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    Struck by the same lightning bolt that turned his uncle Barry Allen into the Flash, Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West took the name Kid Flash, became Barry's sidekick, and joined the Teen Titans. Eventually, Wally became the Flash to honor his uncle's memory, who died saving the Universe. He also became a member of the Justice League. He married a woman named Linda Park and had two kids, Jai and Iris West II. Currently, Wally was pulled from the Speed Force by Barry and is one of two fastest men alive.

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    Wally West was the nephew of Iris West, fiance of Barry Allen, who was (unknown to her at the time) the Flash of Central City. Wally grew up in a small town called Blue Valley with emotionally distant parents, and dreamed of living in Central City and perhaps one day meeting his hero, The Flash. Wally was only close to one relative, his father's sister, Iris.

    One summer, Iris offered to let Wally stay in Central City with her. Wally gladly took the chance to get out of his hometown and away from his parents, and looked forward to the excitement of the big city. Iris introduced Wally to Barry, whom Wally thought was dull and uninteresting until Barry offered to introduce Wally to the Flash.

    Barry used some simple super-speed tricks to pull off the double identity, and gave Wally the surprise of his life. In Barry's lab, the Flash told Wally about how he had gotten his powers - a stray bolt of lightning that hit a rack of chemicals, which in turn hit him.

    A bolt of lightning struck chemicals which spilled on Wally granted him super-speed powers similar to Barry's, the exact same way in which Barry received his powers. Wally would later find out that the Speed Force used these accidents as a cover to grant super-speed powers to both him and Barry.

    Barry revealed his dual identity to Wally, and a new partnership was forged. Wally became Flash's sidekick, Kid Flash. Initially, Wally wore a costume mirroring Barry's. As a strategic decision during a battle, Flash altered Wally's costume to a primarily-yellow design. After the battle, Wally chose to keep the costume, and wore it through his whole career as Kid Flash.

    Major Story Arcs

    Kid Flash and the Teen Titans

    Wally enjoyed many adventures with Barry and quickly established himself as a good hero, a few years after becoming Kid Flash, Wally met fellow heroes Robin and Aqualad, they joined together to stop the menace of Mr. Twister. It was the first time the sidekicks joined forces. Their second meeting was more eventful: Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, now joined by Wonder Girl, fought against their mentors, who had been possessed by the evil Antithesis. At this second meeting, the four youngsters decided to become a team and the Teen Titans were born, with Robin becoming the leader of the team. The sidekicks would continue to operate with their mentors, as well as spending time with their peers in the Titans.

    Kid Flash eventually left the group to focus on school, while also continuing a part-time solo career and partnership with the Flash on a handful of cases. Wonder Girl eventually persuaded him to rejoin the team. Wally had a crush on Donna and made a halfhearted attempt to date her, even though she was involved with Aqualad at the time. Nothing ever came of this attraction. After a case involving Titans West, this incarnation of the team disbanded and Wally returned to Blue Valley to continue his college career.

    The New Teen Titans

    Some months later, Raven banded together a group of New Teen Titans to help her battle her demon-father, Trigon. Initially, Wally was disinterested in joining the team. Raven used her emotion-manipulating powers to make Wally fall in love with her – and in turn, he joined this new group of Teen Titans. Wally was consistently protective of Raven, and came to blows with Robin when he challenged her true motives.

    After an encounter with the Justice League, Zatanna revealed Raven's manipulation of Kid Flash. He was angry and heartbroken. Even though the Titans eventually came to her aid and ultimately defeated Trigon, Wally had a hard time dealing with Raven's deception. Complicating matters, even without her influence, Wally realized he really was in love with Raven.

    Shortly after this, Wally's high school sweetheart, Frances Kane, reentered his life. Frances' mother believed she was possessed by a demon; In truth, she had mutant magnetic powers. The Titans were able to deduce this although her mother still rejected her, fearing what her daughter had become. Frances resolved to learn more about controlling these powers. She also revealed to Kid Flash that she knew he was Wally West.

    Wally grew increasingly unsure of his decision to continue as a member of the Titans. His discomfort with Raven and Frances' encouragement led him to leave the team and return to school in Blue Valley.

    The New Flash

    Wally becomes the new Flash after Barry Allen's Death
    Wally becomes the new Flash after Barry Allen's Death

    The Crisis on Infinite Earths brought him out of retirement, and the death of Barry Allen gave him a new sense of purpose. Despite the risk, he took the name and costume of The Flash, and was determined to live up to the example that Barry Allen had set for the world. That job, however, would not be easy.

    He was still consigned to relatively low speeds, only 700 miles per hour or so. Also, he won the lottery and gained a fortune, which allowed his more selfish characteristics to thrive, and when he lost it all, his life seemed to be going into a tailspin.

    Return of Barry Allen

    On Christmas Eve, Wally and Linda enjoyed a get together at Jay Garrick's house, with Jay and his wife Joan. As someone knocks on the door, everybody is shocked to see Barry Allen alive and saying hi.

    A week later, Jay and Hal Jordan (the Green Lantern) visited Barry. According to him, Barry came back into his human form during Wally's fight with Doctor Alchemy. He could not remember who he is until he visited Flash Museum and stole one of the older Flash costumes he found there and the next thing he did was found Jay and Wally. While Wally is very skeptical about Barry's return, according to Hal's ring, Barry is telling the truth.

    Prodigy and mentor back together again?
    Prodigy and mentor back together again?

    As Barry saw his old enemy, Pied Piper, Barry attacked him in an extremely aggressive and unusual behavior for Barry. As Wally tells him that Piper is his friend now, Barry is skeptical because of the fact that Wally revealed his secret identity to the public but before the two could end the discussion, Piper informs Wally that there is a gang war going on and it is about to turn the city upside down. As Wally suits up, Barry compliments his new costume while Wally was just asking himself what will Barry's reaction be as he never told him he is the new Flash now.

    Wally still couldn't believe the man who came back was actually his uncle Barry, that is, until he saw Barry visiting the grave of his wife Iris. Barry thinks about how proud she would be if she saw Wally in action, who in next moment tells him now he believes he is Barry and is sorry that he didn't believe him at first, because Barry's death hurt him pretty badly and he wasn't happy when he saw him, he was afraid.

    Few weeks later, Wally and Jay stop a gang of high tech equipped commanders. Unfortunately, the train ran out of control and was about to crush civilians. Jay and Wally were unable to stop it but with Barry's help, they were successful. Civilians ask the Flash for autographs but just as Wally was about to give them, Barry is the one who wrote the autographs. Back home, he talks to Linda about taking a different name considering the fact that Barry came back and wants to move out of the city which Linda does not really agree with. As the two laugh over different ideas for Wally's potential new alias, Jay calls, telling them that the commanders they fought on the train took over a warehouse but before he could go there, Wally saw Barry and the two speedsters met Jay and were ready to take the commanders down. During the fight, the commanders shot laser at Wally that tore the ground apart, slamming pieces of rock on to Wally. The commander screams he killed the Flash and at the moment he heard it, Barry asked him what he said and blitzed the commander with rage in his eyes, beating him up. Wally stopped Barry from beating the commander to death. Wally believed Barry acted that way because he thought the commander killed Wally but what Barry actually said that nobody else heard is Barry screaming how he is the Flash. He almost killed the man for calling someone the Flash other than himself.

    Wally asks himself what is happening to Barry as he never acted the way he does now. He reads a message from Pied Piper about the new location of the commanders. While Wally was reaching his location, Barry met him and they team up yet again. However they were trapped in a force field they can't penetrate or phase throw. Wally finds a way to save Barry and vibrates on the force field to allow him to phase throw and as he asks Barry to help him. Barry refuses, telling him he stole his name and identity, trying to make Barry Allen a forgotten history but he will make everyone remember who Barry Allen was and still is, by destroying Central City. Wally begs Barry to understand he never wanted to replace him, he wanted to honor his memory but Barry does not listen and leaves him to die. Wally only focuses on vibration and phases through the force field. He comes back home and sees Barry on TV having a Press Conference where he said that his protege Wally West, former Kid Flash is not dead. Hearing it, Wally throws his costume in the trash, feeling nothing but grief.

    Original three speedsters, Johnny Quick (on the left), Jay Garrick (in the middle) and Max Mercury (on the right) confront Barry.
    Original three speedsters, Johnny Quick (on the left), Jay Garrick (in the middle) and Max Mercury (on the right) confront Barry.

    Next day, Wally spend some time in the alley where Barry appeared when he was resurrected, trying to find some answers while Jay Garrick (the first Flash), Johnny Quick (a fellow Speedster from World War II) and Max Mercury (Jay's mentor) unsuccessfully tried to stop Barry on his rampage on Central City. As Wally started to lose all hope, he found a book about the Flash from a homeless person nearby which gave him the answer about all this crisis, after he heard the man reading Iris's name on the book. Putting on the suit, he came to the scene with the book in his hand.

    As the two speedsters try to share their experience about speed to Wally, Johnny mentions the formula he invented which gave him super speed. Max is trying to teach Wally how to get faster by telling him how Wally limited his potential because he is afraid of overshadowing Barry's legacy by becoming his equal. Jay on the other hand tells Wally he deserved the name the Flash and from now on he will call him that way and will no longer use the word junior.

    Professor Zoom reveals himself.
    Professor Zoom reveals himself.

    After Wally showed them the book he found, he had an idea how to stop Barry and he went to the Flash Museum while Jay, Johnny and Max were searching for Barry who took down all three Speedsters after they stopped the prisoners he freed from their cells. Barry ran back to the Flash Museum, just the place where Wally waited for him to show up. Wally gave him the ring with the suit inside which looked familiar. Wally find out everything. The man who everyone thought was Barry Allen all this time all this, the man puts on a suit and it was revealed that all this time, the man who claimed to be Barry was actually Professor Zoom, the Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne, Barry's arch enemy from the 25th Century. Somehow he did not full only Wally and his friends but but himself as well which made Hal's ring think he was saying the truth. He was confused because he dropped the book which was revealed to be The Life Story of The Flash, Barry's biography from life to death. It could not have been written in this time because it is from the future, as some events mentioned still did not happen.

    Two speedsters, one good and one evil start to fight at the remains of the Flash Museum, Thawne explains how he still did not meet Barry Allen as he found out about his future death when he came to the Flash Museum, by mistakenly traveling into the timeline where Barry was dead for years. He wanted to travel to the time when Barry was the Flash in order to meet him because he was his hero, with the issue of Cosmic Treadmill and powers of super speed he gained by repeating the same accident that turned Barry into the Flash while changing his face to make himself look like Barry. When Thawne visited the Flash Museum, he found out his future identity as Reverse Flash plus the fact that his greatest hero will be his murderer. The shock put Thawne in the state of extreme confusion and madness, making him believe that he was Barry Allen.

    You're no Barry Allen!
    You're no Barry Allen!

