52 #26

    52 » 52 #26 - Halfway House; The Origin of Hawkman and Hawkgirl released by DC Comics on November 1, 2006.

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    Week 26, Day 1.

    Black Adam carrying Question, Isis carrying Renee Montoya and Osiris fly towards Nanda Parbat. When they land, thanks and gratitude are exchanged. Isis gives Renee a beautiful rose, and tells her that the question she must ask is who she really is. On that cryptic note, the Black Marvel family fly away, and Charlie is greeted by two friends, Aristotle Rodor and Richard Dragon. Question reveals that Dragon was his martial arts teacher, and will now be giving Renee lessons.

    Week 26, Day 2.


    Steel and Natasha Irons have at it on the television talkshow "You Are Wrong." The show, which is modelled on O'Reilly, features a combative anchor who sets the uncle and niece to arguing over the legitimacy of Luthor's Infinity Inc. Steel argues that the team does not have enough training, and are all too young and inexperienced to fight crime. Natasha counterattacks him by saying that they train everyday, and that they all possess a more important attribute - heroism and a desire to do good. Natasha is called away to Infinity Inc., leaving Steel in a contemplative mood.

    Week 26, Day 4.

    The Sivana Family Home.

    As robotic butlers, overseen by Venus Sivana, prepare a sumptuous feast - the young Sivana children, Georgia and Junior, play at mad scientist in the basement. As their mother calls them up for dinner, they scamper up the stairs, watched by a caged monster with red, glowing eyes. Venus goes to greet her guests, who turn out to be none other than the Black Marvel Family.

    Venus tells the Black Marvels that her husband, the classic Captain Marvel villain Dr. Sivana, disappeared weeks ago without a trace. Venus reveals that she invited Black Adam, Isis and Osiris so they would consider helping her family to find Dr. Sivana.

    Oolong Island.

    Guards fight off Baron Bug's errant Manitmachine, and the little mad scientist freaks out and accuses the others of sabotage... that is until word goes out that a woman has arrived on the island. The nerdy little scientists are greeted by Dr. Veronica Cale, a Wonder Woman villain, who will be helping the Oolong scientists with their mysterious Four Horsemen project.

    Sivana Family Home.

    At the table, the Sivana Family - Venus, eldest children Beautia and Magnificus, who take after their mother, and younger children Georgia and Junior, who take after their father - entertain the Black Marvels. Black Adam tells Venus that they will take looking for Dr. Sivana under consideration, but Osiris is having none of it. Osiris can't accept that Black Adam and Isis are willing to help find a crazy, mad scientist and leaves the table.

    Suddenly the Sivana family dinner is crashed - literally - by a giant anthropomorphic crocodile, who leaps onto the table. The crocodile barrels through the family and the walls, escaping into the garden. In the garden, Osiris is moping until he hears a rustling in the bushes and is confronted by the crocodile, who is devouring a couple of stolen roast chickens.

    The crocodile, with a personality quite opposite of what one might expect, pleads with Osiris not to hurt him and tells him that Dr. Sivana took him from the Nile and performed horrible experiments on him until he became this way, then abandoned him. The crocodile burst free of his cage and was going to escape, but smelled the dinner and just couldn't help himself. The crocodile wishes that he had friends to eat dinner with, and the lonely Osiris immediately takes him under his wing and decides to give him a name.

    Plus: The Origin Of Hawkman and Hawkgirl with Joe Bennett


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    As opposed to the previous couple of issues, this issue focuses a bit more on the characters, and produces a better result because of it.  The storytelling is still a little all over the place, but the strength of the characters holds it together a bit better.  The first story deals with Vic and Renee getting dropped off to meet Richard Dragon so that Renee can start training.  Meanwhile John Henry irons is on the Jack Ryder show debating the new Infinity Inc. when Natasha shows up to debate him...

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