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The Humanoids are artificial beings created by the Leader. These mindless beings need no food, air or rest and they feel no pain. They are mentally controlled by the Leader and follow all his commands. The Humanoids are used by the Leader primarily as bodyguards or soldiers but they also act as servants in his labs too. The Humanoids have fought the Hulk on numerous occassions. The Humanoids came into conflict with the Hulk and members of the Avengers when they discovered that the Leader contaminated New York's water supply with a gamma gene.

The Humanoids were also used to kidnap Rick Jones and Bereet to lure the Hulk to the Leader. The female villain known as Jackdaw dropped a significant amount of pink dust from a canister into Banner's hotel room. The dust came to life and the Humanoids emerged from it. The Leader wanted to test the intelligent Hulk and had him fight a horde of Humanoids to see if he was a threat. The Humanoids defeated the Hulk when Banner became fatigued during the fight. The Leader freed the Hulk, Rick Jones and Bereet after he felt that the intelligent gamma giant was not a threat to him.


The Humanoids were created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1964.

Powers and Abilities

Hulk smashes The Humanoids
Hulk smashes The Humanoids

The Humanoids are made up of some plastic material which makes them very durable and elastic. Most physical attacks are repelled by the Humanoid's body and many projectile weapons tend to bounce off them. Their bodies and limbs will actually stretch when struck with enough physical force. Bullets normally go through their body causing no physical harm. They also have a degree of superhuman strength and tend to attack in large numbers. These mindless beings need no food, air or rest and can survive in space or underwater for long periods of time. They are mentally controlled by the Leader and follow all his commands unless the Leader loses concentration. If that occurs, the Humanoids normally stop in their tracks and do not move.

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