    Wally plans on stopping Thawne but he has no chance as he is much faster than Wally. Thawne will not allow himself to be removed from this timeline as he is away from Barry and the events of his death so he tries to destroy the cosmic treadmill. When he tried to kill Wally, Thawne escaped when he was saved by Max, Johnny and the Hal Jordan (Green Lantern). Wally plans to send Thawne back to his timeline where he will eventually become Reverse Flash once again and eventually face Barry Allen for the first time (first time of this timeline's version). As Thawne appears on the TV admitting he was the one who was terrorizing Central City and is about to kill Linda, he was stopped by Wally. When he finally admitted he was afraid of replacing Barry, Wally realizes his speed never left him, it was just limited by his own psychic blocks and now they returned, just like Max said. Wally overpowers Thawne who begs for mercy, but Wally only mocks him, calling him pathetic and a victim of his own obsession. Wally jumps on the cosmic treadmill, telling Thawne how he might travel into the future and terrorize him like he terrorized him, or maybe even kill him as a baby. As Thawne uses the treadmill to travel into the future to stop Wally, it turns out that Wally just ran so fast it looked like he disappeared. He wanted Thawne to travel into the future in order to set the timeline the way it was suppose to be.

    The Flash Museum was repaired after getting destroyed in Thawne's fight with Hal but now they added the statue of Wally West next to his mentor Barry. Wally finally gets out of his uncle's shadow but he knows he will always be there watching for him. He will keep his legacy alive but he is his own man and not the shadow of his uncle. Wally looks at Barry's biography which turned out to be written by his Aunt Iris, Barry's wife. She is about to write it only few years from now, meaning that she is alive somewhere. He knows it, because she needs to write a book. Wally throws the book into the river because he can't find out what the history has in store for him, because his history belongs only to him.

    Bart Allen

    Aunt Iris returned from the future, where she had actually gone, instead of actually being dead. She wasn't alone either; with her, she brought along Bart Allen, a young man with amazing speed, who turned out to be her and Barry Allen's grandson. His power was accelerating him to the point that he'd die of old age before reaching his 4th birthday, and she needed Wally's help. He was already in the body of a 12 year-old despite only being alive two years (although he had the mental capacity of a young teen). Wally managed to stabilize his speed, but the two did not mesh very well at all; Wally claiming it was because they were too alike. Therefore, Wally asked Max Mercury to to raise Bart, which he agreed to. Bart took up the speedster gig, but laughed at the idea of going by Kid Flash, instead dubbing himself Impulse.

    Zero Hour

    When Hal Jordan seemingly went mad after the destruction of his former home, Coast City, and became Parallax, he was replaced as Green Lantern by Kyle Rayner, who took his place in the Justice League of America, just as Wally had taken Barry's place. The relationship between the new Green Lantern and the third Flash got off to a rocky start - Wally, having grown up with Jordan as Green Lantern, and also having fond memories of him to the point that he thought of him as "Uncle Hal", did not warmly embrace Rayner and questioned whether or not he was worthy of replacing Jordan, and was perhaps more critical of Rayner than any other hero was in Rayner's early days. The two eventually overcame their differences and became very close friends, like their predecessors were.

    During Zero Hour, Wally was seemingly killed while trying to help Rip Hunter and Waverider save the 64th Century and the timestream itself from waves of destructive entropy. Actually, he was flung backwards through time, where he invisibly and intangibly watched on the important points in his life as they happened. Wally became solid at the West Family Reunion, and turned out to be the "uncle" that gave his past self that pep talk. He soon returned to his proper time, but not until he had seen one more vision, a vision of his girlfriend Linda Park's apparent fate at the hands of Kobra, as well as his own death.

    Afraid for Linda, he tried to take out Kobra as soon as possible, hoping that he could stop the tragedy that he had seen before it happened. He hid all of this information from her as long as he could, and kept holding back his speed, hoping to not brush against the future again. In a fit of rage when Bart ruined his plans against Kobra, Wally raced home, and began to turn into a being of pure energy. It subsided, but it happened again shortly thereafter, and more so.

    Giving it one last ditch effort, and realizing he would very likely not make it out alive, he asked Jesse Quick to take over the mantle of Flash for him, should he die. This turned out to be nothing but a ploy to make Bart jealous, in hopes that he would get more serious about his legacy.

    Wally thought he had averted the disaster he had foreseen when he saved Linda from Kobra's laser, but did not expect it to play out again. He had to go at speeds way beyond light to save her, the consequence being that he entered the Speed Force. He traded her fate for what he thought would be his. However, he managed to returned from the Speed Force, despite what Max Mercury had said about it being impossible. Linda was still on Earth, and that kept him from leaving her forever. Upon his return, he quickly defeated Kobra and destroyed his geothermal tap, ruining Project Morpheus. This trip beyond the light gave Wally the power to tap directly into the Speed Force itself; he now mainlined the Speed Force, and this resulted in him manifesting new abilities. He accelerated the speed of Jesse Quick's injury, healing her leg instantly, was able to vibrate through objects like he did as a kid, only now they were atomized afterwards, and was able to lend speed to other objects.

    Dark Flash

    During a fight with the Black Flash, who had apparently claimed the life of Linda, Wally saved her from the Speed Force. He proposed to her and they were almost married shortly thereafter, but she then disappeared off the face of the Earth, and no one, not even Wally, remembered her.

    The Black Flash
    The Black Flash

    Wally then got caught up in an adventure spanning through different eras. Malcolm Thawne, Barry Allen's twin brother, reappeared, beginning the Allen-Thawne feud. Barry's death during the Crisis on Infinite Earths appeared to have cheated Malcolm out of his dreams of revenge on his brother. Instead, Malcolm focused on Allen's descendants traveling through time in a bid to exterminate them, starting with Wally West. Under the identity of Cobalt Blue, Malcolm ignited a family feud that endured for a millennium.

    The feud came to a head in the late 30th Century, where Barry Allen was living with his wife Iris. Wally West arrived to try and protect his uncle. Flashes of all eras between the 20th and 30th centuries arrived soon after, all under the control of Thawne's spirit because they all were carrying a shard of the original Cobalt Blue gem. In the end, Wally West ended the menace of Cobalt Blue by running so fast that he skirted the edge of the Speed Force. Its power poured into the gem, and Thawne's spirit (and the gem itself) overloaded from the excess energy. Wally then vanished into the Speed Force. At that same moment, a new, mysterious Flash appeared in Keystone City.

    Linda's disappearance was caused by a mysterious man who had a deep hatred for the Flash; he abducted her and kept her imprisoned within Limbo. This was also the reason behind why everyone on Earth had forgotten about her--Linda was taken from a time prior to her originally meeting Wally. Linda escaped from his prison and landed in an alternate Keystone City, where she encountered who she thought was Wally, until she noticed three distinct things: Keystone City's police were after Wally and called him "Walter"; Wally seemed to be mentally unbalanced; and this Wally's eyes were blue, not green. Linda next encountered this world's Pied Piper, who told her to run from Wally because he was dangerous.

    Linda ran toward the Flash Museum, where she found a memorial statue dedicated to her dimensional counterpart, who sacrificed her life to save Keystone City from the villain Kobra. After again encountering Walter at a cemetery, Wally, following his link to Linda, emerged from the Speed Force. A battle ensued between Wally and Walter, where they were evenly matched. However, Walter came back with a vengeance, pinning Wally to a wall with a vibrationally-charged rebar. Wally tried to explain to Walter that he and Linda were from a parallel world; he also explained that although they share the same memories, Wally could never turn into the man Walter has become. That statement set off Walter's anger once again, starting another fight with Wally.

    Walter then let loose with the fact that after his Linda's death, he sought out Savitar, and after tricking him into teaching Walter every trick and skill he knew, killed him. After Walter's revelation, Abra Kadabra appeared, trapping both Wally and Walter. Kadabra explained that he tried to break the bond that draws Wally back to this dimension by casting a spell to make everyone forget that Linda existed and hold her outside of time, but she escaped, landing in that alternate Keystone and drew Wally to her once again. To defeat Kadabra, Wally temporarily merged his physical essence with Walter's, gaining greater speed and learning a few new skills; from this merging, Walter also finally came to terms with not being able to save his Linda from death.

    Kadabra, however, faked his defeat at their hands and seemingly discorporated Wally and Linda's essences; in actuality, they ended up traversing through countless alternate dimensions, nearly losing their minds until they found their home dimension, thanks to Bart (he was actually born outside of time, rendering him immune to chronal alterations). Wally and Linda finally made it back to their Keystone City; however, Linda was still forgotten from everyone's minds. Wally then sought out Jay Garrick, told him of his plans to rescue Linda, and set off for the Flash Museum, where he donned a Reverse-Flash costume and "allied" himself with Abra Kadabra and Replicant. Wally then kidnapped Jay Garrick, Bart Allen, and Jesse Quick and took them to Kadabra's abandoned theater hideout, where as Professor Zoom, he taunted Kadabra into reversing the spell he cast on Linda, bringing her back in full, to everyone's memory; Professor Zoom then pulled back his cowl, revealing himself as none other than Wally West. The final battle between Wally, Walter, and Abra Kadabra ensued. Kadabra preparing a spell to wipe the memories of the Flash legacy from the world's minds forever. On Linda's suggestion, Wally, Walter, Jay, Max, and Bart used mirrors to block and reflect Kadabra's spell back at him, rendering Kadabra himself with amnesia. A short while later, Linda gave birth to twins, Jai and Iris.

    Infinite Crisis

    During the Infinite Crisis, Wally disappeared while trying to force Superboy-Prime into the Speed Force. Before vanishing entirely, he was able to appear to Linda in order to say goodbye. Linda refused to be separated from him, and she and the twins joined him in the Speed Force. Their current whereabouts and condition are unknown.

    Wally West and family where returned when the Legion of Super-Heroes try to resurrect "the Last Legionnaire" by channeling released Speed Force energy via lightning rods. The legion traveled to spots that were important both to Wally and Bary Allen. Both Hal Jordan and Batman realize this fact and believe Allen's return is imminent. However, they instead retrieve Wally, Linda, and his twin children, who appear to have aged several years. Wally was offered membership to Justice League, which he accepts. It is later said that his return was a freak accident but the Legion of Super-Heroes till got who they wanted. When Wally became aware of Bart's death, he tracked down Inertia stealing his speed and turning him into a living statue. He was placed in the Flash Museum, and forced to stare at Bart's old Kid Flash and Impulse uniforms forever.

    Retirement & Return

    During what has become known as Infinite Crisis, a team consisting of Kid Flash (Bart Allen), Barry, Max, and Johnny Quick were able to temporarily subdue Superboy-Prime by sending him to the Speed Force and Wally once he had gotten his family followed them (which later turned out to be an alternate Earth). He and the other speedsters, along with Linda and the twins, were sent to an alternate Earth, home of another Jay Garrick operating as the Flash. They decided to absorb the Speed Force into Bart and send him home to battle Superboy-Prime.

    Content with passing the Flash mantle on to Bart, Wally and Linda decided to raise their children on the alien world Savoth, where the residents were longtime friends of the Flashes. However, shortly after their arrival, the twins began to age very rapidly. The Savothians, who were advanced scholars of velocibiology, at first did not agree to help the Wests, but finally relented and agreed to train Linda to deal with the children's rapid aging.

