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    Former pro baseball player who became a known criminal as the Boomerang. After fighting towards some semblance of redemption as a member of the Thunderbolts, he lead the seventh incarnation of the Sinister Six.

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    Boomerang's old costume.
    Boomerang's old costume.

    Fred Myers is a native of Australia but moved to America when he was young. As he was growing up he had a keen interest in baseball and developed an extraordinary pitching arm. He went into the minor leagues after high school and a couple years later he made it into the major leagues. Before he finished his rookie year he was suspended for accepting bribes. He was mad and joined as a mercenary to the criminal organization called the Secret Empire. They gave him special weapons that went along with his powerful arm and the Boomerang was born.

    The Secret Empire wanted Boomerang to steal an US government weapon called the Orion missile. Boomerang kidnapped Betty Ross and dispatched Major Talbot and Rick Jones with his weapons. Boomerang offered to free Betty Ross in exchange for the Orion missile. The Hulk would intervene and battle Boomerang. Boomerang tried to escape with Betty but she was set free when the Hulk started to chase after them. Boomerang attempted to steal the Orion missile but was outsmarted by Major Talbot and the Secret Empire was busted. Boomerang wanted to exact revenge on the Hulk and battled him at a dam site. Boomerang struck the Hulk with a special disc filled with tranquilizer gas and the gamma giant became dizzy. Boomerang destroyed the dam wall with his weapons and water began to pour down the canyon below. Boomerang taunted the Hulk as he hovered above him with his rocket boots.

    The Hulk lashes out on the nearby rocks and it causes a sonic boom that knocks Boomerang into the ground. Boomerang's leg is broken and pleads with the Hulk to save him from drowning. The Hulk tries to escape with Boomerang but the Hulk begins to transform back to Banner due to the tranquilizer gas. Banner could no longer hold Boomerang and the criminal plunges into the water below.


    Boomerang was created by artist Bill Everett and writer Stan Lee in 1966. His first appearance was in Tales To Astonish # 81.

    Major Story Arcs

    Back with a Vengeance

    The contract killer- Boomerang!
    The contract killer- Boomerang!

    Boomerang survived the fall and rehabilitated himself for months by training his body and improving his trademark weapons. Boomerang would be hired as a contract killer and his first assignment since his comeback was to eliminate Iron Fist. Boomerang encountered Iron Fist and Misty Knight on a tramp freighter called the SS Balaclava after Iron Fist received a telegram from his friend Alan Cavenaugh which told him to meet at midnight and it was a matter of life and death. Boomerang and the men that hired him ambushed the two heroes on the ship. Iron Fist was knocked off the side of the ship but was able to land on some cargo crates. Boomerang was impressed with his opponent's acrobatic ability after surviving the fall and evading several shatterangs. Boomerang was able to hit Iron Fist with a single, plain boomerang with his flawless accuracy. Iron Fist was able to get closer to Boomerang but the assassin propelled the martial artist over the ship with his boot jets. Boomerang and his two associates left the scene after Iron Fist plunged into the near freezing water and didn't surface for several minutes. Iron Fist would eventually resurface and find the ferry where Cavanaugh was being held captive by two old friends named Padraic and Alan that accused Cavanaugh of being a traitor after breaking the "once in, never out" oath. Iron Fist crashed through a window and encountered Boomerang once again. Boomerang was taking hits inside the close quarters of the ship so he boosted to the upper deck and waited to ambush Iron Fist. The martial artist hits Boomerang from behind and flips him onto the ground. Boomerang grabs the boomerang on his head piece and reveals his deadliest weapon- the rocketrang. This special boomerang was like a guided missile and it started to grow as it got closer to Iron Fist. The rocketrang had some sort of magnetic field that held Iron Fist as it flew skyward. An explosive charge was set to go off in one minute but Iron Fist was able to change the trajectory of the boomerang by twisting his body. Iron Fist used his chi power to free himself and the rocketrang headed back towards the ferry where Boomerang and his associates were on. The rocketrang hits the ferry and causes a massive explosion. Iron Fist escaped with Cavanaugh but Boomerang was missing and appeared to have died in the explosion.

    Defender for a Day

    Sagittarius and Libra would direct a band of villains which included Boomerang to pose as Defenders to restore the delicate balance of cosmic justice by creating co-equal chaos. Boomerang alongside Leap-Frog, Melter, Shocker, Toad, Pecos and Joe the Gorilla are lead by Libra to take over the New York Stock Exchange when they are confronted by Nighthawk. The villains steal the Staten Island Ferry after they defeat Nighthawk when they are confronted by Valkyrie and her team of Defenders. Valkyrie's perception of all the men on the ferry is distorted during a struggle with Joe the Gorilla. She believes all the men on the ferry are trolls and goes ballistic with her enchanted sword, Dragonfang. Boomerang could no longer withstand the blows he was taking and retreats.

    Boomerang vs Nick Fury.
    Boomerang vs Nick Fury.

    Boomerang would be hired by the Viper after she had used a hypno-beam to hypnotize Clay Quartermain and several members of SHIELD. One of his assignments was to accompany the Silver Samurai and eliminate Spider-Man and the Black Widow. Nick Fury was also after the Black Widow so Boomerang bugged his car and followed him from a distance. Nick Fury found Peter Parker with Natasha when Boomerang ambushed them. Boomerang used his "boom"-erang on Fury's car but Parker's spidey-sense saved them from the explosion. Boomerang engaged Fury while Parker slipped away. Parker emerged as Spider Man and tackled Boomerang. Silver Samurai teleported Boomerang and himself away during the fight. Viper had taken over SHIELD's heli-carrier with her hypno-beam and planned to kill the Joint Chiefs from the US Government. Spider Man, Black Widow, Nick Fury and Shang-Chi infiltrated the carrier. Fury and Shang-Chi took down some hypnotized SHIELD agents when Boomerang strikes. Fury is taken down and Shang-Chi faces Boomerang all by himself. Boomerang is impressed with Shang Chi's abilities especially after the martial artist smashes one of his razorangs and evades a gasarang. Shang-Chi manages to creep closer to Boomerang and knocks the mercenary down with his fists of fury. Boomerang slowly gets up and manages to throw one "boom"-rang that takes down Shang-Chi. However, Nick Fury managed to recover in time and take out Boomerang. Fury then donned Boomerang's costume and had Shang-Chi pretend to be his captive. They reached the storeroom where the Viper was located and managed to save the world with the help of Spider Man and the Black Widow.

