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  • Bruce Banner

  • Devil Hulk - Brian Banner is the father of Bruce Banner. Abusive to Bruce and his mother Rebecca, he murdered her in front of him. He was killed by Bruce in a self-defense accident but returned as a vengeful ghost.

    Current status - DEAD

  • Bruce Banner's mother who helped raise and protect him from his abusive father Brian Banner. She was eventually killed by Brian in front of Bruce's eyes.

    Current status - DEAD

  • Susan Drake-Banner is the sister of Brian Banner and aunt of Bruce Banner. After Rebecca's death at the hands of her brother, Bruce was placed into her care.

  • A teenager whom Banner saved, causing Banner to be caught in his life-changing explosion that turned him into the Hulk. He later became the Hulk's sidekick.

    Current status - DEAD

  • Red Hulk - General Thunderbolt Ross, transformed into the Red Hulk by the Leader and MODOK. He seems to start at a higher strength level than the Hulk but gets hotter as he gets angrier.

  • Red She-Hulk - The daughter of Thunderbolt Ross. Bruce Banner's most enduring love interest and later his wife. Deceased due to poisoning by the Abomination, later revealed to be cryogenically preserved and transformed by the Leader and M.O.D.O.K. into Red She-Hulk

  • Brawn - The seventh smartest person on Earth. After being tragically orphaned, Cho was saved by and quickly befriended the Hulk. He valiantly advocated on the Hulk's behalf during the World War Hulk saga, believing the Hulk to be a truly benevolent soul. He later gained super strength himself and joined the Champions.

  • The Hulk's occasional psychiatrist. An ethical gamma-powered strongman with a working knowledge of nuclear biology, and excellent, quick-thinking, fighting skills.

  • An old romantic flame from Bruce's college days. Many years later, she would have a brief relationship with Doc Samson. Studied neuro-psychiatry in graduate school and holds a doctorate in applied medical research. It was Doctor Lipscombe who correctly deduced that Banner's merged persona was in fact merely another hidden alter

  • The Hulk very briefly was a Founding Member of the original team. His unstable personality made it impossible for him to remain a member.

  • The despotic emperor of the planet Sakaar, dethroned by the Hulk and his Warbound

  • The Warbound are a group of interplanetary refugees late of the planet Sakaar. Led by the exiled Earth champion, the Hulk, the Warbound agreed to assist the Hulk in his plan of revenge against those responsible for his exile, the Illuminati

  • The Hulk's warrior queen, with an "oldstrong" heritage, granting her the ability to turn harder than stone and attain immense levels of physical strength. Deceased in the explosion that destroyed Sakaar.

    Current status - DEAD

  • Daughter of a high ranking Sakaaran official whom the Red King tries for treason.

  • A warrior-mystic "Shadow Priest" who was expelled from his order for the heresy of believing he could be the Sakaarson, the fabled savior of planet Sakaar. He inherited Caiera's mystic Oldstrong power after all other members of his race perished.

  • A stone man of the Kronan race with great superhuman strength, who once fought Thor.

  • A meek insectoid who becomes king of his freed people before metamorphosing into a behemoth. Although he was part of the Warbound and considered himself a friend of the Hulk, he also allowed the death of the Hulk's wife and many others on Sakaar. He is currently imprisoned in the Negative Zone Prison.[3]

  • Sole survivor of a pack of Brood warriors that landed on Planet Sakaar. Unlike most other members of her race she has the capacity for compassion.

  • A robot that aids Hulk in the fight against the Red King. Later piloted the ship that brought Hulk back to Earth. Self-destructed from a malfunction

    Current status - DESTROYED

  • The Hulk's son. Skaar's mother is Caiera. Their first encounter was hostile since Skaar felt Hulk had deserted him on Sakaar, when Hulk was avenging his planet and family during World War Hulk.

  • He is the son of the Hulk and Caiera and the twin brother of Skaar.

  • Daughter of the Hulk and Thundra. Lyra was raised in the 23rd Century by Femizons, battling men. She was conceived artificially by Thundra stealing Hulk's DNA during a fight, the time-displaced Lyra now lives in the present day.

  • Carmilla Black, born Thasanee Rappaccini, is the daughter of Scientist Supreme of the worldwide terrorist network A.I.M., Monica Rappaccini and Bruce Banner from their romantic relationship in college.

  • The queen of the planet K'ai and beloved of both the Hulk and Bruce Banner. Deceased due to saving a child from a falling building. She was The Hulks first true warrior queen consort and wife predating Caiera of Sakaar by many years

    Current status - DEAD

  • The reality-warping apprentice of the Shaper of Worlds has come on a collision course with the Hulk during the course of his lessons.

  • An alien artist and filmmaker from the planet Krylor, and brief love interest of Bruce Banner, with technology enabling her to turn her movies into reality

  • An android constructed by Tyrannus to befriend the Hulk and enlist him as an ally, but unaware of his programming or artificial nature. Destroyed when Hulk found out and mistakenly thought that Mogol had intentionally betrayed him.

  • A super-hero group of "non-joiners", including the Hulk, the Sub-Mariner, Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer, Nighthawk, Valkyrie, Hellcat and others.