    Wally, along with Linda and their children, was brought back to Earth by seven members of the Legion of Super-Heroes using lightning rod devices. When Wally came back, he indirectly took away Bart's portion of the Speed Force, and with the return of Wally West, the Speed Force also returned as he mainlined it and was practically one with it. He was then invited to join the newly reformed Justice League of America. Wally and Linda moved back to Keystone City. Since they were afraid the twins could, at any time, age rapidly, possibly even to old age and death, they decided to let Iris and Jai, who had developed their own superspeed-related abilities, live their lives to the fullest by helping their father fight crime. Not long after, Wally found himself once again pulling a double-shift for two separate teams. He reunited with his old allies the Titans in order to face the pressing threat of Trigon.

    Final Crisis

    Barry and Wally chased by the Black Racer
    Barry and Wally chased by the Black Racer

    When Orion, was murdered, Wally and Jay investigated to find the Secret Society of Super Villains' hideout and discovered Metron's Chair. They figured out that the bullet that had killed Orion had been sent through time thanks to the chair which acted as a gateway. Suddenly, a light filled the room and from within the portal of the chair came Wally's former mentor and idol, Barry Allen. Barry was chasing the bullet that killed Orion through time but was being pursued by Black Racer. Wally and Jay joined him in the race to save Orion's life but they were too late, Orion was killed. Jay was forced to abandon the chase due to not being able to keep up but Wally and Barry tried to escape the Black Racer, ending up in the near future where the world had been taken over by the Evil Gods thanks to the Anti-Life Equation. They visited Wally's Aunt Iris' house to find even she had been corrupted by Anti-Life. After freeing her from the Equation, Barry and Wally tried to come up with a plan to stop Darkseid, who had now taken over the world. They once again ran, the Black Racer catching up with them, and went into a full sprint for Darkseid. The Black Racer was gaining on them as they approached Darkseid, who was in the middle of battling Superman with his followers. The Flashes saved Superman from the followers' omega beams and when they managed to get to Darkseid, they vibrated through him, causing the Black Racer to crash into him, severely wounding the Evil God. After Darkseid was defeated, Barry and Wally reunited with the rest of their friends and family. Superman assembled Wally along with both generations of the Titans, to reveal that Bart Allen and Superboy had been resurrected in the future and brought back to the present. Wally couldn't be more overjoyed to see his cousin back.

    Blackest Night

    Wally races across the globe with Barry and Bart to pass to every hero around the world Barry's message of the rise the Black Lantern Corps and their universal invasion. He later arrives at Coast City with Bart, Justice League, and the Teen Titans to aid Barry in taking a stand against Nekron the black personification of death and lord of the Black Lanterns.

    DC Rebirth

    Wally pulled out of the Speed Force by Barry Allen who remembers him.
    Wally pulled out of the Speed Force by Barry Allen who remembers him.

    After the events of Flashpoint, Wally existed along the rest of the DC Universe until at one point, Abra Kadabra erased Wally from the timeline and made everyone forget about him. Wally became stuck om the Speed Force after this, and learned that after Flashpoint, history was altered and the 10 years were stolen from the lives of everyone. Following the fallout of the Darkseid War, Wally managed to escape through the Speed Force and avoid being lost forever. He was able to project himself onto the New 52 Earth, but needed someone to remember him before being revived fully. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact his friends and family (including Linda, Batman, and his cousin, also named Wally, who is now the new Kid Flash), Barry recognized him and returned him to life. After a tearful reunion with his mentor, Wally warned Barry of the universal change and dangers to come. Although the two decide to keep Wally's return secret from Iris based on Wally's own experience with Linda, Barry encourages him to return to the Teen Titans, but also recommends that he don a new costume to reflect that he is the Flash rather than 'Kid Flash'. Wally goes to the Titans, and through both physical contact and the Speed Force, reminds them of their memories with him. After an emotional reunion, he tells them of the situation. Wally believes that the unknown entity will attack again to prevent them from finding out the truth, which they will do "together" as the Titans.

    Directly after the events in Titans: Rebirth, Lilith has Wally repeat the story of his return in order for her to use it as a means of making the mental connections between him, herself and the Titans stronger. While doing this, she notices the most powerful thought in Wally's mind is that of Linda Park, which sparks various, but supportive, reactions from the other Titans. Nightwing encourages Wally to seek Linda out and try and make new memories with her. Elsewhere, Linda is still puzzled by Wally's sudden presence in her life and decides to investigate him further.

    Perfect Storm

    Wally reunites with Iris
    Wally reunites with Iris

    After Keystone City is frozen in time and a lightning storm appears over Central City, Wally runs towards it hoping to get answers. He got there in the nick of time to catch a powerless Barry falling from a great height thanks to Grodd. With his powers gone, Barry names Wally The Flash of Central City.

    Grodd was sick, and he believed the Speed Force was the cure. Working with The Black Hole, they were stealing speed from the whole city. Luckily, Avery and Wallace had stolen the key to the device. Barry thinks he can use it to get his powers back, but he needs Wally to buy him some time. So, Wally attempts to evacuate the city.

    After Barry used the wand to get his powers back and cure Grodd, Grodd also used the wand to harness the Negative Speed Force and cause a lightning storm. Barry was content to run into the eye of the storm and negate the effects with his own Positive Speed Force, but Wally wouldn’t let him. Wally led all of Barry’s speedster allies into the storm, allowing all of them to survive

    In the wake of the storm, not only did Barry admit to Iris that he was the Flash, but Wally re-introduced himself since his rebirth. Iris immediately recognized him, but their reunion also caused a painful flood of memories to return to Wally.

    Flash War

    Wally vs Barry
    Wally vs Barry

    Wally’s memories were still causing painful migraines. One such migraine came at the same time The Renegades appeared from the future. The Renegades had come to arrest Iris West for the murder of Eobard Thawne. Wally immediately ran away with Iris, causing a fight between the speedsters and The Renegades until Commander Cold recognized Wally’s ailment, Temporal Seizures.

    According to Cold, they are caused by time travel or changes in time. Cold makes a deal with Iris: if she came quietly to answer some questions, they could take Wally with them to cure him.

    When the group traveled to the 25th century, Wally was teleported to a different location thanks to Hunter Zolomon. Hunter had a way for Wally get his children back. Hunter told Wally that all the forgotten speedsters are in the Speed Force, and the only way to free them was to destroy it. Barry didn't trust Hunter and was forced to chase Wally into the timestream back to the present.

    The energy output from Wally trying to outrun Barry caused the Force Barrier to break instead of the Speed Force itself. This gave Hunter access to the Speed Force and other related forces, his plan all along. Wally and Barry chase Hunter into Hypertime, where Wally’s temporal seizures cause Hunter pain.

    When Wally released all his temporal energy, it forced Barry and Wally out of Hypertime. Cold, along with Iris and Wallace, show up from a future that was destroyed. Cold's future tech found no temporal energy among the Speed Force energy, cutting the speedsters off from time travel and deserting Cold in the present.

    With this new revelation, Wally lost faith in finding his children.

    Heroes in Crisis

    Wally comforts himself
    Wally comforts himself

    Following the events of Flash War, Wally sought help at Sanctuary, a rehabilitation facility for superheroes. Wally's mental illness suffered after being cut off from the lost speedsters, especially his kids. Over time, Wally started to believe he was the only patient at Sanctuary, and the whole facility was made to pity him. To prove himself wrong, he broke into the command center and looked through other superhumans files.

    Experiencing their combined trauma caused Wally to have a breakdown and lose control of his powers. The resulting surge of Speed Force energy killed most of the patients, including Wally's close friend, Arsenal.

    Panicked, Wally left evidence framing both Booster Gold and Harley Quinn, both surviving patients at Sanctuary, including a dead body of himself he produced using time travel. Five days later, Booster and friends found Wally, convinced him to turn himself in, and helped close the time travel loop he created.

    Flash Forward

    Wally atop the Mobius Chair
    Wally atop the Mobius Chair

    While imprisoned for the crimes he committed at Sanctuary, Wally was given a second chance by Tempus Fuginaut. Tempus needed Wally’s help protecting the Multiverse from dark matter that escaped the Dark Multiverse. Wally reluctantly agreed and purged the dark matter from multiple Earths, each of which helped Wally cope with the guilt of his recent actions.

    However, when Tempus sent Wally to a Dark Multiverse Earth to destroy it, Wally found his children alive. While Wally attempted to purge the dark matter without destroying the planet, he came across the Mobius Chair. Believing Tempus was keeping secrets, Wally reached for the chair, which sorted the broken memories that had been causing him pain. With his mind clear, Tempus revealed to him that the Dark Multiverse planet was the creation of Wally’s greatest fears, which is why Tempus chose him in the first place for this quest. Wally was the reason for the invading dark matter.

    According to Tempus, if Wally sat in the Mobius Chair, it would fill his head with so much information, there would be no room for emotions. And thus, the dark-matter-leaking planet would cease to exist. Wally agreed to sit, as long as Tempus saved Jai and Irey after the planet was destroyed. Tempus agreed. With the power of the chair, Wally saw Jai and Irey returned to Linda and with them, all the memories of her life with Wally.

    On the Mobius Chair, Wally witnesses much of the multiverse. When he sees the Justice Society and the Legion of Super-Heroes return to the main timeline, he looks deeper and sees that time itself is broken. With Tempus' help, Wally would use his new abilities to solidify the strands of broken multiverse into one coherent timeline, but his efforts are interrupted by the Batman Who Laughs.

    Death Metal

    Wally runs with the Flash Family
    Wally runs with the Flash Family

    Wally is forced off the Mobius Chair by the Batman Who Laughs, who had his power amped by Perpetua to remake the world to her liking. He imprisoned Wally on Themyscira, where Wonder Woman was forced to be the warden. With Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman broke Wally out and brought him to the hero cemetery, where Batman was planning to raise an army with a Black Lantern Ring.

    Wonder Woman wanted to stop Batman because she had a new idea. They would create an "Anti-Crisis" to counter Perpetua's Crisis energy using Wally's new cosmic role, granted to him by the Tempus Fuginaut. While Wonder Woman and Batman prepare, Wally was left in a bunker with Barry, Jay, and the Justice Society.

    They were tracked down by the Batman Who Laughs, who combined himself with Dr. Manhattan becoming the "Darkest Knight." The Darkest Knight wanted to siphon off Wally's remaining Anti-Crisis energy to become more powerful than Perpetua, so the speedsters (now joined by Wallace) were forced to flee the bunker.

    Unfortunately, as they ran, they were using up the Speed Force, which was almost depleted. Wally believed he needed to turn around and reconnect to the Mobius Chair. Barry reluctantly agreed and ultimately gave his speed to Wally to give him the boost he needed to outrun the Darkest Knight. He beat him to the Mobius Chair and traveled the Speed Force to reunite with Wonder Woman and carry out her plan to remake the multiverse.

    Unfortunately, the Darkest Knight rigged the chair, and the Anti-Crisis energy was absorbed by him instead of Wally. The Darkest Knight took on Perpetua, while the heroes regrouped on Themyscira and fought the Darkest Knight's army. After the Darkest Knight defeated Perpetua, Wonder Woman sacrificed herself to defeat him.