    Sinister Syndicate

    The Sinister Syndicate.
    The Sinister Syndicate.

    Boomerang would team up with the Beetle, Rhino, Hydro Man and Speed Demon to form the Sinister Syndicate. Silver Sable and Spider-Man go to Coney Island to meet the international terrorist known as Jack O Lantern but they are greeted by the Syndicate instead. Boomerang and the Beetle go after Sable while the rest of the Syndicate deal with Spider-Man. The two heroes manage to elude the villains for a brief moment when they try to hide behind some roller coaster tracks. The Syndicate finds them and Boomerang uses his razorangs to cause the tracks to collapse. Silver Sable and Spider-Man wake up in a daze with Boomerang and the rest of the Syndicate surrounding them both. Jack O Lantern had hired the Syndicate to eliminate Silver Sable and Spider Man. Things looked grim until Sandman appeared and struck the Beetle from behind. The coaster's collapse attracted the Sandman's attention and he decided to help Silver Sable and Spider-Man against the Syndicate. The two heroes ran off but Boomerang and the Beetle gave chase. Spider Man was able to elude a blasterang with his spider sense and ends up webbing Boomerang. Spider Man tosses Boomerang into Hydro Man allowing Silver Sable to escape. Boomerang causes a distraction by throwing a blasterang into Sandman. Boomerang takes off with Speed Demon and the rest of the Sinister Syndicate escape.

    Boomerang vs Spider Man in San Diego.
    Boomerang vs Spider Man in San Diego.

    Boomerang would come to San Diego during a time when Peter Parker was there doing a book tour to promote his action photo book called Webs. Parker would meet a yachting enthusiast named Louis Baxter on a local talk show who had actually hired Boomerang to eliminate an Australian competitor named Artie Crippen. Crippen accused Baxter of cheating because he discovered that Baxter's boat named the Golden Champion had a secret compartment that contained a fog machine. Spider-Man saw Boomerang at the Marina one evening when an explosion occurred near Baxter's boat. Spider-Man fought Boomerang but he was able to escape. Parker had lunch the next day with Baxter and told him that Boomerang was a hired killer when Crippen interrupted their conversation. Boomerang appeared outside when he threw a screamerang that missed Baxter and ended up killing Crippen. Spider-Man engaged the assassin outside but Boomerang eluded capture when he used his jet boots to knock the wall-crawler into the water. Parker woke up that night and figured that Cripplen was the true target and Baxter was clear of suspicion because it looked like he was the intended target. Spider-Man decided to look into Baxter's boat and saw a strange compartment when he was knocked out by a gasarang. Spider-Man wakes up in a small motorboat in Mission Bay shackled in chains with Boomerang in the driver's seat. Boomerang tells Spider-Man that the boat is carrying half a ton of plastique explosive set to go off in fifteen minutes. The boat is headed towards the race and should explode while the Champion passes by. It will look like another attack on Baxter and would be the perfect alibi for Crippen's murder. Boomerang boosted away and watched the rest of the race from above. Spider-Man managed to break free from his chains and steer the boat away from the buoy that was suppose to cause the explosion upon contact. Boomerang headed towards Spider-Man and attacked with a few razorangs. Spider Man dove into the water and Boomerang assumed he killed his enemy when he didn't surface from the water. Spider-Man was actually holding onto the boat when Boomerang flew nearby. Spider-Man webbed himself onto Boomerang and both men went skyward as the small motorboat crashed into the Champion. Boomerang was taken down by a hard yank by Spider-Man and eventually apprehended by the authorities.

    The B Squad- Boomerang, Blizzard & Blacklash.
    The B Squad- Boomerang, Blizzard & Blacklash.

    Justin Hammer would send Boomerang, Blacklash and Blizzard to the compound of Electronica Fabrizzi outside of Rome to take out the Ghost. The Ghost would appear after the costume cutthroats dismantle several maintenance drones. Boomerang throws a shatterang at Ghost but it goes through him. Boomerang uses a gasarang to flush out the Ghost but that fails. Boomerang is knocked down when the Ghost phases through a wall and smacks his head. The Ghost escapes and Justin Hammer is not pleased. The Ghost would appear at Hammer's office as he speaks with Boomerang and his two associates. Hammer attempts to recruit the Ghost by offering him a starting salary of six figures but he refuses. Hammer told his operatives to team up with Iron Man and James Rhodes at the Fabrizzi complex to take down the Ghost. The group encounters the Ghost and Boomerang would use a dusterang to spread a powder laced with a radioactive trace element that allowed them to follow their spectral foe with special lenses. The team up appears successful when they take down the Ghost but Boomerang, Blacklash and Blizzard eventually turn on Iron Man. Hammer told his operatives to mop up the leftovers after Ghost and Iron Man wore each other down. Rhodey would appear and Boomerang throws a number of razorangs at him. A razorang hits Rhodes in the shoulder but Boomerang is taken down with several shots from an automatic rifle. The distraction allowed Iron Man the time needed to take down Blacklash and Blizzard.

    Acts of Vengeance

    Boomerangs uses a shatterang to break through a wall into a small division of Stark Enterprises when his employer Justin Hammer learned that facility had a break in earlier by the Ghost. Boomerang wanted the videotapes from the security monitors that may show the Ghost in action so he could learn his next possible move. Boomerang gets upset when the guards tell him that his moves have set off a silent alarm and Iron Man should arrive any minute. Boomerang welcomes the challenge until a man in a trench coat and hat phases through a wall. The unknown individual reminds Boomerang of his previous defeats by Iron Man and persuades him to fight another Avenger. Boomerang gladly accepts and his next target would be the archer, Hawkeye. Boomerang ambushes Hawkeye on the streets of New York City and sets the block on fire with his flamerangs. Hawkeye would clog up Boomerang's boot jets with a putty arrow and tries to save a nurse trapped on the upper floor of a burning building. Hawkeye begins to carry the nurse down on a line but Boomerang cuts it with one of his razorangs. Hawkeye and the nurse are saved when they land on a giant air cushion set by firefighters. Boomerang tries to runaway but Hawkeye ensnares him with a net arrow.

