Seven Unknown Men of Slaughter Swamp

    Team » Seven Unknown Men of Slaughter Swamp appears in 7 issues.

    A mysterious team from an alternate universe which must keep the fabric of the universe in good form.

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    Very little is known about the Seven Unknown Men, other than that they have been tasked with guarding the continuity of the universe.


    The Seven Unknown Men were created by Grant Morrison and JH Williams III. They made their first appearance in Seven Soldiers #0.

    Team Evolution

    The membership of the team is largely unknown by proper names, though it appears to consist of creators who have written themselves into comic book continuity. Physically, the members closely resemble Grant Morrison. Despite one member going rogue and becoming the magician Zor, they retain a membership of seven.

    Major Story Arcs

    Seven Soldiers of Victory

    The Seven Unknown Men hire Tom Dalt to come to Slaughter Swamp and meet them. They unmake and remake him to suit their purposes, creating I, Spyder and setting him loose into the continuity in the hopes that he will be able to guide the Seven Soldiers to victory against the Sheeda. When the first wave fails they set their second plan in motion and step back from events, allowing the cosmic thread they have woven through the universe to slowly draw events together. They reenter the universe when Zatanna arrives at Slaughter Swamp and does battle with and defeats Zor, a renegade member of the Seven. They pull her into a dimensional lock and warn her of the Sheeda, briefly allow her to speak to her father as reward for her assistance, and send her back to her own reality. A member of the Seven stitches Zor into a miser's coat, transforming him into Cyrus Gold and allowing him to be killed to create Solomon Grundy.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Seven Unknown Men appear to share the powers of cosmic awareness and reality warping.


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