J.H. Williams III

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    American comic book artist most known for his exquisite painted artwork on Promethea with Alan Moore and on Detective Comics with Greg Rucka.

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    Personal Life

    James H. “Jim” Williams III is the great-nephew of country music legend Hank Williams. He works as a comic book artist under the name J.H. Williams III. Williams started like many other artists by drawing popular Marvel and DC characters as a kid. He is a lifelong fan of Mego's Micronauts toy line, and he recalls Micronauts #1 as a seminal comic in his life, and the first time he actually paid attention to a credits box. Williams maintains that he is an absolute sponge for art styles and graphic and narrative processes. Anything he sees or hears is fodder for study and eventually makes it back into his artwork, but he readily cites Jim Steranko, Will Eisner and Jim Starlin as heavy influences for his page layouts.


    Williams' most noteworthy early work was the four-issue mini-series Deathwish. It was published from 1994 to 1995 by Milestone Media, written by Adam Blaustein and inked by Jimmy Palmiotti. In 1997, Williams came to prominence as the artist on the short-lived Chase, a title from DC Comics. Williams along with inker Mick Gray collaborated on two Elseworlds graphic novels: Justice Riders penned by Chuck Dixon, and Son of Superman written by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman.

    Williams' big break came in 1999 with his next project, a 32-issue series Promethea that ran under the America’s Best Comics imprint, an offshoot of Wildstorm controlled by writer Alan Moore. Eisner-winning Promethea ran until 2005. In mid-2005, Williams launched straight into a new project, Desolation Jones with writer Warren Ellis. He also illustrated two issues of Grant Morrison ’s Seven Soldiers of Victory series. In 2007, he worked with Morrison once more on a three-part Batman story which ran from issue #667 through #669.

    Williams was the regular artist on Detective Comics, #854 through #863, which focused on Batwoman in Batman’s absence. He worked with writer Greg Rucka and colorist Dave Stewart. The team won IGN's Best Art Team of 2009 award for their collaboration.

    Current Work

    Williams is currently writing and providing the art for DC's Batwoman series.



    • 2001 Promethea #10 Best Single Issue
    • 2010 Best Artist
    • 2010 Best Cover Artist


    • 2010 Favorite Artist Fully Painted Artwork
    • 2011 Favorite Artist Fully Painted Artwork
    • 2011 Favorite Artist Pencils


    • 2006 Best Artist

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