    Justin Hammer would call upon the services of Boomerang to eliminate Cardiac and Spider-Man. Cardiac was causing trouble for Hammer and was after a shipment of chemicals on the SS Palermo. Silver Sable hired Spider-Man to neutralize Cardiac and Hammer ordered Boomerang to kill the last man standing. Boomerang hid in the shadows as Spider-Man and Cardiac fought each other. Boomerang didn't want to wait for the fight to finish and wanted to add two notches to his reputation. Boomerang threw two boomerangs- a sonicrang and a disrupterang which brought the webhead to his knees and Cardiac collapsed to the ground clutching his chest. Boomerang was neutralized when Spider-Man jammed one of his jet boots with his webbing. Boomerang lost flight control and crashed into the ocean.

    The Hero Killers

    Boomerang and several super-powered cronies like like the Beetle, Constrictor, Rhino, Blacklash, Bombshell, Speed Demon, Hydro Man, Stiletto and Discus would work as one of Justin Hammer's operatives where they come into conflict with Spider-Man and the New Warriors when Speedball is kidnapped. The Sphinx worked with Justin Hammer where his operatives kidnapped various heroes including Auric and Silver. They were held captive at the Target Technologies complex in New Jersey where they analyzed the heroes' abilities for their own ends. Boomerang and Blacklash would encounter Night Thrasher when the New Warriors and Spider-Man infiltrate the compound where Speedball was being held captive. Boomerang hits Night Thrasher several times with his boomerangs but the New Warrior is able to escape when he used ball bearings and spur jacks on the two villains. Boomerang and the rest of Hammer's operatives would lure the webhead and the rest of the Warriors into a prearranged location where they are trapped by a special bubble shield. Boomerang appears to have eluded capture when the New Warriors break free and defeat the Sphinx.

    Boomerang is later seen at the AIM Weapons Exposition on an island protected by international law. Captain America, Diamondback and the Falcon disguised themselves as Crossbones, Mother Night and Jack O' Lantern so they can infiltrate this expo in hopes of getting information on a criminal named Snapdragon. Batroc the Leaper arranged some pre-expo entertainment by testing the prowess of Crossbones who was actually Captain America in disguise. Boomerang is one of over a hundred super felons in attendance. Batroc reveals to everyone that Crossbones was really Captain America and offered fifty thousand to the person that brings him down. All the hardened criminals including Boomerang rush the ring for a shot at the super soldier and a nice payout. Captain America would knock out Boomerang with a single punch.

    Lethal Foes

    Leila Davis is freed from Riker's Island Prison and decides to reunite with some old associates which included Boomerang, Rhino and the Vulture to achieve some goals. Boomerang agreed to join for the money, power and the chance to get revenge on Abner Jenkins aka the Beetle. The three villains and Leila in an armored suit break into the US Atomic Research Company to steal a nuclear blaster. The party is interrupted by Spider-Man but they all manage to escape with the blaster. Boomerang and the Vulture squabble over the gun while they were hiding out in Central Park when the blaster goes off. Boomerang and the rest of the crew leave the park without realizing they had struck a homeless resident. The beam of power caused this homeless resident to unleash a creature that was repressed inside for years, the man transformed into Stegron, the Dinosaur Man.

    Justin Hammer's plan to drive the rich out of the affluent areas of Los Angeles by starting a gang war was in jeopardy because of Silver Sable and her groups, the Wild Pack and the Intruders. Hammer told his assistant to call his minions in the Los Angeles area which included Boomerang, Afterburner, Cyclone, Beetle, Spymaster, Blacklash and Blizzard to prepare an assault on Silver Sable and her crew. Hammer's minions ambushed Silver Sable and the Wild Pack inside a warehouse. Boomerang would shatter Amy Chen's sword with his trademark weapon and then he gets smacked in the face by Battlestar. Things started to get out of control when the gang members jumped into the fray so Boomerang and the rest of Hammer's minions retreated away in their transport.

    Boomerang reappeared In Downtown Manhattan when he tried to rekindle his relationship with his ex-girlfriend named Jane Leonard who worked at a local bank. His ex-girlfriend activated the bank's silent alarm and Boomerang placed her and several employees inside the bank's vault. Boomerang acted like a lover spurned and hurled his explosive weapons with disregard, causing major property damage. Mary Jane was ready to watch Casablanca at home with her husband when she saw him on television as Spider-Man. Mary Jane was angry and upset at first but realized one of the endearing qualities she loved about her husband was his superhuman selflessness. She was horrified to see her husband fighting Boomerang on television and witnessing a massive explosion inside a building. She was relieved when Spider-Man emerged from the burning building with a defeated Boomerang in his grasp.

    The Power of Terror

    A gang war erupts in New York between the Maggia and the Hell's Kitchen Mob. Spider-Man comes across a gunfight between the two gangs and sees Boomerang trying to eliminate some members of the Hell's Kitchen Mob. Spider-Man webs Boomerang's feet as he takes to the air so Boomerang retaliates with his trademark weapons. Boomerang cuts the webbing with a razorang but Spider-Man catches him. Boomerang tells Spider-Man that his job was done and he missed out on the main event. Spider-Man realized that Boomerang was just a distraction to lure him away and knocks out Boomerang with a left punch.

    Grave Matters

    Boomerang would team up with several criminals including Scorpia, Jack O Lantern, Beetle and the Shocker after Jonah Jameson offered a $100,000 reward to anyone that could recover the skeleton of a Peter Parker clone that was dumped in a stack a few years ago. The criminals come into conflict with Ben Reilly as Spider-Man and a shady individual named the Pro because he was looking for the skeleton too. A brawl occurs inside a cemetery where the skeleton is suppose to be located and Boomerang is taken out by Reilly's paralysis stingers.

    Boomerang would be one of numerous assassins hired by the man called the Architect to come to New York. The Architect offers big money to the first assassin that can kill him. The gathering of assassins and mercenaries would bring conflict with one another over this job. Boomerang and Bushwacker face off in the Village until Elektra enters the fray. Elektra deflects Boomerang's razorang with her sai and it ends up severing Bushwacker's prosthetic arm gun. Boomerang is knocked out when Elektra kicks him in the jaw.

