Mind-Grabber Kid

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    Wannabe superhero with telepathic powers

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    As a young man, Lucian Crawley discovered that he was able to control matter with his mind. Determined to become famous, he decided to take on the identity of the Mind-Grabber Kid and become a hero.


    Mind-Grabber Man was created by Dennis O'Neil and Dick Dillin. He made his first appearance in Justice League of America #70. The character was updated by Grant Morrison and Ryan Sook.

    Major Story Arcs

    Versus the Creeper

    Jealous of the Justice League, who receive more attention than him, Mind-Grabber Kid takes advantage of the first approach of an alien species to claim that the Justice League are tyrants who are trying to rule the world. With the League under attack, Mind-Grabber Kid travels to the battlefield to watch them be defeated, and convinces the aliens that the Creeper is also a tyrant. When the League comes under attack by a group of villains who plan to take advantage of their weakened states, he realises the error of his ways. He uses his powers to help Superman regain his powers, and apologises to the aliens and the heroes

    Primal Force

    Imprisoned in a mental hospital after suffering a breakdown, he is kidnapped and brainwashed by The August. Now called Mind Eater, he is forced by them to telepathically brainwash a member of the Leymen. He is sent to attack the Guggenheim, where he fights and takes control of several more members of the Leymen, successfully distracting them from a raid on their headquarters. When the heroes arrive in the house of the August he seizes the mind of Meridian, preventing her from returning home with the rest of the team. When Primal Force rallies and attacks The August, he is defeated by Claw.

    Seven Soldiers of Victory

    Now an adult and desperate to recapture his experiences as a kid hero, Mind-Grabber Man makes a living on the superhero convention circuit, and attends a support group for heroes with low self-esteem. At one of the conventions he meets Bulleteer, and offers to help her around the convention, including introducing her to Susan Barr. Later, he drunkenly laments the dwindling of his dreams and desperately proposes a team-up with Bulleteer. Unbeknownst to him, he helps to save the world when Bulleteer bends over to pick him up off the floor, thus causing an assassin's arrow to miss her.

    Alternate Versions

    DC Super Friends

    A villainous child version of Mind-Grabber Kid appears in an issue of this comic. He later has a change of heart and turns on his villainous compatriots.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mind-Grabber Man has the ability to control matter with his mind. This includes telekinesis, and the ability to take control of the minds of others.


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