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    Thor Odinson is the All-father of Asgard /God of Thunder, offspring of All-Father Odin & Elder-Goddess Gaea. Combining the powers of both realms makes him an elder-god hybrid and a being of no perceivable limits. Armed with his enchanted Uru hammer Mjolnir which helps him to channel his godly energies. The mightiest and the most beloved warrior in all of Asgard, a staunch ally for good and one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse/omniverse. Thor is also a founding member of the Avengers.

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    Thor Odinson - Son of Odin, God of Thunder & Prince of Asgard.
    Thor Odinson - Son of Odin, God of Thunder & Prince of Asgard.

    Thor is the son of Odin, All-father of the Asgardian Gods, and the elder goddess Gaea, the living embodiment of Earth itself. Thor was born centuries ago in a cave in Norway. Once Thor was weened, Odin brought him to Asgard where he was raised to be the God of Thunder and heir to the throne. As the Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor commands the thunder, the lightning the wind and all the elements of the storm with his hammer Mjolnir, which was forged from the legendary, indestructible Asgardian metal; Uru. Mjolnir gives Thor the power of flight and helps him channel, focus or amplify his own godly elemental powers. Though the hammer is quite heavy by mortal standards, It can only be lifted by those deemed worthy to do so, regardless of the would-be wielder’s physical strength. After centuries of defending Asgard from its enemies, Thor became too proud and grew headstrong. It was because of this that he was banished to Midgard (Earth) by his father to teach him some needed humility. Made mortal and given the form of the handicapped human doctor Donald Blake, Thor learned what it was like to be small and frail and how to be humble and truly noble despite being mortal. When in his mortal guise of Dr. Blake he is able to transform into his true godly form by striking his walking stick (actually Mjolnir in disguise) upon any solid surface causing the transformation that changes him into Thor and his walking stick into his hammer Mjolnir. (In the past, this has now been taken away)


    Thor was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby based on Thor the "thunder god" of Norse Mythology. He first appeared in Journey into Mystery #83.

    Clash of Marvel Titans - Thor vs. Hulk
    Clash of Marvel Titans - Thor vs. Hulk

    "How do you make someone stronger than the strongest person? It finally came to me: Don't make him human — make him a god. I decided readers were already pretty familiar with the Greek and Roman gods ( Olympian gods). It might be fun to delve into the old Norse legends... Besides, I pictured Norse gods looking like Vikings of old, with the flowing beards, horned helmets, and battle clubs. ...Journey into Mystery needed a shot in the arm, so I picked Thor ... to headline the book. After writing an outline depicting the story and the characters I had in mind, I asked my brother, Larry (Leiber), to write the script because I didn't have time. ...and it was only natural for me to assign the penciling to Jack Kirby..." - Stan Lee describing his reasoning for creating Thor after previously creating the Hulk.

    Character Evolution

    Thor along with the original Avengers.
    Thor along with the original Avengers.

    Loki attempted to defeat and kill Thor on a number of occasions throughout the years and Thor was always victorious even though there were times when things were very close. Thor maintained his identity as Donald Blake on Earth and continued to practice medicine. Thor could revert back and forth between Dr. Blake and Thor by striking the stick/hammer against the ground. Thor began fighting evil and was one of the founding Avengers after Loki tricked the Hulk, Iron Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp into fighting each other eventually leading them to realize they should combine their powers by banding together and forming a team to face foes no single hero could defeat; the Avengers. Thor eventually gave up his identity as Donald Blake, though later on he would return to it, and went on to use other secret identities; Sigurd Jarlson and Jake Olsen.

    One of the biggest turns in regards to character evolution is during Fear Itself when Thor alone travels from Asgard to save Midgard (Earth) from the Serpent and the army of Odin. Here he openly defies Odin and declares to the All Father that he is a man more than a God. Thor is now separated from Donald Blake.

    Major Story Arcs

    Son of Asgard

    After Thor, Balder and Sif defeated three giant spiders summoned by Loki, Odin sees that it is time to test the young warriors and sends them into a quest to bring four mystic elements onto Odin's hall, so that he can forge a sword and give it to the worthiest warrior of Asgard. They first traveled to Nastrond, where they pulled one of Hakurei's scales from his hide, which would turn the blade of the sword unbreakable. From there, they went to Jotunheim to take one of Gnori's feathers so that the sword would be light. Later they traveled to the deserts of Jennia, where they had to find a jewel which would keep the balance of the sword. After that, Loki appears in front of them and tells about Karnilla's plan of attacking Asgard, they decided that Thor would continue the quest, while Balder, Loki and Sif would travel to Asgard and tell Odin about the incoming attack. Thor finds the lake of Lilitha, from where he should draw a small vial of water to keep to sword pure, but he discovers that the water has became sand, and so he thinks he has failed and even thus he fills his water-skin with the sand and returns to Asgard. When he arrives on Asgard, the gods are in the middle of a battle with the forces of Nornheim. As Karnilla sees her army being defeated, she shots and arrow through Thor's body and kills him. When Odin arrives at this scenery he takes the water-skin filled with sand and sheds it over the body of Thor, and when one of Sif's tears touches the sand, it becomes water once again and brings Thor back to life. One month later, the sword, now called Svadren, is given to Balder, the brave.

    Earthbound & Discovery

    Thor's original costume.
    Thor's original costume.

    Odin, Thor’s father, believed that he needed to be taught the meaning of humility. To accomplish this lesson, Odin put Thor’s mind and soul in the body of a handicapped mortal human named Doctor Donald Blake. He also erased Thor’s memories so he had no recollection of his actual godly identity. At some point after Odin had combined the essences of Thor and Blake, Blake went on vacation to the country of Norway where he saw aliens arrive in a scouting party. He fled to a cave when he saw that they had noticed him. When he saw a staff on the ground he was unaware that it was the mystical hammer of Thor himself and he smacked it against a rock and he was transformed into Thor the God of Thunder and Lightning.

    From then on Thor lived his life with an alter ego. He was Donald Blake the mortal doctor who owned his private practice and he was also Thor the God of Thunder and Lightning who defeated aliens. He fell in love with a woman named Jane Foster and became one of Earths mightiest heroes. However Thor had forgotten about his evil step brother Loki who became immediately interested in Thor and Donald when he noticed the return of the Thunder God. He constantly attacked Earth over the years in order to defeat Thor once and for all. Loki was actually the creator of many of Thor’s earlier nemesis such as: The Wrecking Crew, The Absorbing Man, and also the Destroyer. Because of Loki's constant attacks, Thor was forced to seek out help from others which eventually led to the creation of “The Avengers”.

    When Thor falls in love with Jane Foster he disobeyed his father by falling in love with mortal women. He refused to return to Asgard for a number of years which caused many problems between him and his father. It was revealed to Thor that his natural mother was the Elder Goddess Gaea hence why he was always so fond of the planet. Over the years the number of enemies that Thor had to encounter increased tenfold and instead of simply being a part-time protector of Earth he began to take residence there and was absent from Asgard for quite some time in his attempts to defend the planet.

    A godly bout.
    A godly bout.

    Thor on occasion would meet with the Greek God Hercules, who eventually became his good friend and greatest rival. Their battles and contests of strength and hand-to-hand combat are legendary from Asgard to Olympus to even Earth itself. They are quite evenly-matched and the majority of their battles/contests have ended either in a draw or with no clear winner, though each has bested the other from time to time on the rarest of occasions.

    After many heroic deeds performed by Thor, Odin finally allowed him to have a relationship with Jane Foster... if she passed a trial that he himself created. She ultimately failed the test and was returned to Earth, so she would be able to love once more one day. Thor was heartbroken by this and sought consolation from the Goddess Sif.

    Fighting Surtur & rescuing the Avengers

    Thor battled with the fire demon known as Surtur, who at the time attempted to take over Asgard. Meanwhile, Loki was growing ever more powerful because he had taken possession of the Odin Ring. Thor later returned to Earth every now and then, while he also dealt with cosmic threats as well as those found in Asgard.

    With the help of the Elder of the Universe known as the Collector, Thor was able to assist the Avengers in many arduous battles against Graviton, Ultron and Count Nefaria. Passing himself off as Odin, Thor was also able to thwart another takeover from Mangog. To do this, he was able to wield the Odinsword. He was later saved by Volstagg, when apparently the Odin Force became a sentient being. Odin was able to save him from certain death, when he created a false Ragnarok and had a reporter by the name of Red Norvell die in his place.

    The Celestials

    Thor attacking Arishem the Judge
    Thor attacking Arishem the Judge

    When the threat the titanic space-gods known as the Celestials pose to Earth and the Gods of Earth, Thor decided to defend Earth against the Celestial Fourth Host and after many encounters he learned of the true beginnings of Asgard as well as Odin’s plan to defend Earth from these extraterrestrial beings. Even though Odin attempted to halt the Celestials judgement by gathering the entire life energies of all Asgard, adding its power to his own and then assuming control of the Destroyer armor (which grew to over 2,000 feet tall to match the Celestials in size and stature) and by wielding the massive Oversword of Asgard with which to battle the gigantic aliens, he was soundly defeated and thoroughly humbled. Thor himself then attacked the Celestials but he, too, was defeated. The Earth, and Thor, were spared and the Celestials left only after they were given an offering by the Elder Goddess Gaea on behalf of the Sky-Mothers of Earth's pantheons, and offering of twelve perfect human beings. It was at this time that Thor first learned that his true birth mother was in fact Gaea. His maternal heritage seems to explain Thor's ability to control solid earth and its tectonic structure.

    After the Asgardian Gods were brought back due to help from the gathering energies given by the Skyfathers, Thor returned to Earth and had a number of adventures there. He fought with two heralds of Galacutus with whom he dealt with swiftly, he stopped Mephisto from taking human souls, He was able to defend himself when he was framed by the Asgardian God of war Tyr, he assisted Drax the destroyer, he allied himself with Iron Man to defeat the Bi Beast as well as the Man Beast, he fought the former King of Nastrond Fanir he was at the time transformed into a dragon by Odin and in doing so he was able to free Loki. Thor also had battled with Dracula himself. Thor later learned of an entity that was called the “God Eater”. It was a rift created that was summoned when death gods were merged their own realms. Thor was able to stop the creature and it was revealed that he was disguised and his true identity was Atum, the other son of Gaea, Thor’s half brother. In defeating this entity Thor was assured that the cosmic balance was restored.

    Beta Ray Bill arrives & Hela's Curse

    Beta Ray Bill proves worthy of Mjolnir.
    Beta Ray Bill proves worthy of Mjolnir.

    While Thor was exploring a space vessel that Nick Fury had asked him to do, he encountered an alien cyborg named Beta Ray Bill. After a brief battle with Thor, he proved himself worthy to wield the mighty Mjolnir (a weapon of the Gods that was said to be wielded only by Thor himself). Although their first impressions were tense, Beta Ray Bill was able to form an alliance with the Gods of Asgard. He was later given powers by Odin that were similar to Thor's own. He was also given a mystical and powerful hammer, similar to Thor's Mjolnir, known as Stormbreaker. This enabled him to battle an approaching army of war demons. The demons later turned out to be left by a fire demon named Surtur, who was now wielding the weapon “Twilight” which was said to be “The Sword of Doom”. After many battles with this creature that led to the death of Fafnir, the Gods claimed victory. However, both Odin and Surtur disappeared through a rift and everyone later thought that they were killed during the battle.

    Thor experiences pain like never before.
    Thor experiences pain like never before.

    Although Thor had become a major protector of Earth, he decided to remain on Asgard for a time in order to fill the gap that his father’s absence had left. He drove off Hela and met his grandfather Tiwaz. He also made Loki, at one point, cure him of the effects of a love potion. Thor also had an adventure in which he entered Hela's realm and rescued the souls of many lost mortals. Thor finally decided to return to Earth with Beta Ray Bill and was able to defeat the transformed Dark Elf, Kurse. Loki had used the power of Surtur's sword in order to change Thor into a frog. After Thor was able to partially transform back into his former self after a small adventure in Central Park, he finally was able to force Loki to reverse the spell completely. Thor was later cursed once more by Hela, while he attempted to rescue X-Factor member Angel from being tortured by the Marauders. Hela made Thor’s bones as brittle as glass and he was unable to heal himself if he were to suffer any further damage. This spell made Thor truly mortal (since Thor’s immortality is only given to him thanks to the apples of Idun. Without him, Thor and the other Gods of Asgard would slowly age and die). The curse also made him unable to die, no matter how badly he was injured. Later on, Thor was injured in a battle against the Absorbing Man, who was sent by Loki and was surprisingly saved by Loki himself during a battle with the Dark Elves.

    Because of Hela's curse, Thor must wear armor to protect himself.
    Because of Hela's curse, Thor must wear armor to protect himself.

    Thor eventually had to wear armor in order to protect his now brittle bones due to the curse of Hela. Thor, teamed with Loki, was able to defeat a group of Ice Giants who were, at the time, attempting to locate the Midgard Serpent in hopes that it would kill Thor. Instead of finding it, the Giants encountered the dragon Fin Fang Foom, who turned out to be the Midgard Serpent in disguise. Time began to slow down as the two battled, and it was prophesied that they would kill each other during Ragnarok. Thor was able to finally kill the serpent and leave its body completely crushed. Loki later restored the Destroyer and, after having killed the Ice Giants, found Thor now in liquid form. The Destroyer tried to completely destroy the Thunder God, but was unable to do so due to Hela's curse. Thor then gained control of the Destroyer through mental force and forced Hela to suffer the pain of death and to restore him to his true form. Thor then broke Loki's arm for what he had done to him and began to realize just how evil his brother truly was.

    The Coming of Thunderstrike

    Eric Masterson gains Thor's power.
    Eric Masterson gains Thor's power.

    After yet another battle with the Celestials on an alien world, Thor encountered Odin who was taken prisoner by Seth. Thor was allowed to use the OdinPower to battle off an approaching Surtur. He was also able to defeat Annihilus while Asgard was trapped in the Negative Zone. He later battled with one of the X-Men's biggest enemies known as “the Juggernaut” as well as a number of other enemies. Thor later killed Bor (brother of Odin) in combat and was banished by Loki, who was acting as temporary ruler of Asgard while Odin was in the OdinSleep. Thor was replaced by the mortal Eric Masterson, who eventually became the hero Thunderstrike. When an awakened Odin learned of what has transpired, he forgave Thor and allowed him to return to Asgard. During a great battle in which Thor entered his "Warriors Madness" phase by Valkyrie, Thor went on a rampage. Thor had to be taken to the Eternal Thanos by Odin in order to cure him of this madness.


    Thor's Worldengine look
    Thor's Worldengine look

    For a time, Thor became associated with the Godpack, a team of artificial immortals created by the High Evolutionary. During this period, he donned a new costume, and helped the Godpack battle villains like the New Men. A falling out between Odin and Thor over the latter's lack of commitment to Asgard resulted in a resurrected Red Norvell taking Thor's place as the God of Thunder on Asgard.

    Some time after this, Thor became afflicted with a strange malady and began dying. He was found and taken in by the Enchantress, who managed to stave off the sickness. After donning a new, shirtless costume, Thor discovered that his mystery illness was being caused by Yggdrasil. It was revealed that a villain named Price had developed a machine called the Worldengine, which allowed him to manipulate the World Tree's power. Thor was able to stop the Worldengine, but both he and Enchantress unexpectedly lost their powers soon after.

    The powerless Thor continued to fight crime on Earth by relying on his warrior training, and entered a live-in relationship with the Enchantress. Just prior to a massive battle with the Hulk (who was posing as the Maestro at the time), Thor's powers mysteriously returned. He also found that Odin was now living on Earth as a powerless homeless man with no memory of his true identity, and that all of the Asgardians had been expelled from Asgard and forced to take mortal form.

    Onslaught & Heroes Reborn

    Thor's short-lived costume from the Onslaught crossover
    Thor's short-lived costume from the Onslaught crossover

    Thor, together with the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, was later called to fight the evil being known as Onslaught. To help stop the villain, Thor and most of the other heroes present seemingly sacrificed themselves. They where however trapped in an alternate universe after defeating the villain. This universe was created by none other than Franklin Richards (the son of Reed Richards).

    In this new universe, the early days of Thor and the other Avengers played out in a modern context, with Thor joining the team and having adventures with them. Eventually, the heroes discovered the false nature of this reality, and began to remember their original universe.

    Although Thor was alive, all his Asgardian friends thought he had perished in battle. Thor's friend Balder took it on to find another champion for humanity. This came in the form of Red Norvell, who helped uncover the secrets of the amnesiac Odin and what had happened to the other Asgardians.

    Heroes Return & Jake Olsen

    Thor inhabits Jake's body.
    Thor inhabits Jake's body.

    Thor and his fellow heroes were finally able to return to their proper universe, where Thor rejoined the Avengers along with several other members. One of his first missions included a battle against an ancient villain of Asgard, the Destroyer. Thor was greatly injured during this battle and was saved by a being called Marnot, whom tied Thor’s life force to a mortal bystander of the battle named Jake Olson, a New York paramedic. Now Thor once again had to live with a mortal being, just like what had happened many years ago when he became linked with Dr. Donald Blake. Then he became involved in a great war with the Dark Gods, battled the returning Enchantress; and had many battles with Thanos, who was attempting to remake the entire Universe. Thor remained linked to Jake for some time, but was eventually untied from Olsen's life force so the two could once again live their lives separately. During this encounter, Thor also met Tarene, a being that would later become the super-heroine known as Thor-Girl.

    Blood Oath

    Thor and Hercules: Brawling during Blood Oath
    Thor and Hercules: Brawling during Blood Oath

    After having defeated the Absorbing Man Thor travels back to Asgard to find that the Warriors Three are on trial for murder. The individual that they are on trial for murdering is none other than a giant who was son of the Queen of Giants. At the time he was in a shape-shifted state and was attacking the ship that they were on and the warriors three were unaware of his true form. In order to clear themselves of this crime they were charged with proving their warriors hearts to the giants by performing a number of tasks. Although Thor was not on trial he volunteered to go in order to clear the names of the warriors three, but he vows to do not use Mjolnir as a weapon.

    The first was collecting magical apples from the top of the Asgardian world tree Yggdrasil, guarded by a great eagle. The second was collecting the skin of Dionysus' magic pig from Olympus which was currently being guarded by Hercules, who Thor had to fight with. The third was to collect the spear Slaughter from the Celtic Tuatha De Danaan which was kept in guard by Chulain. Their next task was to collect the sword Grasscutter from the Japanese land of the dead. Their final task was to shout their victory at the Egyptian Temple of Toth that was guarded by his three sons. After having completed all of their tasks to the dismay of the team they discovered that the King of the Giants went back on his word to not impede the completion of their tasks.

