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    She was a former girlfriend of the Flash (Wally West) who was corrupted by her magnetic powers and turned to villainy.

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    Frances "Frankie" Kane grew up in Blue Valley, Nebraska and was a close childhood friend of Wally West, the third Flash. Kane's powers began to manifest in adolescence, beginning with small objects that levitated in her presence. Her power manifested explosively one night while she, her father, and her brother were driving on a narrow mountain road. When her powers went out of control, the car fell off a cliff, and Kane's father and brother were killed. Kane's superstitious mother blamed her for this and the other eerie happenings around the house. Believing her daughter to be possessed by the devil, she spurned her. With the help of Wally and the Teen Titans, Frances was able to gain some control over her powers, and the two became lovers in college.


    Frances Kane was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez. Her first appearance as Kane was in The New Teen Titans #17; as Magenta in Teen Titans Spotlight #16.

    Major Story Arcs


    Still struggling with her powers, Magenta briefly works alongside the Teen Titans before deciding that she can' handle the pressure of being or dating a superhero. She goes to S.T.A.R. Labs for help, but an unscrupulous scientist splits her mind, creating a dark, evil personality called Magenta. This personality was supplemented by a fragment of Trigon's soul which was put into Kane's body by Raven. She turns to villainy, lashing out against her former friends and allies.


    Magenta returns to Keystone City and joins the Cicada cult. Claiming to be cured, she allows herself to be taken into custody. When Flash comes to visit her, she attacks and kidnaps him, stealing a key to Cicada's wife's tomb in the process. She traps Flash in a magnetic field, but he is able to use his Speed Force energy to turn her into an electromagnet. She is overwhelmed by the amount of objects she suddenly attracts, but is able to escape, and flee in the aftermath of Cicada's arrest.


    Magenta joins Blacksmith's new Rogues. She uses her powers to keep Girder from rusting, and repeatedly rebuffs his romantic advances. She and Girder succeed in trapping and defeating the Flash. She urges Girder to kill him, but at the last moment has a change of heart and tears Girder in half.

    Rogue War

    Magenta reforms, and is recruited by the Trickster to join The Project, his anti-Rogues initiative. She joins in the attack on the Rogues that spurs the subsequent Rogue War. She fights Weather Wizard and is nearly killed by him, but manages to escape following the Trickster's intervention.

    Salvation Run

    Magenta is among the villains who are sent to the planet Salvation. She joins Team Lex, and escapes the planet through Luthor's portal.

    Cyborg Revenge Squad

    She joins the Cyborg Revenge Squad and attempts to capture Cyborg at the behest of Enclave M. During their confrontation Cyborg shocks her so powerfully that she returns to sanity, but loses her awareness of where or who she is.

    Personl Characteristics

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    • Real Name: Frances Kane
    • Status: Supervillain
    • Occupation: Crimial
    • Base: Keystone city
    • Height: 5ft 7in
    • Weight: 134 lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Purple

    Powers and Abilities

    Magenta has power over magnetism, allowing her to manipulate ferrous objects and magnetic fields to a variety of effects. As well as attracting, repelling, and manipulating magnetic materials, she can use her powers to create concussive magnetic pulses, disruptive electromagnetic pulses, and magnetic shields. She is also able to fly by magnetic levitation.

    Other Media

    The Flash

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    Magenta appears as an antagonist in the episode "Magenta." She is portrayed by Joey King.


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