    In the wake of the new universe, Wally met the Totality and was informed of the new structure of the multiverse.

    The Flash, Again

    Wally embraces the mantle of The Flash
    Wally embraces the mantle of The Flash

    Wally was chosen by Barry to be the new Flash, while Barry was with Justice Incarnate mapping the new multiverse. Wally not only wanted to turn him down but also sever his connection to the speed force so he can live a quiet life with the family he just got back.

    Before he could sever ties, the Speed Force snatched Wally from existence and bounced him around time. He kept leaping into the bodies of speedsters including Impulse and Max Mercury, among others, until finally ending up in the body of his son as an adult. As Jai, Wally was able to communicate with Irey, who knew about the time travel from the stories Wally would eventually tell her and informed him his next jump would be his last and his hardest.

    Wally appeared as himself during the events of Heroes in Crisis but in a time bubble. There, he was confronted by Savitar, who had been manipulating the Speed Force this whole time trying to take control of it. With the help of Mr. Terrific, Barry was able to connect to Wally to drag him back. However, doing so would bring Savitar with him and cause the events of Heroes in Crisis. With Arsenal's blessing, they pierced the time bubble, causing the Speed Force surging and sending Savitar and Wally to the present.

    With a clean conscience, Wally is able to embrace the mantle of Flash and cut off Savitar's connection to the Speed Force.

    Justice League Darkness

    No Caption Provided

    When a black glaive of unknown origin shows up in his city, Wally West starts to notice his allies are acting unusually frustrated and confrontational. Eventually, the whole city starts fighting. Meanwhile, villains from all over try to get their hands on the glaive, with Starbreaker ultimately successful thus becoming possessed by Eclipso. Baffled by Wally's immunity to his infectious anger, Eclipso retreats and Dr. Fate intervenes to whisk Wally to Gemworld.

    In Gemworld, Wally and Fate meet up with Amethyst and the Justice League Dark, who are already fighting off the effects of Eclipso. Wally determines Eclipso is trying to get to the heart of Gemworld so he could turn it into a giant Heart of Darkness and further his reach. Unfortunately, the JLD fell into Eclipso's trance and captured Wally.

    Just then, his kids, sensing he was in trouble appeared with their new friend, Maxine Baker, daughter of Animal Man. The three were able to free their father. With Dark Opal's help they fought Eclipso's possessed mob long enough to give Wally an opening to stab Eclipso with the glaive. With Eclipso (and by extension Starbreaker) absorbed into the weapon, the Spectre appears to take possession of it.

    Wally and the kids are then successfully teleported home. Back home Linda West is found with new speed force force powers as well, much to everyone's surprise, now meaning all four West's are able to tap into the speed force.

    Dark Crisis

    When the Justice League is killed by the Dark Army, they leave behind a void in the power structure. Believing they need Barry Allen, Wally gets the Flash family together with Mister Terrific, who had figured a way to track beings through the Speed Force. With three hits on possible Barry Allens, the family splits into three groups and head into the multiverse. Wally ends up on Silver-Age-like world with Wallace (who Wally was now calling Ace), where they find the true Barry Allen in a dream-like state. After snapping him out of it, the trio (now with Linda) escape into the Speed Force. However, Barry refuses to go home. Instead, he decides to go in search of his Justice League teammates knowing that their world was in good hands with Wally as the Flash.

    Back on Earth, Wally and his speedster family members show up to a strategy session among the JSA, the Bat-Family, and the Titans. They are making plans to cover the globe from attacks from Deathstroke and his Secret Society. Wally and the speedsters would run point to get to the reported incidents as soon as possible until the various teams can show up as back-up.

    One Minute War

    Wally gets hit by the Fraction emitter
    Wally gets hit by the Fraction emitter

    A raiding party representing The Fraction, an alien culture that has seized the power of the Speed Force through technology, lands on Earth to steal resources in the blink of an eye. To Wally and his fellow speedsters, time seems to freeze as The Fraction attempts to attack Earth. For the speedsters of Earth are what The Fraction calls organic conduits. They have faced them on other worlds and have so far proved victorious. Coincidentally, they dropped their spire headquarters between Keystone and Central City, the force of which killed a number of people, including Iris West.

    Wally rounds up the speedsters and brings them to Mr. Terrific’s Keystone lab. The plan is for most of them to collect frozen survivors to keep secure there, while Wally and Barry find an escape vehicle. However, Impulse and Kid Flash recklessly went out on their own, scoring a Fraction tank, which happened to be full of metahumans, including Superman and an organic conduit from another world, who had answers about the Fraction. Upon learning they use technology to siphon and distribute the Speed Force, they plan on taking down the relay device.

    Sanctuary survivors
    Sanctuary survivors

    Rigging his car with a Fraction engine, Wally intends to drive into the spire and destroy the relay, however, he needs Jay and Max to figure out a way to get the frictionless barrier down. The other speedsters trick them into releasing more troops to take them on, while Jesse and Linda hold open one of the gates. Wally makes it inside and is too fast for their conventional weaponry, however, Admiral Vel Anthro orders the emitter to be used, overpowering Wally and seemingly turning him to ash. He was actually teleported to a new place called Planet Flash, where Gold Beetle and the victims of Flash's panic attack at Sanctuary were residing.

    Gold Beetle explained after her run in with Wally during his adventure through time body-hopping speedsters, she followed through on his requests. She saved all the heroes who died in Sanctuary and brought them to Planet Flash waiting for Wally. A future version of Wally gave her a head's up that he would need their help to take out the Fraction. She had new prototypes of their vests that would give them a small window before they were frozen in time by the Fraction's control of the Speed Force to give Wally an opening. He witnesses the leader of the Fraction scoff at Wally's family's plan to build up enough Speed Force energy to send The Fraction back through time. He knows it won't work without a connection to the spire, so Wally turns him into one. Victorious, Wally reunites with his family.

    Wade West

    Linda gave birth to her and Wally's third child: Wade. To give her some space to recuperate, Wally attended a new Terrifictech prototype test of a temporal device. As they turn it on, Wade is kidnapped from the hospital by Granny Goodness that seeks to use his innate connection to the Speed Force. At the same time, the temporal device brings forth the android Hourman, Matthew Tyler, who was previously lost in time. He had fallen into a timepoint and could hear into the Palace of Eternity, where Granny was discussing her plans. Using the waypoint set by the temporal device, he was able to explain to Wally that they may be able to save his so, but they needed help. They assembled a team consisting of The Terrifics, Ace, and Gold Beetle (from an early point in her timeline from before she met Wally).

    Upon arriving at the Palace of Eternity, they found giant monsters fighting each other just outside, as well as Omega-Bam-Man, an alien wrestler Wally had previously befriended. While many of his allies stayed outside to keep the monsters busy, Wally, Ace, Mr. T, and Hourman ran into the palace to save Wade. They were met by The Furious, a gorup of metahuman orphans kidnapped and trained by Granny. Thankfully, Wally was able to grab Wade before Granny could retreat. They even saved The Furious, whose parents happened to be Wally's allies. Unfortunately, their time travel device, the worlogog, was damaged causing the group to be lost in time during their escape.


    • Height: 5'10"
    • Weight: 155 lbs.
    • Eye Color: Green
    • Hair Color: Red
    • Place of Birth: Blue Valley, Nebraska
    • Citizenship: U.S.A.
    • Base: Keystone City
    • Education: College graduate
    • Occupation: Super Hero
    • Known Relatives: Rudy West (father), Mary West (mother), Iris West Allen (aunt), Barry Allen/Flash (uncle), Daniel West (uncle), Wallace West (nephew), Linda Park (wife), Iris West (daughter), Jai West (son), Dawn Allen (cousin), Don Allen (cousin), Bart Allen/Impulse (first cousin once removed)

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    Flash - Fastest Man Alive
    Flash - Fastest Man Alive

    Speed Force Conduit: Wally’s primary super ability is his super speed which he gets from tapping into the Speed Force. He gained a connection to it after the same accident that gave Barry his powers and his connection to the force was possible because of adventures they shared together. However, after Barry died and Wally became the new Flash, he subconsciously limited his own speed to the speed of sound (originally they thought Wally's speed was affected by the Anti Matter wave). When he admitted it to himself, Wally broke he psychic blocks and achieved a new level of power. However, when Wally broke the light barrier for the first time, he tapped into the speed force and gained a full connection to it, increasing his powers while giving him while new set of abilities. In truth, West mainlines the power from the force itself and cannot be cut off from the source, unlike all the other Speedsters (besides Barry, Thawne, Max and possibly Savitar). Wally is the fastest of all the Speedsters, perhaps rivaled only by his mentor, Barry Allen (although Wally has said Bart Allen is faster than all speedsters put together) and surpassed only by Zoom (Hunter Zolomon), Flash (Bart Allen), The Black Flash and The Black Racer. He is arguably one of the fastest beings that has ever existed and certainly, faster than Superman. He is currently fast enough to easily break all the barriers and even enter the Speed Force. Wally has, on several occasions, traveled much faster than light and been pulled into and exited the Speed Force by his own volition. He is one of the few speedsters who was able to tap into the speed force and get out without direct outside help. Like Barry and Jay, Wally has his own "lightning rod" which is his wife Linda. Without her, he is not capable of coming back and will go to his final resting place. That is why he almost stayed in the speed force when he forgot Linda's name while at the same time Linda almost fell in love in the Flash from the future, John Fox. The only reason why he got out was because he remembered Linda's name and Linda herself remembered she loves Wally. During the Rebirth, Linda forgot about Wally so he wasn't able to get out of the Speed Force without Barry's help.

    Superhuman Speed: Wally West had different levels of speed over the years. During his days as Kid Flash, he was pretty fast, fast enough to easily keep up with Barry Allen and he could measure time in span of nanoseconds. However, it was pretty clear that his speed was nor comparable to that of his uncle, or even Superman. After Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wally was affected by the Anti Matter Wave which stopped his increased metabolism for killing him when he uses his speed, but it also slowed down to a level of speed comparable to the Speed of Sound. After his fight with Eobard Thawne, Max Mercury ("Zen Master of Speed") tried to teach Wally how to get faster and in doing so, told him he was afraid of replacing and overshadowing the legacy of his uncle Barry by becoming his equal. When Wally admitted that to himself, he achieved the new level of power and gained speed comparable to Eobard's. After he broke the light barrier and tapped into the Speed Force, Wally came out of it, gaining new sets of powers of abilities while upgrading his already existing ones by a large margin. Wally West became by far, one of the fastest beings on the planet, and is arguably one of the fastest beings to ever exist (Although the title of "Fastest Man" has been given back to Barry Allen in his return in "Final Crisis"). Theoretically, speeds greater than Mach 10 are dangerous to both the people and to the environment. This speed would still be the equivalent to approximately 2 miles per second, allowing him to cross the United States in about 23 minutes, or circle the world in about 3 hours, but the Speed Force has shown that if needed, Wally West can use it to prevent such effects from occurring, hence he is able to run at speeds much faster than light on the planet Earth without it having devastating effects on the planet. He can also run across bodies of water and up the sides of buildings. He has been able to casually move beyond the speed of thought, easily move so fast that even an multiple attacks moving at the speed of light seems to be standing still and at the same time scans the face of over five hundred thousand people for a specific expression in less than a picosecond. He is able to easily save and carry over half a million people 35 miles away from a nuclear warhead that had already detonated, including the ones at ground zero, in only 10 picoseconds, disable Mirror Master's gun in span of a picosecond with ease, as well as beat a fellow Speedster Eobard Thawne in span of a picosecond. He is able to casually reach speeds such as 500 times the speed of light. He has moved and ran so fast, that he was capable of outrunning The Black Flash to the end of time/space, past entropy, the next Big Bang and into the next Universe, before he could catch him and kill him. Wally also has increased perception, allowing him to proceed events that unfolded in span of an attosecond (an attosecond is one quintillionth of a second. To put this in perspective, one attosecond is to one second, what one second is to the age of the universe and it is the time period where light passes the distance on a molecular level).

