem within T'Challa now that he is in a coma because of Doctor Doom's attack on him.


    Morlun is able to drain life force of others just by physical contact. Depending on how long he is in contact with the victim is how much he drains; how much he drains is how strong and powerful he becomes. Without constantly feeding off of and draining the life force of others he will weaken and become older.

    Morlun has a unique version of finding people. When he touches someone, he is able to discover that person, no matter their location in the world. When he touches someone, they are imprinted in his senses.

    Morlun is undoubtedly stronger and more durable than most humans. He had fought Spider-Man toe to toe, even managing to gain the upper hand and beat up on the hero. Spider-Man remarked that Morlun's punches hit harder than anyone he had ever faced before, harder that that of the god Thor and the Hulk. Although this fact is questionable, since Morlun drains energy every time he touched someone. He had been shown to survive otherwise deadly circumstances and lift massive objects.

    In Other Media

    Video Games

    Spider-Man Unlimited
    Spider-Man Unlimited
    • Morlun appears as a boss character in the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance.
    • Morlun appears as a boss character in Spider-Man Unlimited, voiced by Travis Willingham.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Morlun was featured in The Marvel Chess Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Morlun was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Morlun was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Armadillo Build-a-Figure wave.

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