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    This award winning series valiantly fought its terminally low sales and avoided constant threat of cancellation for a full 40 issues. The series was written in alternation (and sometimes a partnership) between Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker. Most of the series was illustrated by Michael Lark, but when he left for his exclusive contract with Marvel, Stefano Gaudiano finished the series. Other fill-in artists on the book include Steve Leiber, Jason Alexander and Greg Scott.

    While the series was written from a definite "procedural" crime drama angle like "Law and Order" on TV, many of the storylines involved the normal human police officers handling cases involving various representatives of Batman's rogues gallery, including: Mr. Freeze, The Joker, The Mad Hatter, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and Firebug. Batman himself would make an occasional appearance, much to the GCPD's dismay; as the series was largely done from the angle of the police disliking Batman as he makes them look bad.

    The series had a revolving door cast that, from one storyline to the next, might shift its focus to any pairing of partnered Gotham MCU Detectives. The most commonly seen lead characters in the series were Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen; with regular appearances by fellow officers Marcus Driver, Joesphine MacDonald and Romy Chandler plus regular appearances by Maggie Sawyer and commissioner Michael Akins.

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