    Thor, Lord of Asgard

    King Thor
    King Thor

    During a battle against Surtur, Thor's father seemingly died at the end of the battle. Although he managed to defeat the villain once and for all, it came with a huge price. Asgard was now without its ruler. Thor, as Odin's first son, became ruler of Asgard instead. This was not Thor's will, but he took on his new role as ruler very serious. Thor married Amora and had a son called Magni. During his reign, Thor decided that the Asgardians should take a larger role in the life of normal mortals once more and he transported Asgard back to Midgard (earth). This caused great disturbance to the people of earth. While some saw the Asgardians as a benefit, most, including the government saw Asgard as a thread, especially when it floated above New York City.

    Iron Man vs. Thor
    Iron Man vs. Thor

    Various assaults where made on Asgard by the humans. This made Thor all the more reluctant to stay, but also became more extreme in his believes. When Thor's great allies Iron Man and Captain America turned against him, he angrily defeated the Avengers and imprisoned them, thus gaining more power over the Earth. Thor would later banish all technology and other beliefs besides the Norse. After falling in love with a human girl, finding Mjolnir and discovering that Thor was no longer worthy of wielding the hammer, Magni defied his father saying that his judgement over the humans was of no right. Then, Thor had to fight his former ally Tarene, known as Thor Girl, and Desak, who was in possession of the Destroyer Armor. Thor realized that he was wrong all the time, so he restored Asgard to its rightful place and undid all the timeline via time travel.


    Thor finds Mjolnir broken
    Thor finds Mjolnir broken

    Thor, Sif, Amora, Balder and The Warriors Three visit Mir-Krul to pay their respects and mourn the loss of Eitri and his brother, the eldest and greatest smiths in Nidavellir. While they are in the tomb of the dead dwarves, a loud sound, like thunder, is heard by all in attendance. As the tomb begins to fall apart due to the sound, Thor decides to investigate the source. As soon as he flies off to investigate, he is struck by a powerful lightning bolt which sends him crashing back to the ground. A flying barge appears in the sky with Loki, Fenris the Wolf, Ulik the Invincible, and Hyrm the Giant. Loki, Fenris and Ulik wield hammers created by Surtur from the same forge Mjolnir was made. Fenris and Ulik descend from the barge and begin their assault. Thor fights both Fenris and Ulik simultaneously. During the fight, their three hammers strike each other with such force that the surrounding environment is devastated from the impact. After the explosion, Thor realizes that Mjolnir has been shattered. Loki uses this opportunity to fire a powerful blast to kill Thor. The blast drives Thor deep into the ground and underwater, where the Midgard Serpent attempts to swallow him whole. Thor uses his last strength to teleport himself to New York to seek aid from the Avengers. Fortunately Iron Man and Captain America are at the location of Thor’s arrival.

    After resting and a change of attire, Thor, along with his old allies form the Avengers, Iron Man and Captain America, journeyed to Asgard. It was a uneasy team since the three Avengers had not seen each other after their falling-out when Thor had send Asgard to earth. When the three arrived in Asgard, they found it in ruins. The Bifrost Bridge shattered and the surrounding environment decimated as well. As they search the ruins for survivors and clues, Hyrm busts through a wall along with Loki, Fenris and Ulik. Loki mocks Thor and another battle begins. Iron Man fights Hyrm, while Thor fights Fenris and Ulik with some aid from Captain America. Loki watches the battle from above. Ulik and Hyrm are killed in the battle. When the Avengers start to gain the upper hand, Loki decide join the battle. Thor lunges at Loki and starts to beat him and Fenris at the same time. Loki, badly beaten, decides to retreat and his minions follow him. As the Avengers check themselves for major injuries, a song is heard and Thor recognizes it as a funeral song. When the trio goes to investigate, they find a funeral service for Balder. Harokin the Bardbarian tells Thor about how Balder was killed in battle. When Thor asks about his mother, Frigga, the silence of those in attendance tells him she has also passed away. Thor tells Captain America and Iron Man that he must face the upcoming battle alone and they should return to Earth. He then teleports both of them back to Earth despite their protests. Thor rallies the remaining Asgardians and tells them to prepare to battle with honor to the death.

    Beta Ray Bill Joins the Battle
    Beta Ray Bill Joins the Battle

    Thor journeys to Alfheim, home of the light elves, with his troops. He finds Volstagg of the Warriors Three there, hiding in the ruins. Thor is surprised to find Volstagg is skinny and frail looking, a shadow of his former self. Volstagg tells Thor how Alfheim was attacked and how Fandral and Hogun met their death. Thor gives Volstagg a weapon and asks him to join his army. Volstagg happily agrees to join Thor and redeem himself. Thor and his troops continue their journey across the lands and find many casualties of the war, including Kurse and Vidar, Thor’s brother. As Thor and his troops move on to Vanaheim, they hear a howl which Volstagg believes to be a wolf, but Thor correctly identifies as the battle cry of Fenris. They find that Vanaheim is under attack and Fenris soon reveals himself, now much bigger and stronger. Thor attacks Fenris , while the rest of his troops attempt to aid the army of Vanaheim. Brunhilde is killed in battle after being hit by a blast from Durok the Demolisher and Sif rushes to help her. Thor sees Durok approach Sif while he is battling Fenris and becomes enraged. He ties Fenris up with chains and hurls him at Durok and then he rushes to Sif’s side. After Thor and Sif are briefly reunited, he goes on to battle Durok. He kills Durok by using his godly energy to blast him. Before he is able to get a moment’s rest, Fenris breaks the chain Thor had used to tie him up. Thor readies himself to battle Fenris again when a powerful bolt of lightning strikes Fenris Wolf. The Lightning had come from Beta Ray Bill, Thor’s oath brother and an ally of Asgard. Bill uses his enchanted hammer, Stormbreaker to savagely strike Fenris until the wolf is nothing but bones. The rest of Loki’s army witness this and flee from the battlefield. Thor thanks Bill for his assistance and he orders Volstagg to count the dead and prepare a funeral pyre for Brunhilde. Later in the day, Thor and Bill discuss about the current events and the future plans. Thor tells Bill he must leave to seek wisdom and he places Bill in charge. Thor addresses the troops and tells them he has to leave but he is leaving Bill in charge, so they should follow and obey Bill as they have followed him. He then departs from Vanaheim on a chariot drawn by Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. He travels to Hildstalf in search of answers. He gets to the edge of a cliff and begins to reminisce and mourn the loss of his friends and family until a ghost appears and speaks to him. The ghost is the embodiment of the Odin Force. It takes the form of a young boy with two ravens, Hugin and Mugin, perched on his shoulders. The Odin Force tells Thor that in order to truly become a god and gain wisdom, he must go through rituals and sacrifices similar to the ones his father, Odin, went through. Thor is told that he can’t walk a path already taken and simply repeat what his father did, he must go beyond Odin’s rituals and sacrifices.

    Free from the cycle of Ragnarok, Thor ascends to a higher state
    Free from the cycle of Ragnarok, Thor ascends to a higher state

    At the Well of Mimir where Odin sacrificed one of his eyes for wisdom, Thor sacrifices both his eyes. The Odin Force gives Thor Hugin and Mugin to act as his eyes. Next, Thor goes to a branch of Yggdrasil, where Odin hung himself for nine days until he was at the brink of death, a sacrifice made to gather the knowledge of the runes. Thor hangs himself, as his father did before him, until he dies and wakes up in Hel. Hela attempts to claim his soul, but the spirit of Odin stops her and protects him. Thor wakes again, but now he is in the presence of the powerful celestial beings known as Those Who Sit Above In Shadow. They tell Thor they have been watching him and that his deeds have made him worthy of their notice and he has earned their blessing. Thor tells them that he is able to see through them and he knows how they watch the Asgardian life and death cycle and feed off it. They tell Thor that they know all outcomes, past, present and future and there is nothing he can do to stop them. Thor tells them they are wrong then he returns to Hildstalft to find that Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder have been killed by Loki. The Odin Force appears to Thor once again and asks him how he feels. Thor says he feels calm and refreshed and he will put a stop to Those Who Sit Above In Shadow. Thor then teleports to Valhalla, there he finds that Loki has rebuilt it in his own image. Mangog becomes aware of Thor’s presences and tries to attack him, but Thor easily dispatches the beast. Thor calls out to Loki to face him, and Loki answers.

    Loki summons trolls to attack Thor but they fall easily before Thor’s new found might. Thor pulls off Loki’s head from his body, essentially decapitating him, but still keeps him alive. He carries the severed head with him as he goes to seek out Surtur. When Thor finds Surtur, he asks him to repair the broken Mjolnir and in return he will create a path to Valhalla and Vanaheim for Surtur to attack without interference from Thor. Surtur accepts and reforges the hammer and Thor keeps to his word. He creates a path for Surtur and his army to march to Valhalla and Vanaheim. Bill fights against Surtur’s forces but Thor teleports him away, telling him that he cannot allow Bill die for his people. Thor teleports to the Tapestry of Fate with the intent to destroy so he can bring about the end the cycle of Ragnarok. Before he is able to destroy it, Those Who Sit Above In Shadow appear to him. They beg him not to destroy it and they make him an offer to join them, to become a god of the gods. Thor refuses and smashes the loom behind the tapestry, ending the cycle of Ragnarok once and for all. Thor, with his mission now accomplished, decides to rest and breathe deep the slumber of the gods. He also is so powerful that he can destroy Galaxies.


    Thor: Reborn
    Thor: Reborn

    One night above Oklahoma, Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, mysteriously fell from the sky and crashed to Earth. This occurrence didn't go unnoticed by either the local residents or the federal authorities. Soon, scores of people descended on the site where the hammer laid and attempted to pick it up. None of them succeeded, though many were injured in their attempts, until, of course, Donald Blake walked straight up to the hammer and lifted it with ease before vanishing along with the hammer and emerging in a strange void where he encountered Thor. The two spoke at length. Thor refused to return to Earth, saying that he’d ended the cycle of Ragnarok, and his return would only cause turbulence and destruction. Blake countered, telling Thor that since he’d ended the cycle, he could return without bringing back the horrors of endless war. Thor realized, while being attacked by creatures in the void, reawakened his love of life and made the decision to return to Earth. He is then transported to Earth in the form of Donald Blake. After finding his way to a small motel in a small, Oklahoma town where he found he could transform into Thor and back into Donald Blake at will, though of course there would still be a massive crash of lightning.

    Thor travels to a large, empty field and raises a titanic piece of land into the sky, bringing back the kingdom of Asgard in all its glory atop the landmass. Though the country itself has returned to its former glory, it stands empty and uninhabited. Thor then begins his worldwide trek to find the rest of the Asgardians trapped in their mortal forms.

    Iron Man feels the fury of Thor!
    Iron Man feels the fury of Thor!

    Thor journeys to New Orleans and has an encounter with Iron Man. Iron Man tries to get Thor to join the pro registration side of the superhuman registration act and move the newly risen Asgard away from Broxton. He tells Thor that the world has changed since he’s been away and that he must register or be hunted like a criminal. Thor, angered by Iron Man’s words and actions, decides to show Iron Man the difference between a god of thunder and a mortal man in metal suit. Thor assaults and easily overwhelms Iron Man, giving him a serious beating that wrecks Iron Man suit. Thor gives Iron Man some words of his own before walking away. Thor later encounters an emotional man on a bridge and realizes it is Heimdall. He releases Heimdall from his mortal form and takes him back to Asgard. With Heimdall’s help, Thor is able to locate more lost Asgardian souls. He travels to a refugee camp in Dahran, Africa to free The Warriors Three from their mortal forms. Thor continues to travel the globe to free his Asgardian brethren, but he is not able to locate Sif. Heimdall informs Thor that the Asgardian souls are disappearing from his view. He tells Thor that there is a growing darkness in the desert between Nevada and New Mexico. Thor journeys to the location to see if there is a connection between the darkness and the lost Asgardians. Thor arrives in the desert and finds an underground bunker with trapped people in it. Before Thor can free the prisoner, the Destroyer armor appears. Thor engages the Destroyer in a furious battle. Thor, realizing that he cannot beat the Destroyer on his own, flies to the sky and releases the souls of the Asgardian prisoners so that they will aid him in the battle. As he lands back on the ground, he finds that the Destroyer has collapsed and a mysterious man stands by its fallen body. Thor demand to know who the stranger is and finds that it is Balder the Brave. Balder explains to Thor how he got summoned and trapped into Destroyer armor. Thor goes to check on the newly released Asgardians and finds out that he has unknowingly released his half-brother Loki, now reborn as a woman. Unbeknownst to Thor, Loki was secretly working with Doctor Doom. Loki and the newly freed Asgardians return to Asgard with Thor. A short time later, Loki reveals to Balder that he is the half-brother of Thor. Balder refuses to believe Loki’s words, but Loki urges Balder to ask Thor for confirmation. Balder confronts Thor about it and Thor admits that they are indeed half-brothers and he had known for ages. He explains to Balder that he and Odin had agreed to keep it a secret in order to protect Balder, since his death could trigger the start of Ragnarok. Loki appears during the discussion and says that since Balder is now aware of his heritage, the next step would be to make the news public and celebrate the coronation of Balder as a new prince of Asgard. Thor agrees and a celebration is held in honor of Balder, a new Prince of Asgard.

    Battle with Bor and Exile from Asgard

    Thor vs Bor - The Final Strike
    Thor vs Bor - The Final Strike

    Loki resurrected Bor, father of Odin and grandfather of Thor, from the dead in the middle of a crowded city. Loki casts a spell on the newly resurrected Bor in order to make him see everyone around him as an enemy. Confused and angry, Bor attacks everything in sight. Jane Foster calls Donald Blake and tells him about the rampaging Asgardian. Donald transforms into Thor and flies to Bor’s location. Bor, believing his son Odin has been slain, continues his rampage until Thor arrives. Thor recognizes Bor’s attire as Asgardian, but he does not recognize the man as his grandfather. Thor attempts to talk to Bor and calm him down but because of Loki’s spell, Bor sees Thor as a villain and hears his words as threats. Bor rushes and attacks Thor, breaking Thor’s rib with his first strike. Thor attempts to end the battle quickly because of the innocent bystanders around. Thor hurls Mjolnir to strike at Bor and is dismayed when Bor is able to catch and lift the hammer. Bor, believing Mjolnir to be a murderer’s weapon, throws the hammer away. Thor and Bor rush at each other, continuing to battle furiously. As the battle rages on, Thor decides to call the Avengers for help believing he can’t subdue Bor by himself without killing him. Instead of The Avengers or The New Avengers, It is The Dark Avengers who answer Thor’s call. Norman Osborn commands his avengers to take down both Thor and Bor. Bor becomes even more infuriated and unleashes his godly energy. Thor realizes that Bor is about to release enough power to destroy the earth. He makes a decision to put Bor down once and for all. Both Bor and Thor decide to give all they have with their final strike.

    Bor Dies In Thor's Arms
    Bor Dies In Thor's Arms

    Thor emerges victorious after striking Bor with such force that Mjolnir itself breaks upon impact. After Thor had struck the final blow, Loki and Balder appear and Balder informs Thor of Bor’s true identity. Thor approaches Bor and cradles his grandfather’s head in his arms as the fallen warrior speaks his last words. Bor expresses regret at not being able to avenge his son, but also expresses happiness at the thought of being with him in Valhalla forever. Bor dies in Thor’s arms. Thor show regret and sorrow as he tries to explain to Loki and Balder that he did not know Bor’s identity. Loki informs them that though Bor had been absent for a long time; he was and is still King of Asgard. He reminds Balder that the punishment for slaying a member of the royal family was the loss of all titles and honors and also banishment from Asgard. Balder sadly confirms that that is indeed the punishment for such a crime and that the law must come before all things.

    Back at Asgard, a trial is held for Thor. Thor is found guilty and Balder passes judgement, banishing Thor from Asgard for all time. After Thor leaves Asgard, Loki tells the other Asgardians about a land that is similar to their previous home. He tells them that he has already spoken to the ruler of the land and he suggests they leave and move there. When asked about the location of the land, Loki reveals it is the Kingdom of Latveria and its ruler is Victor Von Doom.


    Thor slaying the Void.
    Thor slaying the Void.

    Nervous about the presence of such a high number of super-beings operating within the United States borders, yet recognizing no jurisdiction except their own, Norman Osborn decides he has had enough of Asgard floating up in the sky above America, all haughty and full of itself. To publicly discredit Asgard, he frames Volstagg, one of Thor’s dearest friends, for a rampage in Los Angeles, thus turning public opinion against the Asgardians and opening the floodgates for a full-blown assault against the realm. The Sentry leads the charge with Osborn’s Dark Avengers right behind him, led by Osborn himself in the Iron Patriot armor.

    Thor clashes with the Sentry, having finally found a foe that can match his strength, or even surpass it, Sentry gaining the upper-hand and bringing down the forces of Asgard. Loki, realizing that he’s aligned himself with a madman who will leave no stone standing for Loki to rule. He steals the Norn Stones, mystical rocks that are powering Osborn’s forces, and uses them to strengthen the defenders of Asgard before entering the fray himself. Loki’s not built for combat though, and falls, gloriously shouting an apology to his brother before falling to The Void. Iron Man takes control of H.A.M.M.E.R.’s helicarrier and crashes it into The Void, reverting him back to The Sentry, who begs Thor to kill him before the Void can regain control. Thor obliges after trying to bring in The Sentry in alive, only to have him revert to The Void. The battle over, Thor throws Sentry’s body into the sun, giving him a heroic resting place while simultaneously crippling the Void’s power. Norman Osborn is summarily arrested for his many crimes, "Siege" led to a mini-event with Iron man and Thor defeating The High Evolutionary who was the man who stole the Destroyer Armour during the rebuilding of Asgard.

    Heroic Age

    During the Heroic Age
    During the Heroic Age

    After the events of Norman Osborn's siege on Asgard, the heroes of Earth and the Asgardians work at repairing Asgard, trying to restore it to its original state. Thor, Iron Man and Bucky Barnes come together as a new incarnation of the Marvel trinity to once again re-form the Avengers. Despite the return of Steve Rogers, Bucky keeps the Captain America mantle while Steve assumes the role of America's Top Cop and leadership of the Secret Avengers branch of the Avengers.

    Maria Hill is assigned by Steve to help both organize and lead the newly re-formed main Avengers team. She along with Thor, Iron Man and Bucky Barnes/Captain America ; Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and Wolverine comprised the roster.

