Super Humanoid

    Character » Super Humanoid appears in 9 issues.

    Specially programmed Humanoid, designed for the sole purpose of restoring the Leader to life.

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    After The Watcher's Ultimate Machine killed the Leader, the loss of his heart beat activated a the Super Humanoid, which was made for the purpose of restoring the Leader to life if he ever dies. The Super Humanoid then placed the Leader under a specially prepared Revivor Beam, restoring him to life.

    After The Leader captured Hulk in an indestructable cage of plasti-thene, the Leader summoned his Super Humanoid to ensure that Hulk cannot escape. The Leader's real motive was to take over the Army Base and use the missiles to start World War 3. When the Army tried to stop the Leader, he used the Super Humanoid to take out the Platoon.

    After Hulk breaks free out of the Leader's living cage, he transports his Super Humanoid and the Hulk onto a distant volcanic island, where they battle. Hulk eventually throws the Super Humanoid into a Volcano, then pounds the ground causing it to Erupt. 


    Super Humanoid was created by Stan Lee and Herb Trimpe in 1969 and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 116.


    • Super Strength
    • Stun Blasts
    • Body made out of indestructable Plasti-thene, and can stretch and give with every blow.
    • Can increase body weight until as heavy as a mountain

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