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    Adrianna Tomaz was originally a slave of Intergang, and offered to Black Adam as a bribe. She eventually fell in love with him, and through the intervention of Captain Marvel became a hero. Trapped as a statue, she was freed by Osiris in Brightest Day.

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    Adrianna Tomaz was a citizen of Kahndaq who was notorious for fighting the corrupt regime of the country. After Black Adam took over control she became at first a friend and later his wife and royal consort. He granted her super-powers so that she could serve alongside him in creating a new world order. The silver age origin of the character is somewhat different, as she was a schoolteacher that found a magical pendant that granted her powers when she said aloud “O Mighty Isis!” This character presumably lived with the remainder of the Fawcett characters on Earth-S.


    The character is one of the rare few that appeared first on television and then was adapted for comics. She had appeared in the latter portion of the Shazam/Isis Hour in her own part of the series labeled “The Secrets of Isis.” She was subsequently transferred to comics where she first appeared in Shazam #25 in 1976. Though eventually given her own series she failed to maintain a significant fan following. The character was reimagined some time later for the year long story arc 52, where she would be the consort of Black Adam and rule jointly over Kahndaq. Her first appearance here was in issue #3 as Adrianna and in issue #12 as the superpowered Isis.

    Character Evolution

    For all purposes the silver age version of the character and the modern version have no direct link, though as Crisis on Infinite Earths rebooted most characters in the DC Universe, it could ostensibly be seen to apply to her as well. Thus the character has two distinct periods of her existence. The silver age version was plagued by the same problems as many other silver age characters, that being that character development did not occur very often, and especially not for marginalized characters. The character in 52 also did not progress but for reasons much closer to the needs of the plot of the series. As the person that reformed Black Adam, her behavior needed to be incorruptible and it was as she taught him a great deal of compassion. She died the first time with this same mentality.

    Major Story Arcs

    As with most characters of the silver age, that version of the character did not have any real story arcs of note, even in her self-titled series (which ran for only nine issues.) The most significant story arc which the character partook in is unquestionably 52. In this she is first a dissenter of the way that her people are treated. This brings her to the attention of the new ruler of Kahndaq, Black Adam. After discussing with her he decides to help her find her missing brother, who had been kidnapped by Intergang. Eventually Isis and Adam decide to marry. During their marriage a suicide bombing is stopped by Vic Sage and Renee Montoya and the two become allies of the royal couple. The task of defending the country along with creating a new world order occupies most of their time until the country is attacked by the Four Horsemen of Apokolips. Isis and her brother are subsequently murdered causing Black Adam to go on a murderous rampage of revenge.

    She also later plays a role in the story arc Countdown. Black Adam is still in love with her and seeks repeatedly to get her resurrected, but he eventually becomes so obsessed that he doesn’t realized that Felix Faust is manipulating him into helping to free him from Fate’s Tower. As the two are eventually reunited they travel to the Rock of Eternity where they depose Captain Marvel as the caretaker of the magical power. This brings them into conflict with the Justice Society of America, although Isis is being consumed by her own madness, a result of her death. Shazam returns and turns the two into statues as punishment for their actions.

    During Brightest Day, her brother returns the statues to Kahndaq but is unable to change their conditions. Osiris decides that he must kill in order that she can live again, but once she comes back to life she chastises him for doing so.

    New 52

    In story Adrianna is a civil rights activist who marches against the current oppressive Kandaqi regime ruled under the US placated representative; Ibac. Her younger brother Amon is a secret supporter to the vigilante resistance group called the Sons of Adam being fully aware of this the young peace walker worries for his safety and strongly disapproves his association with terrorists who bomb women and children.

    Having heard that he's headed out with them to resurrect a long dead hero to liberate they're homeland, Adrianna tries to convince the peace marches against the current government are a better way to go than fighting a war they cannot win. Stating that sending out thousands of vid recordings of they're groups escapades have helped a great deal, only for Amon to retort that thousands of people across the world send they're regards to they're tiny grief stricken nation only to do noting for them going onto say that this was a war and they were the weapons if they ever intended to effect real change. Adrianna was out situated in a non-violent protest filming herself and her compatriots efforts when an injured friend of the two warned Adrianna that Ibac's men were on the hunt for her brother and his group.She dropped everything she had during a 2 hour peace sitting in front of the capital of Kandaq to get there first despite the informants warnings.