    Fear Itself

    Thor battles Nul and Angrir
    Thor battles Nul and Angrir

    In the story arc of Fear Itself, the Skardi brother of Odin and God of Fear has sent several hammers to Earth to unsuspecting victims who have gained incredible powers at the moment of picking them up. Odin withdrew Asgard from Earth in order to protect its citizens. Thor protests and tries to convince his father to stay and fight, but Odin still refuses. Thor decides he has had enough and proceeds to attack Odin. Odin commands Mjolnir to fall from Thor's grasp before giving his son a beating. Thor was then locked up, imprisoned on Asgard. A short time later Thor managed to escape, with the help of his brother Loki, and recently returned to Earth with his hammer in hand. Thor then confronts the Serpent, but was teleported away to face Angrir and Nul, two of the Serpent's Worthy and his greatest fear-mongers, currently possessed by the Hulk and the Thing . Thor tries to reason with them, but when that fails he engages Nul and Angrir in battle. Thor was able to defeat the thing easily and quickly but he knew that at the time he was in no condition to defeat or even fight Nul, so he knocked Nul into orbit to avoid further rampage. At his request, Thor is carried by his fellow Avengers back to Asgard. As the Avengers arrive in Asgard, Captain America demands that Odin heal Thor. Displeased with the way Captain America spoke to him, Odin teleports the Avengers back to Earth and then proceeds to carry Thor to his chambers. As Thor recuperates, he and Odin have a conversation about the current events and the next course of action. Odin gives Thor new armor and the Odinsword, whose true name is Ragnarok. Odin informs Thor that the Serpent can be killed with the sword.

    Thor Slays the Serpent
    Thor Slays the Serpent

    Thor and Odin proceed to Svartalfheim to meet Iron Man, who is forging weapons to give the Avengers a chance when they face the Serpent and his Worthy. Thor returns to Midgard from Svartalfheim with Tony Stark and the newly forged weapons for the Avengers. After the weapons are distributed, Thor and the Avengers charge into final battle against the Serpent and his army. Thor, armed with the Twilight Sword, battles the Serpent himself, who has now taken the form of a giant winged serpent. During the battle, The Serpent tries to dissuade Thor from killing him. The Serpent's words fall on deaf ears as Thor continues to battle him valiantly. Thor ends the battle by thrusting the Twilight Sword through The Serpent's skull which sends the giant beast tumbling to his death. Odin and the other Avengers see Thor fall along with the Serpent and rush to his aid. Thor attempts to stand and walk towards his father, but he is only able to manage a few steps. Thor falls and dies in the arms of his father, Odin. The Vanir (Frigga, Gaea and Idunn) return to Asgard for Thor's funeral. Odin banishes the Asgardians from Asgard and carries the corpse of his brother, the Serpent, to Asgard Space where he promises to guard over him until the end of time. As the Avengers, and all creatures from the Nine Realms gather around build a funeral pyre for Thor, his body was set alight. Set in flames Thor disappeared into the rift in time and space he bore in his side, the gashed he got from the bottom of the World Tree, ending up in a place where Gods die in the maw of the Demogorge. Tanarus, the new God of Thunder sprung up from the ashes of Thor's corpse.

    It was revealed that Karnilla, Queen of the Norns cast a spell erasing the memory of Thor in all Midgard. King Geirrodur, the Troll king, then appointed Ulik the Troll as his secret assassin in the form of Tanarus. This was all the plan set as Karnilla was masquerading as the fat woman of the Three Withces. We then see Thor's soul weakened and confused trying to remember who he was. Luckily with the help of Loki, the only who remembers and the Silver Surfer, Thor was reunited with Mjolnir thus bringing him back to life along with his memories and powers. Thor rallied the gods he freed to fight the Demogorge at the same time the Trolls lay Siege on the new republic of Asgardia. When Thor returns to Asgardia, he sees Ulik was posing as him and he defeats the troll in battle and peace is restored in Asgardia.


    The Disir somehow escaped Mephisto's hell-like dimension and Mephisto comes to Loki looking for his help to find them and bring them back to him. Loki quickly tells the Asgardians around him, including Thor, about the escape of the Disir and the need to find them. Thor agrees to help Loki look for them and Ikol tells them that he knows where the Disir are headed. They end up in San Francisco, right outside the house where the New Mutants were staying. Thor, along with the rest of the Asgardians and Loki get to the scene right when the New Mutants engage the Disir. Sigurd appears right before everyone and is revealed to be a man named Zig, who was a man stalking the New Mutants. Sigurd, the first hero of Asgard, is seen to be the person that the Disir came looking for. Sigurd then reads off a scroll and casts a spell that teleports all the Asgardians away from the spot they all were just in.

    Avengers vs. X-Men

    Thor vs. the Phoenix Force
    Thor vs. the Phoenix Force

    After Thor returned from his death, he went straight to Captain America and told him about how he still wanted to help out with the Avengers. The Avengers cross paths with the new Nova and learn about a threat of a very big scale that is headed straight to earth, the Phoenix. Captain America and a number of Avengers engage the X-men in battle after they refuse to help the Avengers in driving the Phoenix away from earth.

    Thor is tasked with leading the Secret Avengers into space to try and keep the Phoenix Force at bay. After an unsuccessful bout with the Phoenix Force, and incurring serious injuries to himself and several of his team, Thor and the Secret Avengers (consisting of himself, Ms. Marvel, War Machine, Beast, Noh-Varr, Valkyrie, Vision, and Captain Britain), are forced to set down in Hala, homeworld of the Kree Empire.

    The peace doesn't last as a Kree minister known as Minister Marvel channels the Phoenix Force and the Phoenix takes host in the deceased body of Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel. The newly revived Dark Marvel and Minister Marvel wish to guide the Phoenix Force to Hala to decimate the planet, using his influential power, Minister Marvel convinces the population of Hala to accept this as their fate and the next step in Kree evolution. Meanwhile, Dark Marvel sets about destroying the Secret Avengers, the only people who stand in the Phoenix's way.

    While Ms. Marvel and Noh-Varr side with Dark Marvel due to the minister's influence, the remainder of the team valiantly attempt to battle Dark Marvel, however Thor is the only Avenger who isn't outclassed. Raging at the debasing of his former ally and friend Captain Marvel's image, Thor unleashes a torrent of violence upon Dark Marvel and pummels him into the ground repeatedly with mjolnir.

    After the Phoenix Force is broken up into the separate avatars known as the Phoenix Five, Thor and the Avengers continuously try to do battle with the Avatars but to no avail. Thor and the rest of the Avengers fight against Namor who has flooded Wakanda in a declaration of war. The Avengers can't seem to slow him down despite doing everything they can. Even Thor is dispatched quickly. It isn't until Scarlet Witch manages to defeat him, since her magic is a weakness to them. Thor is then defeated by the Phoenix powered Colossus and Magik and captured and placed in a Limbo prison Magik made on Earth. The Avengers, now accompanied by Charles Xavier and Storm, manage to free them.

    When it comes down to the final two avatars in Cyclops and Emma Frost, the Avengers stage a final assault on the remaining avatars and Emma is taken out by Cyclops himself and he takes her portion of the Phoenix when she is losing herself far faster than he is. The result as he becomes the Dark Phoenix. With Cyclops in total possession, the Avengers continue the fight and Cyclops is eventually defeated with the help of Scarlet Witch and Hope as they repopulate the mutant population.

    New Union

    Thor joins the unity squad with Steve Rogers, a team that Steve was inspired to do to bring unity between man and mutant. They ask Havok to lead that squad, just as they are discussing it an explosion happens.

    Unknown to them the Red Skull has emerged and has a new plan to ignite hate between mutants and humans, he begins by lobotomizing Avalanche and sends him to attack humans.

    Havok, Steve, and Thor help save bystanders from being hurt, Steve confronts Avalanche who commits suicide in a suspicious way.

    Thor swears that he will no longer stand on the side and watch man and mutant fight, that he will find the person responsible.

    Shortly after honest John (the living propaganda) ignites the humans to attack the mutants and Red Skull uses his telepathy (Which he stole from the corpse of Charles Xavier) to make humans attack and kill mutants on the streets. Thor comes and fight one of Red Skull's S-Men Mzee (the African god of strength and will), Thor easily dispatches of him, however he falls for the propaganda from honest John and works with the Red Skull. When Wolverine attempts to fight the Red Skull, Thor knocks Wolverine out, he then engages the Scarlet Witch and Havok (Where The Scarlet Witch is forced to remove him from Earth to space).

    After the Red Skull is defeated Thor brings a news paper to Wolverine (who is still healing) to show him that Charles's dream is not dead, it lives in his students.

    Ragnarok Now

    Young Thor vs. Apocalypse
    Young Thor vs. Apocalypse

    It begins with Thor drinking in a bar in Scandinavia (1013 AD) where he is attacked by Apocalypse, Thor (who doesn't have Mjolnir yet) Thor uses his Axe Jarnbjorn in an attempt to cut Apocalypse, but it fails. Apocalypse mocks him for not being properly armed.

    Realizing he can't beat Apocalypse Thor retreats calming himself by saying this is an intermission, Thor travels back to Asgard and asks his father to help him. Odin refuses, and leaves. Loki comes and talks to Thor, he tells him he knows a spell that can help him, if he enchanted his axe with that spell it will cut Apocalypse. Thor thanks Loki and leaves (as he is leaving Loki is revealed to be Kang).

    Thor engages The four horseman of the Apocalypse in London, after a quick fight Thor kills all of them and goes after Apocalypse. Thor engages Apocalypse again this time he slices him with Jarnbjorn, Apocalypse says Thor cheated and activates his self destruct button for his ship.

    Thor later celebrates his victory drinking when Odin barges in warning Thor that he created a wrecker of worlds, and that Odin can't help him, this is his mistake to learn from. In the epilogue we see Kang in current time who takes Jarbjorn from the corpse of Baron Mordo.

    (Current time) Thor watches as SWORD show the Unity Squad an unknown person (Uriel) killing a Celestial with an unknown weapon (Jarnbjorn).

    Thor flies to stop the peak station (a massive space ship) from crashing on Earth, he is joined by Sunfire and together they stop it and save the day, then they travel to investigate what exactly happened.

    They are greeted by Uriel and his sister Eimin, who tell him that it's his fault and Wolverine that mutants are enslaved in the future, that the axe he created is used by Kang to kill any who rise as Apocalypse. Thor brings the news to Alex and Steve, Steve loses his cool at Wolverine who has been secretly killing threats, Wolverine says he will do what needs to be done and anyone who agrees with him should come, Thor joins him along with Rogue and Sunfire.

    Wolverine's team finds Ozymandias and torture him for info, after getting the location of the Apocalypse twins they head there. Once they enter a door they realize they had been sent inside a galaxy that was completely shrunk down using Pym particles, before it sets in Thor is attacked by Sentry (now a horseman of death) who drags him to another planet many light years away, there Thor is beaten and left on an alien planet by Death Seed Sentry.

    After Thor wakes up he saves the alien planet he is on by summoning an ocean from a different galaxy. He then travels back to the planet he was taken from, there he sees Wasp being overpowered by Sentry, he attacks Sentry crushing his brain, however that has no effect on Sentry, with Wasp's help Sentry is trapped inside an alien worm that has a shell hard enough to stop Wolverine from escaping.

    He and Wasp leave the Microverse and head to Earth where they see Existar the celestial standing before Earth with his thump down, Thor goes to the Moon to talk to the Watcher, the Watcher tells Thor this is his fault for creating Jarbjorn.

    Thor and Wasp separate, she is to destroy the Tachyon dam, and Thor to fight the Apocalypse Twins. Thor barges in on the Apocalypse twins and frees Steve Rogers and then attacks Uriel. Seeing Wanda's corpse Thor attacks Uriel knocking him down then opens a portal and forces Uriel in it, the fire in the portal burns Uriel and damages Thor's arm, he then attempts to take Jarbjorn but before he can reach it Eimin takes it.

    Eimin admits that she knew all of this, but her hatred of Kang is too great and what she is doing is hyperevolition. She manages to hurt a distracted Thor takes the axe and flees with all the mutants on Earth right before Existar destroys the Earth killing all the humans.

    Thor opens a portal to Asgard, as he still deals with the shock of Earth's destruction, Odin shows up and tell him that it was man's fault, they fought each other rather than unite,that that was always man's fate.

    After Janet and Alex destroy the Tachyon dam Thor shows up with Kang and other villains from alternate time, when Alex asks how could Thor join with these guys, Thor responses that he tried everything and nothing worked, this was his only solution to save Earth.

    Thor attacks Eimin's base to help free the remaining members of the Unity Squad, after Thor sees Eimin he attacks her brutally and attempts to cleave her with Jarbjorn. Kang stops him and tells him not to let his pride be his downfall again, Thor along with Sunfire, Wolverine, Wasp. Alex are sent back in time to stop the Apocalypse Twins.

    Thor instead of fighting Sentry convinces him to help him save Earth, then he steals Jarnbjorn, after Sentry stops Existar from descending to Earth Thor attacks and injures Existar, before Thor can finish him he is attacked Deathlok who takes him inside Existar under orders from Kang.

    Thor frees himself moments later and attacks Kang who is absorbing Existar's energy to gain omnipotence, Kang brushes Thor aside promising him a fight after he drinks the soul of a God.

    Thor: God of Thunder- The God Butcher

    Thor encounters Gorr at various points in his life
    Thor encounters Gorr at various points in his life

    The story starts in 3 separate timelines. It flashbacks to a younger, adult Thor, where he has slayed a Frost Giant protecting a town. The corpse of a butchered God floats to the village where Thor plans to have a proper funeral for the butchered being but have his fun with the village still with mead and women. In present day, a young child on the planet Indigarr pray for Thor to bring weather to the planet as they are dying without it due to the lack of water for crops and agricultural needs. Thor comes and brings rain to the planet and creates new rivers and stays as they make him ale and tell him of how there are stories of a floating city.

    The elder tells him that they are just stories and that Indigarr has no true gods. Thor is somewhat insulted when the elder tells him that what Thor said was just stories and flies away where he discovers the floating city. He explores it and discovers that is where the city's gods are, but they are all slaughtered by Gorr the God Butcher. Thor is attacked by Gorr's guard dog.

    In the future, Thor is king but of a broken Asgard and is the only god left. He heads out and attacks the assaulting creatures outside and says that no matter what his fate is, he will face it like a God.

    In the past a young Thor challenges the God Butcher after he kills the Slav gods he was going to fight. Recalling an older encounter with a mad god who shared the Butcher's evil eyes. He is soundly defeated and barely survives the encounter with the Butcher thanks to his lightning. However after the battle he decides to face the Butcher again, who sends word for him to enter a dark cave. In the present Thor reveals that he never spoke of what happened in that cave and it may have led to the Gods lack of knowledge or preparations for the Butcher.

    Future Thor has given up the fight with the God butchers and is carried away by the Black Berserkers through the ruins of Asgard, They place him down onto his throne without killing him and this angers Thor as he wants to die with honor.

    Meanwhile in the present day Thor was talking to a God named Shadrak , He explained to Thor that Gorr has talked about him before and that Gorr is the God killer. He explained to Thor his Eyelids had been cut off by Gorr in an attack against his people. Thor and Shadrak travel to Omnipotence city to find information about something called Chronux. They are surprised to find the librarian knocked out. They are ambushed by the Black Berserkers who are burning the library, They defeat them and Thor then proceeds to ask the Librarian who Chronux is, Thor is surprised to find out that it is only a hidden world. Thor has to find a book talking about it, but it was burning in the ruins of the Library, Thor rushes and reads the book before it burns.

    Past Thor has been captured by the Gorr and is being tortured for information about the Gods, Thor asks why he is doing it and refuses to help. Gorr gets angry and carries on torturing Thor, revealing he has tortured many gods before. The scene ends with just text of Thor screaming in Pain.

    Present Thor learns the Location of Chronux and beings to travel. Future Thor has taken up the strength and attempted to fight the God Butchers to gain a warriors Death, the scene ends with future Thor being stabbed. Present Thor follows Gorr through the time pool of Chronux and arrives on a future Asgard asking 'Where is the butcher of Gods?'.

    Thor: God of Thunder- Godbomb

    Continuing from the God Butcher arc present Thor having arrived on a future Asgard expecting to find Gorr the God Butcher unexpectedly finds Old King Thor who is also shocked to see his past self. The two of them fight back the black beserkers of Gorr together who then begin to retreat. Thor asks his future self where the God Butcher is as he was right behind him, Old King Thor explains that he arrived at the same place Gorr did only he is 900 years too late.

    Present and future Thor are now together on the future Asgard which is a wasteland with no Gods but Thor who Gorr left there to endlessly fight his black beserkers but would not let him die. Old King Thor explains that he is now the all-father, and that Gorr has called the black beserkers back home, for the first time in 900 years Asgard's skies are clear and the siege has stopped. Old King Thor says that they still have a chance and he goes to make himself ready for war and that the present Thor should do the same.

    In the past Thor has been having nightmares of Gorr still being alive when he hears a scream in the night and goes to investigate, only to find one of Gorr's black beserkers who he engages in battle. The beserker has a crystal likely created in Chronux which causes Thor to time travel and appear in front of Gorr who welcomes him to the place Gods go to die.

    Future Thor explains to his past self what happened to Asgard and how Gorr enslaved all the Gods on a blackened dead planet at the edge of space, where he is building something. He explains how he has been trapped with no hope thinking it would be his prison for eternity until present Thor showed up. He now has renewed strength from seeing himself as he once was and for the first time in centuries feels like a God again, possibly even feeling the Thor-force(Odin-Force) within him once again which he thought spent forever. The two embark on their journey for Gorr's planet.

    On Gorr's planet the past Thor has been made Gorr's slave, and Gorr wants to make sure that it is him who drives the last nail in. Past Thor on Gorr's planet is reluctant to be a slave and is constantly fighting back against the black beserkers. But he is put in line by three sisters who let him know every time he fights back Gorr crucifies another God, it later turns out that these three sisters are in fact his granddaughters of the future. The slave Gods of the planet are given occasional rest and in this time they plot how to take out Gorr's God bomb that will kill every God in existence throughout time. They have built a bomb of their own out of all the unstable materials they have found and plan to destroy Gorr's bomb with it but are looking for a volunteer to do the deed. Thor of the past steps forward to be the one to do it which shocks his future granddaughters who had no idea of his identity. While they argue about who to send to destroy the bomb Thor steals it and heads towards the Godbomb. He asks for one last storm to scream with him while he dies, the skies answer and he makes it rain fire with lightning dropping from the skies taking out hordes of black beserkers. Thor hurls the unstable rock at the bomb hoping to destroy it creating an explosion that even present and future Thor feel from their ship but the Godbomb was unscathed by the attack.

