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Created by the Leader to be stronger than the Hulk, it was the most powerful Humanoid of all. Unfortunately, the Leader died before he had the chance to bring this Humanoid to life. But when General Ross found the location of the Leader’s lab, he had his top scientists animate the Hulk Killer. But since the Hulk Killer was such a complex artificial form of life, they were unable to control it.

The Hulk Killer went on a rampage destroying everything in sight. There was nothing they were able to do to stop it. When the two titans finally meet, it knocked the Hulk off his pins with the first blow. The Hulk got up and the two battled for hours. Hulk Killer pounded Hulk into the ground but as he was about to deal the finishing blow, Rick Jones tried to stop him, but he was swatted away like a fly. The sudden shock of seeing his friend injured caused the Hulk to transform back to Bruce Banner.

Unable to recognize Bruce as the Hulk, the Hulk Killer stands, pondering its next move. The Army tries to distract it while Bruce comes up with a way to stop it. He learns that the Humanoid is not alive, it is a machine, and so he makes a device that shoots some sort of high-voltage current, which short circuits the Hulk Killer.


The Hulk Killer...

  • Has super strength (is stronger than the Hulk).
  • Has a hollow body so it floats in the air.
  • His artificial body is made of Plasti-thene, a very resilient substance used by the Leader, it is unbreakable and stretches and gives with every blow. An Atomic flamethrower had no effect on it.
  • Feels no pain.
  • Can set up instantaneous defenses (de-activated all auditory and sensory circuits so an atomic powered sound cannon could not penetrate his Plasti-thene body.

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