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Thirteen years ago, during a demonstration on the use of radioactive rays at a science exhibit, a spider was accidentally exposed to the radiation and absorbed large amounts of it. In its dying moments, the arachnid bit the nearest living thing to it, Peter Parker. As a result, the young teenager would gain amazing powers and become the amazing Spider-Man!

However, this was not the end; as mere moments after biting Parker, the spider bites another young student by the name of Cindy Moon.

Soon after, Cindy’s abilities manifested but she was unable to control them. Sometime later, Ezekiel would approach the Moon family to offer his help and guide Cindy in controlling her newfound abilities. After six years since getting bit and training to use her powers, Cindy is locked up inside a facility by Ezekiel to protect her, and the other “spiders,” from Morlun.


Silk was created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos and first appeared in a cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.3 issue 1 and the following issues before appearing fully in Issue 4 of the same series. She proved so popular that she received her very own ongoing series.

Major Story Arcs


Seven years later, during the events of Original Sin, Spider-Man would be exposed to the energies of the Watcher’s eye alongside his fellow heroes. As secrets began to flow into his head, Spider-Man saw that the radioactive spider that bit him managed to bite another before it died—a girl named Cindy, and learned what happened to her afterward.

Spider-Man immediately goes on to search for Cindy to break her out of the facility Ezekiel had kept her in. After unlocking the door to Cindy’s room, Cindy attacks Spider-Man in a fit of rage saying that he’s doomed them all. After a quick tussle, Spider-Man calms Cindy down by telling her that Morlun is dead and as such, is no longer a threat to them.

Silk is born
Silk is born

Ecstatic about her freedom, Cindy quickly makes her way out of the facility to finally see the city of New York after hiding in her bunker for so long. Spider-Man quickly stops her as she’s about to go outside while wearing her civilian clothes, which prompts her to quickly spin an outfit made out of her webbing and tells Spider-Man to refer to her as Silk.

Silk swings around the city and goes to her old home, hoping to find her family there. Her heart breaks as she finds another family living in what once was her home, with her family nowhere to be found. Realizing just how much she’s lost, she asks Spider-Man when exactly Morlun died. Spider-Man lets slip the fact that the Ancient had died twice—revealing to Silk the fact that Morlun could come back to life. Furious, Silk attacks Spider-Man once again as she realizes that her 7 years in the bunker were wasted knowing that Morlun could still kill them. During their fight, however, both Silk and Spider-Man feel the powerful connection from their Spider-Senses and end up sharing a passionate kiss.

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Continuing their moment of passion, both Peter and Cindy are unable to let go of each other due to the strong, primal connection they feel for each other. Peter stops as soon as Cindy begins to further remove his mask, after which they move back to Peter and Anna Maria’s apartment.

Afterward, Peter and Cindy go to the Fact Channel’s news station where they are attacked by Black Cat and Electro. While Silk is easily able to dodge Electro’s lightning bolts thanks to her “hyper-spider-speed and senses,” Spider-Man isn’t as lucky. Black Cat then goes after the paralyzed superhero and begins to unmask him in front of live TV. Thankfully, JJJ hogged up too much space in front of the camera, preventing the camera (and anyone else) from seeing Peter’s face. Silk quickly spins a temporary mask for Peter and escapes with him back into Peter and Anna Maria’s apartment.

At the waterfront where Parker Industries will be holding the demonstration for their new device meant to cure Electro, Cindy spins Peter some Electro-insulated webbing to prevent what happened during their last fight with Electro from happening again. When the fight begins, Black Cat sabotages the machine which causes Electro to go out of control and hit a helicopter. Silk hurries and begins spinning porous webs to catch the crashing helicopter. She then creates an insulated web-pod to contain the inevitable explosion of energy coming from Electro. The entire incident ends with a depowered Electro and a missing Black Cat.

Afterward, Cindy gets accepted for a job at the Fact Channel where she intends to use the information center in order to find her family.


Silk as she appears in Spider-verse and currently
Silk as she appears in Spider-verse and currently

Cindy is set to play a large role in the upcoming Spider-Verse event. Right when Spider-Man releases her from her bunker, Morlun is seen at an unknown location suddenly catching her scent. He refers to her as "the Spider-Bride" and "the spinner at the center of the web," and then declares that the great hunt begins.