    Past Thor manages to get to space and boards the ship of present and future Thor riding a space shark, the three Thor’s of different eras are now united against Gorr. The fight now begins Gorr taking on all three Thor’s at once in an epic battle. Old King Thor now feels the Thor-Force within him again and releases a mighty God Blast upon Gorr sending him light years away, causing the God Butcher to feel fear for the first time. Gorr now needing more power to defeat the Gods of Thunder, orders his black beserkers to kill all the Gods to fuel the Necrosword and give him more power. The battle continues with the Thor’s fighting for the fate of all the Gods however, in the end the three Gods of Thunder fell along with their hammers. Gorr now makes ready the bomb.

    With the bomb nearly ready to be triggered Gorr speaks with his wife, she explains that Gorr is the only being worthy of worship and that he is her God. This does not sit well with Gorr who proceeds to murder his wife for this, but his son witnessed the incident. Gorr’s son now not approving of what his father has become aids present Thor, he prays to him that he will kill his father and frees the other slaves. The Thor’s now return to the battle with their Mjolnir’s free, engaging Gorr once again. The God Bomb has now been triggered and the only way the Thor’s know how to stop it is to do what they do best “hit it with hammers”. Old King Thor engages Gorr and sends his Mjolnir to present Thor for him to destroy the bomb.

    The God Bomb is detonating throughout time, killing every God to ever exist all at once, but at the centre of the God Bomb present Thor persevered as he was no lesser God. Using the two Mjolnir’s Thor began to absorb the blast of the bomb into himself putting his life on the line to save the Gods. Across the Universe all Gods had a vision of Thor with a hammer in each hand fighting to save them, and for a moment stretching across time every God to ever exist closed their eyes and prayed to Thor.

    The Necro-Thor
    The Necro-Thor

    The bomb was no more, absorbed by Thor who now wielded the power of the Necrosword for himself becoming the Necro-Thor and leaving Gorr without his power. Thor converses with Gorr explaining that the weapon was meant to kill Gods but it was also meant to be wielded by one. He proceeds to unleash a mighty blast at Gorr releasing the power of the Necrosword, with young Thor chopping his head off for good measure.

    Thor died, and rose again three days later where he found his past and future selves standing over him. They explained to him that the God Butcher was dead and turned to ash and that the Necrosword was left where it fell, and Old King Thor threw the entire planet into a black hole. The Thor’s now free at last finally returned to their own timelines to face their own challenges and responsibilities.

    Old King Thor


    All-Father Thor's life closely parallels and is tied to it of the Thor of Earth-616, who he refers to as being his past self, to the extent that if the Earth-616 Thor were to die he would cease to exist. During the War of the Realms, Thor sacrificed his eye to get the knowledge to defeat Malekith the Accursed, and was made All-Father of Asgard - the story being recorded in a very saga.

    God Cop

    At some point, Thor left Asgard and joined Omnipotence City's Ministry of Inter-Deity Justice, becoming a enforcement officer assigned to Sun Precinct Prime. As a cosmic god cop, Thor prevented wars among various unruly pantheons and arrested gods that violated inter-pantheon laws.


    Following his tenure as a divine cop, Thor changed his form into that of a planet orbited by moons of Uru, assisting the Sorcerer Supreme Daimon Hellstrom during the 1000 Nights of Ragnarok.

    Thor eventually regained his humanoid form but was left amnesiac after a psychic attack by Frost Giant assassins, wandering the frozen jungles of Jotunheim and hunted by Loki's army. However, She-Blizzard - the overall of the Frost Giant army - fell dotty with him, sparking a torrid affair that gave rise Thor's half-giant son named Woden after his father's Anglo-Saxon name, who successively had three daughters named Frigg, Ellisiv, and Atli.

    All-Father of Asgard

    Eventually, Thor returned to Asgard and inherited the facility of the All-Father from Odin, renaming it the "Thor-Force". Thor's brother Loki, falling back to evil, instigated the annihilation of all life on Earth out of spite; the loss of his friends and comrades causing Thor to become a stern and cynical ruler - the likeness of his father.

    Coming of the God-Butcher

    Thor's reign was disrupted when a deicidal alien liquidator named Gorr appeared, having travelled through time using the Pool of Forevers. Bonded to the traditional All-Black symbiote, Gorr manifested a horde of monsters called Black Berserkers and started a brutal campaign - capturing and enslaving every deity he found. Asgard was ransacked and its inhabitants captured or killed - Woden being slain and Thor's granddaughters being among the enslaved. Trapped in a very cycle of being beaten and brutalized but not killed by the Black Berserkers - Gorr's way of mocking him - Thor fell into despair and wished for death.

    After 900 years, the Thor of Earth-616 arrived, having followed Gorr into the longer term through the Pool of Forevers. All-Father Thor's hope and fighting spirit rekindled, the 2 Thors embarked on to attack the Black World of Gorr, joined by the young Thor from Earth-616's 6th century - who had been torn from the past by Gorr using the Pool of Forevers. The three Thors battled Gorr in an endeavor to stop him from using the Godbomb to kill all gods that ever had and ever would exist, but were ultimately defeated. Crucified to a comet, All-Father Thor was sent flying into the depths of space, but freed himself and returned to Gorr's dark world, but was unable to prevent the Godbomb from detonating. Thor the Avenger bonded to the All-Black symbiote, halting Gorr's plan, and Young Thor killed the God-Butcher. All-Father Thor used the Thor-Force to purge Thor the Avenger of the All-Black symbiote and resurrect him when he succumbed to his wounds, casting Gorr's dark world into a region to stop Young Thor from claiming the symbiote-sword out of arrogance. Reunited along with his remaining family, All-Father Thor sent his past selves to their proper places within the timeline and allowed the displaced gods to settle in Asgard.

    Restoration of Midgard

    With Earth having become lifeless, Thor often visited Midgard reflecting on its barren nature and mourning its desolation. When Galactus came to devour it, Thor attempted to prevent him but was thrown into part. Realizing he couldn't defeat Galactus as he was, Thor retrieved the All-Black symbiote and bonded to that. Corrupted by the symbiote, Thor attempted to kill the Devourer of Worlds before succumbing to his injuries and fainting. Wounded during his fight with Galactus, he bled upon the planet causing flowers to grow anew. King Thor and his granddaughters subsequently did their best to cultivate the planet so the flowers and trees and other plants could thrive.

    Fearing his death was near, King Thor's granddaughter Ellisiv came up with the right gift for his birthday to lift his spirits. The three thunder goddesses gathered all the bones they'll find, stardust from a comet, sap from Yggdrasil, mud from the Well of Urd, and three strands of hair from the All-Father; weaving a fancy spell of life. They created hybrids of Earth's animals, like shark-birds and zebra-flies and multi-tusked elephants. Overwhelmed by his gratitude at his granddaughters' actions, Thor used the remaining material within the cauldron to make a "Lif" and "Lifthrasir", dubbing them 'Steve' and 'Jane'.

    Secret Wars

    When the Multiverse was destroyed as a results of the Incursions, Battleworld was formed from the remnants of the destroyed realities. King Thor was among those recreated. He later joined the Thor Corps, a bunch composed of multiple men and ladies across Battleworld and God Emperor Doom's enforcers of justice. As a Thor Corps member, King Thor worked as their Lawspeaker. King Thor was first seen when the Thor Corps arrested America Chavez of Arcadia for throwing a megalodon over the Shield.

    King Thor was among the Thor Corps members that showed up in Technopolis to arrest Tony Stark and Arno Stark for his or her crimes.

    End of your time

    After the restoration of the Multiverse, King Thor travelled to the sting of the cosmos to look at the tip of the universe and check out to search out some way to prevent it. He was attacked by James Howlett - who had been resurrected and indwelled by the Phoenix Force. Despite Thor being delighted to work out his old flame for the primary time in millennia, Old Man Phoenix attacked him in retaliation for bringing back the planet, revealing that Doom - who had been collecting the powers wielded by the Prehistoric Avengers - was returning to overcome it. the 2 gods' battle shook the cosmos, but Old Man Phoenix was victorious; only being stopped from killing Thor by the Phoenix Force's memories of being the All-Father's lover within the ancient past. Thor and Old Man Phoenix returned to Earth in time to avoid wasting his granddaughters from being killed, but Thor was incapacitated by Doom's Penance Stare. Logan sacrificed himself to transfer the Phoenix Force into Mjolnir, and Thor smashed Doom into New Midgard's mantle - their 99-year battle triggering earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Emerging victorious from a fissure, Thor collapsed into the Forever Sleep to recover; the Phoenix Force transferring to a brand new host and warning the Lifs and Lifthrasirs that true darkness was coming to kill all of them.

    War of the Realms

    Recalling how he had won the War of the Realms within the past, Thor prevented his granddaughters from attacking Reed Richards and Ben Grimm of the superb Four once they travelled through time to recruit him to prevent Malekith. Journeying to the past, All-Father Thor was reunited with the Thor from Earth-616 - who had lost an arm to Malekith and sacrificed one in all his eyes to Yggdrasil to get the knowledge of the way to defeat the dark elf warlord - and was pleased to work out he'd finally grown a beard. He was less pleased to work out the hot-headed and beardless Young Thor, who had been brought forward in time to reunite the trinity. Joined by Jane Foster, who became Thor again using the Mjolnir of Earth-1610, the four Thors engaged Malekith - who had bonded to the Venom symbiote in emulation of Gorr and also the ancient dark god Knull - who had created All-Black to exterminate the gods. All-Father Thor was pleasantly surprised when Young Thor was able to lift his Mjolnir so as to avoid wasting their mother from being devoured, and after Malekith was slain he offered to indicate his past self the wonders of the Golden Age of Craft Beer.

    The Return of Gorr

    As Thor rested in Asgard, he was suddenly attacked by his brother Loki possessing All-Black the Necrosword, who managed to destroy Asgard. the 2 battled, however, Loki had the favorable position as he managed to disembowel Thor. Thor tried to defeat Loki by launching him into the Sun with Mjolnir, but instead, Loki turned the Sun black. The battle moved to New Midgard. Loki resolve to finish the remaining reality, but he was unexpectedly stabbed from behind by Gorr the God-Butcher, who Loki had resurrected to kill him after he killed Thor. Thor and Gorr battled across the crumbling ruins of the cosmos, but despite Loki coming to his aid he was overwhelmed and nearly drowned within the All-Black symbiote. The Sky Lords of Indigarr came to Thor's rescue, Gorr revealing that he had transferred his consciousness into All-Black and integrated the primordial symbiote into the very fabric of the universe itself. Resolving himself to embody Ragnarok and destroy the cosmos he had sworn to shield, Thor was overwhelmed by Gorr and sucked into a cluster of supermassive black holes. However, Loki distracted Gorr by telling him of all of Thor's heroic deeds, buying Thor enough time to destroy the All-Black symbiote using the facility of the God-Tempest.

    With Gorr rendered powerless and amnesiac and Loki sacrificing himself to rekindle the blackened sun, Thor sank into the Sleep of Sleeps so as to recover. Upon awakening, he left his grandaughters guilty of Midgard, giving them Mjolnir as their birthright, and sailed into the heart of entropy.


    Thor Slaying the Builder
    Thor Slaying the Builder

    Thor is among the Avengers that joins the fight against the Builders during Infinity. One of his key moments came when Captain America had hand picked Thor to negotiate a peaceful surrender with the Builders. Thor arrives on Hala and is told to by Ronin that he may only approach the Builder unarmed. Thor agrees to this and throws Mjolnir into space. The Builder orders Thor to kneel before him or else watch as the rest of Thor's allies be destroyed. Thor kneels before the builder but this was just a diversion as Mjolnir came back to Hala and rammed through the Builders chest. With the peace treaty being broadcast at the demands of the Builder, the resistance now watches as Thor kills a once thought untouchable being and rallies a now free Hala to rejoin the efforts to stop the Builders.

    Once the battle against the Builders was won Thor joined his fellow Avengers to battle Thanos who had invaded Earth while the Avengers were gone helping defeat the Builders.

    Unworthy Thor

    Unworthy Thor
    Unworthy Thor

    During Original Sin, Thor is one of the Avengers who travels to the moon to capture Nick Fury after he kills the Watcher. During the battle, Fury tells Thor an extremely important secret (later revealed to be "Gorr was right," causing Thor to believe that Gorr was correct in his assertion that gods are useless), which causes him to become unworthy. At the close of the series, Thor is seen trying in vain to lift his hammer.

    Immediately after this, Thor returns to using his old axe, Jarnbjorn. He loses his left arm during a fight with Malekith, which is replaced with a prosthetic made from Uru metal. He later encounters the new Thor, a woman who is somehow able to wield Mjolnir. After teaming up with this mysterious new heroine, he gives her his blessing as well as the title of Thor, choosing to now go by the name Odinson.

    During this time, the Odinson grows increasingly bitter and depressed over the situation, drowning his sorrows with alcohol. After learning that the hammer of the deceased Ultimate Thor is now in the ruins of old Asgard, Thor sets out to claim it, believing it may be the key to his redemption. Unfortunately, he discovers that the ruins have been captured by the Collector.

    Teaming up with Beta Ray Bill, Odinson travels to the Collector's lair, where he is imprisoned. He manages to escape and battles Black Swan, Proxima Midnight, and a disguised Hela, who are there to claim Ultimate Mjolnir for Thanos. Thor manages to grasp the hammer, but chooses not to lift it, stating that it is not his hammer, but that he will still protect it. In the end, he returns Ultimate Mjolnir and the ruins to where they were previously, and resolves to continue fighting evil, even without his hammer.

    Thor, with his new hammers and a golden arm, in his new look.
    Thor, with his new hammers and a golden arm, in his new look.

    After Odinson learns that Mjolnir's new wielder is Jane Foster, Odinson returned to Asgardia not long afterwards, and Jane confessed to him that she was the new Thor. When Jane's human form started succumbing to her cancer, Odinson convinced her to let go of Mjolnir to receive treatment, since every time she transformed into Thor, any progress from chemotherapy became lost when she returned to her human form. Unfortunately, the Mangog resurfaced and attacked Asgardia. Odinson stood by his father's side but they failed to stop the creature. Odinson assisted Thor in fighting the monster while his people evacuated Asgardia. In order to put an end to the Mangog, Thor fastened it to the hammer with an unbreakable chain and hurled them into the Sun. Since this action resulted in Mjolnir's destruction, Jane returned to her frail human form and passed away due to her cancer. Unwilling to let her go, Odinson attempted to channel the God Tempest to use its power to Thor with his new hammers and a golden arm, in his new look.xrevive her. Odin joined his endeavor since he had seen hesitation within Jane's own soul at the gates of Valhalla, and they were successful in bringing her back. With the destruction of Mjolnir and her inability to continue as Thor, Jane convinced Odinson to rise up and reclaim his name and identity. After Odinson works with his father to bring Jane back to life, she restarts her chemotherapy while inspiring Odinson to return to his old name, suggesting that he see what kind of Thor he can be without a hammer after witnessing her accomplishments with one. As a result, Thor returns to a variant of his more familiar look with a golden arm, using various substitute hammers until the dwarves can gather enough uru to forge a true new Mjolnir.

    War Of The Realms

    After wreaking havoc through various realms, Malekith and the Dark Council planned to the only realm left untouched, Midgard. Loki learned of this and tried to betray Malekith, but Malekith expected this and injured Loki. Loki fled to Midgard and met with Thor to warn him of Malekith's plans. After vanquishing assassin sent by Malekith, Thor forced Loki to take him to Malekith, who was in Jotunheim. Loki then left Thor behind to face off with Frost Giants.

    Malekith and the Dark Council then invaded Midgard and took over much of the planet after overwhelming its defenders through sheer numbers. After the defenders retreated to Avengers Mountain, All-Mother Frigga sent a team of heroes to rescue Thor. The team eventually found Thor who had actually defeated countless Frost Giants after undergoing the Warrior's Madness. After returning to Midgard, Thor learned that Odin and Frigga had seemingly perished in order to destroy Malekith's Black Bifrost and told everyone that he would lead the fight against Malekith.

    Odin appointing Thor as the new All-Father of Asgard.
    Odin appointing Thor as the new All-Father of Asgard.

    After helping strike down the Dark Council's forces all over the world, Thor nailed himself to a part of Yggdrasil that was growing from the Sun with his ax Jarnbjorn to learn how to defeat Malekith. That was when he learned that his parents were alive and were being held captive by Malekith at Stonehenge, which Malekith surrounded with a magic barrier that only Thor could pass through; if anyone else passed through the barrier, Odin and Frigga would die.

    After sacrificing his left eye and the last remaining piece of Mjolnir, Thor learned how to fight Malekith: gather more Thors. So, the Thing and Mr. Fantastic went back and forward through time to gather past and future versions of Thor to aid him. Jane Foster also helped Thor by transforming into Thor once again using the remnant of Earth-1610 Mjolnir. The four Thors struggled against Malekith after he had used dark magic to transform the Venom symbiote into a weapon. Thor was finally able to defeat Malekith by reforging Mjolnir and proving himself to be worthy to wield it due to the struggle to become worthy. For proving instrumental in defeating Malekith and saving Midgard, Odin stepped down as the Asgardians' All-Father and appointed Thor as the new All-Father.

    The Black Winter Saga

    All-Father Thor, as the Herald of Galactus.
    All-Father Thor, as the Herald of Galactus.

    Gathering Galactus' former heralds, Thor was informed by the Silver Surfer that the Black Winter had destroyed the 6th iteration of the universe, and if Galactus was going to be powerful enough to oppose it, he had to consume five special planets. Thor prepared a fleet to evacuate those planets in preparation for Galactus devouring them but was stopped by the World-Devourer telling him that the Black Winter had shown him that Thor was to be his death. Stating that he would keep a close watch over Thor from then-on, Galactus imbued him with the Power Cosmic and turned him into a Herald.

    A few months after his coronation, Thor began feeling dissatisfied with being the King of Asgard, missing his glory days as a hero; with both Sif and Loki taking note of his desire to shirk his duties and that Mjolnir was becoming heavier. Thor's melancholy was interrupted when a badly-injured Galactus crash-landed into Asgard. Thor initially attacked the World-Devourer but was told that he faced a much greater threat: the coming of the Black Winter.

    Gathering Galactus' former heralds, Thor was informed by the Silver Surfer that the Black Winter had destroyed the 6th iteration of the universe, and if Galactus was going to be powerful enough to oppose it, he had to consume five special planets. Thor prepared a fleet to evacuate those planets in preparation for Galactus devouring them but was stopped by the World-Devourer telling him that the Black Winter had shown him that Thor was to be his death. Stating that he would keep a close watch over Thor from then-on, Galactus imbued him with the Power Cosmic and turned him into a Herald.

