Detective Jared Morillo

    Character » Detective Jared Morillo appears in 72 issues.

    Jared Morillo is a Keystone City police officer and partner to Detective Fred Chyre.

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    Originally from Los Angeles, Jared Morillo joined the Los Angeles Police Department as a young man, where he distinguished himself as an intelligent, if arrogant, detective. At some point, he and his wife moved to Keystone City at the insistence of his wife, a native of the area who believed it would be safer than LA. There, he sought a job with the Keystone City Police Department.


    Jared Morillo was created by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins. He made his first appearance in The Flash #171.

    Major Story Arcs

    Blood Will Run

    Newly arrived in Keystone City, Morillo finds himself investigating a massive wave of violence apparently being carried out by a cult that seeks to kill people the Flash has saved. Reluctantly partnering with Fred Chyre, he devises a method to track down Magenta, which in turn leads them to the location of the Cicada cult. He fights the cultists, and attacks Cicada himself, but is rebuffed when Cicada slices him with one of his blades. When Flash defeats Cicada, Morillo helps take the cultists into custody.


    During the simultaneous attacks of the Rogues and the Thinker on Central and Keystone Cities, Morillo is captured and shot in the head by his alternate universe double, Plunder. Brought back to life by the mysterious healing powers he was granted by Cicada's blade, he is able to defeat Plunder and save his partner. The pair travel into the heart of the city, where they meet and join forces with Captain Cold to rescue Cyborg and the other police officers from the Mirror World. Later, he and Chyre track down Hunter Zolomon. They find Zolomon being held captive by Plunder and Murmur. Morillo and Chyre are able to rescue him and defeat the villains when Morillo allows Plunder to shoot him several times, using up his ammunition.


    During the period of Flash's absence, Morillo works with Chyre to attempt to control the overabundance of super villains activity in Keystone. He and Chyre lead the investigation into a series of cop killings that have apparently been perpetrated by Captain Cold. He takes part in the standoff with the true culprit, Alexander Petrov, but both Petrov and Cold manage to escape the scene.

    Powers and Abilities

    Morillo is able to heal from any wound, up to and including apparently fatal wounds. It is unclear what effect this healing has on his aging process, or on his ability to ever die. He is also very intelligent and highly educated. As a trained police officer, he has experience in armed and unarmed combat, as well as training in investigation.


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