    Decelerated Aging: Like all the Speedster that draws power from the speed force, Wally gained eternal youth and does not age until he becomes a full on grown man. Same ability is given to their loved ones, like Jay's wife Joan, Barry's wife Iris, and Wally's own wife Linda.

    Energy Construct Creation: Wally discovered that if he concentrated, he could use the Speed Force to create solid constructs, which he used to compose his costume. The first time he used this ability was to create a solid gold armor enabling him to run despite having broken legs. Later examples included sealing up the openings of his costume against disease and creating pockets for holding things. At times, he'll create walls of pressurized debris to surround an area. After his legs were healed and he got rid of the armor, Wally decided to discard his own costume and created a copy of his original costume, originally worn by Barry Allen but with sharp-edges lightning. During the Flash Rebirth when Barry came back as the Flash, Wally created another costume for himself which looked identical to his modified version.

    Sharing the Force: The ability of "lending" velocity to objects or people already in motion. Since his interaction with the Speed Force, he may also lend his speed and angular momentum to another object or person. This may allow others to run alongside with the Flash. However, when Wally shares his speed and gives object a momentum, he literally slows himself down. How much his speed decreases is based on how much speed he gives to the person or object (although his speed comes back to him when that object or a person lose their speed).

    Steal Speed: Wally is able to "steal" speed and/or momentum from anyone or anything, including beings such as Superman or Inertia, effectively turning them into living statues. Also can steal speed from bullets and other fast-moving objects thrown at him or at others. Wally can also steal and borrow speed from other speedsters. A good example of this is when Wally fought the new Zoom, he borrowed speed from Bart Allen, Jessie Quick, and Jay Garrick. This ability is so great that he once took the speed from the entire planet, and its population, including fastest heroes of the DC Universe, like Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Steel, Jessie Quick, Max Mercury, Jay Garrick, Bart Allen and way more, even tho they were far away from him. He also stole Krakkl's speed, who not only has the ability to move at the speed of light but he also absorbed the speed of his own planet's entire population (each of them having the ability to move at the speed of light). It increased Wally's speed so much, he actually moved and calculated time in span of a zeptosecond (Which is one trillionth of one billionth or sextillionth of one second). Wally was so fast at the time, he could run faster than instant movement, meaning he can be anywhere at anytime.

    Speed Force Aura: The Flash's body is surrounded by what he calls his "Speed Force aura". This aura protects him and anyone who is running with him or carried by him, from the effects of using his speed. This includes friction and airborne particulate matter. It also protects him from injury from high speed impacts such as punches he delivers and receives from his opponents. With this aura he is able to absorb kinetic energy and inertia. Wally can sync his aura with his children, giving him the ability to pull either of them to him with a thought. The Speed Force Aura also gives Wally Super Human durability, allowing him to survive attacks from most powerful Meta-Humans without much damage, like Superman, Mongul, Green Lantern, Zoom, Wonder Woman and more.

    Speed Force Lightning: Due to his connection to the Speed Force, Wally generates Speed Force energy from his body in the form of electricity/lightning. Recently, Wally has shown that he is able to project this electrical energy as bolts from his hand. He did this to "shock" the forgotten memories of the Titans back into their minds. Wally's lightning (for whatever reason) turned blue.

    Superhuman Stamina: The Flash possesses vast superhuman endurance that is nearly inexhaustible. He was able to run non-stop for over 10 days straight without tiring against Krakkl (who was stealing the speed of his entire race and adding it to his own, a race where every single individual could achieve the speed of light), through time and space across existence (everywhere from the fourth dimension to the Big Bang was their track field) at speeds so far beyond light and so unimaginable, he was constantly breaking through all the barriers and even brushed the true Speed Force itself directly.

    Self-Sustenance: Wally has shown that he can survive in harsh environments such as space without any hindrance, and has shown that he can gain all the energy he needs from the Speed Force's infinite storage of energy.

    Force of a White Dwarf Star
    Force of a White Dwarf Star

    Infinite Mass Punch: Traveling near the speed of light acquired the relativistic mass of such speed to impart blows which could hit with a force greater than that of "a white dwarf star", Flash's own durability is regulated by the Speed Force in such cases. Relativistic effects take over as a body approaches light-speed (his control over his powers and the Speed Force is so great, that he can choose to ignore these relativistic effects if he wishes to). Visual input will begin to blueshift, and his body's mass will increase towards infinity. With this ability, he was able to knock out a Martian Speedster Zum (who is as durable/tough as Superman) from Mount Rushmore to the plains of Africa, all with one devastating punch and left him KO'd for several minutes despite the fact that the Martians have incredible healing factor.

    Dimensional Travel: Wally West has shown to be able to traverse time and dimensions with his own powers, unlike Barry Allen (although Barry eventually found a way to travel throughout time/space and other dimensions with his own powers) and the other speedsters. However, Wally now accelerates to the point that he is skirting the very edge of the Speed Force dimension or even entering it. He can traverse along the time-stream to specific points as they become visible, much like watching a movie in fast forward or reverse. In order to enter the Speed Force and time travel to different periods, he must exceed light speed, which he can easily and instantly do.

    Regeneration: Accelerating his healing factor while using the Speed Force to sustain him, Wally can heal from any injury instantly, without prematurely aging like his alternate version, Walter West.

    Phasing: The Flash has always possessed the ability to control his speed and angular momentum at the molecular level, and control his molecular interactions to allow his body to pass through any substance. If he chooses Wally can excite the molecules of whatever substance he vibrates through to critical mass causing it to explode. While in an intangible state, the Flash is immune to any airborne viruses and can breathe regularly. He can also vibrate so fast that light does not reflect off him, rendering him invisible.

    Flight: By spinning like a helicopter, he can even perform a limited kind of flight. Since his power is a quantum/molecular phenomenon, the Flash has been able to fly just as other metas do (and there have been other flying speedsters in the past, such as the deceased Johnny Quick) because he can control his absolute molecular energy and direction and force it in the direction he wished to move without running. Though he rarely makes use of this ability as he enjoys running. The Speed Force also allows him to run in frictionless environments, as he was able to run in space itself, as casually as he was running on the ground without any outside assistance.

    Increased Perceptions: The Flash possesses the ability to alter his perceptions so that falling objects can appear to be standing still and can be caught and moved back to their normal position. He can disarm or jam any number of opponents weapons before they are even aware of his movement and can hurl small projectiles at hypersonic velocities. His ability to alter his own perception of time is so great, that if he wishes, the tick between a second can pass for millions of years. He can even push this ability to the point, that to him, it's as if the Universe is standing still. It does not truly stand still, it is his own perception of time that seems to stand still, and his body automatically adjusts to his perception, hence, the slower he views the world, the faster his body moves through time/space to adjust to his perception. He can even all together, break time through the time and dimension barrier, to truly be beyond time/space. He can do this so quickly as to have it happen invisibly to the normal human eye. He can effortlessly strike a single opponent or multiple opponents million of times in a second.

    Supercharged Brain Activity: The Flash's mental abilities are also increased in speed, simple computations can be done at lightning speeds, and his ability to perform normal feats at increased speeds has allowed him to build hundreds of force field generators in a matter of minutes, move sandbags to cover a beach or search an entire area for something as small as a paper clip. Wally can also read at super-speed, but rarely takes advantage of this ability to learn at increased speeds, although Jay Garrick has done so and has become a jack of all trades in several disciplines and languages.

    Time Manipulation: Recently, Wally has developed the ability to stop time, which compensates for his heart condition, which can kill him if he moves too fast.

    Vortex Creations: By running in a circle at a certain speed, Flash is able to create a vortex with a variety of effects. One effect is pulling the air away from the center in order to suffocate an enemy. Another effect is levitating whoever and whatever was in the center. Also, able to send anyone or anything into another dimension when running around them. Some other effects are acting as barriers to movement or funnels for toxic gases. The Flash also can spin his arms to create directed funnels of hurricane speed air that can knock down barriers or reduce the speed of a falling object. When putting out forest fires, what the Flash does when he runs around the perimeter is create a pocket tornado. The updraft lowers the temperature inside the funnel and raises the fire off the ground which takes away its fuel source.


    Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Wally is very proficient in many forms of fighting.

    Intellect: Wally is very smart. He was able to use his powers in different ways that nobody could teach him. He also remembers several lectures Barry gave him, including various "Flash Facts".

    Mechanical Aptitude: Wally can intuitively understand the operation of any mechanical device and subconsciously/effortlessly create a schematic in his mind.

    Alternate Versions

    Kingdom Come

    No Caption Provided

    Wally West is the Flash in Kingdom Come. He has become an embodiment of the Speed Force. He is the protector of Keystone city and according to Spectre has been made a utopia because of Wally. In this universe Wally is too fast to be held on one plane of existence. This is seen when he grabs Norman McCay. He joins Superman's new Justice League. He is one of the few heroes who survived the nuclear bomb.

    Multiversity: The Just

    Wally West from earth 16 is a second generation hero, member of a Justice League who only reenacts old battles in a world where there are no more dangers.


    In the universe of Flashpoint, Wally was the camera man of reporter Iris West. He died trying to find proof than Central City local hero Citizen Cold, was really a corrupt criminal.

    Creators Thoughts On Wally West

    George Pérez

    "And the one that was the biggest challenge, by not putting any highlights on, was to differentiate Robin from Kid Flash. Before, they tended to have the same exact face-I was guilty of it, when I started. I made a point of suddenly drawing in Kid Flash's cheeks-making him angular. If you look at a lot of pictures of Mikhail Barishnykov, to give him that very slender look. And, of course, very, very strong legs. The fact is that I'm trying to draw his arms less bulky but keep his legs very muscular. That man must have calves like iron. "

    "Kid Flash/Flash, he's always been the one who's been the most trouble, because he was a hard character to handle. If he's so super fast, technically if handled correctly, he'd make the rest of the characters superfluous. No way he could ever be caught by anything, no one should ever get the upper hand on him. So he never was my favorite character, only because he was just difficult to handle in a group situation. I think the Frances Kane character introduced with him was a nice addition, but they didn't play her up enough to kind of give him a much stronger anchor. I did like the fact that he had two living parents."