    Probably with his Power Cosmic Herald Thor sees, apparently a replica of DC Universe, getting devoured and crushed by the Black Winter. There's a reference to DC's Justice League members Superman (as a Sun God), Batman (as a God fo dark), Green Lantern (as a God of Emerald Light), Flash (as a God of speed), Wonder Woman (as a God of Strength) and even Aquaman (as a God of the Ocean).

    The Black Winter revealed
    The Black Winter revealed

    After reaching the first planet named as Clypse, Thor spoke to it's Council Leaders and transported the inhabitants of the planet, to Asgard for shelter and sanctuary. Galactus then proceeds to devour the planet and gains it's enchanted energies. Soon, they are intervened by Beta Ray Bill, who tries to convince Thor to stop supporting Galactus, which leads them to fight each other. Thor reverts back to his normal form, and shatters Stormbreaker in their fight, almost killing Beta Ray Bill, which forces Sif to interrupt. When Thor throws Mjolnir at Sif, she teleports it to Jotunheim, which catches Loki's attention. Loki is somehow able to lift Mjolnir, but Thor calls it back. Thor explains Sif everything, and she goes back to Asgard with the injured Beta Ray Bill. Galactus and Thor embark on devouring the other four planets. Thor successfully transports the inhabitants of the first four planets but fails to evacuate the people of the last planet, Kyro, because of the Black Winter approaching towards them, Galactus eats the planet, along with its inhabitants, before the Black Winter does. They now face the Black Winter, revealing it's full form. The Black Winter gains the upper hand over Galactus and Thor, it recreates most of Thor's foes as a means to defeat him, but Thor manages to get rid of it only to know that Galactus is Black Winter's herald.


    Thro possessing the Destroyer
    Thro possessing the Destroyer

    Stressed over the fact that the enchantment on Mjolnir seems to be gone, making everyone worthy of his power, Thor needed a break and considered switching places with Donald Blake for the first time in years. When he does so he goes into an eldersleep to commune with the spirits and the old dead kings, but this time the spirits rejected Thor and dropped him into the suburban fantasy world Odin created for Blake while Thor was Thor. It had turned into a nightmare world after Donald lost his mind due to the sitcom repetitiveness of it, and Thor just let him loose. He also had a power upgrade from the World Serpent, who thought they could take on Odin together but was immediately betrayed by Blake.

    Smashing his hammer into the ground over and over hoping to cause the switch of their bodies, Thor got nowhere. With no other options, Thor called for his ravens to take his soul and bring it to the real world. They deposited his soul into the Destroyer armor so that he could defend his people and allies. They had been run out of Asgard by Blake and taking refuge in Dimension Blood. Meanwhile, Blake had been going around ensuring there would be no more Thors killing Red Norvel and robbing Beta Ray Bill of his powers.

    The combined powers of the Destroyer armor and his allies, Thor was able to defeat Blake. Loki was able to take Blake’s broken walking stick from him and magically fix it so that Thor could return to the physical world. He refused to let anyone execute Blake for his behavior due to the torture. He did however allow Loki to privately punish Blake.

    God of Hammers

    Mangog bonded to Mjolnir
    Mangog bonded to Mjolnir

    Believing the issues he has had with his hammer stems from being their king instead of their chief warrior, Thor decided to leave Mjolnir at Avengers Mountain where he thought it would be secure, so that he could find himself. Reunited with Freyja and Angela, Thor worked through his feelings over the mysteriousness of his parentage, only to be interrupted with an Avengers message that Mjolnir had gone missing. According to an old book, the thief of Mjolnir is known as the God of Hammers and is at the center of a prophecy that threatens to end both Thor and Asgard. This forced him to go in search of his father, who had gone into hiding since the War of the Realms.

    Together, they investigated Nidavelir to question the original creators of the hammer only to find them destroyed. They tracked the hammer to Broxton, which had been leveled. Angry, Thor tried calling Mjolnir to him only to be attacked by The God Tempest, which Odin had used to empower the hammer in the first place. She had bonded with Mangog during Mjolnir’s reforging in the Sun during the War of the Realms and was targeting Thor for betraying his status as a warrior.

    Thor was no match for The Tempest and called to his loved ones for help. Odin and Gaea, who revealed herself to be his true birth mother, who owes her union with Odin to Firehair’s matchmaking, lent their power to Thor so that he was able to overwhelm the Tempest. Unfortunately, releasing his power killed Odin and would go on to replace the storm at the center of Mjolnir, after finding Valhalla completely empty and having no other place to go.

    Banner of War

    Gamma Thor
    Gamma Thor

    In El Paso, Hulk's mutation became contagious, transforming the customers in a biker bar into gamma mutates. Banner ended up killing them all with Hulk strength in his normal body in self-defense. Worried about his future as the mortal half of the Hulk, he turned the Hulk into a "starship" with his psyche in the “captain's chair” and Hulk's psyche trapped in the “engine room." There, he was forced to fight some of his greatest challengers in a simulation. The harder he fights, the hotter the engine burns, and the stronger the Hulk gets in the real world.

    Banner pilots the Hulk through a wormhole generator Stark had secreted away to explore the multiverse believing no one in the 616 universe is ready to deal with what the Hulk is becoming. Eventually, Thor located Hulk and had Sif teleport them to a safe battleground so that Thor could properly let loose. While Thor fought the Hulk, Odin was able to jump into Hulk's mindscape from Mjolnir and find Banner. However, when Odin returned to Mjolnir, he accidentally took Banner with him, allowing Hulk to take control. Unfortunately, he still believed he was in simulation and thus did not hold back when fighting Thor and later Iron Man, who answered a distress call from Thor.

    During the fight, Thor absorbed gamma radiation from Banner becoming a gamma mutate himself. Sif tried to save them but was only able to evacuate Stark before Hulk-Thor destroyed the Bifrost. Banner was able to convince Odin to work with him. Odin changed the spell on Mjolnir so that Hulk could grab the hammer and share the power of Thor. Now, the fight was between a Hulk-Thor and a Thor-Hulk. Fortunately, Banner stopped the fight so that Odin could talk to Thor and help him deal with the rage he had learned to suppress. By sharing the power of Mjolnir, the two Avengers were able to stabilize both of their powers.

    Thor allowed Hulk to escape but told Stark that he had died.

    Roxxon Comix

    Summoning Tormod from a murder scene
    Summoning Tormod from a murder scene

    After Thor is attacked by older variations of himself and Loki, he searches out Gaea to confront her about why this was happening. Gaea explains that she had held back the gods from ruling Earth so that the humans could have free reign, but she has grown frustrated with their collective mistreatment of the planet. She no longer was holding back the gods and instructed Thor to start fighting for the land not just the people. Thor decided to target the most anti-environmentalist foe he could think of: Roxxon.

    However, Dario Agger had bought the rights to Thor from Marvel Comics and begun publishing his own pro-Roxxon version of Thor. He accomplishes this with the help of Executioner and Enchantress. Dario intends to use Thor's image to clean up Roxxon's image, but Skurge and Amora are using these new fictional takes to mess with Thor's own personal history and by extension his destiny. It also affected his ability to think clearly.

    Chad Hammer, this new branded Thor, took physical form as Keep, Amora's personal golem. With a magic upgrade, he fought Thor on the streets. However, when Thor proved more powerful, Skurge and Amora betrayed Dario, stabbing him in the back with Thor's new weapon, Tormod, framing the God of Thunder for the Minotaur's murder. Between the murder charge and the intelligence spell, Thor decided to spend most of his time off Midgard unless the Avengers had need of him. The power of the tales of the Avengers counteract the spell.

    Blood Hunt

    Soon after Thor was selected for the most recent Avengers roster, The Structure, a vampire cult dedicated to taking over the world, uses magic to turn every darkforce user on Earth into a portal for darkforce energies that block out the sun. Thor and the Avengers do their best to fight the attacking vampires, however, they are convinced by Blade to return to the Impossible City so he could share with them intelligence on the cult. Blade betrayed them, sending the vampire supersoldiers, The Bloodcoven, in his place. Bloodcoven member, Damascene, manages to stab Thor in the head with a crystal stake, taking his wounded body prisoner along with Panther and Wanda.

    Blade, who was possessed by Varnae, the first vampire, needed Thor's blood for a ritual that would give him full dominion over the darkforce. After the ritual is completed, Panther managed to pull the crystal stake from Thor's head, allowing the god to finally heal and regroup with the Avengers.

    Powers & Abilities


    Thor’s unique physiology of half-Asgardian and Half Elder God grants him the typical powers of an Asgardian God but he is much stronger than the typical members of his race. According to his father, Odin, Thor is not at full potential yet but when he is, Thor will be even more powerful than he is. Thor has been stated to be the most powerful being on Earth and one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe. He's often stated to be the heavy hitter on the Avengers team alongside his rival the Hulk. He's been called one of the physically strongest Avengers, alongside Hulk, Hercules, Namor, Wonder Man and Gilgamesh. Also, when Champion came to Earth looking for a worthy opponent, he picked Thor, alongside Hulk, Namor, Wonder Man, Colossus, the Thing, Sasquatch and Doc Samson.

    Superhuman Strength

    Thor is physically the strongest of the Norse Gods, being the son of Odin and Gaea, and as such is the God of Strength. His strength is incalculable in the sense that the upper limit, if one exists, is unknown and there seems to be nearly anything he can't do through applying his strength. Thor has physically overpowered and defeated the strongest of foes including Abomination, Gladiator, Namor, Wonder Man, Black Bolt, Atlas, Ares, Vision, Colossus, the Thing, Bi-Beast, Orka, Skurge, Wrecker, Thunderball, Bulldozer, Piledriver, Red Hulk and Iron Man, among others. Thor has stalemated Savage Hulk, and also stalemated Hercules in several contests, and the two even once set the planet they were arm-wrestling on out of orbit. One of Thor's greatest feats was when he lifted the Midgard Serpent, which was so large it could wrap itself several times around the Earth and crush it in its grasp. Thor can destroy planets with his strikes, and in a battle with Gorr destroyed countless worlds with life-ending blows, also when he struck Beta Ray Bill so hard that he destroyed the planet they were on, which is why he holds back his vast strength to ensure he does not greatly harm his opponents or the area in which they are in. Nevertheless, Thor can effortlessly press over 1,000,000 tons, and has strength that rivals beings such as Hercules, Hyperion, Gladiator, Sentry and Gilgamesh.


    Thor’s physiology is a product of his half-Asgardian/ half-Elder God heritage grants him a level of invulnerability that is not common amongst those of his race. Thor has been shown to be immune to all human diseases as well as its poisons and toxins. Thor is also immune to electrocution and radiation poisoning and his metabolism is so great that it is nearly impossible for Thor to become drunk except for when he imbibes alcoholic beverages of godly origin. His durability has enabled him to survive blasts from the Celestials, and fight on until finally being subdued, and a blast from Odin . He has also sat in the core of the Sun, and he is immune to temperature extremes. He does not require air, and has been able to withstand planet-shattering attacks, he also withstood the weight of a score of planets, attacks from the likes of Hulk, Juggernaut, Mangog, Kurse, Durok, Fenris, Jormungand, Champion, Pagan, Beta Ray Bill, Hercules, Namor, Wonder Man, Gladiator, Hyperion, Sentry, Gilgamesh, Count Nefaria, Black Bolt, Ares, Atlas, the Thing, Vision, Bi-Beast, Orka, Skurge, Wrecker, Annihilus, Blastaar, Super-Skrull, Silver Surfer, Firelord, Loki, Cyclops and Havok, and much more. Though Thor is one of the most invulnerable of Marvel's heroes, he is not immune to all forms of harm and can be defeated by a being whose power matches or exceeds his own, or by high order magic manipulation.

    Superhuman Stamina

    Due to his god-like physiology, Thor has a much higher level of endurance than that of humans and most meta-humans. Thor's physiology grants him the ability to perform at his physical peak without tiring for very long periods of time. Thor’s body, unlike that of humans, produces almost no fatigue toxins. Thor has displayed his superhuman stamina in a number of situations- he once continually battled an army of Frost Giants for 9 months. Thor has been seen (from time to time) growing tired after particularly long and strenuous battles, including times when he possessed the Odin-force. Recently, he has been seen sleeping more often when the day ends. This implies he does indeed require rest to rejuvenate himself, but it doesn't rule out the possibility that sleep is luxury, rather than something he requires daily.

    Self Sustenance

    Thor and those of his race can go periods of time without food, drink and rest. Odin himself has stated however that with no food the Gods would not survive and Thor has been sleeping on many occasions in his home in Asgard suggesting that currently Thor's body does produce fatigue toxins and thus, he must rest from time to time. Thor himself has displayed the ability to survive in a vacuum of space for an extended period of time. Thor’s unique physiology allows him to survive in space without the need for any equipment due to the fact that his musculature is much denser to that of a human being.

    Energy Perception and Manipulation

    Thor has the ability to change his vision or shift one's brain waves to psychically see or detect the presence of a certain type (or numerous types) of energy, and as a powerful energy, manipulator bend those energies to his will. Thor can perceive the Universe as pure energy and become one with it.

    Superhuman Speed

    Thor has the ability to fly at great speed far beyond the abilities of a human being. He is often seen flying at very fast speeds and has even kept up with the Silver Surfer. He has flown several times faster than light on multiple occasions. Though Thor’s running speed has never been accurately measured, though he has been seen moving at speeds faster than the finest human athlete.

    Healing Factor

    As stated previously, Thor is not invulnerable to all harm and it is possible to injure him. But due to Thor’s unique physiology, he is able to heal from most injuries much faster than a human being could. This healing factor is said to be much stronger than that of the typical Asgardian God. Thor also has the ability to regenerate missing limbs through the use of Mjolnir or the Odin Force (which he currently does not possess, only a small portion that resides within his hammer).

    Superhuman Senses

    Though rarely displayed Thor possesses some god-like senses. He's able to see as far as the edge of the solar system and track objects traveling faster than the speed of light. He can also hear cries from the other side of the planet. He can see molecules/atoms and colors/wavelengths invisible to humans.


    It is a common misconception that Thor and the other Gods of Asgard are truly immortal. Thor and the other members of his race do age but at a rate so slow that to other beings they give the appearance of immortality. Thor has been stated to be thousands of years old which makes his life span incomparable to that of the human beings which he protects. When the Asgardians consume the Golden Apples that are cultivated by the goddess Idunn, they are able to maintain themselves in their physical prime.

    Weather Control

    Thor as the god of thunder and son of Gaea was born with the natural ability to control weather since birth. Thor normally relies on Mjölnir to control the weather with a devastating degree and release blasts of lightning. Mjolnir allows him better more precise control over his powers and allows him to better regulate his power output, and can act as a shortcut to access his natural powers. This is compared to using his powers without Mjolnir which seemingly requires more effort to summon and are more raw and unregulated in their nature. He is able to summon huge storms, rain, and lightning from the sky and also creating weather where it normally isn't. He has also the ability to create unnatural weather like fire rain on a barren planet. Thor can also discharge lightning bolts from his hands that are lethal and raw in power, also engulfing his hands in lightning to amp his punches.

    Earth Control

    After Thor was resurrected he came to terms with the fact that he was the son of the Elder Goddess Gaea and realized his ability to control the Earth and has displayed this power by creating very powerful earthquakes. Thor also displayed this ability when he created a chasm in Africa between two different areas to prevent the enemies of one side from entering the territory of the other.


    No Caption Provided

    Thor wielded one of the most powerful weapons in all of the Marvel Universe; the hammer called Mjolnir. Mjolnir was forged of the metal Uru, by Eitri the troll, for Odin and was given to Thor by him and is extremely durable and is said to be stronger than the virtually indestructible metal Adamantium. Mjolnir was granted mystical energies by Odin himself and has been shown to be able to survive to be in extreme environments such as the heart of the sun itself and energy blasts that could have destroyed an entire galaxy. When in the hands of someone as strong as Thor, it impacts with sufficient force to "destroy mountains" and has proven capable(on multiple occasions) of harming cosmic entities. Mjolnir gives Thor many mystical abilities that are not common among those of his race. Some of the abilities that the hammer grants Thor are:

    Weather Control

    A young Thor without Mjolnir causing the skies to rain fire and drop lightning on Gorr's barren planet.
    A young Thor without Mjolnir causing the skies to rain fire and drop lightning on Gorr's barren planet.

    Being the God of Thunder, Thor can summon and control the powers of the storm, causing rain, wind, thunder, and lightning even making it rain fire. Thor has shown the ability to create electrical storms, hurricane winds, tornadoes, tidal waves, blizzards as well as earthquakes that have been shown to run across an entire planet. Thor has the ability to affect the weather on a planetary wide scale but often refrains from doing so from the mass damage that it could cause. Thor is able to stop any of the weather conditions that he creates. Thor’s ability to control the weather has been said to exceed those of beings such as Storm. It is a very common misconception that Thor is unable to control the weather without his hammer but he indeed can and has been shown to do so on a number of occasions even before he had ever wielded Mjolnir. Thor has a strong affinity with the forces of the weather being the Thunder God. Mjolnir allows him to better regulate his powers of lightning and controlling the weather compared to without. It allows him to direct his energy attacks more precisely and with seemingly less effort than when he creates lightning without it, Mjolnir can be seen as a shortcut to accessing his powers. Thor has also been able to enhance his punches by engulfing them in lightning. Thor has also been shown to be able to conduct a planetary wide lightning storm to aid him in the process of physically melding back together a crumbling populated moon.


    Mjolnir grants Thor flight.
    Mjolnir grants Thor flight.

    Thor naturally does not have the innate ability. Only via hurling Mjolnir and grasping onto its thong can Thor fly. In Earth's atmosphere, he limits himself to the speed of sound. When in space, he travels at faster than light speeds. Although, Thor has been able to manipulate the air around him and hover without Mjolnir. He has been seen flying without Mjolnir a couple of times like when he and Hyperion flew extraterrestrial babies off of the planet.


    Thor has displayed the ability to resurrect beings that have been killed though it is unknown how long a period can pass between the death and point in which Thor’s intent to resurrect for the process to be successful. Thor was shown to have the ability to resurrect the Gods of Asgard but failed to resurrect the soul of his fallen comrade Captain America. Though Thor is a god, he does not have the ability to resurrect whomever he wants at any point in time. Only beings such as Galactus have shown the ability to resurrect the lives of those who have been long dead and even his powers have limits in this field.

    Negation of Mystical Energy

    Thor’s hammer has shown the ability to negate mystical energy within a certain area. He showed this ability when he was fighting the Juggernaut in the past and he threw his hammer around the area in which they were fighting which stripped the powerful Juggernaut of his invulnerability as well as his ability to be an immovable object.

