52 #44

    52 » 52 #44 - Deaths in the Family released by DC Comics on March 7, 2007.

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    Black Adam and Isis continue to ponder over what is affecting Kahndaq. Black Adam finally decides to go to the Rock of Eternity the next day. Suddenly he is struck by lightning. Feeling stronger, he knows that Osiris' powers have returned to him. Rushing to find him, they discover the gruesome remains of his body. Not understanding why he would have reverted back to human, Sobek is on scene to inform them that Osiris blamed himself for Kahndaq's recent misery. He also admits that he feasted on him in order to satiate his hunger. Sobek reveals that he was not left behind at Dr. Sivana's lab but rather was sent there. Because Black Adam refused to allow Intergang to pass through his country, they decided to bring Sobek and his siblings to Kahnaq, War, Pestilence, and Death.

    The fight carries on. As Sobek is about to show Black Adam how he fed on Osiris, Adam rips his jaw apart. Next he goes after War as Pestilence fights Isis. Black Adam is taking a beating and Isis begins to feel the affects of Pestilence. Death is waiting to claim her. Weak with disease, Isis is about to be taken by Death. Black Adam defeats War and uses War's gun on Pestilence. Barely clinging to life, Isis calls forth lava to send Death away from Black Adam. With her last breath, she says she realizes that his way to keep Kahndaq safe and asks him to avenge them. With another bolt of lightning striking him, Black Adam is not happy.

    In Nanda Parbat, Renee notices that the flower given to them by Isis withers away. She knows that Isis must be dead. It is suggested to her that she go seek out what has happened. Her clothes has been treated with the same chemical compound that the Question used. She insists she is not going to be him. She doesn't want to wear a mask. She is told that sometimes some questions can only be answered by wearing a mask. She prepares to head to Kahndaq to see where it leads her.



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    This issue follows directly on the event of the previous, which is not necessarily a given in this series.  With everything going wrong in Kahndaq everything is now getting worse.  It has been pretty obvious that the Four Horsemen have been operating in there since everything started to go wrong, and it became clear at the end of the last issue that Sobek is either working with them or is one of them.  With Osiris's death, Adam and Isis soon track down his killer until to find the four villains ...

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