    Barely making it in time only for her dear sibling to be shot where he stood right before her eyes as she tried to warn him, the young Kandaqian helped her brother complete the spell resurrecting Black Adam who quickly dispatched the enemy soldiers after his former revivalist asked who he was. Overjoyed she whipped out her iphone filming him in action but her joy soon turned to Grief when accompanied by her brothers death, as Black Adam flew off she took up arms embracing his ideology.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 6'1"
    • Weight: 135 lbs
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Brown
    • Citizenship: Egyptian
    • Place of Birth: Egypt
    • Marital Status: Married
    • Occupation: Queen of Kahndaq
    • Known Relatives: Osiris (brother), Black Adam (husband)
    • Base of Operations: Shiruta, Kahndaq

    Powers and Abilities

    The silver age version of the character got her powers from the Amulet of Hatsheput. This granted her powers similar to the rest of the Marvel family, though an emphasis on the healing and fertility is present in those powers, as those are the responsibilities of the ancient goddess.

    The Pre-52 version of Isis

    Isis was bestowed the powers of the Egyptian Gods by the master sorcerer Black Adam. Unlike the other members of the Marvel family instead of deriving her abilities from Shazam, Isis’s powers are drawn directly from Black Adam himself. When Isis speaks the name of “Black Adam” she is transformed into the avatar of the Egyptian Gods known as "Isis".

    Isis also has the ability to share her powers with others that she chooses (for example: Osiris) just like the other members of the Marvel family.

    S for the Stamina of Shu: Shu has granted Isis protection against extreme physical assaults. Shu also grants Isis the ability to survive without having to eat, breathe or sleep.

    Self-sustenance- While in the form of Isis, Isis does not need to eat. sleep or breathe. The godly energies that transform her body into her superhuman form is, enough to sustain her body. From Black Adam, who also shares the same powers as Isis (but from different sources) we have seen that he was able to survive crossing the universe in his return to Earth which took him 5,000 years to accomplish.

    Superhuman Stamina- Isis’s godly energies do not require her to rest and prevent any kind of fatigue toxins from building in her body granting virtually inexhaustible amounts of endurance no matter how strenuous the physical activity she is engaged in.

    H for the Swiftness of Heru: Heru grants Isis the ability to fly and move at incredible speeds. While in Earths atmosphere, Isis is able to achieve speeds of Mach 10. Isis speeds does not rival that of the flash but it has been said that she is capable of running at speeds of Mach 100, approximately 1/3 as fast as Black Adam himself.

    Superhuman Speed- Isis is able to move at incredible speeds and is able to move so fast that she can seem invisible to the eye of the human being. Isis’s speeds is said to surpass that of even Superman. Isis is also able to use this speed to increase the processes at which she thinks. This gives her a great advantage as she is able to become completely aware of her surroundings in a mere fractions of a second.

    Flight- The power of Heru grants Isis the magical ability to defy gravity. With this ability she is able to travel through space and through the atmosphere of the Earth at incredible speed at a minimum of MACH 10, but she has the ability to fly at much faster speeds.

    A is for the strength ofAmon: Amon, strongest of the gods. Isis is empowered with Amon's nearly limitless superhuman-strength which is often compared to and rivals that of Superman. As such, Isis's strength is of the highest level and is sufficiently vast enough that it enables her to lift/move unbelievably massive and/or heavy objects possibly on a planetary scale or higher with little effort.

    Superhuman Strength- Isis has the ability to easily lift well over 100 tons with minimal effort. The limits of Isis’s strength are unknown, but we can assume that she is capable of lifting/pressing at least 1/3 of Black Adam's capacity, which would put her maximum somewhere over 22Million Tons.