    Soul Transmigration

    Thor's hammer has the ability to transmigrate souls.

    Teleportation (Portals)

    Thor himself can go and send people to different worlds, universes, and even to different/higher dimensions.

    Reverse Energy

    Thor’s hammer can reverse energy polarities and atomic processes.

    Inter-Dimensional Energy Absorption

    Thor’s hammer can tap or attract quantities of Interdimensional Matrix energy.


    Thor's hammer can detect where evil is afoot or can track anyone who doesn't want to be found. In addition, Thor’s hammer can track practically all kinds of energy signature.


    Thor's hammer can speed up healing.

    Mind Manipulation

    Thor's hammer can erase someone's memory and can put them to sleep.


    Thor could spy on people like a closed-circuit TV. From the same dimension, or another without being noticed.


    One of Thor's most powerful attacks, Anti-Force can destroy entire armies and hurt high-tier powerful beings.


    A power that can literally physically incapacitates his opponent and sent them where they came from and the ability to control the position of beings, ignoring gravity.

    Matter Manipulation

    Thor’s hammer has given him the ability to affect matter on a wide scale and has been shown to give Thor the ability to transmute elements.


    Thor’s hammer has been shown to make either himself or others completely invisible or intangible. This ability also has the opposite effect as it has been shown to disrupt the phasing abilities of beings such as Shadowcat and Vision. The disruption effects, however, were not permanent and both recovered.

    Force Field Creation

    Mjolnir has given Thor the ability to create powerful barriers that have been seen to be impenetrable. This has given Thor the ability to contain powerful explosions.

    Energy Absorption and Projection

    Thor has been seen to have the ability to absorb energy blasts from even the most powerful of beings. Thor can store this energy within Mjolnir and direct it back at a given target. In addition, Mjolnir can amplify energy ten-thousandth fold(as he did in his fight with Thanosi, a Thanos doppelganger). Thor does not even have to wait for an opponent to shoot a blast of energy, he can absorb it from their body as he did to Kang The Conqueror.

    God Blast

    The God Blast is Thor’s most powerful attack that comes with him being a God, Despite popular opinions, This can be done without his trusty hammer. Thor’s God Blast has been shown to be powerful enough to destroy beings such as the Midgard Serpent as well as causing harm to Galactus himself that caused him to retreat (though Galactus was in a weakened state at the time). Thor does not often use this ability for its destructive force and harm that it could cause to the surrounding area. This power can be used without the hammer, but it is less concentrated as shown in a fight with an enemy, once used a large circle was emitted from his body and destroyed the local area. He once used such an attack against Durok The Demolisher, a being who has defeated him in the past, although he did this without Mjolnir.


    Thermo-Blast is one of Thor's most powerful attacks ever, it's powerful enough to shake the Universe.

    Mystical Link

    Thor’s hammer obeys his command and returns to him when he throws it. Mjolnir could pass through an entire planet in order to return to Thor’s grip if he so commanded it. Mjolnir also has shown the ability to transform Thor back into his human identity Donald Blake. When Thor is in his human form Mjolnir is transformed into a wooden stick that he uses to assist him with walking. In the past, the hammer had a limitation on it in which if Thor let go of it for more than 60 seconds he would be transformed back into his human form but this enchantment is no longer apart of continuity.

    Worthiness Enchantment

    One of the spells that Odin cast upon the hammer Mjolnir was that it could not be lifted by a being that is not worthy of its great power. There are two great misconceptions that go along with this enchantment that is one: without the hammer Thor has no power and also that Thor's hammer can always be wielded by him. Thor has shown in the past that when he goes astray of the noble path he has lost the right to wield Mjolnir. Mjolnir has been also wielded by noble beings such as Hercules, Captain America and Beta Ray Bill. Regarding his powers, Thor retains the use of his weather manipulation. He has been shown to cast Thunder down onto enemy's with just a thought and levitate himself with the air around him. He can also perform a god-blast without the hammer. His strength stays the same regardless and he has been able to fight the hulk Hand to Hand for an entire issue without Mjolnir.


    Master Combatant

    Weapon-masters: Thor vs. Hercules!
    Weapon-masters: Thor vs. Hercules!

    Thor is one of the most trained and experienced warriors in all of the Marvel Universe. Even when Thor had been stripped of his powers and made into a mortal, he was able to defeat a bunch of fodder and also save Captain America with his own shield and wield Mjolnir simultaneously. Thor was also able to fistfight with Hercules but was only shown to be slightly under in terms of skill. Thor often prefers to use brawling-type techniques when fighting beings such as Juggernaut, Gladiator, and Abomination. Despite being a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, Thor's greatest feats of skill come from his weapon expertise. He is easily one of the greatest and most versatile weapon experts in the Marvel Universe, he is generally seen wielding his hammer but has also shown great prowess using weapons such as an ax, sword, bow and arrow, shields and clubs. Outside of Mjolnir, Thor's most commonly used weapon is the axe Jarnbjorn, which he obtained before Mjolnir.

    Master Tactician

    Due to the fact that Thor is a War God, he has had a great experience with devising plans of war. He has often assisted beings such as Tony Stark as well as Captain America in devising plans of attack while they themselves are known as some of the greatest tacticians. Thor derives his great knowledge of war from Earth as well as the other nine worlds of Asgard.

    Former Abilities


    Thor at one point had access to an unlimited amount of power that was known as the Odin-Force. The Odin-Force was the power that Odin himself had wielded before his death that was then passed onto Thor. The Odin-Force was comprised of Odin's power as King of Asgard combined with the powers of his brothers Vili and Ve. These powers added to the powers Thor already had made him virtually omnipotent. Obtaining the Odin-Force made Thor one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Universe. When Thor possessed this power he was able to achieve a number of feats that have not been duplicated by any other being in the Marvel Universe. Thor was able to destroy Captain America's shield with a look, teleported Asgard over New York City, recreated the moon after it has been nearly disintegrated, as well as defeat the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange.

    Rune Magic

    Thor was able to acquire the powers of the Rune during the battle of Ragnarok. These powers granted Thor virtually an unlimited supply of magical powers that were added to the powers he had previously gained from drinking from the Well of Mimir for wisdom. Thor was shown to have mystical abilities that had virtually no match. Some of the abilities that the Rune Magic granted Thor were the ability of flight without the aid of Mjolnir, teleportation, destroying a copied version of Mjolnir as well as summon a wave of mystical energy that could destroy an army of Loki who was armed with Mjolnir. Thor also displayed the ability to rebuild Valhalla as well as decapitate Loki without ending his life. Since the rebirth of Thor, it is unknown whether or not he still is able to wield the magic of the Runes but since he was resurrected, his eyes were restored and he has not shown any of the vast abilities that he once had with the power of the Rune Magic.


    Thor has no specific weaknesses to a substance or magic. Since the events of Thor's hammer being nearly destroyed during his battle with Bor, Thor's life is now tied to his hammer as was Doctor Strange's warning when he repaired it. Thor's powers have fluctuated throughout the years and although at one point he was able to stalemate Zeus in a battle years ago, he himself has stated that he can only go against characters of such power with the Odin-Force. Additionally, when Thor succumbs to the "Warrior's Madness" he loses much of his higher cognitive brain function and becomes mentally erratic, unreasonable, unpredictable, savage; acting and reacting in an almost purely instinctual, animalistic and uncontrollable manner.

    Personal Details

    Physical Characteristics

    • Gender: Male
    • Height: (Thor) 6'6" (Blake) 5'9"
    • Weight: (Thor) 640 lbs. (Blake) 150 lbs.
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Blond
    • Identity: Donald Blake (secret); Jake Olsen (secret); Sigurd Jarlson (secret)
    • Place of Birth: A cave in Norway.
    • Citizenship: Asgard, honorary US citizen
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Education: Tutored by scholors of Asgard; (as Blake) MD, (as Olsen) MD
    • Occupation: Avenger, adventurer, warrior, Monarch, construction worker, surgeon (as Blake), paramedic (as Olsen)
    • Known Relatives: Odin Borson (father), Gaea (mother), Frigga (adoptive mother), Loki Laufeyson (adoptive brother), Angela (a.k.a. Aldrif Odinsdottir, paternal half-sister), Laussa Odinsdottir (paternal half-sister), Balder, Hermod, Tyr (half-brothers), Vidar (half-brother, deceased), Bor Burison (paternal grandfather, deceased), Bestla (paternal grandmother, presumed deceased), Cul, Vili, Ve (paternal uncles, deceased), Wodan (possible future son), Frigg, Ellisiv, Atli (possible future grandaughters)



    Thor is the son and favourite of the All-father Odin. He was raised by him and has fought alongside him many times. It was Odin who had Mjolnir crafted for him. Throughout his life Odin has striven to teach Thor how to be a wise and just ruler for the time when he would rule Asgard. Part of Odin's formula for this has been to frequently send Thor to Earth as a mortal, partially as a punsihment for his reckless pride, but also to teach him humility. Another reason Odin would send Thor to Earth is because he knew it was there that Thor could learn things he could never hope to glean on Asgard; things that would impart upon Thor the wisdom to not only someday match but to one day surpass he, himself in wisdom. Wisdom he could use to attain greater insight and greater power than even he had ever possessed. Wisdom, insight and power enough to do what even Odin could never do; overthrow "Those Who Sit Above in Shadow" (Asgard's unseen and little known masters) and thereby end the perpetual the cycle of creation and Raganrok.


    Loki is the brother of Thor, and adopted son of Odin. He has always been jealous of Thor because of his favored status with Odin, his honor, his great strength and popularity. Throughout his life he has frequently tried to overthrow Odin and Asgard and attack and discredit Thor. However, Thor's complicated feelings/illogical love for his bother always leads him to forgive/pardon him even though he may not ever be able to actually trust him.


    Sif is the Goddess of War and the sister of Heimdall. She has, in and through several realities and story arcs, been the primary love interest of Thor. She is even his wife in some. A mighty warrior, Sif is brave, true and noble. She has been chosen by Odin to marry Thor.


    Amora the Enchantress has had an ongoing infatuation with Thor and appears to seek his love, whether it be consensual or otherwise. Over the course of many centuries, and at least a few realities, she and Thor have had several romantic interludes, though they are usually short-lived. Amora is an Asgardian goddess and has in several alternate realities been Thor's wife.

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-1610: Ultimate Thor

    Ultimate Thor
    Ultimate Thor

    Ultimate Thor is an alternate version of the 616 Thor that lives in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. He is as well based on the same God of Thunder from Norse Mythology. One of the main differences between these two characters however is that Ultimate Thor does not have a human alter ego. This Thor does not have as many powers as his 616 counterpart as well, and he does not seem to be as reliant on his hammer Mjolnir as a major source of his power. One of the greatest differences between these two characters is that this Thor is a reluctant warrior who is at times unstable instead of being a willing eager combatant warrior. Ultimate Thor is known as being a psychiatric nurse named Thorlief Golmen. Tragically, he suffered a nervous breakdown on his 30 birthday however. He later spent 18 months in an institution. Here he claimed to realize who he truly was and his reason for being sent to Earth in the first place. He told the employees there that his true identity was Thor the Thunder God. He said that he was on a mission to save the planet and put a stop to the possible War of all Wars. On numerous occasions Thor spoke out against American military aggression against outside world powers.


    When Nick Fury contacted Thor so that he would join the Ultimate he initially refused to work for the same military organization that he was against. But later when the Hulk appeared in Manhattan Thor only agreed to help if the President doubled the foreign aid budget. After the Ultimates encountered the Hulk, the President agreed to Thor’s demand and he arrived just in time to save Captain Americas life from the clutches of Bruce Banner. After the battle, Thor and Tony Stark became good friends as well as Captain America. Thor agreed to be there to assist them whenever they were in danger. Afterwards, Thor was told about a suspected Chaituri based in Microsenia. When he found that the base was in fact abandoned and was about to explode he was saved by Iron Man’s force field. When the Chaituri invasion force appeared in Arizona Thor was able to rake the survivors there with Iron Man for air support against the Chiaturi spacecraft until the United States Air Force for there. Iron Man later asked Thor for his help in disposing of the Chiaturi bomb that had the power to destroy the entire solar system. Thor then used his power to teleport the bomb to the wastelands of Nastrong where its detonation caused a small ripple in the space time continuum.

    Ultimate War

    In the Ultimate War, Thor was a member of the Ultimates and was seen looking for the dead together with Iron Man after the first attack. Magneto later attacks the Ultimates and states that he was surprised to see Thor in their company. He later asks Thor if he thinks that he is able to change them. Thor hurls his hammer Mjolnir at Magneto but Magneto uses his power to send the hammer flying back at Thor sending him through a wall. Later on, the Ultimates fight against the X-men and he manages to defeat Storm before he is taken down by Colossus.

    Ultimate Six

    In the Ultimate Six, Thor was seen with the Ultimates while he was taking in Kraven the hunter. He later though refused to follow Captain Americas orders by catching Kraven and bringing him back in. He is later seen helping the citizens of Bosnia reconstruct their country while he was summoned by the following the Six’s breakout. Thor engages the villain Electro in combat and manages to defeat him during a battle in the White House.

    When Nick Fury contacted Thor so that he would join the Ultimate he initially refused to work for the same military organization that he was against. But later when the Hulk appeared in Manhattan Thor only agreed to help if the President doubled the foreign aid budget. After the Ultimates encountered the Hulk, the President agreed to Thor’s demand and he arrived just in time to save Captain America's life from the clutches of Bruce Banner. After the battle, Thor and Tony Stark became good friends as well as Captain America. Thor agreed to be there to assist them whenever they were in danger. Afterwards, Thor was told about a suspected Chaituri based in Microsenia. When he found that the base was in fact abandoned and was about to explode he was saved by Iron Man’s force field. When the Chaituri invasion force appeared in Arizona Thor was able to rake the survivors there with Iron Man for air support against the Chiaturi spacecraft until the United States Air Force for there. Iron Man later asked Thor for his help in disposing of the Chiaturi bomb that had the power to destroy the entire solar system. Thor then used his power to teleport the bomb to the wastelands of Nastrong where its detonation caused a small ripple in the space time continuum.

    Ultimate Secret

    Thor and Iron Man go with the Fantastic Four to Nevada. The Kree attack the base Thor, Black Widow, Johnny Storm and The Thing fight aliens.

    Ultimate Fantastic Four

    Thor was shown to be the President of the United States due to a time traveling incident that had to with Skrull invaders. He was written so that his powers were naturally based and in this alternate universe he was killed during the Skrull invasion and stopped existing when the timeline was erased.

    Ultimates 2

    Earth-1610 Thor with The Ultimates
    Earth-1610 Thor with The Ultimates

    In this version of the Ultimates, Thor has resigned from the team due to his belief that the team is now a puppet of the United States of America. While Thor was eating in a restaurant he is met by Volstagg of the Warriors 3 who came to warn him that his half brother Loki has escaped and is changing reality on Earth in order to attack Thor. Volstagg is later erased from all reality so that Thor is appeared to be crazy. Captain America later accuses Thor of leaking Bruce Banners identity to the press who has found out that he is truly the Hulk. Thor later denies having been involved with this and attempts to warn Captain America about Loki’s interference. Thor later goes to Italy in order tostop a violent demonstration against the super-soldier. The head scientist of the program revelas to that THors powers are not natural rather that there are technological in nature and they come from his hammer and his belt. Gunnar tells him that Thor is truly his mentally troubled brother who stole both of those items and has simply been acting like Thor the God of Thunder. Gunnar told Thor that the equipment gives him super strength and powers that were beyond the comprehension of mortals and that he is far too dangerous to take on alone.

    Thor is later tracked to Norway and after he fails to convince the Ultimates that Gunnar is truly Loki in disguise and changing reality he later enters battle with them. Even though at the beginning Thor was managing to hold his own he is eventually taken down and calls up a storm. At the very last instant Quicksilver arrived and is able to remove his belt taking away Thor’s power and his ability to use Mjolnir properly. Thor is later locked in Triskelion while being mocked by Loki who is only visible to him. Thor remains in this prison until the last issue of the series as his warnings to the Ultimates are constantly ignored. After the Liberators Conqeust of America, Thor is later freed by Odin and was restored to his full power in time to battle Loki. In the beginning Loki has the was winning by using his power to change reality in order to become immune to Thor’s hammer and was overpowering him while summoning an army of Asgardians monsters to attack the Ultimates. Afterwards, Loki’s power stop working for no apparent reason During the battle Loki admits that he was the one who was responsible for creating the Norewgian super-soldier program and framing Captain America. Thor later destroyed Loki’s mortal form and was able to send his spirit to Odin so that he could be punished. Thor later learns that the Ultimates would not be working for the government and he joins the team.

    Ultimate Power

    In the Universe of Ultimate Power Thor was seen with the rest of the new Ultimates with Nicky Fury about to battle the Squadron Supreme when the roof of the Baxter building was destroyed. Following the battle Thor used Mjolnir to teleport the Hellicarrier with the team into the Supremeverse. He then begins to fight Hyperion but is defeated due to his speed.

    Ultimates 3

    Thor with the true Mjolnir
    Thor with the true Mjolnir

    In the Ultimates 3 Thor beings to become more similar to his 616 version. He is drawn with a beard and is shown to be a bit more muscular. He has a more battle like attitude and appears to be able to be provoked more easily. Instead of willing a weapon that appears to be an ax/hammer his hammer looks to be more similar to its 616 version, which is revealed to be the real Mjolnir. Thor also was shown to be in a romantic relationship with Valkyrie who somehow has gained super powers. During the story in this Universe Thor comes to the aid of the Ultiamtes in attacking the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and confronts Magneto. He once agains battles with Magneto but is quickly defeated and is forced into the center of the Earth. After that it is revelaed whom set this evil plan in motion Thor tries to confront Magneto again but Magneto uses his power to take Thor’s hammer away from him and leaves. Thor later is seen using a sword.


    Magneto is seen in this series using Thor’s hammer to create a worldwide destructive event. Thor discovered Valkyries body and enters Vahallas in order to bring back her soul. He later beings to battle Helas who makes Thor battle her entire army of fallen warriors. Captain America then appears in Valhalla which leads people to believe that he is dead. Thor then sacrifices his own life in order to save Valkyrie and Captain America from Hela which permits them to return to the land of the living.