    Boomerang would come into conflict with Speedball after he breaks out of Seagate Prison and attempts to rob the First Federal Bank in New York City. Speedball crashes through the ceiling and introduces himself to Boomerang. The mercenary throws his bladerang at the Masked Marvel but he extends his kinetic field and sucks the velocity out of the flying weapon. Speedball jumps towards Boomerang and knocks him out with a powerful headbutt.


    Boomerang would be hired by Hammerhead to retrieve ancient fragments from the Lifeline Tablet that were stolen by Man Mountain Marko and the Eel at a museum opening. Marko and Eel took the stolen fragments to their boss Caesar Cicero when Boomerang crashes into his office on his Long Island estate. The roof debris buries Marko while Boomerang uses a glueme-rang on the Eel. Boomerang takes off with the fragments and returns to Hammerhead's heavily guarded building in Brooklyn. The fragments were given to Dr. Curt Connors who was forced to complete the infinity formula or his family would get hurt by Hammerhead. Peter Parker witnessed the theft from the museum and got into action as Spider-Man. Spider Man eventually found Dr. Connors being held hostage by Boomerang inside Hammerhead's building. Boomerang placed a razorang to Connor's neck and knew he was planning to complete the power formula to get rid of the Lizard. Boomerang told Connors he didn't want Hammerhead to get double-crossed because he would lose out on a large amount of money plus he didn't want to lose the opportunity to hunt down the Lizard. Hammerhead walked in and wanted the formula. Connors was about to drink the formula when Boomerang smashes the vile with a mini-rang. Spider Man crashes through a window and tackles Boomerang. Hammerhead escapes with the notes to the formula when Connors is able to ingest a remnant of the formula from a piece on a shattered beaker. Spider-Man and Boomerang are still fighting on the floor when the Lizard emerges. The Lizard snares Boomerang with his tail and starts to crush his ribs. Spider-Man saves him when he webs the Lizard's face and Boomerang plants a tracer on his reptilian foe. Boomerang escapes to an abandoned warehouse and informs Hammerhead that he has placed a tracer on Connors. Boomerang throws his tracerang and discovers the Lizard's location under Canal street. The Lizard emerges from the sewer system and starts to climb St. Mary's Hospital where Hammerhead was located. Boomerang snares the Lizard with his net-rang and takes him to Hammerhead who was next to his dying sister's bed in the hospital. The Lizard breaks free of the electrically charged net and takes down Boomerang and several of Hammerhead's gunmen. Hammerhead threatens to kill Connor's family if he doesn't remake the formula to save his sister's life. Spider Man would appear in the hospital room with a missing piece from the lifeline tablet and agree to help the Lizard recreate the formula. The formula is completed when Boomerang recovers from his injuries and attempts to steal the formula from the Lizard with his boomerangs. Hammerhead grabs the beaker and drinks the formula to help save his sister, Antonia. Hammerhead transformed into a glowing figure filled with great power so Boomerang takes off and flies away.

    Thunderbolts: Life Sentences

    Mr. Hart & Boomerang equal shady business.
    Mr. Hart & Boomerang equal shady business.

    Boomerang was serving time in the Seagate Correctional Institute when Clint Barton aka Hawkeye was sentenced to that facility after the truth was revealed about the Thunderbolts and that they were secretly the Masters of Evil. Myers was walking behind Barton while a group of prisoners were being escorted back to their cells. Myers would trip Barton and he ended up bumping into Henry Camp aka Bulldozer of the Wrecking Crew. A fight ensued and the guards just stood there and watched as Barton was roughed up by other prisoners.

    Boomerang would be seen at the infamous Bar with No Name as he hangs out with fellow bad guys. A man in a hat and trench coat walks into the bar and swaps stories with the Vulture and Alyosha Kravinoff about a common foe, Spider-Man. Boomerang and the other felons inside are shocked when the man in the trench coat turned out to be Norman Osborn. The patrons inside were dumbfounded and awestruck when Osborn revealed how much he enjoyed killing Spider-Man's girlfriend right in front of him.

    Boomerang was briefly in Hammer Industries' Super Villain Program with other criminals like Shocker, Constrictor and Hydro Man but it was eventually dissolved so Slade went back to Australia. Slade's stay in Australia was short when he received a job offer from a shady businessman named Mr. Hart who wanted to gain a profit from the growing media coverage of heroes fighting villains. Boomerang came into conflict with Spider Man and brought a variety of boomerangs including razorangs, laser boomerangs and boomerangs with nets. Boomerang was gaining the upper hand when he boosted up to another building. Spider-Man caught up to Boomerang and humiliated the villain by making him punch himself. Spider-Man finally takes down Boomerang when he slams him against a wall. Spider Man notices a camera mounted on a building wall and one on Boomerang's head. Spider Man didn't realize he was being filmed during the fight and it was being transmitted to a bar where individuals could place bets on the combatants.

    The Last Stand

    Peter Parker's Aunt May is kidnapped and Mac Gargan forces Spider-Man to free Norman Osborn from Riker's Island prison. Spider-Man with the help of the Black Cat, free Norman Osborn from the prison and reach the surface streets through an underground tunnel system. Norman Osborn betrays the two heroes and has a group of supervillains from Spidey's past whom he called the Sinister Twelve which included Boomerang as a member to greet the two heroes. A fight ensues and the Green Goblin goes after Mary Jane while Spider-Man is preoccupied. Boomerang and the rest of the Sinister Twelve are taken down when Captain America arrives with members of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and Daredevil.

    She-Hulk: Time Trials

    Boomerang and the Ox would be represented by Mallory Book inside the main conference room of the Superhuman Law Offices of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg and Holliway during a meeting with Vision and Stature of the Young Avengers and their lawyer. Mallory stated that the Young Avengers caught Boomerang and the Ox selling weapons out of a warehouse but never had her client's permission or right to search the premises. In fact, Mallory had plans to file harassment charges on the two Young Avengers which made Stature irate. Stature smashed the table out of anger and Boomerang defended himself by throwing an electro-rang at the Vision. Security was called after Ox had taken down Stature and She-Hulk appeared. She Hulk knocked out Ox when Boomerang retaliated with several multi-rangs. She-Hulk blocked most of the multi-rangs with a table but one stuck Stu in the chest. However Stu was safe because he had several paperbacks in his jacket that prevented the razorang to draw blood. She-Hulk grabbed Boomerang by the throat when Mallory called security to have the green beauty restrained from her client. She Hulk was informed that her work was now defending super villains and the proper course of action with both parties involved was to apologize to one another since Stature technically started the fight inside the office. Boomerang agreed to the idea and She-Hulk was forced to let him go.

