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Long ago, after the fall of the Old Gods and before the rise of the New, Rogga and his brothers, Azraeuz, Zorrm and Yuurd ruled over Apokolips. Chang Tzu mentioned that Rogga sat on a throne of bones and had rivers of blood in his domain. What happened next is unknown. Presumably, the Horsemen were either banished or subjugated by Darkseid and his dark Gods.


War is created by Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Geoff Johns, and Mark Waid in 52.

Character Evolution

War is like his brothers in the fact that he is full of himself and treats others like the dirt that he steps on. His only purposes in life is to fight and to rule.

Major Story Arcs


War engages Black Adam...
War engages Black Adam...
...And is killed by him.
...And is killed by him.

In 52, War and his brethren were summoned by Chang Tzu and his Science squad to bring about vengeance on Black Adam and his family. The Science squad made new bodies of flesh and metal for the horsemen and sent them on their way.

When Yuurd, who was sent undercover before the others, managed to kill Osiris, the other Horsemen engaged Black Adam and Isis. War battled with Adam for some time, but eventually Adam ripped him to pieces along with Yuurd and Zorrm.


War and his brethren soon manifested themselves anew in Bilaya, a country ravaged by the battle between Black Adam and Death.

War possessed a body of an arms dealer, and soon reunited with his brethren. Soon the

Diana vs Rogga
Diana vs Rogga

dead under Azraeuz' control began to assemble new bodies for the Horsemen.

With their bodies restored, Rogga took an army of dead Bilayans and made way to Oolong island, place of their birth where Veronica Cale, who once helped create the horsemen, worked tirelessly to find a way to undo them.

War laid siege to the island, but was confronted by Doom Patrol and Wonder Woman. While

Diana possessed
Diana possessed

Doom Patrol was not of much help, Wonder Woman managed to overpower Rogga and actually destroy his body. However, to do so she fought with great rage, and thus allowed War to possess her.

Now Wonder Woman prepared to destroy Oolong island, when Veronica Cale arrived with the completed device and imprisoned Rogga in her own body. War was the first of the Horsemen to fall.

Powers and Abilities

War's firepower
War's firepower

War is an Apokoliptian demi-god of impressive abilities. Being an embodiment of war, Rogga's body is riddled with numerous weapons which he uses with great prowess. He is also endowed with great strength and some mystical properties, capable of engaging Black Adam, Superman, or Wonder woman for a short period of time.

He is also capable of inspiring aggression in others, to the point that he is able to infuse them with his own essence, bringing them under his control.

As powerful as he is, War's original incarnation when he and his brethren reigned on Apokolips was even more powerful.

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