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Bereet was created by Doug Moench and Walt Simonson and her first appearance was in the Incredible Hulk number 269 in March of 1982.


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An ambitious and prominent alien techno art filmmaker Bereet created several fictional films about Hulk and won acclaim in Krylorian society. She had previously used many of the inhabitants Earth as platform for her creations but became tired of her films not being seen as inspiring art as she once had believed her them to be.

Deciding to change formats and make a documentary about the real Hulk, she traveled to Earth and arrived in time to aid the Hulk. There she helped Bruce Banner, at that time able to maintain his personality in the Hulk's body, cure Rick Jones of radiation poisoning. She next helped the Hulk in a battle with the U-Foes, a group villains changed by radiation when traveling in space. After this when Betty Ross temporarily abandoned Banner, Bereet briefly became romantically involved with him.

During her time with Banner Bereet subsequently met success on Earth with her finished documentary, "The Life And Times Of The Incredible Hulk". As Banner became seen as a hero and not a monster for the first time and welcomed by both the government and the superhero community Bereet followed his exploits filming along the way. However, it seems probable that her fortunes fell and rose with the many changes in the Hulk himself.

As she attempted to continue her filming of the superhero community and earn the respect as an artist she loss faith in Hollywood. Realizing that neither in her home world of Krylor or her adopted home on Earth that her films would be seen as art and not just entertainment. Her current whereabouts and activities are unrevealed.

Alternate Realities


In this alternate reality taking place during a time when Bruce Banner, the Hulk, would be sealed in a chamber in a secret lab at night, the Hulk escapes and battles the military before changing back into Bruce Banner.

Meanwhile, aliens known as the Krylorians have arrived on Earth for the purposes of invading it and their ships have been sighted over Rome. Deciding to take a vacation to Rome, Bruce Banner goes takes it with Rick Jones. Along the way, Bruce turns into the Hulk and smashes out of the plane. The Hulk fights one of the Krylorian spy, and is confronted by his old foe the Gargoyle, who has found himself mutated back into a Gargoyle form. He seeks an alliance with the Krylorians, however the Krylorians are plotting to use him for their own ends and ultimately betray him.

The Hulk and Rick Jones however team up with Bereet, a renegade Krylorian who uses techno-art pieces as weapons, and with the help of the Gargoyle (who sacrifices himself to destroy some of the Krylorian ships) manage to fight off the initial invasion fleet. With the initial attack over, Bereet warns the Hulk and Rick that this is just the beginning. They both agree to help Bereet stop the invasion plans of her own people.

This story was later revealed to be a work of fiction created by Bereet of Earth-616. However, according to the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol. 3, this is an alternate reality, designated Earth-7711.

Other Media


Guardians of the Galaxy, 2014

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Bereet appeared in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, portrayed by Meila Kreiling. Bereet was in a relationship with Peter Quill, when he decided to leave the Ravagers and strike out on his own. She accompanied him to Morag and stayed in his ship while he retrieved the Orb. After Quill managed to get away from Korath the Pursuer who attacked the ship, Bereet came out of the ship's lower level, and Quill was startled as he had forgotten she was in his ship. She went with him back to Xandar where they broke up.


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Real Name: Bereet

Occupation: Techno-Artist

Universe: Earth-616

Birth Place: Krylor

Identity: Public

Group Affiliation: Krylorians

Base of Operations: N/A

Gender: Female

Height: 5′ 8″ Weight: 67 lbs.

Eyes: Red Hair: None

Powers and Abilities


As a Krylorian, Bereet shares the traits of her part-bird part-mammal people. They have feather crests on their heads, two fingers and a thumb on each hand, and two toes on each foot. Their bones are hollow, which accounts for Bereet's low weight. They have high, musical voices.


Bereet has mastered the audiovisual technology of her world and is an expert with numerous level of advanced technologies.



  • Star Eyes: These levitating spheres record sights and sounds that Bereet can then incorporate into her films. They can also "fill in" events that they do not record but develop them from later information. The amount of information they can record has not been documented.
  • Spatial Distorter: This small bag contains a pocket dimension that holds all of Bereet's equipment.


  • Banshee Mask: Bereet owns a Banshee Mask which when placed on her face transforms into starship which is able to take her and occupants across vast stretches of space. After its use it folds back up into a mask.


  • Defendroids: Bereet is able to summon these various fighting machines from within her Spatial Distorter bag.



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