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    Tales to Astonish was originally one of several anthology comics published by Marvel in the early 1960's that mainly featured monster and horror stories. In issue 27 of the series, Hank Pym made his debut as "The Man in the Ant-Hill", what seemed to be just another one-shot horror story. However, soon Hank Pym would star in the series once more as Ant-Man, debuting as such in issue 35.

    Later The Incredible Hulk joined the book with Ant-Man in issue 59, a year after his own series The Incredible Hulk Vol.1 was cancelled. With issue 70, the Sub-Mariner took over Ant-Man/Giant-Man's place in the book. Hulk however remained a main-stay in the series and that is why, after 101 issues, the series changed its name to The Incredible Hulk Vol.2 with issue 102. Namor's adventure continued in a one-shot alongside Iron Man named Iron Man And Sub-Mariner before he received his own series called Sub-Mariner Vol.1.

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    Issues #70-101 have been translated into Spanish.


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