    New Ultimates

    In the first issue of this series Thor is shown to still be in prison and demanding Hela to return him to Earth. Hela tells Thor that she will agree to his wishes if he gives her a son. In the next issue Thor has a vision shown to Valkyrie by Amora that shows him making love with Hela. Hela tells him that another soul is needed for him to be able to leave and Thor threatens her but is unable to kill her because she is pregnant. At the end of the issue Thor is brought back to life for killing another Valkyrie. Thor then goes into madness while searching for his brother and begins to attack the Ultimates. During which, he finally finds his brother and gets his hammer back.

    Thor is able to return to the world of the living after giving Hela a son, Modi.

    Ultimate Spider-Man

    Thor is seen in this Universe as one of the individuals of the Ultimates who teaches Spider-Man how to be a hero. He is later seen attending Peter Parkers funeral where he thinks on how he saw Peter's soul in Vahalla with the fallen members of X-Men and the Ultimates.

    Fall of Asgard

    Thor's new armor and hammer
    Thor's new armor and hammer

    Asgard is later invaded by the Maker and the Children of Tomorrow, who ravage the kingdom. Though Thor is able to save Modi by giving him the true Mjolnir and trapping him in the Room with No Doors, the Children of Tomorrow kill most of the Gods there and drain the energy of Yggdrasil, leaving Thor powerless and mortal. However, after Asgard's destruction, Thor gains the ability to communicate with the fallen souls of the former Asgardians.

    Tony Stark later gifts Thor with a new super-suit and technological hammer, allowing him to replace his lost powers and weapon to some degree. Thor remains with the Ultimates, and moves into Stark Tower. When a now-adult Modi (having been aged by the passage of time within the Room) returns and attempts to start a new American Civil War, Thor faces him. Modi uses the Mind Gem to force Thor to attack his teammates, but Captain America is able to free him by destroying the spear the Gem was attached to. During the final confrontation, Thor is forced to kill Modi. Holding his son's body, he sorrowfully apologizes for having failed him as a father.


    The Maker later returns with his new team, the Dark Ultimates, and lays waste to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Triskelion. Thor and his remaining teammates go into hiding, but growing increasingly frustrated, he leaves the safe house to go drink at a local bar. While there, he is confronted by Banner, now one of the Dark Ultimates, who challenges him to a fight after transforming into the Hulk. Thor puts up a good fight, but is overpowered and stripped of his artificial hammer. Tony later frees the captive Ultimates, and uses the Maker's own futuristic technology to create a new suit and hammer for Thor.

    Later, Thor is present when the Earth-616 version of Galactus arrives in the Ultimate universe and sets out to destroy Earth. At the close of the battle, Thor sacrifices himself to drive Galactus into the Negative Zone, seemingly trapping both of them for all eternity.

    Secret Wars

    Ultimate Thor's final legacy
    Ultimate Thor's final legacy

    Thor is later freed from the Negative Zone by Doctor Doom, who has now become God Doom after absorbing the power of the Beyonders. He is made a member of the Thor Corps on Battleworld, and like all of Battleworld's citizens, has no memory of his past life in his own reality. Renamed Thunderer "Ultimate Thor" Thorlief, he is known as a hotshot member of the Corps with a habit of bending the rules to get the job done.

    During an investigation into the murders of multiple version of Jane Foster, Ultimate Thor discovers a massive conspiracy in the works. It is revealed that Rune Thor has been killing various versions of Donald Blake and Jane Foster at the behest of God Doom, who does not want the citizens of Battleworld to remember the Multiverse that once existed. Once the truth of Doom's tyrannical rule is revealed, the members of the Thor Corps rebel against him and storm his castle. Ultimate Thor fights valiantly, but is eventually overwhelmed and killed.

    After his death, the Ultimate version of Mjolnir lands in the mainstream universe's version of Asgard, where it is found by the Collector. The mainstream universe Thor (now known as the "Odinson") manages to keep retrieve it from the collector, and leaves it in the ruins of Asgard. There, a mysterious figure finds and lifts it, saying it is time for a new Thor to rise. Mjolnir then transforms the unidentified person into the new Ultimate Thor.

    Thor: Vikings (Max comics)

    This is a 5-issue comic book limited series published by MAX Comics, an imprint of Marvel Comics for adult audiences, in July – November 2003. Written byGarth Ennis and illustrated by Glenn Fabry, the series follows Thor's adventures against a group of thousand-year-old zombie Vikings who attack New York City , Thor finds them killing civilians and decides to take a stand and defeat them.

    Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse

    Donald Blake of Earth-295 & the Age of Apocalypse
    Donald Blake of Earth-295 & the Age of Apocalypse

    In the Age of Apocalypse, Donald Blake never finds Mjolnir, and never discovers his true identity. He works as a doctor for the Human high council. He has an special relationship with Gwen Stacy as freedom fighters in Africa. When Mikhail, the forgotten horseman of Apocalypse, arrives to London offering peace and hope Donald Blake was part of embassors of humanity. But all was a trap and Mikhail tried to destroy the council, so Donald made his final sacrifice for Humanity and used his own body to push over an edge Mikhail, the two died.

    Earth-9997: Earth X

    Different in comparison to 616 Thor, he is not god and was created by the celestials. So he is an alien relative to humans. The celestials made this to see if the creations could reenact old myths, Thor the son of Odin was chosen to spend the ages reenacting the old Asgard Legends. People on earth however saw Thor as a true god. But once people on earth stopped thinking Asgard was real and went onto other religions, Asgard was in danger. This is the reason Odin banished Thor to earth as Donald Blake; this was done to make humanity believe in Asgard by Thor interacting with the human population. Loki convinced Odin to turn Thor into a woman to further understand humanity; this was to learn how it was like being part of the “inferior” sex. Thor did not change his attitude however and stayed a worthy hero.

    In this reality , Thor joined the avengers, but unlike the 616 avengers these avengers are called the “Iron Avengers” These are a group of robots that are created by Tony Stark based on dead avengers to defend new York. Thor would now spend a lot of time aiding his fellow avengers. He helped foil a plot by Loki to take over New York with Frost giants.

    Thor once against teamed up with somebody who he has done in the 616 universe, this time it was Bruce banner. This was to assist Banner in visiting Clea, the sorceress supreme. To talk about dreams Bruce had been having. Neither Thor nor Bruce was aware that Clea was under the influence of Wong and was in league with Loki. They sent Hulk into the Realm of the Dead to find out about his dreams. Hulk was trapped but Thor saved him and Loki fled.

    Loki somehow found out that they are all creations of the celestials and attempted to get Odin and the rest of the Asgardians to attempt to attack the celestial host. They thought Loki was lying and banished him to Hel. Events transpired and it was revealed that Loki was telling the truth, He agreed with Loki as it was found out that Odin was manipulating them for centuries as he already knew about the celestials. They fought Odin to overthrow him. This is when Thor reverted himself back to a male.

    They fought many Asgardians; Thor was forced to kill the warriors Three. Clea in this time was banished to Hel way back when she was being influenced by Wong, Odin freed her and Thor took her place. Thor escaped with the help of Loki. They returned to Earth and began planning what to do. It was decided, Thor would become the Midgard Serpent and Loki would take the Form of Thor.

    They battled their friends and loved ones , Odin was forced to create a new world in which Thor + Loki defeated Odin. Thor destroyed the Realm tree in this world. Everybody learnt about the Celestial creation because of this, the secrets in the tree were not secrets anymore. Thor and Loki after decided to go back to earth, Loki become a Superhero and took the identify of Thor and joined the avengers. Thor become Donald Blake and lived the rest of his life as a doctor.


    Marvel Zombies

    Zombieverse Thor
    Zombieverse Thor

    Thor in the zombieverse like most other heroes has been transformed into a zombie. He can no longer carry Mjolnir because he's no longer worthy. Thor is the one that rescues Nova from being consumed after Daredevil fights zombie Spider-Man to protect Nova. Daredevil is eventually infected with the virus by being bitten on the back by Spider-Man. Nova is taken by Thor and the Fantastic Four up to the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier. Thor appears before the meeting with the uninfected superheroes and hears Nick Fury's plan to solve the problem with the zombies. However, the Fantastic Four is infected by the virus and they assault the Helicarrier. They start spreading the infection to the others and Nick Fury orders Thor to destroy the machine that leads to different dimensions of alternate universes. During the process, Thor is infected by the virus. Thor loses his worthiness to hold Mjolnir because of his virus and his consumption of other people. He replaces Mjolnir by finding a cement block with a pipe stuck to it, making it look like Mjolnir. Later on, Thor gets involved in the chase for Magneto to consume him. Thor meets Magneto and attempts to bite, but then he has one of Hawkeye's arrows pierce his throat by Magneto. However, it doesn't affect Thor, for he is already a zombie. Thor becomes one of the people to consume Magneto and also one of the first to grab Magneto. During the Silver Surfer incident, Thor becomes involved in the attempt to eat the Silver Surfer. They succeed in consuming the Silver Surfer, but Thor is one of the zombies that does not have a share of the Silver Surfer. He is one of the zombies that has a dispute with the zombies that consumed Silver Surfer that leads to him fighting them. Giant Man kills Thor with the Surfer's cosmic power, consumes him and then spits him out, revolted at the taste of the dead flesh and tells the zombies that eating a zombie has a disgusting taste even when burned.


    Woden, Son of Thor
    Woden, Son of Thor

    In this reality, Thor married Sif and had a son named Woden. Woden was usually a troubled youth, this could be down to Thor did not really be a father to him so he had to find his own way in life. His mother Sif had given up the warrior life to be a mother and a housewife, Thor could not be parted from his adventurous ways, So without a father figure Woden become a bully. This greatly angered Sif so she sought a reception with Odin, she asked him to force Thor to stay at home and be a father too him. Odin agreed and Thor was forced to stay at home, Thor taught his ton to have pride in his heritage. But this was not the life Thor loved so started spending more and more time in the mead-halls, this troubled Woden and he ran away.

    Woden was not seen ever again until Loki attacked asgard with an army of In-humans, This was a bad time for Asgard as Thor was a shadow of his former self, he was not even worthy to hold his hammer. To save the humiliation Thor got a replica made. Loki was just about to destroy Asgard when Woden appeared brandishing his fathers hammer, He defeated Loki as Thor in the past had taught him how to fight very well.

    Loki was trapped with the Inhumans in a mystic bubble. The three generations of Asgardians kings (Odin, Thor and Woden) Sentenced Loki and his army to the black canyon for the rest of time. A long time later a creature named Silverback who showed incredible power attacked the Bifrost and Woden was forced to attack him.


    Thor - Herald of Galactus
    Thor - Herald of Galactus

    In this reality Thor is a herald of Galactus. He becomes a herald when Galactus attempts to drain Asgard of its energy. A battalion of Asgardian warriors is rushing to take on Galactus as soon as Thor is in the process of destroying Galactus' energy converting machine. Yet before the destruction of the contraption Loki stops Thor and tries to stall him to complete the destruction of Asgard. As Thor tries to return to battle, Lady Sif is killed by Galactus's herald. Thor, enraged by this, bombards the Herald with blows from Mjolnir, leaving her dead. Galactus sees this and is impressed offering Thor the status of his Herald; Thor accepts as he sees the wearied Asgardian army. Thor is now in service of Galactus only allowing Galactus to consume the energy of "Un-Developed" planets. Thor returns to Asgard as one of his father's servants in the form of a crow and tells him the fate of Asgard. A defiant Thor returns to see Asgard destroyed. Loki sits on a boulder as Thor returns. After telling Thor he gave Odin a proper burial, Thor is struck by a Frost Giant straight into his fathers resting place holding his uru mallet. Grasping it he is empowered with the power of Thor. Thor is now in possession of both the power cosmic and the might of Thor, and he trembles at his own power. Loki, seeing Galactus over the horizon, asks for Thor's' help to defend Asgard. Thor is elsewhere releasing the warriors of Asgard imprisoned underground. Thor instructs Balder to evacuate the residents of Asgard across the rainbow bridge unto Midgard ( Earth). Loki pleads for Thor to defend Asgard and once again Thor denies him, ashamed of Asgard. Thor would rather it destroyed than let it continue to exist in its current state. He allows Galactus to drain the energy of Asgard. As Balder and the rest watch as Thor takes his rightful place at Galactus's side as Herald.


    In this reality Thor and the Enchantress have a son, named Balder Blake. He has had many attempts at lifting His father’s hammer but to no avail, On his eighteenth birthday, Blake made his third annual attempt to lift his father's hammer from its memorial, which was placed to mark the end of the Secret wars. He failed to lift the hammer for a third time despite this his friends were still supportive of his efforts.

    Blake and his friends were in the middle of fighting his half brother Malefactor, He had attempted to conquer the earth and this was another attempt, they found out that Crusader, Blake’s friend was a worthy wielder of Mjolnir. She was very reluctant to ever lift as her best friend Blake was not worthy and did not want to make him feel bad. She was forced to do so as events progressed.

    Blake had a variety of powers -

    He can perform some magic and sorcery, This was probably inherited from his mother, the Enchantress, though was not as skilled as her, or his half-brother Vincent. He seems to have some level of super-human strength like most Asgardians and his father, but it was never stated how strong he was.

    Earth-311: '1602'

    No Caption Provided

    Thor's mortal form was an Old man, His name was Donal, He was from the order of the Templars. He was placed with the responsibility to transport an artifact to Jerusalem. The artifact was hidden in a cart pulled by donkeys with chairs, pots and broken furniture not to raise suspicion. He had to bring the item to Stephen strange.

    On the way to his location he got captured by a man named Mathew Murdock ( Otto Von Doom's man ) , He wanted the item. Donal escaped and went back to receive his stick, this was the actual artifact. Doom's guards saw Donal and went to attack, Donal slammed his stick on the ground and lighting shot up scaring the guards He turns into Thor and the guards run away as he reveals he is the Thunderer. This staff had been brought to Jeruslam from the north lands over 200 years ago. A man named Hugh de Payns found it beneath a temple. He saw it as a secret that revealed that the gods had walked the earth.

    Donal said he enjoyed being Thor and thought it had came to him as he was worthy, Donal was supposed to fix a rip in time but did not want to do it. He was afraid if he turned into Thor again Thor would not let him turn back for abusing the power. Thor fixes the Rip in time. Thor returns to Asgard and Donal talks to Asgard, as the Issue ends it is apparent he is angry for a reason not stated. Probably he is not allowed to become Thor again.

    Earth-2301: Mangaverse

    The Thor in this reality aids the other heroes in their battle against Dormammu. He has the same powers as 616 Thor.

    Marvel Noir

    Thor does not actually appear in this universe, but the Noir version of Baron Zemo states that his castle was previously inhabited by a mad Norse Man who believed that he was a God of Asgard, and would frequently attack people with a hammer. Zemo holds up his skeleton, and the skull is wearing a helmet reminiscent of Thor's original helmet in the 616 continuity

    Amalgam Comics

    In the Amalgram Universe, Thor joins with Orion to form Thorion was the son of Thanoseid, but was traded to All-Highfather Odin in order to seal a truce between the realms of Apokolips and New Asgard.

    On an adventure , L'ok D'saad (This is Loki and Desaad), he for whom Thorion was traded, sought to use the Mother Cube and its Infinity Essence to awaken the Sleeping One called Surtur and bring about a second Ragnarok that would end everything. Thorion, however, invoked the power of the Source via his hammer to halt L'ok's evil wishes. Because of the great energies released during their conflict, Thorion was turned into a cosmic being , a celestial.

    In Unlimited Access, a limited series which further explored themes introduced in DC vs. Marvel, the hero known as Access formed an amalgamation of what appeared to be the Silver Age versions of Thor and Superman. Together, they become known as Thor-El.

    What if...?

    In one of the first What if...? story-lines, Jane Foster discovered the stick rather than Donald Blake, spending time as a female Thor (called Thordis) before she was recalled to Asgard, allowing Odin to return the hammer to its rightful owner, although Jane went on to be elevated to godhood so that she could marry Odin.

    In What If...Rogue possessed the power of Thor? - Rogue accidentally permanently absorbed Thor when she and Mystique attempted to break the Brotherhood out of prison, resulting in her killing most of the Avengers and the Brotherhood when she was unable to cope with Thor's power. Although Loki attempted to manipulate her into waging war on Asgard after she was able to lift Thor's hammer, the sight of Odin's genuine sense of loss allowed Thor's remnants to manifest in her subconscious, affirming that he was an ideal as well as a person, allowing Rogue to inherit his power and position as she became the new Thor.

    Dargo Ktor

    Dargo Ktor is the host of a 26th-century version of Thor, who is empowered when holding Mjolnir, a subject of worship in that century.


    On Earth-56337, Thor was unworthy of Mjolnir and unable to lift it. Mjolnir would follow him around as reminder that he was unworthy. Depressed, Thor would travel Midgard trying to get away from it, only to find himself in K'un-Lun. There, he was trained by The Thunderer, boxing against Mjolnir until his punches were as strong as his hammer, making him the God of Fists.

