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The first Egg Fu was a Robert Kanigher creation (along with artist Ross Andru) that first appeared in Wonder Woman #157.

As a character, he hit on almost every Asian stereotype of World War II. He had a face like a war time propaganda poster, a Fu Manchu mustache (prehensile, no less) and spoke with an "Amelicans will be velly solly" accent. He schemed to blow up a U.S. Navy fleet but was defeated by Wonder Woman. At one point Wonder Woman actually gets literally blown to smithereens-- only to find that the Amazons conveniently have a machine that undoes just exactly that kind of death. Shades of the Bat-Shark-Repellent! Egg Fu is occasionally shown as having a prehensile mustache which can function as a hand.

Character Evolution

Eg Fu the Fifth

As if that weren't bad enough, the character was re-heated (sorry) as Egg Fu the Fifth. What happened to the ones in between, I think we're all better off not knowing. Despite being essentially a sapient egg, this Egg Fu lusted after Wonder Woman's body, thereby bringing in the only Asian stereotype that had been missing from his predecessor. This time Wonder Woman defeated the big egg by doing a flamenco dance and clanging her bracelets together until he shattered. As I said, these stories must have been pharmaceutically inspired.

Post Crisis

A new version of Egg Fu was introduced in Wonder Woman vol. 2, #128. A nineteenth century clockwork "super-computer", recently rediscovered, it became one of many carnival attractions along Gateway City's Oceanside boardwalk.

Wonder Woman's attention was drawn to him by complaints his design was racially insensitive. However, this Egg Fu is actually a product of Apokoliptian technology created from a device Scott Free accidentally left behind on a visit to Earth. Once activated, it began dominating people's minds and preparing them for transport to Apokolips. Egg Fu is defeated by Hippolyta, Donna Troy, Artemis and Wonder Girl. An associate of Mister Miracle, Metron, removes it.


The new egg-shaped villain has gotten an extreme makeover. Still egg-shaped, but with a barely-human face formed of cracks and glowing red eyes, jagged teeth, and riding around in a scorpion-like mechanical walker, this Chang Tzu (as he prefers to be called) is a much more credible threat.

He ostensibly works for the Chinese government as part of the Great Ten, but is actually an agent of Apokolips. He collects some of the most brilliant minds into the Science Squad, forcing them to work for him. At one point he is apparently shattered; however a new egg inside the old grows into a new body. He has apparently been through other "incubations" of this sort before, as he takes it in stride.

New 52

Introduced in the New 52 as Edgar Fullerton Yeung in Harley Quinn Annual #1 - Scratch and Snuff, Egg Fu attempted to capture Poison Ivy to force her to create a potion for him which would make people like him and would prevent him from getting evicted from his apartment. Luckily Harley Quinn helps him out by offering an apartment and a job at the freak show, both located in the apartment block she owns.

Other Media

Chang Tzu is a boss in the game DC Universe Online.


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