    Marv Wolfman

    "If you think logically, all he has to do is see the villain and the fight's over. He moves too quickly. I like his personality very much because I like playing his middle class, Midwest personality against the others. But as far as his power goes, I don't like it. Much too inconvenient. If used correctly, he's really too powerful. He's a good character. I like his personality. It's just that his powers are a very big problem. He just moves too fast."

    "We're going to play some games with him. Probably move him out of the book for a few months and then decide what to do with him when we bring him back. But we haven't yet decided how to handle him. And the best thing to do is to drop him for a few months in a logical fashion and fortunately the setup has been to do that anyway. And all the characters have been moving toward this one storyline. It will be about issue #40 or #41. But the reason I played him up the most is that I tend to work harder on characters I don't like or don't feel comfortable with. When I was at Marvel, I was assigned Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, so I wanted the FF and didn't want Spider-Man and I spent all my time on Spider-Man until I got to like him. And I didn't care about the FF. So I was hoping by working very hard on Kid Rash, I'd be able to conquer the problems, resolve the problems I was having with the character. Unfortunately, I still haven't."

    Mark Waid

    "He was a young, impatient, strong-willed hothead and God knows that's something I keyed into pretty quickly as well. Wally West is my alter ego. Wally is the easiest character in the world to write for me. He's what I'd be like if I was 60 pounds lighter and 10 years younger. Oh, and had super-speed."

    "I think Wally's unique in that his personality is defined by his power. People ask me 'What would Wally West be doing if he didn't have super-speed?" I have no idea. Wally would have no idea because it's a dream come true to him. As a child, he wanted to be just like The Flash. He got his wish. To me Wally is one of the few guys in comics who gets up every morning and says, "My God, I have the greatest job on Earth. I can't wait to be Flash today." That is core to Wally's personality."

    Devin Grayson

    "Wally joined the Titans for the most personal reason of all - to help a friend. He's incredibly busy now, but very up for the challenge -- as I've frequently said in his defense, if there's anyone who can be in two places at once, it's him! However, he can't be in THREE places at once, and so complications ensue in the Titans when he embarks on an adventure in his main book - an adventure he may not come back from!"

    "Dick's busy, but Wally West's even busier. Not only does he have his own city to protect-if not the world-he's a member of the JLA and the Titans. He joins the Titans out of friendship. In a sense he makes a sacrifice, but he does it gracefully. There's no resentment there. But when the Titans start scheduling meetings at the same time the JLA does, that'll tick him off a little".

    Jay Faerber

    "I like that the Flash actually 'made it'," Faerber continues. "He's the only Titan to graduate into the big leagues and really take over the mantle of his mentor. Back in the day, that was something I always hoped would happen: the older heroes retire and the Titans take over, but I never thought it would.”


    Flash and Kid Flash
    Flash and Kid Flash

    Wally's first appearance outside of comics was on The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure. Wally, as Kid Flash, appears in two segments starring the Flash (Barry Allen); they are titled "Take A Giant Step" and "To Catch A Blue Bolt"; the latter shows Barry and Wally changing into their Flash and Kid Flash uniforms using their rings. It should be noted that Wally's appearance differs from his comic book counterpart. He has black hair, and the red and yellow color scheme of his second costume is reversed, as well as simplified to put him in trunks. He was voiced by Tommy Cook.

    DCAU (DC Animated Universe)

    Wally West as The Flash in JL and JLU
    Wally West as The Flash in JL and JLU

    The Flash appeared in Superman: The Animated Series, voiced by Charlie Schlatter, in the second-season episode "Speed Demons". As in the traditional comic book storylines, the Flash and Superman race to find out who is faster, but the Weather Wizard gets in the way, which causes the two to work together.

    In the Justice League animated series Wally is voiced by Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville's Lex Luthor). The importance of the Flash as the "heart" of the Justice League was shown in the episode "A Better World", when his death in an alternate timeline triggered a series of events which turned that alternate League (the "Justice Lords") into virtual dictators of Earth. He has also proven key in saving the day in a few episodes, such as Divided We Fall, in which he tapped into a new level of power to defeat the fused Brainiac/ Lex Luthor when all the other six founding Justice League members could not. In the process, he was drawn into the Speed Force, and barely managed to escape. The episode "Flash and Substance" is centered on the opening of the Flash Museum on "Flash Appreciation Day" in Central City, and featured many of the Flash's rogues in cameos, while focusing on Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, Captain Cold, and The Trickster (voiced by Mark Hamill). Linda Park also appears as a reporter covering the museum opening. Mirror Master alludes that Wally West may not have been the only Flash stating to the rest of the Rogues, "We've all been stopped by a Flash. Additionally, the episode "The Great Brain Robbery", saw The Flash and Lex Luthor inadvertently changing consciousness-Wally West (inside Lex Luthor's body) is tasked with trying to figure out what has occurred, escape, and not be killed by the suspicious members of the Legion of Doom.

    Wally West is the Flash featured as one of the seven founding members of the Justice League, in both the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series. His personality is more or less the same as it was from his appearance on Superman: The Animated Series, and his flippant attitude is often used to provide comic relief from the often intense nature of his fellow Leaguers, though he is the featured hero in several episodes. However, in one episode of Justice League Unlimited, he complains to Elongated Man that he dislikes being viewed as the "teenage sidekick" even though he was part of the original seven. His super fast metabolism, which results in him eating absurdly and inhumanly large portions of food, was something of a running gag on the series.

    Wally elements of the JL/JLU animated Flash, he has red hair and green eyes like Wally does in the comics. This Flash also has Wally's girl-crazed, occasionally big-headed manner, paired with a childlike attitude and intelligence. When he tries to vibrate his molecules through solid objects, he causes them to explode as opposed to passing through the object intangible like Barry Allen would. Linda Park, Wally's girlfriend and eventual wife in the comics, appears in an episode and is a suggested love interest for the Flash. He also has a good relationship with Hawkgirl. Wally shows a strong friendship with Shayera that is touched on several times through both the JL and JLU series, usually in a sisterly way, including him being the first to hug her after her decision to resign. In the Justice League Unlimited third season's debut episode "I Am Legion", Flash says, "She loves me. She's like the big sister I never had. Only, you know short."

    Wally appears without the Flash costume twice in the series. The first time is in the Starcrossed episodes when the Justice League decides to remove their costumes and move around as ordinary people to hide and regroup. The Flash appears reluctant to trust his fellow Justice League members with his secret identity, whereupon Batman shows he already knows by exclaiming, "Wally West!" while pointing at the Flash, followed up by revealing the secret identity of Superman (Clark Kent) and himself (Bruce Wayne). Wally then removes his mask and Wonder Woman tells him that she likes his red hair just before ruffling it. The second time is in the episode "Flash and Substance", where Wally is shown to be working at the forensics lab before taking a half day off to attend the Flash museum opening. Wally's face is also exposed in one other episode, "The Great Brain Robbery". When his mind is switched with Lex Luthor's, Lex removes the mask to see if he can at least "figure out" who the Flash really is by looking at his face in the bathroom mirror, only to state in an annoyed tone, "I have no idea who this is.”

    Teen Titans

    Kid Flash in Teen Titans
    Kid Flash in Teen Titans

    Wally makes His debut as Kid Flash in the episode of the Teen entitled "Lightspeed". While the character's true identity is never given, the fact that Michael Rosenbaum voices the character implies that he is intended to be Wally West as Rosenbaum also voices an older Flash/Wally West in Justice League, as well as insisting he vibrated through the bars of a cage the H.I.V.E Five trapped him in, an ability only Wally has demonstrated. In the series, he is portrayed similar to the way that Wally was portrayed in comic books. His personality is often considered "laid back", and he is known to be comedic and sometimes flirtatious. When Jinx asks Kid Flash who he is working for, he says, "I work alone these days", implying a previous partnership with The Flash.

    When the Titans are searching for the Brotherhood of Evil and the Titans East have gone back home to Steel City, Kid Flash decides to help protect Jump City and stop crimes from being committed. When he interferes with the H.I.V.E. Five's criminal deeds, he flirts with their leader, Jinx, and tries to make her reevaluate her life of crime. Shortly afterward the H.I.V.E Five attempts to capture him and, after Madame Rouge tires him out, Jinx traps him in an electric field. Jinx nearly hands him over to Madame Rouge, but she frees him when she realizes Madame Rouge doesn't appreciate her help and that Kid Flash was the one who truly cared for her well-being. Afterward, Jinx quits the H.I.V.E. Five and joins forces with him as a Titan, and the two quickly form a romantic relationship.

    He briefly appears in a shot of all the Titans in "Calling All Titans", where it is revealed the Titans have come in contact with him and he has a Titan communicator. In "Titans Together", he brings Jinx to the Brotherhood's lair as his ally and helps the speedsters Más y Menos and the other Titans freeze the Brotherhood's member villains inside cryogenic cases. Más y Menos are very impressed by Kid Flash's speed and abilities.

    Kid Flash is one of the few Titans in the animated series to fully resemble his comic counterpart. However, Wally's eyes in the comics are currently green. The design of Kid Flash with blue eyes remains consistent with his original appearances, pre-Crisis.

    Young Justice

    Kid Flash (Wally West) - Young Justice
    Kid Flash (Wally West) - Young Justice

    Wally West appears as Kid Flash in the series, voiced by Jason Spisak.

    He is initially introduced acting as the partner to The Flash, when at the age of 15, he was invited to join the Justice League. He joined Aqualad, Robin, and Speedy on July 4 in entering the Hall of Justice after having defeated Captain Cold with Flash. While the League was dealing with other matters, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Robin investigated a fire at Cadmus Labs. Together they rescued a clone of Superman, known as the Super Boy, and with his assistance, defeated a mutated Mark Desmond. In an act of defiance, the four teens banded together to form a team, and on July 8 they were brought to the Secret Sanctuary, where they met their fifth member, Miss Martian.

    When the team was confronted by Mister Twister, Miss Martian posed as Red Tornado using Kid Flash to generate twisters. When she crushed the android within the battle suit, Kid Flash took the inner android's eye as a souvenir, the beginning of a tradition. During the team's first official mission, Kid Flash questioned Robin's abilities as a leader. After some hesitation, he agreed with the team and accepted Aqualad as his leader.

    Later, Wally was introduced to the sixth member of the team, Artemis. The two, however, did not get along, not even on missions. The rift between them was so that in the episode "Infiltrator", when Miss Martian and Artemis were caught off guard by while protecting Dr. Roquette from the League of Shadows, Wally placed all blame on Artemis even though both women were equally at fault.

    Friction between Artemis and Kid Flash increased during the team's next mission when they went to rescue Kent Nelson from Abra Kadabra and Klarion the Witch Boy. Frustrated with the way Kid Flash became careless in his pursuit of Miss Martian, she outed him as a non-believer of magic. Later, in a moment of friendship, she asked him how he was handling the team's latest adventure, and immediately became frustrated again when Wally explained away the magic he had just witnessed. Unbeknownst to her, Nelson suggested that Wally pursue Artemis; advice he promptly disregarded.