    The Answer would call some of his old friends including the Wizard and Boomerang to gather any information he could get on why Bullseye was hired to kill him. Boomerang tells the Answer he will tell him what he knows for fifty freebies. The Answer says twenty-five freebies and Boomerang takes the deal. The Answer hangs up on Boomerang after Boomerang tells him, he knows nothing.

    London Falling

    Boomerang would reappear with numerous criminals and join a terrorist organization called RAID. These criminals are suppose to strategically strike numerous landmarks in London. Boomerang, Firebrand and some RAID agents attempt to take over a plane filled with passengers in Heathrow. Boomerang and Firebrand try to hold of Contessa Fontaine of SHIELD and the Arabian Knight. Fontaine goes after Boomerang when the terrorists seized the cockpit and started the engines of the plane. Boomerang compliments Fontaine on her nice rack while he throws his sonic boomerang at her. Fontaine manages to shoot Boomerang's gasarang on his costume and the mercenary is taken out by the fumes.

    Civil War

    During the Civil War, Boomerang opposes the Superhuman Registration Act and is eventually apprehended by the Thunderbolts. Boomerang agrees to register under the Superhuman Registration Act and becomes a member of the Thunderbolts instead of facing jail time. The Thunderbolts had to fight off cities filled with civilians who were suddenly empowered when the Grandmaster opened up the Wellspring of Power. The Thunderbolts army were broken up into numerous squads and sent to various locations throughout the world. The Chicago-based squad consisted of Boomerang, Doctor Octopus, X-Ray, Unicorn, Quicksand and Porcupine. This unit was responsible of maintaining order in the Windy City.


    Boomerang and Grizzly would receive some upgrades and enhancements from an individual called the Consultant and end up working as henchmen for a crime boss named Mr. Pain. Jackie Dio enters a strip joint owned by the Owl and starts to shoot the people inside. Jackie would come into conflict with Boomerang and Grizzly inside the club. Boomerang reveals some of his newest weapons including remote controlled boomerangs. Jackie manages to escape with a few razorangs in him. Jackie would receive some upgrades from Microchip and gets his revenge on Boomerang and Grizzly. Boomerang is severely injured when Jackie shoots one of his specialized boomerangs with adamantium bullets and the explosion shreds his right arm up. Boomerang and Grizzly end up in the hospital when their boss, Mr. Pain makes a visit. Mr. Pain hears their side of the story when he strikes Boomerang and Grizzly out of disgust. Mr. Pain douses Boomerang's left arm with lighter fluid and sets it on fire.

    Boomerang reappears sometime later taking on the Power Pack after he escaped from prison with Whirlwind and Klaw. Boomerang was the last man standing and couldn't believe he was taking on some crummy kids. Energizer knocks him down with an energy blast but Boomerang gets up and unleashes a flurry of boomerangs at the kids. Zero-G uses his gravity powers to nullify the boomerangs but one gets by him and it ends up destroying Mass Master's hand held gameboy. Mass Master gets angry and takes out Boomerang with his jackhammer kick.

    The Initiative

    Boomerang, Shocker and Hydro-Man are wanted because they are superhuman offenders and not licensed with the government. Boomerang and his two friends come into conflict with Spider-Man who was also wanted for being an unlicensed hero. The party is broken up by members of the Initiative and the three villains are hit by some SPIN tech weapons shot by Komodo. The three criminals run off into an abandoned building a few blocks away and think they have escaped. Boomerang, Shocker and Hydro-Man didn't realized they were being followed by members of the Shadow Initiative. Boomerang and his friends hear some voices coming out of the darkness when they are taken down by the Scarlet Spiders.

    Reason Into Madness

    Boomerang reappears with Tiger Shark, Whirlwind and Mr. Hyde when they plan to set up Norman Osborn with the help of Mac Gargan as Venom. Boomerang and the rest of his associates freed Biohazard from Project Pegasus. The Thunderbolts are called to take him down when Biohazard knocks Venom a few blocks away with a powerful punch. Venom is approached by Whirlwind and given a syringe that can neutralize his nanobytes in his bloodstream for two hours. Whirlwind tells Venom to meet him at a secret location in Denver. Gargan agrees to meet Whirlwind and is greeted by the rest of the villains. Boomerang gives Gargan a beer and hears out Whirlwind. Whirlwind has a file containing information on Gargan's life and how he committed corporate espionage and used that file to persuade Gargan into helping them set up Osborn. Gargan and Osborn eventually meet Whirlwind and his crew at a private location. Osborn finds himself surrounded by Boomerang and his friends. Whirlwind knows that Osborn is running the Thunderbolts and all they wanted was a piece of the pie. They ask for his codes to hack into his files, bank account info and all his dirty secrets as insurance. Osborn agrees to their demands and gives Boomerang a data stick containing the info they needed. Boomerang inserts the data stick into the laptop and it explodes. Venom incapacitates Tiger Shark and Osborn takes down Whirlwind and Mr. Hyde. Osborn tells Boomerang and his cohorts that they will not get killed or even arrested because they will work for him and not the Thunderbolts. Osborn tells Boomerang and his fallen comrades not to cross him or he will murder their families, friends and loved ones.

    He would then go on to join the Initiative under the name Outback. He is then ordered to bring in in fellow member Nonstop for a string of bank robberies (which in fact he committed). Before he can do so however, his identity is exposed by Prodigy on live television and knocked unconscious.

    Character Assassination

    Boomerang and Shocker are walking to the office of the Bookie as they talk about who they may vote for in New York City's Mayoral Race. Boomerang tells Shocker that they have a right to vote even though they may be super villains and reminded him that the men and women of the armed forces who are fighting in foreign countries are sacrificing their lives to preserve democracy. They reach the office of the Bookie to collect their earnings because they hit the over/under on the Captain America/Batroc fight. They enter his office and see the Bookie lying dead in a pool of blood on the floor. Boomerang and Shocker leave and make an anonymous phone call to the police. It turns out that the Bookie was one of the victims of the Spider-Tracer Killer.


