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    Captured by the military, Hulk must find a way to escape before they discover Banner's secrets!

    First appearance of The Leader

    Giant-Man Versus The Wonderful Wasp!

    Henry Pym develops a new plant growth serum that rapidly increases vegetation to enormous proportions. Unfortunately for Pym his invention is too effective and the plant he tested the formula on soon starts growing larger than the building itself. Pym realises with growth this rapid the plant will soon overrun the city and there’s no time to create an antidote. Thus the scientist decides to shrink down to Ant Man and destroy the plants root. Meanwhile an escaping burglar from the building next door gets caught in the plants branches and slides into Pym’s lab where he witnesses The Avenger knock himself unconscious in a lab accident and discovers Giant Man’s secret identity. The crook locks Pym in a closet, steals Giant Man’s costume for himself and escapes just as Janet van Dyne arrives.

    The new Giant Man begins his life of crime by robbing a jewellery store and shrinks to ant size to wait for the cops to disappear. However he is discovered by The Wasp who mistakes him for her partner. But soon realising her mistake she defeats the crook. Meanwhile the giant plant still rages out of control. Pym regains consciousness and warns Janet via cybernetic communication but it comes too late as the crook takes this opportunity to trap the heroine in a miniature jewellery case. Thinking he has won the thief is surprised to be carried away by a flying ant and brought back to Pym’s lab. While attempting to grow to giant size the crook is knocked out by a swift blow from Pym who regains his suit and powers. The hero then calls together an army of ants to destroy the remaining roots of the giant plant while The Wasp manages to escape herself. Finally, Pym uses memory loss serum that he happened to have lying around to ensure the crook forgets his secret identity.

    Enter...the Chameleon!

    In the previous issue The Hulk was captured by General Ross and now ironically finds himself bound in unbreakable chains created by Bruce Banner. Elsewhere a scientist takes a break from creating his new humanoid and orders The Chameleon to find out what happened to the spy he had sent to Gamma Base. Meantime Rick Jones hears news of The Hulk’s capture and leaves Avengers Mansion to try to help his friend. Back at the base there is still no trace of Dr. Banner and Betty Ross fears the worst. Rick arrives and sees The Hulk chained while The Chameleon also arrives at Gamma Base and disguises himself as General Ross in hope to persuade Hulk to become an ally. The Hulk refuses but the villain thinks he can persuade him if he can set him free so goes to find a way to do so. The stress of the situation turns Hulk back to Banner and he’s able to slip through the chains. While escaping he’s discovered by Rick Jones.

    Back in General Ross’ office Banner turns up and offers to help look for The Hulk, giving the excuse he was experimenting in some caves and got lost. After Banner leaves he is captured by The Chameleon who disguises himself as the scientist to steal his secrets. He is interrupted by Betty who figures out he’s not Bruce Banner and is captured as well. The real Dr. Banner hears this and is so enraged The Hulk reappears and attacks Chameleon. The spy threatens to blow up the base with a gamma bomb and The Hulk changes his mind and escapes. The Chameleon then takes Betty hostage, knocking out Major Talbot on the way. He places Betty in a rocket car when The Hulk attacks again. The Chameleon aims the car at Hulk and runs away. The green giant stops the speeding vehicle only for Chameleon to throw the gamma bomb. Hulk dives on top of the bomb and smothers the explosion but this turns him back to Bruce Banner. Finally, half way across the county, The Leader has finished creating his first humanoid to destroy The Hulk.


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    Average Hulk Story Lacks Consistent Characterization 0

    This is a thoroughly average episode of the ongoing Tales to Astonish Hulk series. The Hulk has been captured by the U.S. Army, but a spy, known as the Chameleon, is interested in recruiting him as an ally for The Leader. This Hulk series is definitely pretty lightweight, it feels kind of like a series of daily newspaper strips strung together.   Unfortunately, it's plagued by a few weaknesses of story and art that undermine it. For one thing, Steve Ditko's art, while great for all the supportin...

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