Silk and Spider-Man met up with Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman, Anya Corazon aka Spider-Girl, Spider-Man 2099 and the rest of the spider people to stop the Inheritors' threat. They fought off the Inheritors' first assault, but they were overwhelmed and must retreat. Silk tags along with Spider-Woman and Spider-Man Noir in accompany to be safe from the Inheritors until Inheritor twin siblings, Brix and Bora attacks them. Silk and Spider-Woman then drops Noir back to Earth-90214 so that he can recover from the brutal attack. Silk continues to survive from her attackers going from dimension to dimension to another until end up in a toxic Earth-3145, a dimension poisoned by radiations and waste. The Inheritor twins can't handle the poison air and Silk has made a webbed-up hazmat suit to escape the toxic zone. She later saves Spider-Woman, but gets captured by the Inheritors and ends up in a sacrificial ritual. Spider-Man and his spider allies saves her from the sacrifice and finally defeating the Inheriors sending them to Earth-3145 to die there. After victory, Silk, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman head back to their Earth-616 to continue their lives, but as for Cindy she continues her job at the Fact Channel to find clues about her family's disappearance.

Silk's Solo Run - First Volume

Silk in her first solo run
Silk in her first solo run

Cindy begins her solo crime-fighting career as Silk and returns to her old bunker to be used as a base of operations to learn more and search her family. Noticing that her family has no official records of being around but save some old files, Cindy goes to her old neighborhood for memories. Here she runs into Hector, an old boyfriend from her years of high school who is now engaged.

During her fights with a new villain Dragonclaw, a HYDRA robot and Black Cat, Silk met up with Spider-Man, who noticed she is not doing well and asks the Fantastic Four to check her up. She consents to the check up but becomes annoyed when she finds out Peter revealed the history about her bunker and Ezekiel to them. The results shows Silk is physically fine, but is dealing with anxiety issues, and is referred to go see a therapist. She and Human Torch also go on a date of crime fighting despite Peter's protests.

Silk has come across an angry Dragonclaw and finds out he was in debt of Black Cat and his daughter was held hostage. This was the reason for his misdeeds and Silk tries to help him out by enlisting the help of Spider-Man to find Black Cat's gang causing a show down between Silk and Black Cat which leads to Silk cutting her hair to escape. Still very confused as to what has happened to her family leads her to take a job under JJJ at the Fact Channel who takes an immediate liking to her as she suggests that they start taking photos of Silk. One day, JJJ looks at Cindy's computer screen to find out that she was trying to find where her family is which also leads her to tell him everything about her. During the events of Secret Wars while Earth-616 and Earth-1610 colliding to each other, JJJ gives Cindy a case file of a young boy who seems to be her brother, Albert Jr. as he tells her this. As Silk, she swings to the location where she meets her brother now with a 'X' shape scar on the right side of his forehead embraces him. When getting close to ending the world, she tells her brother "I'm sorry. For everything. And I love you, Albert. I love you."

Second and Third Volumes

Silk and Black Cat working together
Silk and Black Cat working together

Now that Earth-616 has been refreshed as the part of the "All New, All Different Marvel Universe", Cindy Moon has been checking up her brother, still searching clues of her parents and has been fighting with the Goblin Nation as Silk. She also goes undercover for Mockingbird as a villain to work with Black Cat and discovering her schemes. She even comes across a mysterious figure known as Spectro. During the events of the Spider-Women arc, Silk teams up with Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen and have conflicts with Earth-65's villains including the evil counterpart of Cindy and a Doc Ock who has a gross pet of an octopus.

