Don Vincenzo

    Character » Don Vincenzo appears in 11 issues.

    The undying leader of the West Coast criminal underground.

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    The son of Italian immigrants, the young Vincenzo, then known as Kid Scarface, joined up with the Newsboy Army. Together with them he went on several fantastical adventures, before he and the other members of the Army encountered the rogue Time Tailor Zor, and had their character arcs corrupted. He parted ways from the Army after the death of the Captain. At some point he became involved in organized crime, ruthlessly rising to the top of the Los Angeles criminal underworld, for which he was later intensely remorseful. He somehow acquired the Cauldron of Rebirth and Plenty, gaining a reputation as the Undying Don due to its restorative powers.


    Don Vincenzo was created by Grant Morrison and Simone Bianchi. He made his first first appearance in Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight #2.

    Major Story Arcs

    Seven Soldiers of Victory

    Following the arrival of Sir Ystin in the current time, Don Vincenzo is presented with Ystin's horse, Vanguard, who he refers to as "Horsefeathers." Shortly after discovering that Vanguard can talk, Vincenzo is shot through the chest with a venom-tipped arrow fired by Neh-Buh-Loh. His men use the Cauldron to restore him to life, inadvertently alerting the Sheeda to its location. He tries to take on the invading Sheeda warriors, but he and his men are all cut down; Vincenzo himself is stabbed through the heart by Neh-Buh-Loh. In the aftermath, his body is visited by his childhood friend, Ali-Ka-Zoom, who guides his spirit onto the bus of the dead. Together, they ride to the afterlife.

    Powers and Abilities

    Don Vincenzo has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He was a skilled and ruthless leader who was able to acquire and control a massive criminal enterprise. He was fairly intelligent and tenacious, and had a great deal of experience in armed combat.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Vincenzo possessed the Cauldron of Rebirth and Plenty, one of the Seven Imperishable Treasures. When a person is submerged in the cauldron they are healed of all wounds and injuries, up to and including death. Submergence in the cauldron also makes one more youthful.


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