    Z is for the wisdom of Zheuti: The wisdom of Zheuti gives Isis great knowledge as well as a photographic memory. Zheuti is actually able to speak to Isis during her times of need. The wisdom of Zheuti also makes Isis omni-lingual and makes her a very skilled war tactician.

    Superhuman Knowledge- Isis posses a vast amount of knowledge about facts that she had no encountered previously. Isis is able to make guesses about subjects that she had no prior knowledge to but is able to answer with incredible accuracy.

    Clairvoyance - Isis is able to change disadvantages to advantages even though she is not fully aware of the situation at hand.

    Hypnosis- Isis is able to hypnotize her opponents but this does not work on people who are of a very strong mind.

    Omni-Lingual- Isis has the ability to speak any language and can even communicate with aliens.

    A is for the power of Aton: Aton, most powerful of the gods. This grants Isis magic resistance and access to the mystical lightning that transforms her. Like her male counterparts, we can also assume that this power also comes the "Wrath of Aton."

    Magical Resistance- The power of Aton gives Isis a resistance against magic and only magic of the highest order is able to harm her.

    Corporal Enhancement - When Isis transforms her physical form manifests that of a tall, athletic female with enhanced beauty.

    Teleportation- With the power of Aton, Isis has the ability to transport to the Rock of Eternity from any origin point.

    Mysticism- Isis is a being of pure and ancient magic. This gives her the ability to resist the negative effects of magic. Theoretically, with the proper instruction, she could become a very powerful mage since she already has the ability to access and manifest the energies of the universe.

    Healing- Although Isis has the power of the Gods it is possible to harm her. Isis is able to call down the lightning that gives her powers in order to heal her body if she is injured. Isis healing factor is also of a godly level and is able to heal herself from almost all injuries in an incredible amount of time.

    M is for the courage of Mehen: which grants her an inner strength and confidence.

    Invulnerability- Isis is virtually invulnerable to all forms of harm. Her resistance to harm is equal to that of Superman's without the weaknesses to Kryptonite or magic.

    Superhuman Inner Strength- The powers of Mehen also grant Isis with incredible internal strength that gives her an indomitable confidence and the courage to not back down from any challenge no matter how bleak the circumstances are.

    Telekinesis: Isis is able to move objects with her mind by sheer willpower alone.

    Elemental Control: The modern version of the character has a connection with nature and she can command environmental effects to occur. This means that she can use the air to fly, invoke sunlight and fire as energy attacks and manipulate the weather in both defensive and offensive capacities. She can summon natural phenomenon and use them as weapons such as lightning blasts, water blasts, earthquakes or walls of lava. She also has control of plant life, allowing her to affect incredible growth rates with vines, trees, etc. Occasionally this power is beyond her control, as when she was distraught over the fact that her brother would never walk again, it rained all over Kahndaq.

    Other Media


    The Secrets of Isis

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    The Secret of Isis is the 1970's live action CBS series that followed the adventures of high school science teacher Andrea Thomas (JoAnna Cameron) who became a super hero. While on an archaeological dig in Egypt, Andrea stumbled upon an ancient amulet that belonged to the Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut.

    She finds out that the amulet gives the powers of Isis to whomever wears it, transforming the science teacher into the goddess Isis whenever she recited "O Mighty Isis!" Now she has the superhuman abilities of great strength, moving objects, and flying and running at super speed.

    Using rhyming chants to summon her powers, Isis goes on the hunt to stop criminals, help those in danger, and right the wrongs of the world.

    She often would have to save high school students who got themselves into dangerous situations.


    She appeared in Smallville as an entity controlling Lois Lane.

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    DC's Legends of Tomorrow

    Isis appears in the season 3 episode, "Zari." In Legends, Adrianna Tomaz is actually from a dystopian future, a future where ARGUS has turned into an evil regime. The legends come to save her from being assassinated. Her powers are not clearly defined yet, but she does display powers that appear to be wind-based. Adrianna Tomaz is played by Tala Ashe.


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