    Other Media


    Animated version of Thor from the 1960s cartoon.
    Animated version of Thor from the 1960s cartoon.
    • Thor first appeared on TV in 1966 on The Marvel Super Heroes segment "The Mighty Thor." He was voiced by Chris Wiggins.
    • Thor's secret identity Donald Blake appeared in the 1980s Spider-Man cartoon in the episode " Wrath of the Sub-Mariner," voiced by Jack Angel.
    • Thor appeared in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episode "Vengeance of Loki."
    • Thor appeared in television movie (based off of the show of the same name) titled The Incredible Hulk Returns, played by actor Eric Allan Kramer.
    • Thor makes a cameo appearance in the X-Men: The Animated Series episode " The Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 3): The Dark Phoenix," as a mental image of the Phoenix.
    • Thor appeared twice in Fantastic Four animated series, in the episodes " To Battle the Living Planet " and " When Comes Galactus," where he teams up with the Fantastic Four and Ghost Rider to combat Ego the Living Planet and Galactus. He is voiced by John Rhys-Davies.
    Fantastic Four: TAS
    Fantastic Four: TAS
    • Thor reappears in The Incredible Hulk animated series, once again voiced by John Rhys-Davies, in the episode "Mortal Bounds." His Donald Blake identity also appears, voiced by Mark L. Taylor.
    • Thor appeared in the opening title sequence of the TV series The Avengers: United They Stand, but never actually appeared in any episodes. He was planned to appear in the second season, which was never produced, and was even featured in the show's action figure line.
    • Thor's Ultimate incarnation appears in two animated films titled Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers 2, voiced by Dave Boat.
    • Thor is a main character in the series based on The Marvel Superheroes Squad, titled The Super-Hero Squad Show. He is shown to be very narcissistic and harbors an intense rivalry with his brother, Loki. He is once again voiced by Dave Boat.
    Thor - The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes animated series
    Thor - The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes animated series
    • Thor also appears in the movie Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, voiced by Michael Adamthwaite.
    • Thor appears as a main character in the animated series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, voiced by Rick D. Wasserman. He's one of the founding members of the Avengers, alongside Hulk, Iron Man, Ant-Man and Wasp. During the first season, 3 enemies of Thor (Loki, Skurge and Amora) had an important role throughout most of the season, with the latter 2 assembling the Masters of Evil, a team of villains that included Wonder Man, Abomination, Crimson Dynamo, Living Laser, Baron Zemo and Chemistro. He also was one of the few heroes that was immune to Leader's Gamma Dome even without protection, alongside Hulk and Doc Samson. He was temporarily absent from the team during the first few episodes of the second season due to problems in Asgard, but returned (with a new attire) just in time to have a fundamental role in the defeat of the Skrulls, who had revealed themselves and executed their plans in earnest. Thor would later remain with the Avengers for the rest of the season, being fundamental in defeating the Supreme Intelligence and the Kree, among other adventures. During the series finale, Thor teamed-up with Vision, Luke Cage, Falcon and Black Widow against Air-Walker, before eventually fighting Galactus himself.
    • Thor also makes an appearance in the Ultimate Spider-Man episode "Field Trip." Loki transforms Thor into a frog after Frost Giants attack the museum which spider-man was visiting. Spider-man, Nova, Luke Cage and White Tiger then work together with Thor, to defeat Loki before he can take over Asgard and attack Odin, who was in the Odinsleep. In this TV series, Thor is quite proud, and is only able to defeat Loki when he takes consul from, and apologizes to the dwarf who forged Thor's hammer. Previously, Thor hadn't even acknowledged him for his services. He appears again "Run Pig Run", where he helps Spider-Man when he is turned into a pig by Loki, and Asgardians enter New York to hunt him in a boar hunt. Thor is voiced by Travis Willingham.
    • Thor appears in Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers, voiced by Yasuyuki Kase.
    • Thor is a main character in Avengers Assemble, with Travis Willingham reprising his role. Willingham would also voice Thor in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.
    • Thor appears in Marvel Future Avengers, voiced by Yasuyuki Kase in the Japanese version and Patrick Seitz in the English dub.
    • Thor appears in the two-part Marvel's Spider-Man episode "Vengeance of Venom," where he is one of the heroes who becomes possessed by a Venom symbiote.
    • Thor appears in several episodes of What If...?, with Chris Hemsworth reprising his role from the live-action movies.

    Video games

    Avengers in Galactic Storm (1995)

    Thor's video game debut was as an assist character in this Japanese fighting game from Data East. Thunderstrike is a playable character instead, due to his prominence in the comics at the time.

    Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (1998)

    Marvel vs. Capcom
    Marvel vs. Capcom

    Thor once again appears as an assist character in this Japanese fighting game from Capcom. He can be summoned to help out the player's fighter, attacking their opponent with Mjolnir.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (2006-2009)

    Ultimate Alliance
    Ultimate Alliance

    Thor appears in these two action RPG games. In the first game, he sports his Ultimate appearance as his default costume, while he sports a variation of his classic look in the sequel. In the first game, he is one of the principle characters and one of the first heroes to appear. Cam Clarke provides Thor's voice in the first game, while Jim Cummings replaces him in the sequel.

    Marvel Super Hero Squad (2009-2011)

    Thor appears in Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet, Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat and Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. Dave Boat provides Thor's voice.

    Thor: God of Thunder (2011)

    Thor is the main character in this Sega game, which is based on the movie. Chris Hemsworth reprises his role from the film.

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (2011)

    Thor finally makes his debut in the series as a playable fighter, sporting his Reborn appearance. Rick D. Wasserman reprises his role from the Avengers cartoon.

    Avengers: Battle for Earth (2012)

    Thor appears as a playable fighter in the game.

    Cancelled Avengers game (2012)

    Thor was going to be one of the main characters in THQ's cancelled Avengers game. He would've been one of the four initial playable heroes in the first-person action game.

    Marvel Avengers Alliance (2012)

    Thor is a playable character in this Facebook/mobile app game.

    Marvel Heroes (2013)

    Thor is a playable character in this MMORGP, with a variety of alternate costumes spanning his history available.

    Marvel Contest of Champions (2013)

    Thor is a playable fighter in this game.

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes (2013)

    Thor appears as a playable character.

    Disney Infinity 2.0 (2014)

    Thor appears as a playable character in the game, voiced by Travis Willingham.

    Marvel Avengers Academy (2016)

    A teenage version of Thor appears as one of the main characters, voiced by Colton Haynes.

    Lego Marvel's Avengers (2016)

    Thor appears as one of the main characters in the game.

    Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite (2017)

    MVC: Infinite
    MVC: Infinite

    Thor appears as a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. He plays a significant role in the game's storyline, where he is brought under Ultron Sigma's thrall after being exposed to the Sigma virus. During the finale, he manages to free himself by using the Soul Stone. His alternate DLC costumes are his Ultimate design and a shirtless, short-haired look seemingly based on both the Worldengine storyline and Thor: Ragnarok. He was voiced by Travis Willingham.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order (2019)

    Ultimate Alliance 3
    Ultimate Alliance 3

    Thor appears as a playable character in the third Ultimate Alliance game, with Rick D. Wasserman reprising his role from The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

    Marvel's Avengers (2020)

    Marvel's Avengers
    Marvel's Avengers

    Thor will appear as one of the central playable characters in Square Enix's 2020 Avengers game. Travis Willingham once again reprises his role.

    Fortnite (2020)

    In 2020, Thor was added to Epic Games' popular Fortnite battle royale game. He was featured as part of the Nexus War event, a crossover between Epic and Marvel.

    Film (Animated)

    Hulk Vs Thor
    Hulk Vs Thor
    • Thor appears in Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers 2, voiced by Dave Boat.
    • Thor briefly appears in Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, voiced by Michael Adamthwaite. He is only a minor character, though is daughter Torunn appears as one of the main protagonists.
    • Thor cameos in a scene of the animated film Planet Hulk seen alongside Beta-Ray Bill.
    • Thor appears as a protagonist in the direct-to-DVD animated film Hulk vs Thor, voiced by Matthew Wolf. Thor battles a Loki-possessed Hulk who has been separated from Bruce Banner.
    • Thor appeared in a movie called Thor: Tales of Asgard premiering in late 2011, with Matthew Wolf reprising his role.

    Film (Live-action)

    Thor (2011)

    Chris Helmsworth as Thor
    Chris Helmsworth as Thor

    A live-action film directed by Kenneth Brannagh starred Chris Hemsworth in the titular role with Natalie Portman as Dr. Jane Foster and Tom Hiddleston as his half-brother Loki. The cast also included Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Idris Elba as Heimdall, Stellan Skarsgard as Erik Selvig, Jaimie Alexander as Sif, Asano Tadanobu as Hogun, Joshua Dallas as Fandral, Ray Stevenson as Volstagg, Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson, Renee Russo as Frigga, Colm Feore as Laufey and Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye.

    In the film, Thor gets banished from Asgard for disturbing the peace that Odin had set in the Nine Realms, as the Frost Giants, led by Loki seek to take the throne of Asgard.

    The Avengers (2012)

    No Caption Provided

    Directed by Joss Whedon, Chris Hemsworth repised his role as Thor as the Avengers first officially came together in the cinematic universe to stop the invasion of the Chitauri led by his brother Loki. At the end of the film, he returns to Asgard with Loki and the Tesseract in tow.

    Thor: The Dark World (2013)

    No Caption Provided

    Directed by Alan Taylor, Chris Hemsworth reprises his role in the film and many notable characters from the first movie return. The film focuses on the return of the Dark Elves, led by their leader Malekith (Christopher Eccleston), who seeks to bring the Nine Worlds into darkness by stealing the Aether (a.k.a the Reality Stone), which has found its way inside Jane Foster's body. After Malekith and his henchman Skurge kill Thor's mother Frigga, Thor and Loki team up to get revenge on the Dark Elf ruler.

    The relationship and coming together of the rival-brothers Thor and Loki proves to be a big focal point in the film. At the close of the movie, following Loki's supposed death and Malekith's defeat, Thor returns to Earth to be with Jane. Neither he nor Jane realize that Loki has actually survived and impersonated Odin in order to gain control of Asgard.

    Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

    Thor in the Avengers sequel
    Thor in the Avengers sequel

    Thor returns in the Avengers sequel, once again acting as part of the team now that he lives on Earth. After Wanda Maximoff uses her mental powers on Thor, he receives an ominous vision of his comrades in Asgard dead and trapped in Hel, with the spirit of Heimdall blaming him for getting everyone killed. As Thor pursues these visions throughout the film, he eventually learns of a plot by a mysterious being to collect all six Infinity Stones for some nefarious purpose. At the end of the film, Thor takes a leave of absence from the team to find more information who exactly is behind this plot to find the Stones.

    Civil War: Team Thor (2016)

    Team Thor
    Team Thor

    Chris Hemsworth reprises his role in a non-canon short mockumentary set between the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor: Ragnarok, which is directed by Taika Waititi. The short features Thor moving to Australia and moving in with an average office worker named Darryl, whom he annoys endlessly. The short humorously explains that Thor was absent from Captain America: Civil War because none of the other Avengers could reach him due to him not owning a phone.

    Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

    Thor: Ragnarok
    Thor: Ragnarok

    Chris Hemsworth once again reprises his role, this time in a film that radically changes the direction of the Thor series. Early on in the film, Thor discovers that Loki trapped Odin on Earth after stealing his identity, and tries to find him. The two brothers find Odin in Norway, where he tells them that he is dying. Before passing away, Odin warns his sons of Hela, their long lost older sister, who will be free from her prison once he dies. True to Odin's word, Hela soon appears, and attacks Thor and Loki. In the ensuing battle, Hela destroys Mjolnir, forcing the two brothers to flee. Hela attacks them while they are being transported through the Bifrost, which results in both of them becoming stranded on the alien planet of Sakaar.

    While on Sakaar, Thor is captured by a former Asgardian warrior known as Valkyrie, and is forced to fight in the Grandmaster's gladiatorial games. It is in his first fight that Thor encounters his old teammate the Hulk, who ended up on Sakaar after the events of Age of Ultron. Eventually, Thor hatches a plot to escape, and recruits the Hulk, Loki and Valkyrie to accompany him. The four head to Asgard, where they engage in a final battle with Hela. Realizing that Hela is invincible due to her power coming from Asgard itself, Thor decides that the only way to beat her is to destroy the kingdom itself. Loki unleashes Surtur, who destroys Asgard and seemingly vanquishes Hela. The film ends with Thor, his allies and the surviving Asgardians heading off into space to find a new home, with Thor acting as their new king.

    The film sees the return of most of the cast from the first two movies, along with Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Cate Blanchett as Hela, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster, and Karl Urban as Skurge.

    Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Thor with his axe
    Thor with his axe

    Hemsworth once again returns in the third Avengers film. Picking up shortly after the events of Ragnarok, the movie opens with Thor having been defeated by Thanos, who has killed half of the Asgardian refugees in order to steal the Space Stone from Loki. Loki attempts to slay Thanos, but is thwarted and killed while a helpless Thor watches in anguish. After being stranded in space, Thor is rescued by the Guardians of the Galaxy, whom he warns about the threat of Thanos.

    Realizing Thanos cannot be allowed to collect all six Infinity Stones, a vengeful Thor decides to head to Nidavellir to find a weapon capable of stopping the Mad Titan. Accompanied by Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Thor finds Eitri, who agrees to forge a powerful axe that will be strong enough to kill Thanos. With help from Groot, Eitri completes the axe, which he calls Stormbreaker.

    Armed with his new weapon, Thor heads to Wakanda to help the Avengers and the Wakandan military fight off Thanos' army of Outriders, who seek to destroy the Vision in order to steal the Mind Stone, the last item Thanos needs to complete the Infinity Gauntlet. However, the Avengers fail to stop Thanos, who manages to kill Vision and claim the Mind Stone. Just as Thanos completes the Infinity Gauntlet, Thor swoops down and strikes him in the chest with Stormbreaker, badly wounding the Mad Titan. Unfortunately, Thor's desire to gloat proves to be the universe's undoing, as Thanos is able to cling to life long enough to activate the Infinity Gauntlet, which he uses to exterminate half of all sentient life in existence. After Thanos escapes, the film ends with the surviving Avengers surveying the destruction and pondering their next move.

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Thor with Stormbreaker and Mjolnir
    Thor with Stormbreaker and Mjolnir

    Hemsworth reprises his role once again in the follow-up to Infinity War. Shortly after Thanos' victory, the remaining Avengers team up with Captain Marvel to track down the Mad Titan and destroy him, believing they can use the Infinity Stones to resurrect his victims. The Avengers quickly overpower Thanos, but are crestfallen to discover that he has already destroyed the Infinity Stones so that nobody else can use them. A despondent Thor decapitates Thanos, but the victory feels hollow.

    Five years later, the surviving Asgardian refugees have established New Asgard as a small fishing village in Norway, with Thor as their king. The Hulk and Rocket come to visit Thor, telling him that Scott Lang may have found a way to use time travel to go back and get the Infinity Stones, which they hope to use to bring back everyone who has died. They find a drunken and disheveled Thor who is a mere shadow of his former self, his depression and guilt over failing to stop Thanos having overwhelmed him. Thor initially turns them down, but is persuaded to help by the Hulk. Using the time travel device the team has constructed, Thor and Rocket are sent to Asgard back during the events of Thor: The Dark World, where they are tasked with stealing the Reality Stone from Jane Foster's body. While there, Thor encounters Frigga, and has a heart to heart conversation with her shortly before her impending death. Bolstered by his mother's encouragement, Thor regains his heroic resolve.

    Thor and Rocket return to the present with both the Reality Stone and the 2013 version of Mjolnir (which Thor finds he is still worthy of wielding despite his fall into depression). When a time-traveling version of Thanos from 2014 attacks Avengers HQ to get the Infinity Stones, Thor wields both Mjolnir and Stormbreaker to fight against him. After Thanos is destroyed and his victims are restored to life, Thor chooses to leave Earth to travel the universe with the Guardians.

    Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

    Jane and Thor reunited
    Jane and Thor reunited

    Chris Hemsworth reprises his role in a fourth Thor movie (notably making Thor the first MCU character to do so; to date both Iron Man and Captain America only received three solo films each). Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Thor is still traveling with the Guardians of the Galaxy, when he is called away to protect New Asgard from Gorr the God-Butcher (played by Christian Bale). He is reunited with Jane Foster, who had has been diagnosed with cancer and was using Mjolnir as a last ditch cure.

    Thor, Jane, Valkyrie, and Korg attempt to assemble a team of gods from Omnipotence City to stop Gorr from finding Eternity and wishing them all out of existence.


    Thor has long been a popular character for merchandise. Companies like Bowen, Toy Biz, Hasbro, Mego, Diamond Collectibles, Lego, Max Factory, Bandai, Sideshow Collectibles, and many others have produced toys and statues of the character. Toy and replica versions of his hammer, Mjolnir, are also very popular among children.

    Marvel Legends

    From ToyBiz and and an early Hasbro attempt
    From ToyBiz and and an early Hasbro attempt
    Later figures from Hasbro
    Later figures from Hasbro
    • ToyBiz featured Thor in the Marvel Legends line as part the third wave. The figure came with a display stand.
    • An updated version of Thor was later featured in ToyBiz's Giant-Man Build-a-Figure wave, which was a Walmart exclusive.
    • King Thor was featured in Hasbro's iteration of the Marvel Legends line as part of the Blob Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Thor was featured in Hasbro's 12-inch Marvel Legends Icons line.
    • Hasbro featured Thor in the Marvel Legends Terrax Build-a-Figure wave, featuring his Reborn costume. A variant was also released as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.
    • Hasbro also featured Thor in the Marvel Legends Allfather Build-a-Figure wave, this time with Thor sporting his Marvel NOW! look. The Allfather figure itself came with an alternate head to turn it into the future version of Thor from Jason Aaron's run.
    • The Unworthy Thor was featured as part of a Marvel Legends SDCC box set.
    • Young Thor was featured as part of the Gladiator Hulk Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Hasbro released an updated Thor figure, based on the art of Alex Ross, as part of a special Marvel Legends series meant to celebrate Marvel's 80th anniversary.
    • A Herald of Thunder Thor figure was included as part of the Controller Build-a-Figure wave.

    Other Thor merchandise

    From Diamond Select, Hasbro and Square Enix
    From Diamond Select, Hasbro and Square Enix
    • Thor received a figure from Mego.
    • Thor was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Super Heroes line.
    • Thor was featured in ToyBiz's Avengers line.
    • Diamond has released several Marvel Select Thor figures, including his classic, Ultimate, Reborn, and Marvel NOW! incarnations.
    • Hasbro featured Thor in the Marvel Super Hero Squad line.
    • Hasbro featured several iterations of Thor in the Marvel Universe line.
    • Square Enix released an anime-style Thor figure for their Play Arts Kai line.
    • A retro Mego-style Thor was released for Disney Stores, featuring accessories that could allow the toy to be turned into Classic Thor, Reborn Thor, and Donald Blake.

    MCU Thor

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    • Thor received his own action figure line from Hasbro for his first movie.
    • Thor was featured in Hasbro's various toy lines for the first Avengers movie.
    • Thor was featured in Hasbro's various toy lines for Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor: The Dark World.
    • Thor received Marvel Legends figures for the first, second and third Avengers movies.
    • Thor was featured in Bandai Tamashii's S.H. Figuarts line, sporting his Age of Ultron incarnation.
    • Hot Toys released a figure of Thor from the first movie.
    • Hot Toys released a figure of Thor from The Avengers.
    • Hot Toys released a figure of Thor from Thor: The Dark World.
    • Hot Toys released a figure of Thor from Avengers: Age of Ultron.
    • Max Factor produced a Thor figure for their Figma line.
    • Hot Toys released figures of Thor for both Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War.
    • Thor received his own Marvel Legends wave for Thor: Ragnarok.


    No Caption Provided
    • Bowen Designs produced several Thor statues.
    • Many iterations of Thor have been featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Bowen has also produced Thor busts.
    • Kotobukiya released a Thor statue for their Fine Arts line.
    • Diamond Select has produced statues of Thor.
    • Thor was included in Dark Horse's line of retro Marvel figurines.
    • Eaglemoss Publications has produced several Thor figurines.
    • Thor has been featured in Funko's Pop! line of bobbleheads.
    • Kotobukiya released a Marvel NOW! Thor statue for the ArtFX line.
    • Sideshow Collectibles released multiple Thor statues and busts for both the comics and the movies.
    • Thor has been featured in multiple Lego kits in both his film and comic incarnations.

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