    When Norman Osborn's forces attack Asgard, Boomerang and the rest of the initiative members are left to defend Camp Hammond when Tigra and the Avengers Resistance attacked. Boomerang is seen taking on Gauntlet and Ultra Girl. After several of the Initiative members confined to their quarters defect to the Resistance's side then Boomerang attempts to flee but is defeated by Batwing.


    During this time he would come under the employ of the new Rose. This brings him into conflict with Sara Ehret, known as the hero Jackpot. After their fight he uses her finger prints, which were left on one of the boomerangs she grabbed to find out her identity. He tracks her to her home and kills her husband in front of her and her daughter.

    After Jackpot defeats the Rose, Myers was taken into custody. He was given a chance at leniency if he agreed to testify in court. While in prison he was broken out and kidnapped by Black Dragon, a former villain named White Dragon corrupted by Mister Negative and taken to his compound. Jackpot followed them and Negative offers her the opportunity to gain revenge on Myers by simply walking away since he planned on killing the man himself to keep him from testifying against his associates. She, however refuses his offer and attacks Mr. Negative, buying her and Myers just enough time to escape. Myers is later returned to police custody and, much to Jackpot's protest, is exonerated of the murder charges.

    Sex & Violence

    Boomerang with the Assassins Guild.
    Boomerang with the Assassins Guild.

    Boomerang appears as a member of the Assassins Guild when Belladonna calls upon all her specialist in the United States to drop their other assignments to come after Wolverine and Domino. Boomerang was in Atlantic City where he just killed a number of guys playing cards inside a room when he receives the phone call. Boomerang arrives in New Orleans and meets up with fellow members of the Guild including Bullet, Black Mamba, Razorfist and Nakh. A meeting takes place at the headquarters of the Assassins Guild where Belladonna tells her assassins to kill Wolverine and Domino when they refuse to return the money that was stolen from them. Domino is wounded when she falls onto some of Boomerang's razorangs and they pierce through her right shoulder and left thigh. The fight is interrupted when several members of the Hand hold Wolverine and Domino hostage. It turns out that the Hand ninjas were X-Force in disguise and they came to rescue the Wolverine and Domino. Boomerang throws a number of razorangs at Elixir but the they are blocked by the wings of Archangel and he retaliates with his bladed wings. Boomerang is hit by several wing knives and taken out of the fight.

    Fear Itself

    Myers is later incarcerated in the Raft along with a host of other super villains who are being considered for a new Thunderbolts team. In an interview he explains how handy his abilities are describing himself as a "non-psychotic Bullseye", and is later put on the initial team with Shocker, Troll, Mr. Hyde and Centurius. After some training the team is sent out to aid the main Thunderbolts in Iraq against an army of the undead. Myers is excited to be out in the field and makes quick work of a group of zombies. He is soon grabbed by a group that emerge from the sand however, and despite his please for a hand Mr. Hyde casually informs him that he has more than enough and he is soon sucked into the earth. Before he can be killed however, his teammate Troll saves him by destroying the creatures. After the mission the teams receive information that something has hit The Raft, a hammer of The Worthy, causing a massive breakout and both dash back to the prison.

    As the breakout occurs Boomerang and his team are assigned to stop any escaping prisoners, with both he and the others stating that they could have been free too if they had just waited. When Songbird sends Centurius, Shocker, Mr.Hyde and him to dig out the medical wing so that prisoners can be treated, Centurius enters first and deactivates the groups control nanites. He tells them that they will simply wait for the right time to act on their new found freedom, and the group agrees.

    While the main team battles the the worthy empowered Juggernaut, the Beta team stand by at Thunderbolt tower. It isn't until Songbird and her team become surrounded by strange sea creatures created by Baron Zemo do Boomerang and the others set out teleporting the tower to the battle sight. Both teams fight bravely, but when it appears they are about to lose, Centurius initiates his plan and the Beta team decide to flee. Though reluctant at first Myers eventually agrees and leaves with the others as they teleport away with the tower.

    The team ends up in the mountains of Austria, but both Fixer and Centurius find that they cannot find any satellite or internet signals. They are then attacked by a troop of Nazi soldiers and realize they have been sent back to World War II. The team is aided by the past Captain America and Namor and Moonstone is able to convince them that the team are known as the "American Thunderbolts".

    When the team is attacked by an army of human torch androids created by Baron Zemo, Boomerang and the rest of the team fight them while Songbird, Fixer, and Centurius save the original Human Torch and defeat Zemo, shutting down the other androids.

    The team is teleported in time to Victorian England at the height of Jack the Rippers infamous murder spree, and are hired by local detectives to help capture the murderer. During this time Mr.Hyde and Satana break off from the team. As the rest of the team continue their search they discover Mr.Hyde over the body of a prostitute and attack him before he can explain. After a few moments Satana appears, having been possessed by the Iceni, warriors of the Celtic Queen Boudica. Although they manage to disspell them three escape and hide inside of three prostitutes. Agreeing to be the bait, Boomerang poses as a client and though unwilling is forced by Centurius to kill the women, in effect making the entire team Jack the Ripper. The team is then joined by Ghost who has managed to travel through time and is transported with the rest of the group to medieval England.

    While the team try to fix the time travel problem, Moonstone sends out Boomerang to find Troll, who had wondered off to hunt, who is attacked by Sir Percy the Black Knight. Boomerang rescues her and defeats the knight, taking the Ebony blade. The group is then approached by King Arthur and his knights, who after demanding the sword back attack the group. The team is then defeated by Merlin and locked in Camelot's dungeon. Thanks to a timely assist from the Ghost, the team is freed and after letting loose all the creatures in the dungeon depart the time period with Merlin's aid. They head back to the future as the beasts tear Camelot apart. When they arrive in the future, however they realize they have missed their intended time by a few years, being greeted by Zemo's Thunderbolts.

