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    Accidently exposed to experimental "smartskin" by her husband, Alix Harrower reluctantly became the superhero Bulleteer

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    A special education teacher who was happy with her ordinary life, Alix Harrower was reluctantly drawn into the world of superheroics by her husband. Obsessed with being famous and eternally young, Lance created the alloy smartskin and tested it on himself. The experiment went wrong, and he accidentally transmitted the smartskin to Alix. She survived because the skin under her ring did not get covered in smartskin, allowing the doctors to inject her with medication. Her husband suffocated under the weight of his smartskin. Uncertain of what to do with her life with her husband dead and her job lost, she reluctantly became a superhero.


    Bulleteer was created by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette. She made her first appearance in Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #1. She is partially based on Bulletgirl.

    Major Story Arcs

    Seven Soldiers of Victory

    Alix is contacted by Helen Helligan, due to her almost having been a member of the doomed Seven Soldiers of Victory. She accompanies Helligan to intimidate the Hand into revealing his knowledge of Neh-Buh-Loh and the Sheeda. Later, she is hired by Suli Stellamaris as a bodyguard during a superhuman convention. There, she meets Thumbelina, a super porn star who knows Sally Sonic, the woman whose affair with Lance lead to the accident that killed him. Alix returns home following a failed assassination attempt by I, Spyder to find that her boarder is in fact Sally Sonic. Intensely jealous of Alix's seemingly perfect, happy life, Sally attacks her. She and Alix engage in a fierce fight, and though Sally initially has the upper hand Alix soon overwhelms her. Following the fight, she is approached by an apparition of Vigilante, who tells her that she is the Spear That Was Never Thrown, fated to destroy the Sheeda and save the world. She angrily rejects the prophecy and the idea of being a superhero. She loads Sally into her car and attempts to drive her to the hospital. Partway there, and while the Sheeda invasion rages around them, Sally awakens and again attacks Alix. As a result Alix loses control of the car, and crashes it into the Sheeda queen Gloriana. The only survivor of the crash, Alix inadvertently fulfills her destiny.


    Despite vowing not to remain a superhero, Alix joins up with the interim Justice League of America in the wake of Infinite Crisis. Her first outing with the team goes disastrously, as their battle with Skeets ends in massive collateral damage, and the team disbands. Later, she joins dozens of other heroes in attempting to take down Black Adam.

    Final Crisis

    During the Final Crisis, Bulleteer joins forces with the resistance against Darkseid's rule.

    Eclipso Rising

    Bulleteer is a member of the reserve Leaguers sent in to assist during Eclipso's attack on the Moon. During the fighting she is eclipsed, and joins Eclipso's minions. She is among the eclipsed heroes sent to attack the Spectre, and is later knocked unconscious by Donna Troy. She is freed when Eclipso is defeated.

    Alternate Versions

    Scribblenauts Unmasked

    Bulleteer appears in this comic book adaptation of the video game.

    Powers and Abilities

    Due to the smartskin that is bonded to her, Bulleteer is superhumanly strong, and her skin is invulnerable, though she can sustain internal injuries. She is physically unable to age. At some point she gained the ability to fly unaided.


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