    Batman contacted the Team with a new mission: tracking Clayface in the Gotham City sewers. Kid Flash proposed waiting for Artemis to arrive, but Batman required their help right away.

    In the sewers, the Team did not find Clayface—he found them. The monster attacked, and pressed Kid Flash against the side of the pipe. Clayface got away.

    The Team regrouped in the Bio-Ship. Kid Flash changed into a new costume. They discussed strategy, and Robin suggested splitting up. Aqualad, lost in thought, agreed.

    Clayface hunted down the entire Team, one by one. He impersonated Miss Martian to catch Kid Flash off guard.

    The Team was defeated, only Aqualad was still standing, but barely. Batman intervened and soundly defeated Clayface.

    Back at the cave, Batman ordered the team to head home, except Aqualad.

    The Allens, the Wests and the Garricks celebrated Jay Garrick's birthday at the West family home.

    September 2010

    Batman sent the Team on a recon mission into energy surges in the Bialyan desert, but the mission went horribly wrong after Psimon found them. He blocked the memories of everyone in the Team for the last six months. Stumbling off into the desert, Kid Flash awoke to find Artemis unconscious, so he pulled her into a shack to get her out of the heat

    Waking up Artemis, their conversation was cut short when the two were forced out of the hut they were in after hearing a bomb being dropped. Together, the two had to continuously flee from the pursuing Bialyan troops.

    Kid Flash and Artemis eventually met up with Miss Martian and Robin. In order to find out what caused their memory loss, Miss Martian dug into the collective memory of the group. They discovered their leader was missing. They soon found Aqualad, severely dehydrated in the desert. Kid Flash, Artemis, and Robin were forced to take care of him themselves while heading for the bio-ship after Miss Martian left them to rescue Superboy, despite their objections.

    Kid Flash, Robin, and Artemis all made it to the bio-ship with Aqualad. There, they treated him until Miss martian returned with Superboy and the newly acquired Sphere.

    After the ordeal in Bialya, Artemis, Kid Flash and Robin took the Zeta-tube home.

    Kid Flash appeared in time to interrupted the private session of Superboy and Miss Martian to help them fix their motorcycle. Aqualad later appeared to ask them how they were handling their duties to the team whilst juggling school time. Unbeknownst to Kid Flash and the others, while they were talking, Red Torpedo and Red Inferno infiltrated the cave and overwhelmed the unknowing teammates with a large body of water and fire, and imprisoned them.

    Kid Flash and the others were eventually freed when Robin and Artemis created an EMP to knock out Inferno and Torpedo, negating their powers. When Red Tornado returned to investigate, he feigned reprogramming and sucked the air out of the room, knocking Kid Flash and the others unconscious. Kid Flash awoke later when the League came to check on them.

    A day after the cave was attacked, Kid Flash was livid and demanded answers. Upon learning from Superboy—who listened on the conversation between Aqualad and Batman—that Aqualad withheld knowledge of a mole, he and the other teammates instantly grew angry and antagonistic to Aqualad for keeping secrets from the team. Before the situation got out of hand, Batman assigned the team a mission.

    As they landed in Northern India, the team continued with the animosity to Aqualad. Kid Flash and Robin headed off by themselves without listening to Aqualad's plans. While investigating, the duo was attacked by large vultures, which were surmised were under the influence of Kobra Venom. After dealing with the vultures, they were contacted telepathically by Aqualad. This did not sit well with them, for they again displayed antagonism towards him. It was not until Aqualad established his role as the leader while promising to put it up for discussion after the mission was over did they quiet down and listen to him.

    Kid Flash and the others regrouped at the hideout where Captain Marvel was held captive. After shutting down the invisible field around the dome and dealing with the opposition that followed, Kid Flash and the others made it inside. There, they met the Brain. After a period of fighting, they eventually forced The Brain to retreat with Monsieur Mallah. Kid Flash kept Monsieur Mallah's beret as a souvenir.

    Before heading off, Robin questioned Aqualad for withholding knowledge of a mole. He responded that the source of the mole was Sportsmaster, who could not be fully trusted. After giving his reason, the team voted to keep Aqualad as their leader.

    October 2010

    In light of the plant attacks on Metropolis, Gotham City, Star City, Paris and Taipei by the Injustice League, Batman assigned the Team a mission to destroy the central control system.

    Moments after reaching the Injustice League's hideout, the Team's bio-ship was attacked by Count Vertigo and Black Adam, forcing them to leave it behind. Robin and Miss Martian headed off to destroy the central control system. Kid Flash and the others were left to deal with the Injustice League members, but were easily overwhelmed and knocked unconscious; they were then carried off to the headquarters by Wotan.

    They were eventually freed after Wotan was struck by the newly recovered bio-ship. As they landed on the ground, they were forced to face the Injustice League. While they put up a good fight, the team was soon overwhelmed after Wotan recovered from being hit by the bio-ship and attacked the team. This forced Aqualad to put on the Helmet of Fate, much to the disapproval of Kid Flash who, during that moment, was struck by Black Adam, sending him flying to a tree and breaking an arm. Even with Dr. Fate on their side, the team was still being beaten. The Justice League arrived just in time to quell the battle, forcing the Injustice League to surrender.

    Much to Kid Flash's surprise, Aqualad removed the helmet, giving thanks to Nelson for persuading Nabu. With everything over, Batman congratulated the team for a satisfactory performance.

    After being introduced to Zatanna, the team took it upon themselves to search for Red Tornado after being fed up with being left out on the search, despite being ordered otherwise. The Team took Zatanna along with them under the auspices of giving her a tour of Happy Harbor. While on the bio-ship, the team turned to Kid Flash to formulate an idea of where to head to first.

    Kid Flash's idea led the Team to visit Professor Ivo in Belle Reve, under the pardon of Hugo Strange. Upon questioning him, Ivo tacitly admitted he had knowledge of T.O. Morrow's whereabouts. Zatanna used her magic to force him to blurt out his exact location.

    After reaching Teton County, the Team was immediately confronted by Red Tornado, who blew words into the ground telling them to play dead. This prompted the arrival of Red Volcano, who was cognizant of the charade. Red Tornado left, leaving the Team to face Red Volcano. With his superior processing speed and memories of Red Tornado, Red Volcano easily handled the Team. Red Inferno, Red Torpedo, and Red Tornado soon arrived at the scene and helped defeat Red Volcano at the cost of their "lives", though Red Tornado was saved.

    Kid Flash then informed Red Tornado on what to do to counteract the effects of the erupted super volcano. With that over, they repaired him back at Morrow's lab.

    The Team took part in a psychic training exercise meant to simulate an alien attack on Earth, which was designed to grow worse the more the team accomplished. However, Miss Martian's telepathic powers caused things to spiral out of control after Artemis "died", which led everyone into believing everything was real. Kid Flash was livid over the death of Artemis and made it a goal to get revenge on the aliens. He later "died" alongside Robin during their final stand in an alien mother-ship, placing him in a coma. Martian Manhunter ended the simulation by "killing" Miss Martian, allowing everyone to awake. The team awoke immediately after Miss Martian was killed in the simulation. Everyone was visibly distraught over what occurred.

    Wally had a therapy session with Black Canary. Wally admitted being unaffected by how the simulation turned out, though he lost his cool upon being reminded how he reacted after the death of Artemis. Upon attempting to change the subject to Black Canary herself, she instead told him he was in denial, to which he did not deny.

    Wally was invited to a Halloween party by Megan and Conner. He decided to dress up as a werewolf. At the dance, Conner noticed that Marvin was playing a prank on the others by creating the impression of a Martian invasion. With the help of Wally and Megan, they made it look like the town was being invaded by Martians to get Marvin to confess to the prank.

    November 2010

    Wally eagerly awaited M'gann's shopping trip, and was glad she picked him snicker doodles. While they unloaded, all of a sudden, the adults disappeared.

    The Team set up base of operations in the Cave, and a shelter in the high school. They discovered all adults in the world were missing, so it was up to them to keep the order.

    Kid Flash, Robin and Aqualad hosted a worldwide broadcast, in which they called on older children to take care of the younger, and act responsibly, while they looked for a solution.

    Since the source of the disappearance was magic, Aqualad and Kid flash briefly discussed using the Helmet of Fate, but decided not to. Zatanna found the epicenter of the magic: Roanoke Island. Billy Batson arrived in the Cave out of nowhere, and they discovered there were two dimensions, one for adults, and one for children. Through him, they were able to get messages across to Batman to form a coordinated attack.

    The Team attacked the culprit, Klarion, on a pentagram. Kid Flash remembered how he, with Doctor Fate, had defeated him last time, but Klarion anticipated an attack on Teekl. He deflected all their attacks; Zatanna had to don the Helmet of Fate to get his forcefield down. Kid Flash rushed towards the gem in the center of the pentagram and grabbed it. Doctor Fate, and Zatara in the adult world, merged the gem and the dimensions back together.

    Klarion escaped, and Zatara had to give up his own body to make Fate release his daughter. Since the Helmet was gone from his souvenir shelf, Wally replaced it with a sippy cup he got from a small child.

    Wally woke up on his birthday, elated as could be. He finally got his cast off, and during breakfast, he also learned his high school declared a snow day.

    He had dropped hints about his oncoming birthday for weeks, in the hopes of getting a surprise party. They gave him one, because as always, he hadn't been very subtle about it, and they didn't want to disappoint him. Wally had one birthday wish, a kiss from M'gann. He pestered her for one, and she eventually gave him one, on the forehead. His embarrassing behavior led Artemis to walk up behind him and inform him M'gann was off the market. Wally's party mood was ruined.

    The party was cut short by Batman, who had a mission for the Team. With the League short on members, the Team had to help them destroy five ice fortresses that were blanketing North America with snow. Kid Flash was excited, thinking this would be the perfect birthday gift. When Batman finished dividing up the teams, he was shocked to hear his name was not mentioned. That was because Batman had a different mission for him: the snow had grounded all air traffic, and a girl in Seattle needed a donor heart from Boston. He had to deliver it. He was annoyed at being left out, and only begrudgingly accepted.

    The local police had cleared a path to Boston General Hospital, but weren't fast enough on the freeways. Kid Flash had to jump over the gridlocked traffic. At the hospital, he attempted some small talk and flirting with Mattie Harcourt, but the resident just gave him the backpack, instructions and a timetable, and ordered him to get going. He had four hours to get to Seattle. He had reached the outskirts of Chicago within eighty minutes, but again found the traffic gridlocked. He made a detour, and the street full of fast food restaurants he picked made him hungry. He did not stop for a snack. As he progressed into South Dakota, he witnessed Vandal Savage attacking state troopers. He went back and attacked him, and after fifteen minutes, decided he had bigger things to worry about. He continued towards Seattle. With one hour and eighteen minutes remaining, he raced through the Mountain States. Unfortunately, he had run out of food, and had to run the last part on an empty stomach. He got to the hospital, and handed the heart to the nearest doctor. The doctor told him the girl was dead, it was too late. Devastated, Kid Flash sat down in the lobby. He was approached by another doctor, Pieter Cross, who told him the girl was alive, and actually Queen Perdita of Vlatava. Kid Flash realized the first doctor had conned him, and was just in time to spot him heading for the garage. In the parking lot, he fought the henchmen, as well as their leader, Count Vertigo. Though he was pinned down for a moment, he managed to retrieve the heart and bring it back upstairs. He collapsed in the lobby.