    The Underbolts manage to evade their past counterparts and flee into the city. Boomerang takes Moonstone to a storage unit where he remembers keeping a large stash of his old equipment and empties the unit. A few moments later his past self arrives being chased by the police and opens the unit only to find it empty and is swiftly arrested. The team eventually butt heads with the old team and after an extended fight Zemo realizes the teams identities and calls a truce agreeing to aid them in getting back to their own time. The teams then throw a party only for future Fixer to kill his past self as he caught him trying to access the tower's database causing a time anomaly that threatens to destroy the universe. To save everyone the team agrees to keep the living Fixer in the past, changing his appearance and wiping his and the past team's memories of these events. Zemo attempts to stop them only to be knocked out by Satana, setting time right as the Underbolts depart.

    The team ends up at the dawn of time and Boomerang is happy to break up a fight between Satana and Moonstone. They spot another time traveler being attacked by a megalodon shark and Moonstone rescues him only to discover it is none other than Doctor Doom. The team also finds that a crack in the tower has allowed primordial ooze to seep into the basement of the tower, resurrecting Man-Thing.

    Doom decides to kill the group and take the tower to return to the future and a fight ensues. The team is no match for the Latverian until Satana opens a portal to a fiery dimension, locking Doom inside as he swears revenge. The tower time jumps again and the team end up in a dystopian future where most of the worlds heroes have been mutated and the planet is ruled by law enforcement known as the bosses. The tower then explodes, rigged by Doom, trapping the team in the future, and at the mercy of boss Cage, a clone of Luke Cage. The team are saved by a group of mutants. The team come to find out the future is the way it is because of the Dark Avengers who, in the present, have double crossed Luke and seized a power station in Shazard in the present and devise a plan to use the Boss' machine to return home. With the unlikely aid of Boss Cage they return to their present just in time to stop the Dark Avengers. Satana uses Manthing to return Juggernaut's powers to him to aid them in the fight. Boomerang himself takes down Barney Barton A.K.A., the dark Hawkeye. After the battle and the defeat of the Dark Avengers, the team is reunited with their Thunderbolt superiors, although Myers is reluctant to answer when Songbird inquires about Fixer.

    After their mission is finally complete, Luke Cage quits the Thunderbolts, giving Boomerang and the others a free pass. As they leave, Songbird asks the group to consider their time as heroes and try to do good. The group, minus Moonstone and Troll are teleported to Man-Thing's swamp, where he offers to send them wherever their hearts desire. Boomerang takes him up on his offer, claiming the "fun place" as his own. His tenure as a hero doesn't last long as he returns to New York to lead his own Sinister Six.

    Return to Villainy

    He and his new Sinister Six comprised of himself, the new Beetle, the Living Brain, Shocker, Speed Demon, and Overdrive would rob several facilities in order to create a weather machine. On one such run they would encounter Spider-Man who, unknown to them, housed the mind of Doctor Octopus. The team initially prove successful, forcing the web-slinger to retreat and get away with what they came for. Spider-man would return that night to battle the group at Horizon Labs, using new gear to neutralize each of the members. He then takes on Boomerang in a savage fight, nearly killing the villain before being stopped by Peter Parker in his subconscious. He ties up the villain and leaves him and the rest of the team for the police. He is later seen at the Club with no Name on crutches and wearing a neck brace and encounters the former X-Man Gambit.

    The Lifeline Tablet

    Boomer's new best friend
    Boomer's new best friend

    During Hydra’s takeover of America, Boomer made a pretty good criminal enterprise for himself, which he used to support the underground heroes. For his actions, he was able to negotiate a pardon with the legitimate government of all his past crimes. He used this to leverage a second chance in New York City. His first act was to work for the mayor of NYC, Kingpin, to find the scattered pieces of the Lifeline Tablet. He tracked down most of them but learned the last piece was enchanted so it would be poisonous to anyone who wasn’t a true hero.

    He broke his deal with Fisk and decided to befriend Spider-Man. Believing Peter Parker was friends with Spider-Man, Fred answered Peter’s ad for a new roommate. Spidey didn’t trust him at first, but over time Boomer proved himself. The two began to trust each other, and Boomer let Spidey know about the Lifeline Tablet pieces. He claimed he wanted to keep them out of Kingpin’s hands to convince Spidey to help him.

    Once Spidey got his hands on the last piece, Boomer set up his friends to ambush Spidey. Boomer gave all the pieces to Kingpin and returned to the Bar With No Name with a new reputation for getting the best of Spider-Man. Secretly, Boomer liked Spidey after their partnership and was uncomfortable with the new reputation.

    Sinister War

    No Caption Provided

    At the Bar with No Name, Boomer was approached by Overdrive. He needed help looking for his missing love interest, Carlie Cooper. Boomer agreed and put together a team. Kindred directed them to a graveyard where Spider-Man was already doing battle with a number of his villains. Kindred announced they were all hellbound villains who could earn a spot as Kindred's assistant if they killed Spider-Man.

    While his team was busy fighting other supervillains for their chance at Spidey, Boomer located Spidey in the middle of the Sinister Six and the Savage Six. He led his team into that fight, where he was able to get close to Spidey to tell him to run. He set off an explosive boomerang to cover his tracks. It was short-lived when yet another team of six, including Morlun, is pitted against Spidey. Boomer saves Spidey by sacrificing himself to Morlun and, in death, inspired Beetle and his team to protect Spidey.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Boomerang was an world-class baseball pitcher whose accuracy had very few rivals as Boomerang can shoot projectiles with excellent precision and can throw small objects with nearly unerring accuracy, as his aim is nearly at the peak of what a normal human could accomplish and Boomerang has almost never missed his target. Bullseye, Hawkeye, and Taskmaster are the only known beings who can match or top the Boomerang’s accuracy in the world of non-superhuman abilities and has even described himself as a "non-psychotic Bullseye". Although his main primary weapons for are his boomerangs, the Boomerang has shown that he can use other types of items which with his accuracy can be weapons such as pens, balls, staplers, cans, coins and other types of items as weapons with his throwing ability and his accuracy. Boomerang has made modifications and improvements upon his boomerangs over the years and has used other types of items with his accuracy such as pens, balls, staplers, cans, coins, and other types of items as weapons.

