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Benjy Parker is the baby brother of May Parker in the MC2 universe. For the most part, he's just been the cute baby brother in the background that May will occasionally play with and would make sure he wasn't climbing on the walls. But he has been involved on the action from time to time.

One such time was when the Carnage symbiote got him and he became Carnage's little partner, forcing Mayday to fight him and her baby brother, she managed to get the symbiote off of Benjy by using a sonic blaster on him. Which worked but it also left little Benjy without his hearing. Normie Osborn later on paid to have his hearing fixed to enable him to hear again.

Later on when the Goblin God, (who was Peter Parker possessed with the mind of Norman Osborn and the Venom symbiote), kidnapped him and his mother, he saved himself and his mother as the Goblin God tossed them off the bridge but shooting out his own organic webbing that allowed to catch himself and his mother from falling into the river below where they most likely would have died.

And after the fiasco, Benjy got himself another big sister in April Parker. Later, in a tragic turn of events Benjy and his older sister became orphans after the Inheritor called Daemos traveled to Earth-982 in search of Spiders to feed on. Both siblings managed to escape to Earth-13 with the aid of Spider-UK and Last Stand Spider-Man where Benjy was left in the care of Earth-13's Captain Universe (Peter Parker) while his sister and several others went to Earth-616 to recruit the Spiders from that reality.

Other Versions

What If? ( Earth-688 )

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In this reality Spider-Man's powers began to mutate him into a monster. Also, his son Ben with inherited traits from the spider powers.


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