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    One of the Horsemen of Apokolips, once posed as Sobek, former friend to the Black Marvel Family.

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    The Golden Age character was one of several crocodile men from the planet Punkus. He joined the Monster Society of Evil under Mister Mind.


    The current Sobek was believed to be a crocodile that was bioengineered. He was created by Doctor Sivana. He is named Sobek after the Egyptian god, claiming he doesn't have a name. From then on, Sobek puts on a facade of cowardice and timidness (essentially becoming the Black Marvel Family analogue of Tawky Tawny) to fool everyone around him. When Osiris suffers despondancy after accidentally killing Persuaderand thinks his powers are evil and are causing the disasters in Khandaq, Sobek convinces him to give up his powers. Once Osiris becomes human, Sobek quickly devours him.


    Famine was created by Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid, and Geoff Johns in 52 #26

    Character Evolution

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    Sobek's character does a complete 180, changing from an innocent and frightened clown to a manipulative monster. When confronted by Black Adam and Isis, Sobek, no longer looking pudgy and awkward, tells them that Osiris is still stuck between his teeth. When asked why he would murder his best friend, Sobek reveals his true identity - that he was created by Dr. Sivana so that only the flesh of a Marvel could satisfy his great hunger. Sobek is truly Yuurd the Unknown, Famine of the Four Horsemen of Apokolips, created by the mad scientists on Oolong Island. Yuurd, together with Roggra (War), Zorrm (Pestilence), and Azraeuz (Death), were made by the egg-like and diabolic Chang Tzu and his 'science squad' in order to take over the world. Yuurd was sent to the Sivana home on the night of the dinner party in order to infiltrate and allow for the destruction of the Black Marvel Family, who denied Intergang safe passage through Kahndaq. Yuurd is soon joined by Pestilence and Death in an attack on Black Adam and Isis. Yuurd is eventually killed by Black Adam, who, in disgust, tears open his jaw.

    Major Story Arcs


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    Angry with the Black Marvel Family and completely alone, Osiris and Sobek become unseparable - so much so that when Osiris goes to join the Teen Titans, he brings his crocodile-friend with him. Sobek is consistently portrayed as meek and frightened, hiding behind Osiris when he's around people and wearing a bashful, anxious expression on his long reptilian face. Sobek is constantly frightened that others find him frightening and is simply not comfortable in his own skin. He is very grateful to Osiris for his guidance, and stands up to him when the Teen Titans accuse him of being inherently evil. Once Osiris rejoins the Black Marvels, so does Sobek, quickly becoming a part of the family. Sobek becomes the chief comic relief of the family, who are always joking about the ridiculous amounts he eats and the fact that he's always hungry. Sobek is also shown to be Osiris'

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    best friend, confidante and comforter. When Osiris is devastated by his destroyed reputation after killing a member of the Suicide Squad, it is Sobek who brings him apples and tries to get his spirits up. (36) In Week 40, feeling that he has brought upon the curse of Kahndaq, Osiris asks Sobek and only Sobek to accompany him to the Rock of Eternity.

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    Unable to accept that it is not his fault that the people of his country are dying, Osiris decides to leave Kahndaq once and for all. Rather than to let his friend depart, Sobek urges him to simply give up his powers to rid himself of his curse, paying his penance with his mobility. Osiris does as Sobek says, but unfortunately his friend's motivations weren't as friendly as they seemed. Sobek immediately turns upon his helpless friend and devours him, crunching into his body until his snout is wet with blood and he proclaims "I'm not so hungry anymore."

    Soon after, Sobek is revealed to be Yurrd the Unknown, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, representing famine. Yurrd has been created along with Roggra, Zorrm, and Azraeuz as a group of bioengineered monstrosities sent to attack the Black Marvel Family, he causes crops to die so even the magic of Isis cannot restore them. Yurrd was the first to be sent out as a sleeper agent until the time looked right to strike. Black Adam and Isis are lured to the Horsemen when Black Adam feels Osiris's power returning to him. He tells Black Adam that Osiris was too stringy. In the ensuing battle, Yurrd is the first of the Horsemen to be killed by Black Adam. The other ones are killed by Adam except for Death, who escapes to the nearby nation of Bialya. Adam kills millions of people, before finding, torturing, then killing Death to find out who created the Horsemen. In issue #52, a shot shows Black Adam wearing new boots, which the writers revealed in interviews to be in fact made of Sobek's flesh.

    52 Aftermath

    Even though Yuurd's body was destroyed, his spirit still remained and found it's way into the body of Taylor Reese. He worked at Wayne Enterprises, but sold food on the black market. Yuurd relocated to Bialya and and worked from there, but was soon confronted by Batman. Yuurd tried to cause Batman hunger, but Batman was able to resist the unique attack. Superman arrived on the scene, but Yuurd managed to escape capture. He met with the other three of the horsemen and took over the country of Bialya. Yuurd, along with the others, had body's made for them and was eventually joined with it. He insisted on fighting Superman, but his body, a hyena, was eventually defeated by the Man of Steel. He then tried to possess Batman's body, but Bruce was able to push the spirit out. His spirit was eventually trapped with the others.

    Blackest Night

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    A Black Power Ring found the body of Sobek and ressurected him. He was a part of the Black Lantern Corps and fought Black Lantern Osiris. He was eventually defeated by him once he called out Black Adam.

    Powers and Abilities

    Hunger Control - Famine has the ability to cause wide-spread hunger in the area around him. He has shown the ability to effect entire countries with this abilities. He can make their hunger become so strong, that they turn to cannibalism. The downside of this power is that he is always hungry.

    Super Strength - Famine has some degree of super strength, but to what degree is unknown. He was able to fight Black Adam for a short period of time, so we can assume that it is above the 50 ton mark.

    Possession - Famine can possess another person and control whatever they do. The only way he can possess someone, is if they invite him. Whether they are aware of the invitation or not does not matter.


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