    Boomerang still possesses the physical strength, speed, agility, dexterity, reflexes, reaction time, balance, bodily coordination, endurance, and stamina of a professional athlete from his days as a baseball player and when the Boomerang was a baseball pitcher, he was consider as a world-class athlete and is a formidable and experienced hand to hand combatant who possesses knowledge based on basic street-fighting techniques and was trained by the Secret Empire who over time became an excellent fighter with his bare hands and with projectiles.

    Weapons and Equipment

    The Boomerang's costume supplied by Justin Hammer contains a wide variety of hidden pockets and pouches for his smaller, specialized boomerangs, in addition to attachments for securing the seven larger primary boomerangs and is equipped with special lenses that can work with on of his boomerangs for tracking. Boomerangs costume acts as light body armor which makes Boomerang more resistant to physical injury such as great impact forces and blunt force trauma as well as being bullet proof to small caliber bullets and even from a automatic rifle.

    Boomerang's costume is equipped with boot jets which are controlled by mental command through cybernetic circuitry that is built into the cowl itself. These boot jets generate a fine spray of two unusually potent hypergolic (exploding on contact) chemicals which act like a jet exhaust. Because of the small quantities of chemicals used in the chemicals reaction, the boot jet are capable of keeping the Boomerang aloft in the air at an average speed of over 30 miles per hour (48.2803 kilometers per hour), for over two hours, before needing to refuel. However, at maximum speed, the Boomerang can fly at over 60 miles per hour (96.5606 kilometers per hour) by the means of his boot-jets until fuel supply is completely depleted in about 45 minutes. These boot-jets are capable of generating enough thrust to support Boomerang's own weight plus over an additional hundred and fifty pounds of weight or more. The more weight will however cause the boot jets to lose their altitude and eventually be grounded. Boomerang’s boot-jets are extremely maneuverable, allowing Boomerang to change direction and speed up or slow down at mental command. These boot jets can and have also been used as offensive weapons as well when Boomerang stands firmly on the ground or braces himself against some object while firing at close range towards an enemy enabling him to perform an unexpected attack from all directions.

    Boomerang's primary weapons and most dangerous asset are, naturally, his arsenal of specialized boomerangs designed by Justin Hammer, which he wears on his uniform. There are seven boomerangs attached in plain sight, each of which is rigged with special gimmicks, some of which can be fatal. Unless otherwise noted, they are made of excellent material strength and some of which are heat seeking based powerful enough to follow someone based on their own body heat alone. Boomerang is able to throw these boomerangs with enough skill so that they will return to him with no risk of harming himself. Although, Boomerang has made modifications and improvements upon them over the years as he has constantly diverts a percentage of his stolen earnings to modify and replenish his arsenal of modified boomerangs. His most common boomerangs that he has used over years are:

    Exploding Shatterangs - These detonate on contact with a force equivalent to over a dozen to possibly twenty hand grenades at once as each one alone has enough explosive power to destroy multiple automobiles upon impact and is powerful enough to blow a bank’s vault door off its hinges and send it flying for several yards.

    Gas Releasing Gasarangs - These release highly concentrated tear gas upon impact in order to disable a target or targets.

    Razor-Bladed Razorangs - These razor-edged diamond sharp boomerangs are capable of slicing through think steel, and with his good aim are even capable of slicing through the middle of a gun barrel, slicing the gun in half and have also been used to slice through Spider-Man’s webbing.

    Gravityrangs - These boomerangs create intense local gravitational pulls around their target with incredible intensity. One attached on someone’s back would pin that person to the floor including those with superhuman strength depending on how strong he or she is, once giving a Banner Hulk some problem.

    Sonic Blasting Screamerangs - These boomerangs produce a high-intensity debilitating sonic waves as they fly through the air.

    Whirling Bladarangs - These whirling boomerangs cut like buzzsaw blades and are able to cut though more than 15 inches of iron slab.

    Reflexerangs - These are solid-weighted boomerangs which with the Boomerangs’ aim are capable of delivering an instant knock-out upon hitting normal humans as its target and can even hurt powerful superhumans with vast superhuman durability and resistance such as a Banner Hulk when aimed at certain key nerves or pressure points with great accuracy.

    Electrang - These boomerangs shock with a powerful electric charges which is released upon physical contact. Boomerang has used these on a hill side, shattering it to cause a rock slide and at maximum electrical intensity they have been able to hurt even the Hulk with enough electrical voltage to stop a herd of elephants.

    Heatrangs - These boomerangs emit high levels of extreme heat. How hot the extreme heat is unknown, but enough so that 3 of them were able to turn Hydro Man into steam.

    Flamerangs -These boomerang set objects on fire once using it to set a part of a New York City block on fire.

    Gluemerang - These boomerangs give off a form of glue strong enough to stick a person to a wall.

    Net-Rang: - These boomerangs release an electrically charged net used to contain beings.

    Laser-Rang: - These boomerangs shot Laser.

    Tracking Trace-Rang - These are a small form of boomerangs design to track and pinpoint one’s location for the Boomerang to follow.

    Dusterang - Theses boomerang spreads a powder laced with a radioactive trace element on a person that allows Boomerang to follow that person’s with special lenses.

    Rocketrang - This boomerang is the Boomerang’s deadliest weapon which is located on his head piece as the boomerang on Boomerang costume. This special boomerang acts like a guided missile and starts to grow in size as it gets closer to its target. This Boomerang also has some sort of magnetic field that holds its target to it as it flies skyward with an explosive charge set to go off in one minute causing a massive explosion.

    Other Media


    Avengers: United They Stand
    Avengers: United They Stand

    Video Games

    Ultimate Spider-Man
    Ultimate Spider-Man
    • He makes an appearance as the boss of the first level of The Uncanny X-Men video game.
    • Appears as a minor villain in the Ultimate Spider-Man video game.
    • Appears in the game The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Doctor Doom's Revenge as a boss character.
    • A Noir version of Boomerange appears in the Nintendo DS version of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, voiced by Jim Cummings.
    • Boomerang is featured as a boss in the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance and its sequel.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Boomerang was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Boomerang was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends as part of the Ultimate Green Goblin Build-a-Figure wave.
    • The Marvel Select Superior Spider-Man figure featured a display base depicting the character having defeated the Sinister Six, complete with Boomerang's weapons shown strewn across the ground.

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