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    The son of Peter Parker and Mary Jane. He possesses abilities similar to his father and older sister, Mayday, and has recently been moonlighting as his sister's sidekick.

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    Benjamin Richard Parker
    Benjamin Richard Parker

    Benjamin Richard "Benjy" Parker is son of Peter and Mary Jane Parker and the baby brother of May Parker in the MC2 universe. For the most part, he's just been the cute baby brother in the background that May will occasionally play with and would make sure he wasn't climbing on the walls. But he has been involved on the action from time to time.

    One such time was when the Carnage symbiote got him and he became Carnage's little partner, forcing Mayday to fight him and her baby brother, she managed to get the symbiote off of Benjy by using a sonic blaster on him. Which worked but it also left little Benjy without his hearing. Normie Osborn later on paid to have his hearing fixed to enable him to hear again.

    Later on when the Goblin God, (who was Peter Parker possessed with the mind of Norman Osborn and the Venom symbiote), kidnapped him and his mother, he saved himself and his mother as the Goblin God tossed them off the bridge but shooting out his own organic webbing that allowed to catch himself and his mother from falling into the river below where they most likely would have died.

    And after the fiasco, Benjy got himself another big sister in April Parker, who would unfortunately perish later on. Later, in a tragic turn of events Benjy and his older sister became orphans after the Inheritor called Daemos traveled to Earth-982 in search of Spiders to feed on. Both siblings managed to escape to Earth-13 with the aid of Spider-UK and Last Stand Spider-Man where Benjy was left in the care of Earth-13's Captain Universe (Peter Parker) while his sister and several others went to Earth-616 to recruit the Spiders from that reality.

    After the death of Captain Universe at the hands of the Inheritor Patriarch Solus, his son Morlun forcibly kidnapped Benjy from the arms of his big sister and took him to Earth-001 where he was to be sacrificed alongside his "Uncle" Kaine and Cindy Moon a.k.a. Silk. Before the ritual could be completed however, the Master Weaver betrayed the Inheritors and opened the way to Earth-001, allowing an army of Spider-Men and Women from across the Multiverse to invade the patchwork universe.

    Benjy would be taken back to Earth-982 by Earth-3145's Uncle Ben where he was reunited with his mother and eventually his sister once she returned home. Ben would settle back into a mostly normal routine in spite of his father's absence, the effects Peter's death had on his mother and sister, the permanent presence of Uncle Ben, the destruction of the Seventh Cosmos at the hands of The Beyonders, the creation of Battleworld by Earth-616's Doctor Doom and the birth of the Eighth Cosmos which saw Earth-982 restored to normal.

    Sometime after his sister's adventures across the multiverse came to an end, a now older Benjy was next seen playing with a toy figurine of his father's old Spider-Mobile before waving goodbye to his parents. After being asked by his sister what he wanted to do, a commercial for an establishment called C.A.D.E. appeared on the television, drawing Benjy's interest. Upon reaching the family-oriented establishment, Benjy and his sister were approached by Mayday's classmate Jason, who not only worked for C.A.D.E. but was also the nephew of its owner, Randy Cade III.

    After nervously greeting Jason, who gave him a special pass, Benjy and his sister continued to have fun and were eventually treated to a show by Jason and his uncle, who it turned out had laid a trap for the Parker siblings. Ben managed to not only stop a trap intended to kill him but destroyed it in the process with a single punch and then aided his sister in destroying the rest of R. Cade's traps. However, the man himself managed to escape, leaving Ben and Mayday to ponder the future. After a meet-up with Jason, the Parker siblings returned home, where Ben promptly fell asleep waiting for their parents to return home.

    Powers and Abilities

    Many of Ben's powers are identical to those of his father Peter and his older sister Mayday with the one major exception being his organic web-shooters. He is also immensely strong for someone his age, perhaps even moreso than his father, and is capable of shattering objects like a giant hammer into dust with a single punch.

    Other Versions


    In this reality, Ben was born the son of Peter Parker and the now-deceased Gwen Stacy, he was also born a Trisomic mutant who began to exhibit the same horrific symptoms that had turned his father into a monstrous Man-Spider, which as a consequence lead Peter to be absent for most of Ben's life.

    When Peter realized he was dying, he tried to ensure that Ben would be looked after at Xavier's School for Gifted Mutants, but it drove a wedge between him and his son as Ben saw it as a way to get rid of him permanently. When Ben's transformation was made known to the public, an enraged mob tried to kill him only for Peter to turn into the Man-Spider and fight off the mob while Ben fled his father leaving him with the last words that he was never alone.


    In this reality, Ben lived a happy, normal life with his parents Peter and Mary Jane and his older sister Mary.


    In this universe, Benjamin was the only child of Peter and Mary Jane Parker and was there when his dad received a call from Hank Pym to join the Avengers. After Peter turned Hank down, Ben asked his father if he could go to a science exhibit, which Peter turned down as well.


    Ben Parker was the second Spider-Man and the son of Peter and Gwen Parker in an illusionary world crafted by the Spiders-Man to trick Peter Parker, he ceased to exist once the illusion was broken by Peter's real child Mayday.


    In this universe, Benjamin lived out a normal life in Glennview, Illinois with his parents Peter and Mary Jane Parker and his older sister Mayday after Peter decided to hang up the webs when he hit his forties. Benjamin would go on to get married, have a daughter and see his grandson Stephen be born and ultimately die of old age.


    Benjamin and his twin sister Claire were born in 1984, while his father Peter was trapped on Battleworld with the rest of Earth's heroes and villains, who were fighting it out for the amusement of an infant cosmic lifeform that called itself The Beyonder. His early days would be fraught with turmoil as his father's dependence on an alien symbiote he had brought back from Battleworld grew, causing a rift to grow between his parents, things would only get worse when his dementia-riddled grandaunt took him and his sister without their mother's knowledge which lead to another incident that deepened the rift between his parents but things would finally come to a head after his mother had to use a sonic cannon to free his father from the symbiote's control leading to his parents splitting up.

    Benjy and Claire would move with their mother to Portland, Oregon while their father continued to run Parker Industries and continue to act as Spider-Man. In 1995, Peter reentered Benjy and Claire's life and repaired his relationship with their mother after relinquishing the role of Spider-Man and ownership of Parker Industries to his clone Ben Reilly. In 2006, Benjy and his family watched in horror as his "Uncle" Ben was murdered on live television by the Inheritor Morlun, forcing his father to return to Parker Industries to prepare for Morlun's eventual return while they remained in Portland.

    Benjy would be the first to spot Morlun's arrival at their home in search of Peter, while trying to get away with their mother, Benjy and Claire took Morlun on in a vicious battle where they discovered that he was weakest when he was trying to feed on Claire. With that knowledge in mind, they retreated to the forests where Benjy allowed Morlun to feed on him long enough for Claire to kill him by throwing him into the sharpened edge of a broken tree branch, piercing his heart and reducing him to ash. Benjy had suffered numerous injuries as a result of Morlun's feeding which required the use of a cane over the next thirteen years, in 2019 he would see his father and Miles Morales off as they journeyed into space to put an end to the alien symbiote and Otto Octavius' final act of revenge from beyond the grave.


    On this alternate version of Earth-982, Benjy's older sister Mayday was killed by her clone April who tried to impersonate her after the fact only to be immediately found out by both Benjy and his mother Mary Jane. Benjy is believed to have been transformed alongside his parents and nearly all of humanity into feral symbiote-possessed abominations resembling Carnage on this version of Earth. This timeline was eventually derailed when April used Doctor Doom's time platform to return to the moment before Mayday died, possess her younger self and sacrifice herself instead of Mayday.


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