    When he came to, Perdita had been successfully operated, and was recovering. In order to fool Vertigo, they hatched a plot that involved declaring her dead. They hoped he would gloat his way into a confession.

    Count Vertigo fell for it: when Kid Flash "woke" in the hospital bed, the count informed him that he was now king, and since Perdita died on the operating table, he needn't have worried on his coup. Kid Flash revealed Perdita was listening (and recording) behind a curtain; Vertigo was arrested and stripped of his diplomatic immunity.

    Perdita offered Kid Flash Vertigo's sword, a family heirloom, as a souvenir.

    Wally decided not to go for the sword, but added the backpack he had carried to his collection instead. Dick congratulated him on saving an entire country, and Wally was glad he could help.

    Batman briefed the Team on their newest mission: Rumaan Harjavti, the democratically-elected president of Qurac, had uncharacteristically allied himself with Queen Bee, the dictator of neighboring Bialya. In two days, Qurac would be absorbed by Bialya, leaving Queen Bee as the sole monarch of the unified country. Queen Bee had the ability to control men, but she has not left Bialya. The Team was tasked to investigate the situation. Since Aqualad was busy helping Aquaman, Batman appointed Robin as mission leader. Kid Flash wanted to congratulate his friend on the honor, but he did not feel like it.

    The Team arrived at the Quraci-Bialyan border, which was abuzz with activity. Bialyan tanks had begun to cross the border, and had caused the animals on a border wildlife sanctuary to stampede. Robin acquiesced to Miss Martian's plea to help two civilians in harm's way, but insisted on maintaining stealth to prevent an international incident.

    The Team forcibly diverted the Bialyan military around the sanctuary, and rescued the civilians from the stampede. The boy, Garfield Logan, was ecstatic at being rescued by the heroes he idolized. His mother Marie, was far less excited. She worried that their rescue would trigger a retaliatory response from the Bialyans. Miss Martian stayed behind to assist Marie in rebuilding the fences, while the rest of the Team took Garfield and an injured oryx to the clinic.

    The Team was unwinding at the main compound when it came under attack from Bialyan drones. The planes were destroyed by Miss Martian, but Garfield was caught in an explosion. In shock, he needed a transfusion of the rare O-negative blood type, which none of the Team have. Kid Flash offered to run him to a hospital, but it was too far away. Miss Martian volunteered to molecularly shape-shift her blood cells to save his life.

    While the transfusion was ongoing, the downcast Team left Garfield's room to avoid distraction to the operation. Hoping to catch the news, Kid Flash accidentally played a videotape showing the opening sequence of Hello, Megan!, discovering precisely where Miss Martian had taken her human name, form, and mannerisms from, and why "Conner" was her favorite name.

    When Miss Martian joined them, Kid Flash quickly changed channels—the news showed the president at a conference. Superboy noticed Psimon directly behind him. Concluding that he was being mind-controlled, the Team resolved to free Harjavti.

    The Team infiltrated the presidential palace, only to find a subdued Harjavti asking for Psimon and his daughter. They were accosted by Bialyan soldiers bearing Apokoliptan weapons. The soldiers planned to kill Harjavti, and pin the blame on the Team. Robin ordered the Team to form around Harjavti to protect him, but Miss Martian had already left to look for Psimon.

    After taking out the soldiers, Kid Flash and the rest of the Team tried to locate Miss Martian. When they had reached her proximity, they were taken out by a psychic attack. When they regained consciousness, Psimon was already defeated. Miss Martian blamed Psimon for blasting their brains. Queen Bee was defeated by publicly defaming her—or actually, Miss Martian pretending to be her—in front of the cameras.

    Back at the Logan Animal Sanctuary, Garfield had recovered from his ordeal. Kid Flash confronted Miss Martian with the Hello, Megan! videotape. She explained that the show helped her past a difficult childhood on Mars. On Robin's request, she showed them her "true" Martian form, but lied again: she showed a bald version of herself, with facial features resembling Martian Manhunter's.

    Wally helped himself to some treats while M'gann and Zatanna prepared Thanksgiving dinner. He left after M'gann asked him if he should be heading home, since he would be celebrating the holiday with his family.

    December 2010

    Wally was elated that Red Arrow finally joined the Team, but surprised at Artemis's reaction. Green Arrow gave them a mission to follow Sportsmaster, for which Artemis volunteered. On the way to New Orleans, Wally told Artemis he considered her part of the Team; he was just happy for Red Arrow because they go way back. But Artemis had, in his eyes, already proven herself.

    They found Sportsmaster easy enough. He had rented a boat, so they followed him. Wally rode his bike along the river. When he finally arrived at the location, he saw Roy and Artemis were fighting with Cheshire; he cannonballed into her and stole her sai. Red Arrow went after Sportsmaster, while Wally and Artemis had to fend off Cheshire. They allowed her to escape, after Artemis planted a tracer on her.

    They reviewed their case; Kid Flash defended Artemis from blame that she should have stayed in the Bio-Ship. He trusted her to track Cheshire, but she gave him the assignment instead.

    He followed it with Aqualad, but found it on a train, not on Cheshire. Red Arrow contacted them to meet him in New Orleans; Kaldur sent Kid Flash ahead.

    When he got to Red Arrow's location, Kid Flash attacked Cheshire, allowing Artemis the opportunity to investigate what went on in the back of the building. In the middle of the fight, Cheshire suddenly turned to ice and disappeared. All the other villains were gone.

    They returned home, where Red Arrow was quick to blame Artemis for the failure. She defended herself, but he didn't buy it. Kid Flash spoke in her defense as well, but then, Red Arrow showed him her tracer: she had deliberately shot a tracer at a passing train to send them in the wrong direction. Kid Flash accused her of insecurity, thinking Red Arrow's place in the Team caused her to want to solve the case solo. She didn't give a satisfying answer, which clinched it for him. He threw the sai at her feet, and added the tracer to his collection instead.

    Wally was hanging at the Cave, but everyone was gone. He checked with Red Tornado, but Batman hadn't given any missions. He contacted Dick, and confronted him with his finds. Robin had lied to the others about a secret mission from Batman, but confided with Wally that it was about Haly's Circus. Knowing his backstory, Wally thought he could have been a great addition to the mission. But Dick wouldn't have it; he didn't like his judgment being called into question. Wally replied that that was what best friends were for.

    The Team watched the induction of five new Justice Leaguers, including Red Arrow. They had to explain a lot to their newest member, Rocket, who was unfamiliar with everything that had happened the past weeks. In the middle of his explanation, Robin was interrupted by his computer. Cheshire was sighted boarding a plane in Asheville.

    They traced the plane to the Smokeys, and found it crashed in a valley. When they investigated, Riddler revealed it was an ambush; he put up a force field around them to prevent escape, and sent his associates in. Zatanna created a snowstorm, and each picked their target. Kid Flash took out multiple henchmen by running into them. When the battle was over, Riddler, Mammoth and Shimmer were arrested. They recovered a case Cheshire was carrying.

    The Team brought the case to Batman, who was going to.... But as soon as he and the other Leaguers left, the Team discussed the trap. Someone tipped off the villains.

    After being contacted ultrasonically by Lex Luthor, Superboy admitted to the Team that only half his DNA was human, he had been using shields, and that Luthor wanted him to go to Santa Prisca. Hearing this, Artemis came clean as well. She revealed her family secrets, that her mother was Huntress, her father Sportsmaster and her sister Cheshire. Suddenly, it all made sense to Kid Flash; why she was so secretive, and why she dropped the ball in New Orleans. After Robin explained to her that he had found out, but thought it didn't matter, Kid Flash walked beside her to support her. After Miss Martian revealed she was being blackmailed by Queen Bee, they formed a plan.

    Kid Flash was part of the back-up crew, called in if the fight broke loose. He first attacked Cheshire, and then tried to run at Sportsmaster. His attack was parried, however, and Sportsmaster threw him into a tree. By the time he'd recovered, Artemis had defeated her father, and gave Kid Flash his mask as a souvenir.

    Having returned from Santa Prisca, the Team learned from Batman that Red Arrow was the mole and a clone, and that the real Roy Harper was likely dead. Wally was shocked, and no one could believe it. As soon as Batman left, Red Tornado powered down. Kid Flash discovered Tornado held one of the chips they had confiscated off Cheshire. Kid Flash, Zatanna and Rocket stayed with Robin to try and fix Red, while the others went looking for Red Arrow.

    Zatanna suggested moving Tornado's consciousness into the "John Smith" android. While the transfer was completing, Black Canary arrived, and attacked them. Kid Flash was knocked back; Robin and Rocket defeated her. Red Tornado told them to abandon the Cave, and on their way to the rest of the Team, he explained the entire League had been put under mind control by the Light

    The Team traveled to the Watchtower in the Bio-Ship and entered it clandestinely by breaching a hole in the side. Breaking into tactical teams, the Team split up. Artemis and Kid Flash ambushed Plastic Man and gave him cure-tech. Moving on, they soon found themselves fighting for their lives against Flash, Green Arrow and Aquaman in the hangar, requiring them to call in backup from the rest of the Team. Aqualad defeated them by opening and then closing the air lock, causing the Leaguers to hit the air-lock doors. When they made it to the central hall, they saw Klarion and Vandal Savage teleport away.

    January 2011

    At the stroke of New Year, Kid Flash picked up Artemis and they kissed. Both agreed they should have done it sooner.


    Kid Flash left the team and gave up his superhero persona. He moved in with his girlfriend Artemis, and they both live in Palo Alto and go to college.

    February 2016

    Wally, along with Nightwing, Black Canary, Green Arrow, and the former Guardian, tried to talk some sense into Red Arrow. Nightwing and Wally reasoned that they never knew the real Speedy, and that the cloned Roy Harper was the one that the two met and trained along side. Their appeal was to deaf ears.

    After the failed attempt to convince Red Arrow of their friendship, Wally returned home to his house. Artemis greeted him, and tried to console him. Wally remembered that it's Valentines Day for the first time in five years and Artemis prepared a new stock full of food for their refrigerator as a gift. Wally hugged Artemis, but she could tell he was still worried about Roy. Wally called him a lost cause.

    Video Games and Board Games

    • Wally appears as the Flash in the fighting game Justice League Task Force.
    • Wally is a playable character in Justice League Heroes, voiced by Chris Edgerly. He is also the star of the spin-off, Justice League Heroes: The Flash.
    • Kid Flash is a playable character in Young Justice: Legacy.
    • Wally appears as Kid Flash in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.


    In 2007 in a Heroclixs series called Justice League, Wally West the Flash is made in the series and on his power card it has his comic book appearance. They have made all the Flash Family like Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen-Kid Flash of the Flash Family.


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