Back in Cindy's earth, Silk continues her undercover mission to earn more of Black Cat's trust to gain deeper intelligence of her criminal operation, still intending to complete her mission and get whatever SHIELD has on her family's whereabouts. Eventually, Black Cat discover her alliance with Mockingbird, prompting her to a fight. Silk took some heavy beatings from Black Cat, but Cat's gang are finally been taking down by SHIELD agents and Silk was saved by Spectro, who was revealed to be Cindy's ex-boyfriend Hector. It is revealed that Hector actually died (maybe it happened around Secret Wars?) when a neighbor attempted to summon a demon in his apartment block, resulting in him wandering a strange world and only able to manage tangibility when in combat. Cindy's friends and colleagues Rafferty and Lola at Fact Channel discover her secret identity and Cindy embraces this opportunity to open up to them, which helps relief some of her feelings of loneliness in the world. Cindy's friends reveals that they have discovered Dr. Kapoor's lab, which has been abandoned for months but has a secret benefactor continually paying the rent.

Silk and her friends, Lola and Rafferty in the Negative Zone
Silk and her friends, Lola and Rafferty in the Negative Zone

Shortly after they arrive at the lab, they discover a dimensional doorway which leads them to The Negative Zone. Upon journeying to the Negative Zone, the girls relish the adventurous experience and encounters a talking dragon called David Wilcox. David explains to them about the continuing war of a Red Knight fighting against the evil forces of the Ash King and his army and he caught the scent of their arrival, which mimicked the arrival of a previously three (from the outer world) years ago. The girls aid the Red Knight and the Red Knight is revealed to be Cindy's mother, Nari. She explains to Cindy that she and her father, who has become a prisoner of the Ash King some time previously, had originally traveled to the Negative Zone in search of a blue elixir they believed could be synthesized into an antidote for the spider bite that Cindy received and which would cure her powers, thus removing the threat of the Inheritors. Cindy's father Albert Sr. is soon liberated from his prison and soon after Silk, friends and parents say there goodbyes to their allies in the Negative Zone and return home. Mockingbird gives financial help to Cindy's family in the form of an abode in which to live, and the family begin to start a new life and what's next for Cindy.

Fourth Volume

Cindy as Silkworm
Cindy as Silkworm

Around the events of the Clone Conspiracy, Cindy is glad to have her family back, but still feels distant from them and doesn't make as much of an effort to spend as much time with them. When JJJ wants one of his workers to investigate the New U Technologies scenario in San Francisco, Cindy volunteers to go to get away from the city as Spectro accompanies her. JJJ is enthusiastic for her that her family is back together and leaves for dinner, but Cindy found something strange about his behavior. She and Spectro decide to investigate his room in New U and she uses her powers to create a different costume from her Silk outfit to avoid suspicion, which Spectro dubs Cindy's new look, "Silkworm". Cindy's suspicions are now correct when she finds JJJ talking with his formerly deceased wife Marla while Spectro finds a room with a number of test subjects in capsules. Spectro triggers the intruder alert, prompting Cindy to escape. Before she can leave, she's attacked by a resurrected Mattie Franklin, who's in her own Spider-Woman costume. She pauses the fight and tells Cindy that New U is doing things for good purposes and offers her a tour in exchange for removing her mask, but unfortunately Cindy refuses and takes off. Cindy got some info from Lola and Rafferty about New U and then approached in her apartment by JJJ. Cindy gives her research to voice skepticism on New U and JJJ invites her to join him on a quick trip to the facility. After the introduction of his wife and niece and taking his wife for treatments, Mattie shows Cindy around the facility telling her that she's suspicious of the whole experiment as some of the other resurrected characters have been showing slight behavioral glitches and takes her to a place called "Haven" where they find Hector back in his own body. Sunddenly, an alarm goes off and starts affecting all the resurrected clones. Hector starts becoming Spectro again and prepares to attack Cindy due to the effects. Mattie helps Cindy deal with Hector who reverts to his ghostly form after his cloned body disintegrates. All of this trouble was caused by Doc Ock and the Jackal and the Carrion virus is starting to spread worldwide. Silk (now back to her costume), Mattie and Spectro head to the broadcast center to stop the effect with a help of Spider-Man and Anna Maria Marconi. Mattie saves Silk from one of the carriers trying to infect her and passes out in the process. After Spider-Man sends out the Webware Emergency Signal, JJJ and Silk find Marla and Mattie reduced to dust.

