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    Once a respected doctor, Michael Amar became a murderer to quiet the voices in his head. He cut out his own tongue and sewed his lips together to try and stop his uncontrollable urge to confess from incriminating himself again.

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    A respected surgeon, Dr Michael Christian Amar was also an unmedicated schizophrenic. Driven mad by the voices in his head, he goes on a killing spree, cutting out the tongues of his victims with the hope of silencing everyone around him. He was captured by Fred Chyre and Joe Jackham, and sentenced to death partially on the strength of the evidence presented by Barry Allen, and partially because of his own uncontrollable urge to confess.


    Murmur was created by Geoff Johns and Ethan van Sciver. He made his first appearance in The Flash: Iron Heights #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Iron Heights

    Imprisoned in Iron Heights while the authorities try to find a way to carry out his death sentence, Murmur is contacted by Blacksmith, who smuggles in the materials necessary to create his deadly Frenzy virus. Murmur unleashes the virus in the prison, causing dozens of deaths and a mass breakout. He is identified as the origin of the virus by the Flash, but when Allen attempts to get answers from him, he finds that Murmur has cut out his own tongue and sewn his mouth shut. Even without Murmur's help, Allen realizes his blood is the cure and is able to eliminate the virus. In the ensuing chaos, Murmur is able to escape, and joins Blacksmith and her new Rogues.


    Murmur joins his new team in attempting to take over Central and Keystone Cities. He coats Mirror Master's mirrors in a Frenzy virus, which briefly incapacitates the Flash. Later, he fights against the Thinker's army of enslaved humans. He attacks Jared Morillo and Chyre, first alone and then with the help of Plunder. Each time he is defeated, and when the team dissolves he goes his own way.

    Rogue War

    Murmur joins the Rogue War on the side of the Top and the other new Rogues.


    Living in Keystone City's sewers, Murmur is approached by Hush. Hush brings him to Gotham, promising to fix his mutilated mouth in exchange for his help in taking down Black Mask. He agrees, and murders one of Black Mask's prostitutes, framing Man-Bat for the crime. Later, he attempts to kill Black Mask's second in command, David, but fails. He and Hush follow David to Black Mask's hideout, where they confront Black Mask. In the ensuing chaos Murmur is poisoned and left for dead, implicitly the result of a double-cross by Hush.

    Infinite Crisis

    Still in Gotham, and recovered from his poisoning, Murmur joins the Riddler, the Body Doubles, and the Fisherman in attacking the Gotham City Police Department. He joins the Secret Society of Super Villains and is part of the attack on Metropolis.


    Murmur is among the villains who attempt to collect the bounty on the Secret Six's heads when they are in possession of the Get Out of Hell Free Card.

    Powers and Abilities

    Murmur possesses an unusual blood chemistry that makes him immune to many poisons and viruses, though the true extent of this is unknown. He is very intelligent and was once a skilled surgeon. He has a parlayed this skill with knives into deadly efficiency with most bladed weaponry.


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