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Aaron Aikman was a young brilliant scientist living in a different reality then the Main Marvel Universe. At 27 years, he already worked for one of the most prominent research-labs in the world, Ikegami. With his intellect, he started expermenting with spider-DNA and eventually mixed his own DNA with that of cloned spider genes. Gaining spider-like powers, Aaron designed a technical suit and became a hero named The Spider-Man. Aaron was romantically involved with his boss Kaora Ikegami. The relationship however stranded after Kaori's 10 year old daughter had a car-accident and was left braindead. The strain of it seemingly caused a rift between the two. Aaron continued his work at Ikegami and also fought crime as The Spider-Man. His identity was not known to many people, except for Kaora.


Aaron Aikman, also known as The Spider-Man, was created by Dustin Weaver and first appeared in Edge of Spider-Verse #3 (2014).

Major Story Arcs

Edge of Spider-Verse and Seeming Death

Over the course of weeks, Aaron noticed a number of abductions of humans by a strange cyborg-like creature named Naamurah. After one defeat against Naamurah, Aaron improved his webs and suit and eventually captured, whom he thought to be Naamurah. It was however a different creature, with the same cyborg-like appearances. Studying it, the desings traced back to his former lover Kaora Ikegami. Aaron whent to Kaora's lab and confronted her as The Spider-Man. Eventually Kaora told Aaron that she had tried to revivive her daughter. She did this with cyborg implants and seemingly at first managed to bring her daughter's mind back into her body. This however did not last long, since a strange new identity soon took recidence in the body of her daughter. The creature requested more humans that should receive the cyborg implants. At that point, Kaora told Aaron that she had been experminenting for months and that there where over a dozen of these cyborg creatures running around. Kaora knew she had done wrong and was repentfull. Shocked and horrified, Aaron rushed out of the lab, wanting to stop the swarm of cyborg-like zombies.
However, at that point, the Inheritor known as Morlun stood in his path as he crossed the hall. THe only thing Aaron could say is "Who are you", on which Morlun responded; "The end of your story".

It is not seen on pannel that Aaron was killed, but it is highly likely that he was killed by Morlun, since Morlun later appeared fighting agianst the other Spider-Men during Spider-Verse and Aaron Aikman was not seen agian besides a brief cameo on a monitor.


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