Silk defeating Fang
Silk defeating Fang

Following the events, Cindy quits her job at the Fact Channel and thinks about what she wants to do with her life. After a heart-warming discussion with her brother, therapist, and helping a child free his kite in the graveyard, she decides to join up in SHIELD academy. After some works with SHIELD, Cindy did researches of her father's secret meetings and eventually confronts him about his secret with a mysterious doctor, who turns out to be Tamara Pearson aka Fang. She worked for Ezekiel and was the leader of a splinter group of a spider society, and while she claims to Cindy's father that she will be curing Cindy of her powers and her actual plan is to transfer Cindy's powers to herself and use her abilities to take over the spider society. After inheriting Ezekiel's fortune and manipulating Cindy's father, she's kept her eyes on Cindy during her time during and after the bunker. Cindy becomes Silk and defeats Fang with the help of Spectro and her father accepts her for who she is. With her family closer, her job at SHIELD, and with Rafferty and Lola married, Cindy Moon finally feels happiness for so long. Finally!

Powers and Abilities

Cindy gained similar abilities to Peter Parker when she was bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave him his amazing abilities.


Cindy is described as being faster than Peter by his own admission.


Just like her speed, Silk's Spider-Sense is on a higher level than Spider-Man's. She describes their Spider-Sense as "psychic strands of webbing reaching out into the world," with hers able to go "farther" than Peter's. This is evident when she was able to detect Black Cat and Electro at the news station before Peter was, and later when she managed to detect the duo again while they were hidden at a distance within a crowd.

During her short tussle with Spider-Man when he broke her out of her bunker, she also manages to easily dodge all of his web-shots thanks to her Spider-Sense, which Peter describes as "Matrix/Bullet-Time good!"

Organic Webbing

Silk's clear advantage over Spider-Man in terms of their powers would be in her webbing. Unlike Peter, who uses artificial web-fluid that he creates, Cindy is able to spin her own webs from her fingertips. Not only is she able to do this, but her webs' tips are barbed like a fishhook, which allows her to have a better hold on whatever she attaches her web-line onto.

Silk is also able to spin various kinds of webs, two of which have been revealed so far. The first is her insulated web which is insulated from electrical current such as Electro's attacks. The second is her porous web, which seems to be an air-cushioned web that's strong enough to safely catch a crashing helicopter.

Superhuman Strength

Paradoxically to her speed her strength is not on par with Peter and is admittedly weaker in this regard.

Other Media


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Tiffany Espensen as Cindy Moon in Spider-Man: Homecoming
Tiffany Espensen as Cindy Moon in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Cindy appears in as a classmate of Peter and a member of the decathlon team of the school. She is portrayed by Tiffany Espensen


Marvel Avengers Alliance


Silk is a playable character in the game and can be recruited by completing Special Operation 29: Aranea Ex Machina.

Her bio says: Cindy Moon was a gifted child with an eidetic memory. Bitten by the same radioactive spider that created her world's Spider-Man, Cindy was locked away in a bunker to hide her from the Inheritors. Eventually, Spider-Man learned of her existence and sought her out only to draw the attention of the Inheritors and set of a chain of events that would affect the Spider-Verse.

Marvel Future Fight

Silk in Marvel Future Fight
Silk in Marvel Future Fight

Silk is a playable character in the game. She is a speed type, and her description in the game says: As a teenager, Cindy Moon was bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker, giving her powers similar to those of the Amazing Spider-Man: powers of adhesion, a unique precognitive awareness of danger, and the ability to weave spider webs from her fingertips, she now swings through the skies of New York City as Silk!

She is available with variant uniforms

  • Silk - All-New, All-Different
  • Silk - Web Suit

Marvel: War of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes
Marvel: War of Heroes

Silk appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

  • [Another Bite] Silk


Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends
  • A Silk figure was released by Hasbro for the Marvel Legends Venom Spaceknight Build-a-Figure wave. A redeco was later released exclusively on the Hasbro Pulse website.
  • Silk was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
  • Sideshow Collectibles produced a Silk statue.
  • Diamond Select produced a Silk statue.
  • Silk was featured in Funko's Pop! line of bobbleheads.
  • Silk was featured in the Marvel Chess Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.

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