  • Former girlfriend of Mr. Fixit later wife of Rick Jones.

  • A friend of Bruce Banner and sometimes sidekick. He was the first character in mainstream comics to be HIV positive. Deceased due to AIDS.

    Current status - DEAD

  • Bruce Banner's lab assistant and love interest, revealed as an agent and spy for S.H.I.E.L.D., but genuine in her affection, and remaining a friend afterwards.

  • Bruce's New York landlady when he embarked on a bright new chapter in his life. She was presented as a possible romantic interest, but the shadow of the Hulk once again got in the way of his happiness

  • Originally an army colonel pursuing the Hulk, but eventually came to understand and sympathise with him.

  • The head scientist of Shadow Base.

  • A long-haired musician who befriended the Hulk years ago. He interviewed several people regarding The Hulk and eventually published a book Hulk Encounter: A Survivor's Story that was very sympathetic to the jade giant.

  • Jacqueline "Jackie" McGee is a reporter from the Arizona Herald who was working on a story on the reappearing Hulk.

  • Creatures that were also mutated from the gamma blast that created the Hulk

  • Emil Blonsky. A gamma-spawned monstrous powerhouse. The Hulk's primary physical rival.

  • A Gamma-irradiated genius with superhuman intelligence and mind-control abilities who is Hulk's intellectual rival.

  • The Leader's former second-in-command, who ultimately turned against him. She was later a member of the Femizons.

  • Warlord of the star-spanning Troyjan empire, with power rivalling the Silver Surfer's. He holds a grudge against the Hulk for accidentally slaying his son Trauma.

  • Prince of the Troyjans. An immensely strong warrior, with force-blasts capable of cutting through planets

    Current status - DEAD

  • A giant two-headed android living on a floating island in the sky, and containing the knowledge of the bird people that built it.

  • A soldier exposed to a gamma bomb detonation by General Ryker.

    Current status - DEAD

  • A shapeshifting alien weapon and conqueror that destroys any intelligent life it considers to be a potential threat

  • A series of mutated superhuman military operatives with personal grudges, originally employed by General John Ryker.

  • A ruthless military general, and brilliant manipulator, who hunted the Hulk to seek a cure for his wife

  • Betty Ross' ex-husband, a military officer who tried to kill Bruce Banner and destroy the Hulk. Was the one who personally discovered the truth of Banner's Hulk condition from Rick Jones (who believed that Banner was dead at the time) and revealed it to his superiors

    Current status - DEAD

  • A shambling bog-monster, with high resistance to physical harm

  • Anthony Masterson, a gamma-irradiated power-leech. Dead during the day, and alive during the night

    Current status - DEAD

  • An embittered African-American and a white supremacist. Escaped convicts permanently shackled to each other by a chain granting them both great physical power, and bonding their life-forces together

    Current status - DEAD

  • The Leader's army of super-strong rubber-men, virtually immune to blunt impacts, shown to include the Hulk's fists or Thor's hammer, but they are comparatively easy to immobilise or destroy with energy-based attacks

  • The Leader's brother, a chaotic, distorted, and clever powerhouse

  • A barbaric and crafty future version of the Hulk. He's stated as twice as strong as the ‘merged’ incarnation, and is an experienced, ruthless and dishonourable combatant.

  • An enigmatic immortal with multiple powers, including shapeshifting, draining, teleportation, energy-projection, invisibility, astral projection, and self re-assembly. She considers herself on a mission of "mercy" to "help" those who wish to die but don't have the strength to commit suicide

  • Hulk's first superhuman adversary. An alien conqueror with practically limitless ability to control all forms of metal

  • A radioactive monster with immense strength, a childlike personality, and the ability to reform itself after being destroyed

  • A savage, super-strong, dark mirror of the Hulk

  • A humanoid insect scientist-mystic, worshiping a race of elder gods and seeking to use the Hulk as a power-source to revive them

    Current status - DEAD

  • An alien group-mind that kept Hulk company during his exile to the crossroads dimension

  • A gamma induced monster, created by Professor Geoffrey Crawford's attempts to cure himself of a crippling disease using his Matter Teleportation Device

  • A US Air Force General who was Thunderbolt Ross' former protégé. He is obsessed with seeking revenge on the Red Hulk (who he believes killed Ross) unaware that Red Hulk and Ross are one person. He used a gun on Red Hulk that shot remote-activated micro-mines into Red Hulk's brain that would fry Red Hulk's brain when Red Hulk changes back. He has since taken command of Shadow Base, a black ops anti-Hulk military squad utterly determined at the destruction and study of the Hulk. After the failure of the Abomination/Rick Jones fusion (Subject B), he fused himself with the body's husk, turning himself into a new monstrous Abomination

  • An ancient Roman would-be world conqueror, and long-time Hulk villain.

  • An alien with superhuman strength, and vast psionic powers, capable of engineering formidable genetic monstrosities

  • Electricity-based villain/monster with superhuman strength and the ability to incinerate almost anything it touches. It gains intelligence by feeding on the minds of human beings.

  • A super-strong, combat expert, Israeli heroine, with a cloak emitting powerful 'energy-quills', who has recurrently come to blows with the Hulk due to misunderstandings.