Monster Society of Evil

    Team » Monster Society of Evil appears in 63 issues.

    The very first super-villain team in comic books, they are a group of bad guys who clashed with Billy Batson.

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    When Mr. Mind first came to Earth-2 he organized his first team of evil do-ers, including Oom, Mister Who, Nyola, Ramulus and The Dummy. But this was only a prelude to one of the greatest evil teams ever assembled.

    Later, in the Earth-S universe, he gathered his Monster Society of Evil - complete with beings from many worlds. These included; Goat - Man, who had been his first minion; Evil Eye, a hypnotic monster; and the Crocodile Men of the planet Punkus. He also contacted the leaders of the Axis powers and promised to help them win World War II - after which he intended to rule the world through Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and the Japanese warlords.

    But he also gathered the greatest villains of Earth, including Captain Nazi of the Third Reich and Dr. Sivana.

    Also on his team was IBAC the cursed, originally a small-time crook with big ambitions - Stanley (Stinky) Printwhistle. Lucifer gave him, in return for his soul, the powers of Ivan the Terrible, Cesare Borgia, Attila the Hun and Caligula. When he said the word spelled out by their initials, IBAC, he was changed by green flame into a being of pure evil.

    Nippo from Nagasaki was a Japanese agent who used blackmail to force Japanese Americans to help him. A master swordsman and martial arts expert, it is unclear whether or not he survived the war. After his battle with the Marvel Family, he may have returned to his home city by the time the 2nd Atomic bomb hit.

    Mr. Banjo was a criminal who spied for the Nazi's and sent American military secrets to them in musical code and Jeepers was an intelligent bat-monster, the last of his cave dwelling race.

    Decades later, after the Marvels had emerged from their suspendium sleep, Mister Mind revived the core of the Monster Society of Evil - including Ibac, Dr. Sivana and the Sivana Family - but the Marvel Family nipped their plans in the bud.

    Finally, Mister Mind assembled his greatest group of villains, once again including Sivana and IBAC, but this time enlisting; Mr. Atom, the atomic Robot; King Kull the Beastman, last survivor of an ancient race who had once enslaved early man; Oggar, the world's Mightiest Immortal - once a disciple of Shazam, Oggar attained immortality and then revolted against Shazam, who banished him and cursed him with cloven hooves instead of feet; and Black Adam, who was known as Teth-Adam of ancient Egypt.

    This team went on to battle the Marvel Family on a number of occasions.


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