I, Spyder

    Character » I, Spyder appears in 11 issues.

    An archer and mercenary who became entangled with the Seven Soldiers of Victory during the Sheeda invasion

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    This article is about the third Ludlow to use the Spider alias. For the first, see Thomas Ludlow Hallaway. For the second, see Lucas Ludlow-Dalt.


    The second son of the original Alias the Spider, Tom Dalt grew up to become an archer and a villain, like his brother Lucas and their father before them. Envious of his brother and determined to take up their father's legacy, Dalt killed his brother and became the new Spider.


    I, Spyder was created by Grant Morrison and J.H. Williams III. He made his first appearance in Seven Soldiers #0.

    Major Story Arcs

    Seven Soldiers of Victory

    Dalt is hired by a mysterious client to kill seven men living in Slaughter Swamp. Arriving there, he finds that the Seven Unknown Men were in fact the ones who hired him. They unmake and reshape him into a weapon to be wielded against the machinations of Zor and the Sheeda. Unaware of what happened to him, he is sent to join the Seven Soldiers of Victory under Vigilante. He is apparently killed by the Sheeda invasion, but returns later as an agent of the Sheeda, apparently made deathless. He shoots Don Vincenzo with a tracker, allowing the Sheeda queen Gloriana to recover the Cauldron of Rebirth and Plenty. Later, he is sent to kill the apparently invulnerable Bulleteer. He uncovers a way to kill her by firing an arrow into her brain, but misses at the last moment when she is moved by Mind-Grabber Kid. An apparition of the Vigilante appears as he prepares to flee the rooftop, and tells him that they aren't done yet. Later, aboard Castle Revolving, he shoots Gloriana through the mouth, betraying her as the Seven Unknown Men had intended. His fate is unknown.

    Powers and Abilities

    I, Spyder was made deathless by the Seven Unknown Men; it is unclear if this is a permanent state or will only last so long as it was needed to defeat the Sheeda. He is described as the "perfect hunter;" he has perfect aim, and is very skilled with a bow and arrow.

    Weapons and Equipment

    I, Spyder carries a bow and quiver of arrows. He also has a jet pack which he can use to fly.


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