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    Villain who used the guise of a superhero to commit his crimes

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    This article is about the first Ludlow to use the alias of the Spider. For the second, see Lucas Ludlow Dalt. For the third, see Thomas Ludlow Dalt.


    A scion of the Ludlow family, Thomas Ludlow Hallaway hit on the idea of using an apparent career as a hero to cover up his criminal activities. He became a powerful and greatly feared crime lord in St Louis, while in public maintaining the identity of the effective, if occasionally harsh, vigilante The Spider.


    The Spider was created by Paul Gustavson. He made his first appearance in Crack Comics #1. The character was significantly rebooted by James Robinson.

    Character Evolution

    Golden Age

    In his initial Golden Age Quality Comics appearances, Tom Hallaway was an unequivocal hero. A big game hunter and playboy, he became involved in heroism due to his distress at rampant crime and victimization of the innocent in society. During this period he had an assistant, his valet. Also during this era he fired modified arrows that were tipped with sharp three-pronged seals with spiders on them

    Modern Age

    Hallaway was folded into the DC Universe following the Crisis, alongside many other Quality Comics characters. This Age introduced his secret involvement in villainy, and his membership in the Ludlow family. Later, it was further retconned that he was a member of, and betrayed, the Golden Age Seven Soldiers.

    Major Story Arcs

    Alias the Spider

    Tom Hallaway becomes the vigilante the Spider to combat growing crime. During his time as the Spider he fights a criminal organization known as Cricket, corrupt mine owners, white collar fraudsters, and many other criminals.

    Crisis on Infinite Earths

    The Spider is recruited by Uncle Sam to join the Freedom Fighters. He travels with the team to Earth-X during World War II to protect the alternate Earth.

    The Shade

    Stepping in to fill the vacuum left in Keystone City by the retirement of the Flash, the Spider becomes a well-regarded hero. During this time he repeatedly clashes with the Shade, who slowly grows aware of the Spider's less savoury operations. When Shade confronts him, Spider reveals that he is a member of the Ludlow family, who have a sworn vendetta against the Shade, and that he chose to move to Keystone purely to seek revenge on Shade. He successfully renders the Shade unconscious, and when he awakens Spider reveals that he plots to frame Shade for the murders of the Garricks. Despite his attempts to render Shade powerless, Spider is killed when Shade pierces him through with several arrows made of shadow.

    The Final Hour for Seven Soldiers of Victory

    A member of the Golden Age Seven Soldiers, Spider secretly teams up with the Hand to kill the heroes by tampering with a device designed to destroy Nebula Man. His treachery is uncovered by Billy Gunn, whom he kills just as Gunn reveals the truth to Wing. He attempts to kill Wing also, but is defeated. He escapes justice anyways, as Wing dies in the subsequent battle with Nebula Man.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Spider has no known superhuman powers of abilities. He is very skilled with a bow and arrow, and an excellent marksman. He is a superb hand-to-hand combatant, and is in excellent physical condition. He is very intelligent and conniving, and skilled at manipulation and subterfuge.

    Weapons and Equipment

    The Spider carries an ordinary bow and quiver full of arrows. He has a car called the Black Widow.


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